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Bedrooms And Hallways l Hi i Rose 'l‘roche. l'ls'. l999i Kevin \lcls’idd. 'l'otn Hollander. .lanies l’tii‘eliw. 9(1 mins. like other recent bright and bree/s london romantic comedies. these [fit/iimiiix .‘lllt/ Ila/[um s are populated b) prett). professional. |o\ed-up or cast-dow n tw cut} and thirt}somethings. In this case the} also happen to be gas lroche iinses British larce with a more liberated attitude towaids se\ualit_\ Ihoino and heteroi coining tip trumps, (ilasgow ()deon Una} lidinburgh: Cameo,

Black Holes i IN l’appi ("orsicato ltal_\. l995l laia l'oi'le. \'incen/o l’eltiso. Marinella :\'lc‘lltl 'l.‘ lllllls \aple's answer to .kliiiodos ar in\okes unoi'thodos humour and i'aiiipaiit homo e2oticisiii in this romantic tale about .l hookei and a hack diner l’ai‘t ol the Italian I iliii l estival, (ilasgow (il’l l.tliiibtii’;'li l'llllllb‘llss‘ Blade Runner: The Director's Cut : lfii (Ritlle) Scottl S. l‘l\.‘ ".‘l llaiiisoii lord. Sean Young. Rutgei llauer llb niiiis (hit


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go the psetido-noir narration and the tacked- on happy ending; in comes a more defined sense that Deckard himself may be a replicant. The look and feel remain as pow‘et‘ltll. and the acting is superb. A flawed masterpiece is now a restored masterpiece. lidinburgh: Cameo.

Blast From the Past l 12) (Hugh Wilson. L‘S. I999) Christopher Walken. Sissy Spacek. Brendan Fraser. l09 mins. As the Cuban Missile Crisis mounts. paranoid (‘alvin Webber (Walken) takes his family below ground to a tall-out shelter. where they sta_v sealed for 35 years. The Webber bo)‘ Adam tl’raser) grows- up to become a perfect. upstanding and polite America citi/en. circa i962 -~ and so sticks out like a sore thumb when he ventures out into |99()s l..'\. Predictable but winning entertainment. (ilasgow': ABC Film Centre. ()deon Quay. Showcase. lidinburgh: ABC Multiples. UCl. The Blue Angel (PU) tJosel' son Sternberg. (ierman). l93()) limil Jannings. Marlene Dietrich. Kurt (ierron. Illb‘ mins. Berlin's decadent cabaret era is \ ibrantlv brought to lite as Dietrich's voluptuous singer l.ola~ l.ola sets out to seduce and destroy a bourgeois schoolteacher. In her first major role. the actress taps into a potent current ol' leinale sexuality. lidinburgh: St Bride's ('entre.

The Breakfast Club l l 5) (John Hughes. [‘8. I984) limilio listevez. Molly Ringwald. .r\ll_\ Sheedv. 97 mins. .-\ motley crew of live American teenagers do time together during a spell of school detention at the weekend. One school of thought linds this brat pack llio\ ie purile. another will enjoy it as pure Hlls kitsch. lidinburgh: Cameo.

A Bug's Life (L3) tJohn Lasseter. US. I998) \’oices ol Dave l-‘ole_\. Kexin Space). David Hyde Pierce. 95 mins. .-l ling '\ Lite takes Us to .~\nt Island. where the colon} is being oppressed by a gang ol‘ menacing grasshoppers. When in\entive btit clumsy worker ant l‘lik incurs the wrath of gang leader Hopper. he heads oil to find help liea\_\w eight help in the battle against his tippi'csstll's, (ieneral release.

The Cabinet 0f Doctor Caligari il’(}i iRobert Wiene. (iernian). l9l9l Werner Krauss. (‘onrad \'eidt. Dagmcr. 9() mins. .\ landmark ot'espressionist cinema. t'easting the eses with bizarre. angular

\ isnals despite its technical crudit). The acting and directing are superb. and the story of a lairgi'oiind h} pnotist who uses a sleepwalker to cart} out murders still retains a unique sense of horror lidinburgh: St Brides.

