The dates listed below are for one- off or ticketed shows; see separate section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least eight days before

ublication. Jazz listings compiled By Abigail Bremner.


I Rarefaction Basement .la/z. Blacklriai's lindeigrouiid. 36 Bell Street. 553 593-1. 9pm. £3. Top young keyboardist l’aul llarrison ionis l'oi‘ces With the man \y ith the drum machine Stuart Brown and a guest sa\ player tor an eyploiation til then drum (\' hass potential.


I Edinburgh Jazz Project The Tron. Hunter Square. :20 (NH .S'..‘~llpiii. .-\ll forthcoming ladinhurgh .Ia// l’roiect gigs hay e been cancelled due to an imminent change ol direction tor the bar.

I Grits 'n' Gravy Trio .la// .ltillll. s Morrison Street. .‘Il l_‘.\'.S', lllpiii 3am. £4 (U). The chioniatic tones ol' l’aul Harrison's lseyhoai'd conihiiie yy ith Paddy l‘lahei'ty 's drums and .\lario (“arihe's bass to create a sound popular \\llll ia// u/u'mnm/m. l).l support comes lioni Kuln and the l.i//ard Lounge “is



I Mas Que Nada ('ale (nat'i'iii. .\lanslield l’laee (‘lnnch. Biongliton Street. 55“ S003 8pm 3am. £5. Midnight Blue goes all latni yyith an



Lenny White)_ 30 J,_.une"""’

Steps Ahead 4 July


Celia Cruz

3 July

23 O J u ii C |

Atlantic Telecom Jazz Cool Line 0141 400 5000

nnv Garrett Quartet Ve u (Fea.lStanley Clarke,

ArtEn’semble of Chicago 1 July Nguyen Le Trio “x-‘Sand" 1 July Tomasz Stanko "Litania" 2 July Bugge Wesseltoft / Jazzanova 2 July Nikki Yeoh (with NYJOS, SYJO) 4 July Elvin Jones Jazz Machine 4 July

Early booking offer book For any of the above concerts at the Old Fruitmarket during April and get £2 off each ticket (offer excludes Celia Cruz)

the Queen of Salsa with Jose Alberto "El Canario"

Riverboat Shufer 2 July Dutch Swing College Band 3 July Craig McMurdo 4 July

4. July 1

Tickets from O’l4’l 287 551 ’1 For a free brochure call the

appearance from Mas Que Nada. who now boast Ronnie Rae .lunior as part of their line-up. as well as guest aPPL‘ilt'tlttces Tt‘tllll Salsa (.‘cltica's H l’nlpo and sax-player .-\iidor .lensen. Stuart from Big Beat his

I Al's All Night Joke Shop Bongo Club. l-l New Street. 556 5304. Itlpni—3am. £8 (£6); £5 hel‘ore iiiidiiigltt. Bizarre cabaret-style club night yy iih liy‘e appearances from Rai'el‘aciion tsee Thu l5) and eight-piece ska group The Tartan Specials.

I Groove Diggas Jan. .loiiit. S .\loi‘rison Street. 22| lZXX. It)pm--3am. £5 tt‘Ji. A fortnightly residency at the Jan Joint from this seriously heay‘yyy‘eight soul- t'unk group. Tony King proy ides the vocals. Sly Si plays hass. Ronnie Rae .lr. iiiikles the Modes and Martin Kershayy and Toni .\lcNiy‘en do the horns Sly Si ensures he's kept on his toes by also signing up for decks duty. yy ith help l‘i'om Ktilu.



I Karen Krog Trio BB(‘ Radio Scotland. 5 Queen Street. 32o 57th. .\pm. to ten. Norwegian yocalist ls'i'og lTUITIS this trio. which also leattn'es l’er llushy on piano and Terie (ie\yelt on double hass ~ the latter is best knoyy n in Scotland l‘oi' his work yy III] the Tonnny Smith Quartet.

