The UK’s biggest broadcast live mUSlC festival BBC MUSIC LIVE comes to the clubs, concert halls and streets of Glasgow for a week-long festival of mUSlC from the 26—31 May. Over 100 events are scheduled to take place at AO-odd venues around the city, vuth every musical taste catered for, from rock to salsa, classical to hrp hop, jazz to c0untry.

This Is your chance to Win three pairs of tickets to three of the shows at the festlva Five Winners \Vlll each receive one pair of tickets fOr the Soul Concert, featuring

Chaka Khan, on Mon 31 May; one pair of tickets to Jazz Notes Tommy Smith and

The Scottish National Jazz Orchestra on Thu 27 May; and one oarr of tickets to The Young Person’s Guide To The Orchestra on Sat 29 May.

Ali of these can be yOurs by answering one Sample quest:on;

Top Of The Pops us being filmed In Calasgov: ‘or the first time ever, which year was Top Of The Pops was first broadcast7

Answers should be sent on a postcard by Thu 29 Apr to The List, 14 High Street, Edinburgh, EH1 1TE.


Starts 17 April

TiTlS Summer the Ed=nburgh lnternat onal Festival rs moving to The Hub, Edinburgh

we need to clea.r all the stock from Our

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l‘lfS'l'l\f\l. , , a massive Clear out ot Festival grits, Includ:ng t-shrrts, books, ieweilery, CDs and posters v-xrth sawngs of up to 70%

Bring thrs Issue of The Mr to the Grit Shop on or after Saturday 17 April and we!


Festival Centre on Castle‘nrll, Before we go

hop. So we're haying

grve yOu a complrmentary copy of the fabuIOus photographic record of the Fest=val

‘Celebratron I ' * Ivalue £30).

Edznburg'r International Festival Git Shop, 2i lvlarket Street, Edinburgh EH1 IBW

" " 4" 310:") as'.

Please note: that due to the phenomena, "Io-"mu o‘ e'fr’es to 1"»? jam Factor A "OCO'O r‘g stuoto (owns- "ext Issue 0‘ The List, 0" sa e 29 Apr".

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Competitions are open to all UK residents (over the age of 18 in alcohol-related offers). No responsibility can be accepted by The List for prizes which cannot be obtained due to unforeseen circumstances. To obtain a list of winners, please send a SAE to The List Competition Winners, stating which issue(s) results you require.

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