Central Station 1 l5) i\\'alter Salles. Bra/ii. l99h’) \'inicitis dc ()lixeira. l‘ernanda Montenegro. llll mins. Sugar-coated neo- i‘ealisin oi' a lilm that stares pmert) in the e_\e" Salles's international hit is the story in a )otiiig Rio de .laiieiro street urchin and a lormer schoolteacher w ho go on the run together in a hint esploi'es that l.atiii .'\lllC‘l'lc‘;tll mainsta}: the search tor a missing lo\ ed one. St Andrew s: l’icture House. Christ Stopped At Eboli ( lSi il‘i'aneesco Rosi. Ital}. I979) l.ino \'entura. .'\l;llll ('un). I’aolo llonacelli. IFS mins. lisiled trom 'l‘urin to a small southern \ illagc because ol~ his anti-lacist \ iew s. a doctor-paititer-writer rel’lects on the true nature ot national character in I9.‘\()s Ital} in this politieised

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The marrying kind: Cate Blanchett and Jeremy Northam in An Ideal Husband

period drama. l’art ol the Italian l-‘ilm l’estival. (ilasgow: (El-'l‘. lidinburgh: l’llttlliotlsc.

A Civil Action ( l5i tSte\ en '/.aillian. [’S. 1999) .lohn 'li'avolta. Robert l)u\all. William H. Mac}. I I5 mins. ‘l’ravolta's slick. ambitlance-chasiiig lll\\)L‘l' grow s a heart when he adopts an ‘orphan case' ta no- hoperl. but in so doing he neglects the

c) nical precepts that have brought him success and comes a ci'opper. :\s an intelligent and candid esaiiiiiiatioii ol the corruption inherent in the ['5' legal s) stem. Zaillian‘s film is unimpeachable. See review. (icnci'al release

Dance With Me tl’(il iRanda llatncs. l'S. I999) (‘hasanne \'anessa l.. Williams. Kris Kristotlerson. lZo mins. Ralael. a soung ('nban. arrives in Houston. 'l’esas to work as a hand} man at a dance studio. w here he joins in with preparations tor a ballroom dancing competition hopelul Rub}. a single mother with ambitions besond the small studio. .-\n eas_\ -goiiig. l'oi'miilaic ioiiiance. the lilm gets b} on musical esubei‘ance See review. lidinbui‘gh' [‘(l lfast Kilbride. [CI The Day The Sun Turned Cold l t_‘.i ii'uu Ilo. llong Kong. I994i Sitpn (iowa. 'l‘uo Xhong lltia. .\la .hng Wu. 99 niins .'\ )(lllllg man presents police with the e\ ideiice that his mother killed his lather a decade ago iii this highl) accomplished stud} ol iealous). murder and tilial turmoil. S} mpathies shitt Il‘Ulll character to cl‘aractei' as director Yim llo deals impassoeh w ith the iiiilolding plot Kelso. Rim}.

8mm t lh'i t.loel Schuinacher. [8. I999‘ Nicolas Cage. Joaquin l’hoeni\. .lanies (iandoll'ini. 133 mins ('age p|a_\s tamil} man Tom Welles. a private investigator asked by a rich widow to track down the source ol' a reel in 8mm lilni. apparent!) depicting the \ icious murder ot a teenage girl. l‘or a mainstream mov ie. the depiction ol this world is laii'l} e\p|icit .-\lt|iough the se\ shown is sottcore. the treatment ot the subiect matter is laudabh adult See renew (ieneral release

Elizabeth l l5 l iShekhai Kapur. l‘ls'. |99\‘i ('ate lllanchett. (ieoll'ie) Rush. (dllhlt‘l‘llt‘l' licclestone. Ill) mins. \ol sour t_\pical li'ock l'lick. ls'apui ‘s lilm ma_s be tax ishiiig to look at. btit it‘s altogether darker and mote disturbing than sou'd e\pect .\ political thriller lroiii 'l'udoi' Instoi's. lll w hich lllanchett's pei‘lorniance ttii ns cherished notions about linglaiid's \’irgin Queen on their head. (ilasgow ()deon Qua}. l’( ~l (‘I)debank lidinbui'gh [Cl .'\)l' ()deon l)lllllt'l'lllllllc‘ Carnegie Hall \Vishaw :\I'I'U\\,

Elvis And Marilyn t Hi i .\i iitaiido .\laiini. Ital). I998) I'd) ta ()ls/ow ka. (ioran Nauiiec. (iiiogio l'aletli 9‘ iiiins llitteisweet. atniospheiic road lllll\ ie in which the two celebi‘it} lookalikes li'oni

Bucharest w It] a contest and a summer engagement in Italy l’ari ol the Italian l'lllll l’estiv al. (ilasgow: (ll-'1' lidinbui‘gh. l'lllllllt‘lhc.

