iconography. Iiigli camp and street violence

that's both delicioust feverish aiid studiedly'

cool. St Andrews, Picture House.

Roses And Guns I IS) (Carla Aptizzo. Italy. I993 ) Aniia Ariiiniiratt. Duecio (iiordatto. I.tiigi Petrucci. SI iitiiis. Black comedy iii which a tvveniysoniething couple go on the run front a iiiui'dei'ously jealous ex-husband. In an attenth to ptlt togetlter some travelling cash. the pair get involved in a hold up attd drug dealing Part of the Italian I‘ilm festival. (ilasgovv: (il’l‘. Iidinburgh: I’ilnihouse.

The Rugrats Movie it) «Norton \‘irgien.’lgor ls'ovalyov. I'S. I998) Voices of: I-..(i. Daily. Christine Cavanaugh. Kath Soucie St) iitiiis. 'I he vveekly animated adventures of the tin-cutesy. irritatingly

‘voiced Pickles family is big antong kiddies

and adults in tlte States. bitt the movie is definitely more of a tumor entertainment. the film's message is well inteittioited. attd it itiiglit keep the little ones quiet for a

vv hile. (ieltel'ttl release.

Safe I I5: I'I'odd llaynes. L'S. I995) Julianne Moore. I’eter I-‘i'iedmaii. Susan Norman, I IS units. A vacuous Californian housevv ife succumbs to a mystery

eiiv ironniental illness and. in tlte process of try iiig New Age therapies. is made to question her on it identity. limer iii its subtect matter. chilling iit its conception. assured in its form. this is one of the key .AlllCt'lc‘tIll films of the decade. Iidinbui'gh: Cameo

Salvatore Giuliano i I.st it-raiicesco Rosi. Italy. l9’vl i I’ieito (Liiiiiiiatxita. I-‘i'aiik Wolff. Salva l<andoiie I35 iitiiis. Reconstructed doctinieittary about tlte Sicilian outlaw vvlto became a mafia Ittiss. Ilie filiii helped set up a real life gov ei'tiinent inqutrery into mafia activties. But of the Italian I‘iIitt I-‘estiv'al. (ilasgovv (il'l' Iidinburgh; I-‘ilmhouse. Saving Private Ryan i I5) tSleveit Spielberg. I'S. I‘Nsi 'I‘oiii Ilattks. 'I'om Si/eiiioi‘e. Matt Damon. I'TII itiiits. Like no Iiliii iit recent nieiiioi y. Sui me l’i'iiule Ruin focuses its attention squarely on the brutalities endured by .-\ntei'icait soldiers itt \Vorld \\'.ii II [he .icttial meat of the story concerns Ilanks' tlIIlI who are sent off to locate tlte epoiiy iiiotis Ryan. (ilasgow: Showcase. \n'giii.

Scent Of The Night I IS) tCIaudio Caltgai'i. Ital}. I‘I‘ISI \alerio \Iitsttitttli'ea. Marco tiiallini. (ioigio Iii'abassi It)“ iitiits

I'hiillei about .i bent cop and his .tc'ct‘ltfttllst's vvha toiiii .i gang named Clockwork Iliaiige IIIC Iihti's look oiigiiiates fioiii l-reiich gangster films of tlieletls vv Itile its energy is derived front a tIleatlIlc soundtrack I’att of the Italian I-‘ilm I L .tival (ilasgtmv (il'l deiitburglt. I'lII‘i.I‘. use Scirocco's Room I I5) t.\I.turi/io Sciarra. Italy. Itisis . t iiancai lo ( iianiiini. 'I'i/iana

I islato. I'i'ancesto Benigno 93 iitiiis In this epic Iovc stoiy set during tlte tacist period. a nobleiiian i‘etuins to his ancestral Itoitie posing as his n bullet with tlte intention of ~ellnig his [M‘sst‘sslt‘tls to finance the

I’at't of tlte Italian I iliii l esti‘.al (ilasgovv (iI'TI Idinbuieh I iltitliousc

