Gods And Monsters 1 I5) (Bill Conduit. I'ls'l't S. I993) Ian .\che|Ieii. Brendan I’raser. I,_\tlll Redgrase. I I5 iiiiiis. .\Io\ mg. lovineg ciat'ted tilm tollow ing the last days of English- born filmmaker .laines Whale. director of the I9,‘~l l'liilfkt‘u‘flt’II.’ In I957. while in retirement in llolly wood suffering from the side eifects of a stroke that causes him to re- Iiye episodes from his past life Whale strikes up a tentati\ e. homoerotic friendship with his handsome gardener. (ilasgow: (irosveiior. Iitliiibui'gh; [Joiiiiiiioir Iiilnihouse.

The Gold Rush tl’(i) ((‘hai'les (.‘haplin. US. I925) ('hai'lie ( Iiapliii. Mack Swain. (icorgia Ilalc. Iiotli poyci'ty and love stiicken. ('Iiapliii\ hapless gold prospector tackles thugs and snow storms in the ls'londile of IS’9S. l-‘ainous scenes include a log cabmg teetering of the edge of an abyss and (‘harlic eating his boots. Iidinburgh: St Brides (critic.

Hands Over The City I IS) tl‘rancesco Rosi. Italy. Ill/ii) Rotl Steigcr. Salso Raiidonc. (iuido :\Iberti. llt) iniiis. Rosi's angry tale about pel.tie.il corruption in which a housing collapse Ill a poor area of Naples becomes a crucial lactor in municipal elections. I’ait of the Italian Film Festival. (ilasgow (ii-"II lidinburgh: l’ilinhouse. Hideous Kinky 5 IS) tt iillies Mackinnoii. l‘ls'. I99S) Kate \\'iiislct. Said 'I'aghmaoui. Bella Rixa. (‘ai'ric .\lullan. 99 iniiis. \\'i:is|ct‘s young linglishwoman takes her tw o daughters to Morocco in I973. where she Leads a cart tree ltlc until the girls demand st"tic stability llI their Il\'Cs. Adapted :iom l'\IIIL't' l’ietid's scini- ltlllt‘l‘lt‘le'IlI‘lllt'tlI iiosel Is'irkcaldy' Adam Smith

High Art 1 IS) -I isa (‘Iiolotleiiktx US. I999) .'\II_\ Sliced}. I<ad|i.. .\Iit;liell. I’atricia (’Iai‘ksoii, It): inins. .\ ieti'eshiiigly intelligent tale ol doomed lesbian lose. chronicling the comples romance between ambitious picture editor Syd and once Iaiiious photogiaphcr I.tic) Berliner. The scenes o2 scsuai tension and trembling tIcsiic between Syd and Lucy achieye a palpable erotic charge (ilasgow (il’l‘. lidiiiburgh. l iIinhoiise.

An Ideal Husband II’( it l()ll\t‘t' Parker. I‘ls'. I999 Isuper l:\.'rctt. (lite Iilanchctt. .l'llhtUilL‘ \It-ore lt)() mins. When scheming .\Iis (‘Iiexeiey t\Ioorei blackmails brilliant l“'liti_ rm Si: Robert (‘liiltern -‘.\'orthain) bchmti Ias Ion mg w ite‘s ililancliett) back. loatmg I,oi-.I (ioiiiig ili\ei'ett ) comes to his trieiai's assistance in this fine adaption

(Is. at \hilltlt‘o play ‘I'he cracking cast do tustice to the arena) pical \\'iIdean witticisms and l \erett turns in a scene- stcalriig peitormaiice. See prcxiew and

:e\ IL'\‘. SL'IL‘c’It‘tI I'L‘lt‘ttVf

Illustrious Corpses t I9) it-'rancesco Ros). Italy. I97” I mo \eiitiii.i. .'\I;tltl ('tiny. .\l;i.\ \itlt Sydow I ‘1) arms. \ailbitiiig .iiid higth .icclaiiiictl ls’osi thriller II) which a policeman“. in\estigatioii o: the murders of iiitlges. prosecutors and leading politicians i‘cxeals a right w mg conspiracy to discredit the Iett I’ait o! the ltaliaii l'lllll l’estis'al. (ilasgow til I I thiiliurgh. I-iliiihousc.

I Remember, Yes I Remember II’(il I:\tttltt \Iaiia Iato. Italy I‘M",- I'ouching portrait of the late. great li.tit.ttt actor \Iaicello

\Ia slI'x>I.tttltl. thie. ted by his partner \Iasti'oiaiiiiis iiicaioiies include his tii'st trip to the cinema ito see In I: H!!! iii I936). the l‘ltllt wt his daughter and his work and Iiieiidsliip \\tIll \ isco-iti and I cIIiiii. Part of the Italian I Iltli I esti\.il (ilasgtm. (il'ili. I.\Iiiil\iii;:h Iiimlioiisc

The Island Of Dr Moreau I )2) tI)oii Iii-\IHI. I S. I9“) litirt Lancaster. Nigel l)a\eiipoi't. \Iichael York. III-l iniiis. Not the lamentable John I iankheititer/Marlon lllutttlt) \ei'sioii. but the slighl) less lamentable litirt I.aiicaster adaptation of

II II \Vells time] about .i mad scientist

play mg (iod by grafting humans and animals together Ihc I91.“ ('harles Iaughton \ei'sioii. I's/t/m/ ()I /.mI Sou/y. ieinaiiis the best ldiiibui'gh (‘anieo

Jack Frost il’tit- lioy \tillei. t'S. I995) .\Iichacl Iseatou, Kelly I’i'estoii. .\Iai'k Add). III) iiiiiis \ez'legretit husband and lather .lack I iost chooses to go on a ioad tiip with his band iatliei' than a lit)lttl.l\ with his taiiiily and is killed iii .i car accident. Ilowewi. he gets .i chantc to begin afresh when he is iciiicaiiiatetl .is. eiiii .i

\Ili)‘-‘- III.IIi ltil * /IiI\/ l].|s .i s||]]|)lt_‘. pllCI'llC

charm that eight-year-olds will enjoy. Glasgow: UCI Clydebank. Virgin. Edinburgh: UCI. Iiast Kilbride: UCI.

