Side orders Chflfiheads

When st comes to fooo, lt's ObVIouS that some lrke :i not Whrle others prefer coolrng salads or warmrng soups, chrlll aodlcts have to go for the burn Cater-no, ‘cr chlll; Junkles who lustcan’1getenougn,‘ormerBBC rtlasterchef Ge"; Goldyryre has Just launched a c'nl. . tan“

.‘vlade prlmany uvltl‘. plums, tomatoes, red wme and, of course, chlllles, the Chllllheads yarn ls avarlable In both a mid and hot yerslon. GOidV/yle deSCrlbes it as ’the HP sauce of the mullennrurn’ although .n fact the Jam 15 a lot more versatrle than HP sauce. Both sweet and savoury, the Jam has a sprcy vsarmrng tang whrch can be used . to pepper up soups, salads, snacks and sauces As well as usmg It as a c0ndlment, the mOre adventurous can lncOrpOrate rt Into thelr cooklng, It’s good when basted over baked flsh or even more slmply, lust smeared over cheese On toast Real notneads cOuld essay Gorovyre‘s suggestron fOr a mango and chrlil sorbet

Alternatvely, nls tvlfe Susan has a more prosalc yet yust as tasty recrpe.

The Instructrons are slrnple. A) Spoon chrllr Jam onto plate 8) Add food. C) Eat. lt works

Chr/lrheads jam '5 aural/able from Glass and Thompson, 2 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, Crombres, 97 Broughton. Street, Edinburgh and on ma// order from Scortrsh Gourmet on 37899 227 001

Shish Mahal

Now In lts fo-urtn decade, Glasgow's Shls'n .‘ylanai has lust emerged :nto the hth after a magor refurbrsnment and enlargement. Not only s the stylrsh new decor bang up to date but the menus have had an overhaul as well. Sure, all the old favourzte Indlan dishes are rrucn -n evroence but they‘ve been lowed by a selectron of new fUSIOn dlshes wmch wear tin-err global Influences on thelr sleeves.

- The Snrsh Mahal, 60-68 Park Road, Glasgow: 0741 339 8256

The List Eating & Drmklng Gurde Free tutt'n th s -ssc.e of annual restaurant reyrev: Supplement goes on sale on "nursday 29 Aprrl, prrced £2 95

he -‘st, our

Eating local, think global: Shish Mahal

The Basement

lOa-12a Broughton Street

557 0097

Restaurant guallty food at pus-grub prlces, served 'trl 1Cpm z". :ryey, colourful surroundrngs


15 Charlotte Lane.


225 6060

Open 7 days a week for pasta partres Booklngs taken fOr panes of SIX Or more, (Next dOOr to :ndlgo yard)

32c Broughton Street mm D

Global food wul‘. styllsn decor Tuesday

- Saturday nights, Sunday lunch We need 'U’ to tun DSK to D‘U'SK


Filmhouse 88 Lothlan Road it 229 5932- FILMHOUSE

Relaxed, atmospherlc cafe bar, servrng great value snacks, salads, specrals and brrlllant cappucclnos 10am trél late.

Pancho Villas

240 Canongate

557 4416

lvlexrcan-oom owner

Mayra Nunez says 3" you're eat Mexrcan, then don t be ozano' LUnCh Urllll 5pm, dlf‘fler ur‘tl ‘l‘ p

Passepartout 24 Deanhaugh Street, Stockbndge. 332 4476. Cosmopolltan cursrne With dally set prrce dunner menus from £12.50 (bOOkIng adylsablejl, lrghl lunches, coffees, beers and mnes

Peter Sellars

11-13 erllram Street,

226 3161

Fcelandrc experrence, net: C..'IS:".e comes to Edlnburgh On Sundays .23.“ me best of NOrdIC food - FOOD CF ‘HE GODS'

Antoniou’s Taverna

523 3’: . ANTONIOUS

SaUCh'eha”5‘ PLACE meagre:

0141 221 7636

Enjoy authentrc plate-


Greek nrghts With ilye muslc and

danclng every weekend Lunches

from £2 95

Art Lover’s Café Bellahouston Park 353 4779

Frne Food and vrrne rn styllsh parkland settrng Open 7 days and most evenlngs

Brel bar: restaurant 39 Ashton Lane,

342 4966,

Belgran beers tdraft Leffe and 'H'oegaarden'; frne vanes, rustlc t'ooo, c00l muslc, relaxed atmosphere

Caffe Latte

58 ‘v'rrglna Street, ,jj’sgz, Glasgow, 553 2553 a:zzas, PastasSalads, Sandmches, Snacks L:censed untr: mrdnlgnt, seven days Relaxed, frrendly atmosphere,

Cafe Serghei

67 Bndge Street,

Glasgow, G5 9J8

429 1547

Authentlc Greek Cufsme, Lunch, pre-theatre set-drnners. Greek nrght every Frrday. Expect to be Impressed,


20 Woodlands Road 353 3278

Sc re-free :‘ooo, organlc grocerles, excellent bread, flne cheeses, herbs and


SplCeS, wholesome t'oods - yum, yum, 158a Bath Street 331 2257

Much acc armed

stylrsh bar a unlgue blend of modern brasserle cookzng m



The 13th Note

Kzng Street. 553 1638. Bar/cafe/venue wrth a totally vegan menu of wholesome food \vlthln a relaxed atmosphere,

The Ubiquitous Chip ‘2 Ashton Lane. 334 5087, _

One of Glasgow's blfivir'ul UQP ‘lnest restaurants seryrng _ modern Scottlsh fayre.

Tron Bar and Restaurant Chlsholm St 552 8587 Contemporary European style bar and newly- refurbrshed restaurant, servmg excellent culslne and wrne rn comfortable, relaxed surroundlngs. Open [Ill mldmghl.


For details of how to include your restaurant/bistro/ cafe/bar in this directory, call advertising department on

0131 5581191


F001) PLAN SANDWICH DELI & COFFEE BAR 274 Canongate, Royal Allie, Edinburgh Tel & Fax: 0131 557 9583 .“on - Fri 7.30am - 4.30pm

Over 20 yeara creative catering experience for

your [ll/lC/J, lnwineda or pleadure.

4. .


Sunday Lunch

On Sunday aflernoon our c/chS prepare a superb and innovative menu. Relax anal

< enjoy a wonderful three—course lunch and a glass offizz.

Excellent value at £ 1 6 per person.

12 Ashton Lane

Tel 0141-334 5007

93-29 Apr 1999 rueusr 103