Seul Contre Tous / sxia../.ti’oi:r i Is“) I(iasg‘at \oc. l iaitce. I‘l‘lb'i‘): IIIIII\

Iv‘..tl .tI‘.Il facist iIIt~\L'IIlL'III

II.iid.~te penetiative se\ and a nauseating scene in which a piegitaiit woman is iepeatedly punched iii the stomach. I)istiiibiitg aitd giaphic ' Yes (ii‘atuttotis shock tactn s ' \'o oiin iiiatei'ial of such tin.oiiipieiiiisiiig brutality can bring the vievvei close to the utter desolation felt by the main c'II.tI.t\ let. an uiietitployed 50-year- old butcliei vv ho ltas beeii slantnied iitto a ileavl~ettvlt‘\l\lt'll.'e (ilasfjtny (ilfli Shakespeare In Love u ISi «John Madden. l'ls'. I‘NM loscpli I teniies. (ivvyneth I’altzoo. ls’npeit l veieu III) lltllls I'ICIIIICs. a pit: of bit-e. lies and .i levv iiiootly \et'ses and .: league of I‘m-IIIL'II \\ ill leave the cIltL"lt.t wiiivleinn' why they ite\ er figured it

“III .II \\ Illbt ii

\ILakt'slk'att' Is \t‘\ “It legs. Ii'lII \tcppaivi s s. tipt is exubeiantly .oiifi.leiit, iiieveieiit .Illtl vvittv ~.titd vvas suiclj. the I\.I\Is iii the ( lscars svv eep (it‘ttt'lal l'c'lc'ast'

Shooting The Moon 1 is) it raiicesca \u‘lnbugt. Italy. I‘NSI \‘alet‘ta (ioltlto. Seig'io Rubiiii \a. . olo Senni 9t) itiiits (itlli‘. sit. ial vlt..III.t set “If the streets oI Ri‘lltv' .iI‘I'III a teenager \‘.Ilt) shares an

apartment with his heroin-addicted mother. The boy finds relief itt his relationship with Itis younger sister. until she accidentally pricks herself with one of her mother's old needles. Part of the Italiatt Film Festival. Glasgow: GF'I'. Edinburgh: I-‘ilmhouse. Singing Streets/T he Magic Umbrella (Various. UK. I95()/I 998) 40 mins approx. 'I'vvo short films celebrating Iidinbtirgh city life. Made by the children of Norton Park Primary School. Singing Streets captures. oit black and white film. kids at play in the streets. In contrast. The Magic (flit/Hello. made by Dalry Primary School iit conjunction with the St Bride's Centre. employs colour stock and special effects in this adventure story wltich pays homage to The Red Balloon. Iidinburgh: St Brides: Centre.

Sitcom ( l8) (Iiratteois‘ ()zon. I't‘ttllc‘C. I998) Adrien de Vatt. Marina de Van. Iivelyne Dandry. 85 mins. How funny one finds the idea of a strait-laced family suddenly given to incest. sado-niasochism and bisexuality depends on how close one feels to the conventions 07.0” mocks and Itow scandalised one is by that mockery. Stirling: MacRobert.

Small Soldiers (PG) (Joe Dante. LS. 19%) Kirsten Dtinst. (iregory Smith. Denis Leary I I() mins. Dante pltiitders his anarchic live action cartoon tale. (ireiii/i/iv. substituting toys for little devils and adding state-of-the- art computerised effects. Sanitised. bland attd baital. (ialashiels: Pavilion.

Tea With Mussolini (PCi) tl‘ranco '/.effirelli.

Italy/UK. I999) Cher. Joan Plowriglit. Maggie Smith. I I7 iitiiis. XCIIII‘L‘III's film is partly aiitobiographicaI. partly fictitious. and concerns the effect on his own upbringing aitd education by" a group of linglish ladies living iit l-‘Iorence at the time of II Duce's rise to power. This particular brew seems oddly lacking itt zest. Cilasgovv: (irosvenor. ()deon Quay. Iidinburgh: ABC I’ilnt Centre. Dominion. UCI.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre I I8) i'l‘ohe Hooper. US. I974) Marilyn Burns. (iiinnar Hansen. Allen Danziger. 84 iitiiis. The plot has a familiar ring to it: a group of kids travel to a broken-don. ii house in the middle of nowhere. Nearby they find another house filled with cannabalistic degeiterates who pick off the cast one by one. After an uneasy. drawn-out opening period. the film changes pace arid becomes perhaps the most relentless slice of terror ever ptit oit screen. See review Iidinburgh: ABC Multiplex. UCI. Paisley: Showcase.