Just Another War ( I 5) (Francesco Rosi. Italy. I970) Gian Maria Volonte. Mark I-‘recliette.AlainCuny. l()l miiis. lixpose of military incompetence during World War One focusing upon the taking of an enemy- occupicd hill. One of the all-time great anti-

war movies. Part of the Italian Film Festival.

Glasgow: GITI‘. Edinburgh: Iiiliiihouse. Kisses And Hugs (15) tl’aolo Vii‘zi. Italy. I999) Francesco I’aolantoni. Massimo Gainbacciani. Piero (ireinigiii. Ill-l niiiis. Bittersweet romantic comedy in which three friends pool their resources and open an ostrich farm. Falling on hard times they attempt to impress a state official and secure funding with a lavish (.‘Iiristmas feast. Part ofthe Italian Film Festival. (ilasgow: (il’l‘. I'idiiiburgh: Filiiiliousc.

Knife In The Water ( l5) tRoman Polanski. Poland. I963) Leoii Nieniczyk. .Iolanta Uinecka. Zyginunt h’lttltlltuyy'ls‘z. 94 iniiis. Polanski came to prominence with this tight but iinagiiiatise three-character psychological study. A couple going on holiday pick up a hitch-hiker and soon dangerous emotional games are being played. The director‘s simple approach keeps the tension hiin and melodramatics low. Edinburgh: I’iliiihouse tI-‘ilm Guild). The Knowledge 0f Healing (t5) itiianz Reichle. Switzerland. I996) 9t) nuns. Documentary examining the Tibetan approach to medicine. Aii Austrian pharmaceutical entrepreneur and reserach scientists in Vienna and Jerusalem seek to augment Western techniques with Tibetan w isdoni Ieart from the Dalai Lama and his personal physician. Dr 'I'enzin Choedrak. (ilasgow: (il’l‘.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella) (PU) (Roberto Benigni. Italy. I998) Roberto Beiiigni. Vicoletta Braschi. I In mins. A Comedy about the Holocaust? Surely not. Well. that's what Italian writer-(Iirector-star Beiiigni has done in lashioniiig a poignant comic fable about the resilience of the human spirit and the power of the imagination. A humane and mm ing film. (ilasgow: ()deon City Centre. Iidinburgh: (.‘ameo. ()deon. I’aisley: Showcase.

Little Teachers t )8) (Daniele I.ttcltettt. Italy. I998) Stefano Accorsi. Stefania Montorsi. (iiogio I’asotti, I H iiiiiis. At the eiid of WWII. a group of idealistic students take to the northern Italian hills to actiyely oppose facisin. Howe\ei‘. their ideals are undermined by the grim realities of war I’art ofthe Italian l-‘ilm I‘estiyal. (ilasgow' (il-‘I‘. Iidiiiburgh: liiliiiliouse.

Lost Highway I l 8) (Band 1.) rich. IJS. I996) Bill Pullman. l’atricia Artiuette. Robert Loggia. I35 inins. Lynch's latest i‘adicalisatioii of the f/lm nu/r traditions concerns jazz. sasnian I’ullinaii. his w ile i.-\rquette). a mystery man. a garage mechanic and a crime kingpin ~ but in typically l yiichian non-linear plotliiies that exist within the logic of dreams. llaunting. pt‘tH’OL‘itltVC. and a genuiner personal undertaking. Iidiiiburgh: I‘ilinhousc.

Loved t l5.- tIii’in Dignain. LS. I999) William Hurt. Robin Wright Penn. 93' units District Attorney Hurt is coiiyinccd that a man in a case he is trying has physically .iiid psychologically manipulated each of his partners into attempting suicide. Wright Penn is the latest \‘lL‘Ilttl (ilasgow. (il’l‘. Iidiiiburgh: I-ilmhouse.

Madeline IL!) (Daisy Von Schcrler. ITS. I998) I‘l'flllCCS .\Icl)ormaiid. Nigel Hawthorne. Hatty Jones. S9 iniiis. Madeline is a hybrid of the 'adorablc' pre-tcen cliildreiis' heroine. As intelligent as Matilda. she's also as precocious as l’ippi Longstocking and. like Annie. she's an orphan. \Vell-iiiteiitioiied but desperater dull. (ilasgow: Showcase. I,'(.'l (’Iydcbank. Iidinburgh: ()deon. UCI. Iiast Is'ilbride: I.'('I. Kilinarnock: ()deon. Paisley: Showcase Man With A Movie Camera (PG) tl)/_t:.1;t Vei'tos'. USSR. I929) 9t) inins. \"ertor's poetic account of the state of the Soviet Union employs \arious espcriiiicnts with film form superimposition. split screen

in an esploratioii of the city scape. In The Nursery perform a new score and there's a discussion alter the screening Stirling

Mac Robert.

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