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PETER MULLAN, LIST cover star last issue, will be on hand to discuss Orphans, his directorial debut, at two events in Glasgow and Edinburgh. On Sun 18 Apr, he's at the capital's Cameo Cinema for an audience question and answer session, chaired by journalist Miles Fielder, which follows the 6pm screening of the film. Next up, on Sat 24 Apr, he's at Borders Bookshop in Glasgow, where List editor Alan Morrison will get the questions rolling at 7pm. The backstory to getting Orphans made, in Mullan's retelling, is sure to be as dramatic and funny as the movie itself.

THE ElGl—lTH ST BRIDE’S Film Festival kicks off in high heels and suspenders on Mon 26 Apr with a gala performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show in aid of Radio Forth's Help A Child Appeal. Also screening during the week-long programme are Charlie Chaplin's The Gold Rush, The Blue Angel, On The Waterfront and an award- winning short film, The Magic Umbrella, made by local Edinburgh schoolchildren. See listings for details.

AMERICAN DOCUMENTARY MAKER Ken Burns the man behind monumental TV series The Civil War - makes a rare visit to Glasgow on Tue 20 Apr for a public lecture on ’Sharing The American Experience’. The event takes place at the Western Lecture Theatre, University of Glasgow at 4.30pm, and is free to all without ticket.

FIRST REELS, THE short film initiative run by Scottish Screen and Scottish Television, unveils nine new works at the Glasgow Film Theatre on Mon 26 Apr at 6pm. Each film, made by an emerging Scottish-based filmmaking team, was produced on a budget of around £4,000 but past years have shown that low budget is no hindrance to imagination.

To wit, to woo: Julianne Moore and Rupert Everett in An Ideal Husband

Sir Robert (‘hiltern (Jeremy Northam). Played in the genteel 19th century period in which it was written. this is nevertheless Oscar Wilde for the multiplex audience.

‘There's a danger of it all sounding a little bit stagey and rusty if the humour is played up.‘ Everett adds cautiously. ‘but we play the jokes down quite a bit. and I think that's better. They’re just as funny.’

.»'\udienccs who responded to Everett‘s early acclaimed performances in Another (‘onntry and Dance With A .S'tranger will be delighted that he is enjoying success once more. But over the years. the 40-year-old actor has developed on more than one front. scoring success with his novels The Hrlirdress'ers ()fSt Tmpe: and He/lo Darling. Are ’ou lib/“king .7

The release later this year of Inspector (Judge! in , which he plays the villainous Dr Claw -— will add to Everett‘s current success streak. so now he can justifiably claim to be in l greater control of his destiny than ever. Quite literally. as the film he is currently shooting in Los Angeles. The New lies! Thing. is one he has

Wilde thing

Back in favour in the film world, RUPERT EVERETT lays on the charm in Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband.

Words: Anwar Brett

If ever there was a classic Oscar Wilde hero. it's Rupert Everett. Handsome. classy. mordantly witty I and openly gay. he is also rather pleased to be i enjoying a return to favour after a career slump in the : mid-90s. But a starring - or should that be scene | stealing'.’ role opposite Julia Roberts in My Best I Friend's- ll’edding reminded us of his talents. and his : effortless turn as the feckless l


'My Best Friend’s Wedding was very lucky for me, although I was sent a lot of "gay best friend" roles afterwards.’ Rupert Everett

Arthur Goring in An Ideal Husband should ; fortunes rise further. 3 ‘My Best Friend 3' l'l’edding i was very lucky for me.‘ ! Everett grins. ‘although I was

see his

Sole food: Charlie Chaplin in The Gold Rush sent a lot of “gay best friend"


roles afterwards. There‘s never a lot of great work around. even if you do get offered it. So straight after that. I didn‘t work fora year. until I found the kind of stuff that I wanted to be in. But I‘m sure I would have been number nineteen on the list for a film like this had I not done My lies! Friend 3' Wedding. Or I'd probably have been wheeled on in a cameo as Oscar Wilde.‘

As it was. director ()liver Parker cast Everett as the ne‘er-do-well playboy hero in his tale of sleaze and political intrigue. It‘s a remarkably topical tale. considering it was written over a hundred years ago. as it exposes an apparent facade in the ‘ideal‘

qualities of Arthur‘s best friend. rising political star

written himself. And after that. he has another of his own scripts to act in. this time starring again alongside Julia Roberts. Everett is well aware of the significance that his last screen outing with Roberts has had on his career. but growing maturity means he was able to put that bit into a more useful perspective. ‘When you're young and get successful. you think it‘ll last forever.‘ he explains. ‘But when you‘re older. you realise how lucky you are to get new opportunities. You revert to your boring old middle— class roots and buckle down to it. And.’ he adds smiling. ‘I think you appreciate it a little more.‘

Sefected release from Fri 16 Apr. See review.

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