I El Cometa All-Stars Big Beat. (‘at'e (iral‘l‘iti. liast London Street. 557 .\‘lltl3. 0.30pm 3am. to (f5l. Scotland‘s current l.atin-ia// sensation. made up l‘roni iiiemhers oi Salsa ('eltiea. the liast (‘oast .la// Protect and l‘i'eslily Squeezed. hear doyy n yy itli heayy uihan Latin rhythms. l).l support hour the Thelonious creyy.

I Yumbambe .|a// ,ltillll. .S' .\loiiison Street. 23! IZSS. lllpni ialil. ‘5 Hell t. 'l‘oe-tappiiig Latin-tau li‘oin this neyy collectiy e. l'cattn'iag l’aul Harrison on keyboards". l’addy l~|alierty on drums.

Glasgow International Jazz Festival 99

0 June

999 p

(illiNi‘y-‘K “8.th Illi. Titc Ipirif of jazz

yllf.“ "i’i'i

phis horns and percussion -in tact. altogether too much talent in ones so young.



I Brazilliance \'ll’(‘|uh. Beloyy ('al'e Stella. l5 Waterloo Street. 573 (NH |. 0pm. £5. An outlit who specialise in a broader ranger ol'gentiine Brazilian music than is generally heard outside South America. featuring l.yiine ()‘Neill on \‘tiCills and percussion. .\‘igel ('lark on guitar. natiye Bra/.ihaii .\lario ('arihe on bass and Ken .\lathieson on percussion. .-\_ta// 'hi'iiiielr is sery ed l'i'om 7pm and the cluh stay s open until lam. liree seats are ayailahle in the har area l'or musicians.


I Brian Kellock Trio & Tasty .la// .loittl. S Morrison Street. 33] IZSS, Spin-3am. £3. The Brian Kellock Trio take (net the Sunday residency slot: limited by one ol Scotland's toreiiiost ia/x pianists. the group also l'eattn‘es Kenny lillis on bass and l’addy l-lalierty on diunis. Tasty are the regronped l'rl‘an Soul linsenihle \yho. \y llll yocahst :\|ice .\lcl.aughlin and .lahha‘s hassist Ben Schoglei' create an acoustic sound. l).| action li'oni Ktilu and Sound/ Related.



I Altered Beatz 99 .la// .loint. S .\loii‘ison Street. Ill IZSS ltlpni iain {i \\'hat staited as an eypernneiit tll |;t// and drum & hass has turned into a hand lt';tltll‘lll:.' ls’icliie Rulltone and Vital Signs on decks. :oeahst :\hce .\le|.;iiigli|an. keyhoardist l’aul llairison and the recently returned Stuait Bi'oyy n on drum machine



I Malcolm MacFarlane, Brian Kellock and Kenny Ellis Tron Theatre Restaurant. (i3 'l'rongate. 287 55!] 7pm. U705. (initarist .\lael-arlane. recently returned ti'oin |.ondon. teams up \yith pianist Kellock and hassist lzllis to l'orm the tan equiyalent ol .1 Scottish supei'gionp. Tonight they yy ill he eyplornig the music ol Bill l'.\;||l\ and Tenure Tiistaiio as part ol Basement lax/"s '.la// Dinners series.


I The Dynamic Duo Show .la// hunt. is .\loii'isoii Stieet. III IISS. Itlpin 3am. L3 The duo. aka I).| l:\tia and Ill l’lus ()HL‘ Ithe \y iniiei ol this year ‘s Scottish I).\1(‘ .\h\nig (‘haiiipionslnpst. aie ionied hy rappers and hi'eakdanceis Till old and nu skool hip hop \ ll‘t‘S


Edinburgh I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers' Night

la// .loint. .\ .\loii'ison Sheet. 231 IZSS. ltlpni iani L-l Itii lloth csl.tl‘ll\lle(l singeis and neyyconieis diop in lot this traditional 1a// night \\llll niusic tioiii the Biian Kellock Tiio l)| lsiilii spins ia// records in suppott


I Lorne Cowleson Quartet Basement .la//. Blacklitais l'ndeigioiind. in Bell Sueet. ‘53 592-1. “Pin. '42. This t'oin'soiiie also leatnies l’addy l'l.lllt'll_\ on drums. .\lai to (an the on liass and Paul llai'iison oil iseylmattls.