Thanks For Everything I IS) (Luca Maitfedi. Italy. I998) Nancy Bi'ilh. Sergio l-'orconi. Massimo (iIIIIIl. 95 iitiiis (ienei'atioii gap comedy dranta in vv hich a youtig couple agree to look after the elderly parettts of their friends who are visiting Africa. Part of the Italian l’ilm l-‘estival. (ilasgow: (il’l‘. lidinburgh: I’ilmhouse.

The Thin Red Line t l 5) t'l‘errence .‘vtalick. US. I998) Nick Nolte. lilias Koteas. Sean Penn. I7t) iitiiis. 'Iltis is very much a director‘s filiit. vvitlt the mythic and revered Malick as the star. Mov ie A-list types make cameo appearances. vv title the btilk of the action centres on the boy s from Company C. the Itickless outfit charged with taking a

v ital hilltop stronghold iii the battle for (itiadalcanal. Irvine: Magnum Kelso: Roxy, Paisley: Showcase.

Three Brothers I l 5) Il"rancesco Rosi. Italy. I980) Philippe Noiret. Vittorio Mezzogiorno. Michele Placido. I I I iitiiis. A Judge. a teacher attd a ittechanic: three brothers whose lives have taken very different paths. return to their village after their mother's death and. iii the ensuing

day s. explore their differences Part of the Italian I’ilm I-‘estival. (ilasgovv. (il’l‘. Iidinburgh: I~'iIittItotise.

Three Men And A Leg (15) Illaglio. Stortt. Poretti. Italy. I997) Riotous road movie. a vehicle for alternative comedians Aldo Baglio. (iiov'anni Storti aitd (iiancoiiio Poretti iit vv hich three hardvvare storeinen tourney front the north to the south of Italy for a meeting with their boss Part of the Italian I‘ilm I-‘estiv'al. (ilasgovv (il’l‘ Iidinburgh; I’ilmhotise.

To Have And Have Not (H i) ittavvard Hawks. US. I945) Humphrey Bogart. Lauren Bacall. Walter Brennan. I-Ioagy Carmichael. Itltl iitiiis Bogart and Bacall worked together for the first time in llavvks'

Hemingway adaptation. set in the Caribbean during the war. where Bogart's fishing-boat owner is dravv n ittto the cotifliet by his trcal life) love for Bacall. Stili'ing: MacRobert. The Truce ( l5) tl‘raitcesco Rosi. Italy. I997) .Iohn 'I‘tii'tui'i'o. Rade Serbedziia. Massimo (ihini. I23 mins. Rosi's adaptation of Priino Levi's biographical novel about the author‘s Pilgrimage froni Auschvv it/. to ‘I'ui'in v ta the USSR after WWII is a powerful. epic. ittasterftilly understated film featuring 'l‘urtui'i'o in the leading role. Part of the Italian I-‘iliti I‘estival. (ilasgovv: (ili‘l‘. I-Idinbui‘gh: I’ilntltouse.

The Truman Shoer’Ui tI’eter Weir. I'S. I998) .Iiiit Carrey. I.atira I.inney. lid Harris. I03 iitiiis. ‘I'rnniaii Burbank leads a life of sublime banality in the picture perfect island community of Seahaven. but is the unwitting star of the world’s longest-ruinting doctiitteittary soap opera. The ~l'rii/iimi Show (the movie) is flawlessly piit together. with script and direction perfectly Ititlglevl. Cari'ey. still a schniuck. surprisingly gives the movie its heart. I-Idinburgh: Cameo

Urban Legend I IS) I.I;tlIIlL‘ Blanks. t‘S. I998) Alicia Witt. .Iared I.eto. Robert lingltiitd. 99 iitiiis. A group of good-looking. sexually active college students are teri'orised by a savage killer. v. ho murders iii sadistically inventive vvay's aitd targets one young woman for reasons buried in tlte past. Ait efficient. if unorigntal stalk 'ii' slash flick iii the tradition of St rein/r (ilasgoys. ()deon ()nay. Showcase. (ireeiiock \N'aterft'ont.

