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Antz (PG) (liric Darnell/lint Johnson. US. l998) The voices of Woody Allen. Sharon Stone. Gene Haekman. 83 mins. When vvorker am [-4195 (Allen) meets Princess Films screening this fortnight are listed Bala. he falls completely in love; but. while below with certificate. credits, brief I trying to prove himself as a soldier. he 5 review and venue details. Film index uncovers a dastardly plan to flood the I compiled by Milers Fielder. colotiy. Brightly coloured and ftill of gags ; yvith slick computer animation. lidinbtirgli: 5 ()deon. Ayr: ()deon. Kilmarnock: ()deon. ; The Acid House ( l8) (Paul McGuigan. UK. Arlington Road (15) (Mark l’elliiigton. US. l NOS) Stephen Mct‘ole. Kevin McKidd. l998) Jeff Bridges. Tim Robbins. Joan ' liyven Bremner. ll l mins. lry ine Welsh Cusack. ll7 mins. l’ellington's second i adapts a trio of tales from his short story featttre goes a long way towards revitalisiiig collection. He and director McUuigan vary the paranoia thriller genre. drawing on the l visual style and draiiiaiic tone »« 'I'lit- .‘it'lt/ Oklahoma City bombing and the Waco i Hume‘s boldness is a victory tn itself. 'l‘yvo siege. Single parent. yvidovver and university , fingers in the face of anyone expecting a lecturer in American terrorism Bridges 'I‘ru/nv/mili'lig clone. Stirling: MacRobert. becomes suspicions of neighbours Robbins i Acts Of Justice ( lSi (Vincenzo 'l'erraeciaiio. and (.‘usack when he discovers a worrying. ltaly'. lWS’i linnio Fantasticliini. limilio hidden past. Selected release. T Bonucct. lniiiia l’iro. 93 mins. 'l‘vvo friends Austin Powers: International Man Of l an anti-mafia clergy man and an inflexible Mystery ( I 5) (Jay Roach. US. l‘)‘)7) Mike magistrate find themselves battling against Myers. Elizabeth Hurley. Michael York. 9-1 2 organised crime llovv ey er. the magistrates mins. Austin Powers. the Sixties‘ silliest ! final case. a rape trial involving a tvvelve- stiperspy'. is brought otit of suspended year-old girl and the priest. test the bonds of animation and pitted him against his old : their friendship. Part of the Italian l-‘ilni nemesis. Btit the world has moved on three ; l‘esiival. (ilasgoyv: (ll-'l'. lidinburgli: decades. so his tin-PC catchphrases and 5 l"ilii‘..iouse. behaviour create a bit of a comic time-clash. The African Queen tl’(i‘) (John Htiston. (ilasgoyv: (irosvenor. UK. l95l i Humphrey Bogart. Katharine An Autumn Tale (U) (liric Rohmet‘. lirance. Hepburn. Robert Morley. ltlS mins. WW) Béatrice Romand. Marie Riviet'c. Splendid World War ()nc adventure has the E Alexia Portal. l l l mins. Rohnier once . iiiaryellotis pairing of grizzled Bogey and 3 again. quite stunningly. accesses the i

thoughts and feelings of his characters. Patience is the key to Rohmer's vvork: if you can empathise with the vacillating

spinstcrisli Hepburn as they make their way up the (‘ongo fighting svvamps. the Htiii. and each other to quite thrilling effect. (Ercat character interplay courtesy of film critic characters. you are ricth rewarded by a film James Agee‘s gritty dialogue. Stirling; yvhose charms linger for months afteryvards. MacRobert. See revievv. lidinbui‘gli: l‘ilnihouse. American History X ( l.\l i'l‘ony Kaye. US. Ballad Of The Windscreen Wipers t IS) |‘)‘)Si lidyvard Norton. lidvyai‘d l‘iirlong. I I7 (Peter Del Monte. ltaly. NUS) ()Iek .\lincer. Agata Buzek. Kim Rossi Stuart. ()3 mins. .-\ l’olish family attempt to get by in a host:le foreign environment. late Nils Rome. yvliere

mins. .\ fierce. uncompi'otinsiiig study of racism amongst vs littc \sorking-class youths. xlnit'rit mt l/Iv/uri .\' is as provocative as it is

visually arresting l).i\ id \chenna's script i they await \ isas to alloys them to pursue a = l pttlls no punches in its depiction of racist nevv life in Canada. The title comes from the i violence. btit explores more fully the origins I head of the household‘s vyork cleaning .- of bigoted attitudes that inform it. (ilasgoyv; - yvindscreeiis in Roman traffic jams. Part of i ;

(il-‘l‘. ()deon ('iiy Centre. lidinbtirgh: the Italian l'iliii lr'estival. (ilasgovs: (ll-'l', l-‘ilmhousc. ()deon. liditiburgh: l-‘ilmliotise. Anastasia it‘i il)on liluili/(iary (ioldnian. Barney's Great Adventure «ti 7: turns A

L'S. 1997i Voices of Meg Ryan. ('hi‘istophei' kids 'l‘V phenomenon. Barney the purple Lloyd. .loliii ('usack, ()4 mins. Revs riting dinosaur's big screen debut finds him doys n 3 history sonieyvliat. ey il magician Rasputin on a farm vvith a trio of kids iii search of a

magic egg. The all siiigin‘. all daiictn' Barney struts his vsay through the simple story with regular singalongs. making the film perfect for tinder-fives. .'\y r. ()deon.

ptits a curse on ilie 'l‘sar‘s family arid causes the WW Reytiltlllttli. ‘l'lic child princess Anastasia surv iycs. btit grovv s tip as an orphan. unable to remember her past. (ilasgoyv. l'Cl (‘lydebank .-\yr: ()deon. liast is'ilht-ide Hi 9 Continued over page

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River adventure: Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart in The African Queen ! ' A .

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