I Grits 'n' Gravy Quintet .la// .loittl. S .\loiiison Street. Ill IZSS

ltipin iani. L-l it it The chromatic sounds ot the core tiio ol l’aiil llaiiison on lseylioaid. l’addy l-laheity on diuins and Mai to (‘aiihe on hass are augmented by ti‘uiiipetei (‘olni Steele and title til Rttsst'll (.()\\ lesiitt til Rtll‘ Hall on sa\ophone. lsiilit and the l,i//aid | ounge l).ls play the yyheels ol


Blues brother: 8.8. King plays the SECC, Glasgow, Sat 24 Apr


I Barb Jungr Westport Bar. 32 liast Henderson's \Vy'nd. (MKS: 200993. 8pm. E7 {S in» Ur The yocalist and coiiiedienne. l'orinei‘ly‘ ol'caharet duo .lniigr and Parker. lolloyys last years l'i'inge success \\'llll a new shoyy. 'Red Roses. lllllt‘ ladies”. sttlillllc‘tl '50!th \yoinen choose to yy rite and sing. The yyomeii in questions include Nina Simone. Barbra Streisand and .ltidi Collins.



I Glasgow Jazz Record Club Unitarian (‘hui'eh ('enti'e. 72 Berkeley Street. ZZI

3 l 54. 7..‘il)piii. The club has its AGM. l‘urther details are ayailahle l'rom lii'nie Sl‘eirs. l4 (ilendee Road. Renl'reyy'. l’.»\-l tl.-\l), (ll~«ll S240 294‘).


I Barb Jungr The l’leasance ('aharet Bar. (it) The l’leasaitce. til} (HOS. 8pm. £7 LS itti 2.7). See Thu 23.

I Midnight Blue (Kile (il'tllTlll. .\lanslield l’lace ('hnrcli Broughton Street. 557‘ Still}. lllpm 3am. £5. A 'Soiil Sistei's' special as lidiiihurgh's three iazz dry-as. (‘athy Rae. Siil‘ie (‘olemaii and Nicky King. ioni l'orces tor a yocal eytrayagan/a. .loseph .\lahk and Dennis aic on decks duty

I Basic Collective .|a// .tnmi. .s' .\lorrison Street. Ill IZSS. |()pm—3ani. [5 till Soultul underground grooves on \oeals. hass and percussion. Knhi titans

lllt‘ ilt‘c‘lss



I 8.8. King and John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers Sl-L(‘('_ l'llltllt‘\lttlt ()iiay. LS7 "77“ " itlpm tl‘) 50 £23.50. The Sl'.(‘(' is inst one stop Ill an incessant touting schedule lot the (‘lncago blues legend. \y ho apparently plays up to 300 concerts .1 year despite heiiig in his

I Barb Jungr | ith .\'ote (ale. 5() (it) King Street. 55‘ loiS .S'pni. £7 {S

ta» Ci See Thu 22.


I Lizzard Lounge (‘ale (il'alTlll. .\lanslield l’lace (’hin'eh Bronghton street. *5? sons viiiptii 3am. to t L‘Si Jamaican danceliall queen \nhra brings her innintalile style to \oeals. yyith hacking coining hour the l.i//aid lounge \ll-Stais losepli .iiid -\..l. on decks duty. I Elemental _la// loint. .S' .\loi'i‘ison Stieet. III lISS Illpni \ani. £5 it‘ll This nielloyy sis-piece tan-lunk outlit. teatui‘ing \ ocals. hass. sa\ and drums. [tetltllt‘ \lllUUlll ilitttcclltnn‘ grimy es \\ Illl l).l suppoit l'ioiii Kllltl. plus guests.

I YO YO Kilili l.a llanda. (i/7

(‘oiiniieicial Quay. |.eilh. in," (Col