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ROCK & POP LlSTlNGS continued



I Elvis Costello Itoyat ('orreeri llall. Sauchrehall Sore-1.25" .LIH t\ £155“ ll.r‘.:ii§.' :ettrzzietf to trittcai t.-.\otii h} collahtuatrtig tilt litizt liacltaiach t‘ll lh.‘ I’m/In ./ / H'I'I.’ l/t wort .tlhtitii. l'.l\ is (.tJSIL‘llU hits the itiarl ll‘ t‘l.r_\ stings truth that alhtrni and plenty in t‘ltl stutt' too

I Dodgy King Tut s \Vah \\'.rh lltit. St

‘2! "2“) .\_3tlpiii :5 pltis


Vincent Street. _ .‘ hooking tee The hand that ;_'.i‘. e sunny \lil_\ s a snitahh ttpheat .rntheni or 'Stay nrg ()nt l-or The Summer hare. ot course. parted company \\llll trontnian \igel Clarke. l)rtrntnrei Matthew Priest and guitarist .-\ritly .\li||er are hack w ith a new singer.

I Catcher .\'ice in" Show. Satichiehall Street. 3.“? “03” ‘Jpnr. '

I Vagabonds \\.r\y 's. (landlerrggs. 552 S7 l T. ‘t, itipiii. tree.

I Jack Daniels Band Sattttlei l)ti\\ \. \tllistlale Road. 1:3 tilt)" .\ Ulptii. l'ree. Rocl. ct‘\\'l\

I Beever Creek ( ri.i:..r ( ll; r )pt_\. l’aisley Roatl loll. ll‘) S Wt» Tptii L2 5“. (‘otintiy


I Holly Thomast'oiiiiiiwn (iltllllltls. I 3 North Harri. Street. 22“ i-lltr ' lttpiii tree I Basic Collective .l.r// It int \ \loiiisoii Street. :2; l2“ vie-it lhe cli;!lllt‘ti\.' \it '.rls:n-.'.;:rtlli.-1hanrl riiaktng e! e “i irritieigimuinl sotiiitls

I Barb Jungr t’lt-asarzte lheatte Hal. l’lt'thl‘rc't‘. ST“ l‘5l i \i‘tl. {a !_.\ ~L(\ Lqi Return to l «lllll‘ili‘fll wt the lust ‘.‘.t‘ill.tll to win the Petite: WV llci tlt“\ \llil“ is Red Roses. lilac l .itiies .. :til‘ute to the work oi leriiale .rttists siren as \iiia

Sriiir ne li.l!l‘!.t Streisand ..fl-l lath ('olhtis I Eskimo .lllti Trent .\ttie. |)\ers (’lose. (irrvqutlt‘. :2; \ i5: 5 i I Counselled Out ( Lo. t'lltlISll. \Vt-sr

_‘_s thj iltptii t5 Itev

Z‘tpit: hair L5

Illiu}: L‘s

lullcioss. .7 lieltiie letriv Se.‘ I ll ID

I The Little Green Monkeys \\ Irisrte Hrnlaes \rtltitx Site." 55" 5ll-i llpni l‘lt't‘


Memory man: Elvis Costello plays Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Fri 23 Apr



I Gary Barlow Sli(‘(‘. l-rnnieston Quay. 287 7777. l’()Sll’( )Nljl) until Heceniher. I Happy Mondays s‘tit’t ‘. t-rriirresron Quay. 2S7 7777. (rfittpin. St )l .l) ( )l 'T. See lt‘ature. page ltt5

I 88 King and John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers (‘Iytte .-\t|tlllt)t'ltlltt. Sl{('(‘. l-'irrtiie.stoii Quay. LS7 "'77.". £23.5tt/L' “)5” pills thittktltg lt‘t‘. l)t)tll‘lL‘ header hy two astonishineg seirnnal acts. BB King is touring his new greatest hits collection.

I Barb Jungr lltc‘ l5llt Ntilt‘ (itlit‘. King Street. 55.3 loss. Spin. {TI—LS tL'o-L‘i't. .-\ l'oi'nrer .lulian (‘lary hacking singer. Barh .lunger won the l’errier award as part ol l’arker a Jungi. Her present incarnation sees her cast as a torch-singing eaharet t|i\a.