The Faculty i l.<i 'ls’obeit ls’odi'igiie/. 1'8. |99\’i Izhiali \Vood. ('lea l>ti\al|. Salnia llasek Ill-l units [in /-'i.-t :ii'ti lits neatl} into the niche w e'\e some to espect l'i'oni Km in ‘8} ri'iiia‘ \‘s'illiaiiisoiis pen. lots ol' great-lookiiig soung actors. a tightl} packaged rock soundtrack and plenl} ol nods to past mos ies lor those in the know. This time. howe\ei'. \Villiainson's biisting’ goal is the sci-ti li‘llltwlt‘ (ieneral



Ferris Bueller's Day Off 1 lSi thllllt Hughes. [8. l‘lo'oi _\lalthew llzodeiick. .lenniler (ire). (’hatlie Sheen. lit? lllllls \ snnn} Spring da) in Chicago is lai too got-d to spend locked in a classi'ooiii so the iiiepiessible l's‘llls litiellei lcigiis a inaladv t nts . lasses and pionnses his two best ti'ieiids .l daj. to ieineinbei leen coined} that scoies with liesh .Iialogtie and appealing th.i:a.'teiisatioiis l dinbuigh' Cameo

First Reels is iiiins appio\ Si\th j. eat \‘cotland based talent initiati'. e piesents nine new liliiis /'t ./( isi:."t'i \'. [it'l't'/.I.’I’l(i1'lt[l:. l/\ /)(117!‘-\,"-."(‘,-\ldl’t" \‘ii .l/iti'lt'I ill/[fro )iiii

.\>/'1(i'\".'.'ll‘\'. 1" /\'.‘i.7t'\ (),'

\'aiiotis. l'ls', i‘bls/9i ltll) il this new

(it! /)\‘.t .l.‘t','i'.'t I'll/N, /'/‘.'('.’( .\ I\t'."'."’.'\' /i(‘(r‘l “It: fun list .7' and ( in us lilasgow (il’l Freshwater Man i 1* '.\tllolilo .\|baiiese. Nab. WU" .\ntoiiio .-\lbanese. \'alei'ia \lihllo. .\ntonio l’etrocelli \lbancse. who is being hailed as the new lactiues lati. co- wrote this surreal coined} about iiieiiiozj. loss with Roberto lleiiigiii's i‘egiilai collaborator. \'incen/o ('ei'aiiii l’ait ol the ltalian l‘iliii l‘t'sll\.ll (ilasyow (il 'I l-diiibingh l'ilnihoiise

Gallivant I lit '.\ll\llt‘\‘- batting. l l\. l‘Mb' (iladvs \loiiis. l-deii Kt‘lil::;‘ "lls iiiiiis lhiectoi k4 ttiii;' takes his 3'i.intiiiiothei and daughter .itotind the more cast of maritime lliitatn. catching \aiiotts eccenliics ct! rattle .iiid chaiting' a grow iiif' iciationshi‘ across the g'eiieiation f'.ll‘ \ lli.l_‘.'t‘\ and scascapes whi// bx at hiin speed as isotting concentiatcs on the Illillltlal‘t‘ and the iiicideiitai. but allow s .i delicious sense ol silliness to peik up iixtcies: ldizibizig'h l’llllllli‘llst‘ tl Ellll ( illlltl'

Gattaca * I‘stidiew \i. .ol. [5. W" W llthan llawke. l'iiia liiiiiziiaii. lode law lilo units In the liitine. based on the coloni ol .l man s skin. but its

.lisciiiiiiiialion isn't

genetic make-up '\atai.i:l\ boin \'iiicent illaw ke‘ loi iiis .l pact ith crippled leioitie ll aw to use his veiieti.‘ identin in an

\\ith ieti'o-

~.;.ii. to e as Ilka/e

be. Iitie .ii: astioiiatil

.itteiiipt t.- lttttiie ilt'\l_'il :s i. t' /\,.’Il./'t‘ ti. .i: c'iiieiges as a true indi\idual 1:: .iii iiidtistis ol clones Iidinbuigh t~