Very Bad Things i Is‘i iI’eiei- Berg. t'S. I998) Cameron Dia/. Ion I‘avi‘cau. Christian Slater. lllll iitiiis Dia/ is marrying I‘avreau attd nothing. but nothing. is going to upset Iter plans for the perfect wedding. that is. until I'avi'eau aitd pals hit [as Vegas for his stag night atid inevitable debauchery is cut short when they accidentally kill a hooker. An outrageously grim and gi'uesoitic black comedy. Isii'kcaldy. Adam Smith.

Waking Ned tI’(ii t Kirk .lones. I'ls'. I99St Ian Baniicn. David Kelly. l-ioiiiiula I‘Iattagait. 9| iitiiis Actually. Ned's dead A shame tltat. because the old fella Ittst mm L.‘

.- a". 1&3 v.- ’-.

index FILM

million playing The Lottery « the discovery of which killed hint. Hovv ever. vvily' sev'entys‘omething pals Jackie and Michael spy a golden opportunity to claim the cash. Charming aitd eccentric with a defiant spirit. (ieiiei‘al release.

The Way We Laughed I IS) I( iianni Antelio. Italy. I998) linrico l.o Verso. lirancesco (iiiiffrida. l-‘abrizio (iifuni. I36 lI‘ilIIs. Avvai‘d-wititiing drama following the fortunes of two brothers. one. ait illiterate

vv oi'kei‘ \v Ito becomes the boss. the other. the more intelligent sibling who fails to realise the famin 's dreams. Part of the Italian Iiilin l’estival. (ilasgovv: (il-‘l‘. Iidinburglt: I‘ilnthouse.

The World Goes To My Head I fit tMichele Ia Nubile. Italy. 1993) Damiano Rtisso. Deho Mngnolo. Franco Blast. 9t) iitiiis. In Niibilc‘s fascinating debut feature a youth places his soul III the care of a monastic order. While at the monastery he meets a scholar who becomes his mentor and continues the boy 's spiritual education on an event-tilled tourney. Part of the Italian I’iIitt I’L‘sllyttl. (ilasgovv (iI-I. Iidinbui'gli' I‘iliitltotisc.

Your Friends And Neighbours I IS) t.\'eil I.aBiite. l'S. I993) Catherine Keener. _lasoii Patric. Amy Breniieinan. Aaron lickhai't. Catherine Keener. Illt) iitiiis \Vhile //l The ('mii/iu/iv ()7 Melt left itself open to charges of iiiistigy ny with a depiction of women as the passive v ictints of titale cruelty. Iiiiii' I") I('Il(/\ .‘lllr/ A'eig/i/mtii'v adopts a much niote equal opportunities approach. these ladies are very nearly as fucked up as the ItlL‘Iktlpx they flick. and itist as likely to resort to vengeful emotional manipulation. Itdkirk: I‘I‘ll. Is'irkcaltly' Adam Sitiitlt.

You're Laughing I IS) tI’aoIo and \"iuoiio lav iaiit. Italy. I998 I Antonio .’\II);II:L‘.\’C. Sabrina I‘erilli. I.uca /.iiigaretti. IIIZ II‘iIII\ 'I'vvo niastei‘ltilly iiielaitcholy tales fioiii the pen of I’irattdello iit vv hich an opera baritone experiences agony aitd ecstacy and a kiditap victim becomes a surrogate fatliei to Ills captors Part of the Italian I'ilIIII I'esttval. (ilasgovv (il"I Iztiinburglij I‘iilinliouse.

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