I The Judy Circus King ltth \Vah watt llut. St \'rncent Street. Ill 527”. .\'.3t)rin. £4.

I A be Revival ttotrrhon Street. (ieorge Street. 552 ill-ll. "pin £5 it I‘.' 5H w il|i dinner).

I 5011' Kings Kllls'c'ltlt}\. .ltiltl! Sllt‘t‘l. 552 3505. 9pm. l-ree

I Desert Breeze (hand ( )le ( )l‘t_\. l’aisley Road loll. 12" 53‘)“ "pin L2 5”. Country.

I High Roller and Monofreak (um-in (‘ltilx Stiathclytle l'irrx ersin l’rnoii. John Street. 5(r7 5ll2i ‘lptrr. l'iee Stutletits

and guests.


I Planet Boom .tlltl Voices (firs Itoete West Port. 22‘) ~13“. ‘lpiir Li l‘paiitl- coining l'itlllll‘lll’L'll hands

I Elemental .la// ,lotnt. .\ Morrison Street. 221 lloh lttpiii iatii L5 'L-l i. Mellow t'iiiil. sr\ piece to smooth you into the groin e See local li\e. page ii

I The Dagmars the Spider '\ \\'e|r. Morrison Street. 22S 104‘). “pm. L-l. (ilani-tastic rockahilly lion: the haiitl who hoast the more you think. the less we stink,

I Hud Yer Wheesht 3 <2 (anon s (ran.

(‘aiioiigale 55o JJSI ‘lpiii l'lt't‘.



I Happy Mondays SH 1‘. l'llllllc‘SlUll Quay. 25‘" “'2” (r. ittpnr £1S5t) plus hooking tee Second night trorii Shaun. Hex. \tits and the rest as they take their “II-’5‘) \lltt\\ l‘.lc‘l\ tilt lltt‘ I'Utttl. SL‘L‘ l'eature. page ltl5.

I Michael Ball (‘lytle :\lltlllttl'llllll. Sli('(‘. l‘llllllt'Slttlt Quay. 2S7 7777. S()l,l)t)l 'T.

I Hue And Cry Royal t‘orreerr llall. Sauchrehall Street. 28" l’()S'lil’().\‘lil).

I El Hombre Trajeado and Cointelpro lltt‘ .-\l'c‘ltt‘\. \lttllalltl Slt't‘t‘l. ::l 9750. "pm. Lil t£2 r. This .s a erossmer e\ent called l’olaroid. organised iii coininrction \\llll (ilasgow l‘rnxersrty Music (‘ltih lil llonihre rock out thoughtl'tilly. ('orntelpro are electioniea and other non-rock delights tiicliitle perlot inances ol' works h} .lohn ('age and Stockhausen.

I Ganger, Biffy Clyro .rrrtl Akira The Ifirh \ote (‘ltih ('lytle Street. 21‘ 2|" Spin (Linger recently lost inenrhei ('iaig (i to .'\t‘|'\\:.'l'.lllllllt‘. who play The I 3th Note ('alc tomorrow iirght. Happily. they are still l‘rillrantly atniospheric as witnessed at a lt‘ct‘ltl :Jlg'. Sc‘t‘ l.ttc‘.tl Me. page -l l.

I Inner Sleeve, Macrocosmica and The Third Way King ltits \\‘.rh \\'ah lltil. St \‘irrcent Street. Ill 52,“) .\ illpttl L31 Inner S|ee\e rock iii a thonglilttil. \logwai kind ol way. lllc'll allitinr [ooh/z"; (/r l\ out now on l'ierce l’antla

I Bubblecraft, Nerve .rrrtl fhs \ice ’rr' Steal)- Sattchrehall Street. “3 “or


I Hard Rain The (Lithotrsed nioi: Street. 215 (rtrlltr Split Lh I‘llls l‘titiklltg' tee. Tickets trorii Missing Is’ecoitls. \\el|iirgton Street. ~lt)tt PM and Ripping Records. Ixthiihiiigh t‘t‘ hooking: HST‘U (rill lltllll \o age test icttoii on this



I Live Music The t ‘hrll /.oiie. Kilkeiitiys. .lohii Street. 552 3505. ‘lpiii. l'iee Weekly showcase tor ne\\ hands, I Toe The Line (hand ( )le ( )pry. l’aisley Rt‘tltl 'l‘till. l3” 50‘) “l‘tll L35”. (’otnitiy.


I Tasty and Brian Kellock Trio Jazz .loiiit. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. Spin—3am. £3. See Sun IS.

I The Abba Experience The Venue. Calton Road. 557 3073. 8pm. £3 (£2). Mainrna-nria. It's 25 years since the

I original Swedish l'ah four won

Eurovision. Why not take a chance with these sequined copyists'.’

l t l i


; Glasgow

f I The Radio Sweethearts The l3th Note Cate. King Street. 553 l(>38. 8pm. £2. Regular gig ll'OIH Glasgow‘s own

i country stars. Good tunes. good vibes.

I good heei'.

I I Jerry Lyons Acoustic Jam Nice ’n'

Sleazy. Saucliiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Weekly jam session.

- I Live music Cavern Club. Stratlrclyde University Union. John Street. 567 5023. 0pm. Free. Students and guests.

; Edinburgh

t I Ian Hunter and Cruyff The Liquid

Rootn. ()c Victoria Street. 225 2564.

7.30pm. L") from Virgin or Ripping Records. Return of the original young dude. the nran who t'ronted Mott The lloople ~ 70s rockers and David Bowie‘s l‘ayotn'ite hand ot‘ that era. I Jonathan Kemp C‘oinnron Grounds. 2/3 North Bank Street. 226 l-llo. 7.30 in. Free. See Mon I‘). I A tered Beats 99 Jazz Joint. it Morrison Street. 22| I288. l()prn—3ani. £3. See Mon |‘).



I The Cardigans Barrowland. (iallowgate. 552 Jodi. 7.30pm. £ 10 plus hooking lee. .\'o age restriction. ln town to promote their alhtnn (Iron Til/THIN). The (‘ardigans have a rare ear tor pop music iii a way that recalls Blondie at their most commercial. See l‘ronthiies. page (i.

I Ian Hunter g2. Sauclirehall Street. 353 illl. 7pm. £lt) plus hooking tee. Tickets troin Missing Records. Wellington Street. 400 I776 and Ripping Records. lidinhurgh. (‘(‘ hooking: 0870 (r()| 0002. Former Mott The lloople l'r'ontnran hits town. Tonight's audience is unlikely to comprise any young dudes. never mind all of them.

I Servo, Old Solar and Tennessee Kate The 13th Note Cate. King Street. 553 l()5h’. 8pm. £3. New hand showcase. I The Honeyflys Curlers. Byres Road. 9pm. liree.

I Glasgow Songwriters Blackl‘riars. Bell Street. 552 5924. ‘).|5prn. Free. Pltrs open mic guest spot. Arrive early to hook your space; priority will he given to first- time perl'orniers.


I Colin Campbell (‘ornnron (.‘rrounds. 2/3 North Bank Street. 226 l-llh. 7.30pm. liree. See Tue 20.

I The Dynamic Duo Show .lll'l]. Joint. 8

Morrison Street. 22l L5. See Tue 30.

I Marco Swayzey Quintet Whistle Binkies. Niddry Street. 557 5| l4. llprn. Free.

283. lthnr—3ain.



I Echo And The Bunnymen and Annie Christian liarrowland. (iallow gate. 552 Jotll. 7 30pm £12.50 pltis hooking lee. The Bonny iiieii return to Barrowlands tor the third trnre since their against-all-odds coniehack in l‘)‘)7. .\lac loyes the Venue. so their perl'orniances here are always eniotioiial al‘t'arrs. This time should he particular 3y special as the) ire touring ill/til :l/‘t' )iiii (inure lo I)“ ll'II/I )iIlII' life“. a record many critics are calling a career hest. Support conies troni exerting lidinhurgh hand. Annie Christian. w ho siiigle-handedly proye that you can continue hertig .on l)l\'lSl0ll ohsessiyes with heirig hig iiiates ol‘ (‘hris liyans. See pre\ iew. page 38.

; uorrorrv 26