MUSIC folk & world


é suuoiiv 18 ;

I Edinburgh

I None Of The Above Bongo ('luli. .\'e\\

Street. 558 “NH. Spin. £(t (Hi. latin guitar

lioni Salsa ('eltiea's (i.ll(\ ('ei'on: Alto-Scot

; rock l'roni Benn} 'l‘etteli-larte}; and the original some alelieni} ol Bag 0' ('ats' eeleetie niusie on bagpipes. sa\. percussion. clarinet and plucked stiings.

; I Songs and Ballads lite lass. High Street. 550 (‘13s 2 Spin, l'i‘ee. Singing

session iii the .lllt‘l'lltittll. nistriinieittal

niusie into the melting



I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Knitting l’aik (‘oiiiplev (‘oiimall Street. Knitting l’ai'k. 3t) ‘) illtuii £-l t £|Stlr (Kill 77‘) ‘Ill—l" lot details. \Vorlxsliops on Scots and (Xipe Breton liddle st} les lor ad\ aiieed platers. beginners atid those stiltlc'\\llt'lc' iii l‘t‘l\\t'c‘ll Young liegiuiiei's classes eoinnieiiee eailtei in the e\ eiitng. I The Orra Men \ictoi ta liar. Stock“ ell Street. .Spiii. l'iee (Kill lll_‘3(t TUNZT. lldtlllltilttll o\ei theliead suoid daneing and other soles. live iiiusie and .i session,


I Kinrick lidinl‘uigh l't‘i‘s t‘lutx I’leasanee Theatre liar. l‘he Pleasant e (5” 33-1” Spin. £5131 (L 3 r. children tree l'luee- strong tiiale \oiees tiotii l-ile. .i \.iti load ol instt‘uiiients. and songs or all soils



I John Hinshelwood Band \t-tt l)a\\n l‘tilk (‘ltilx lx’i\.etside (‘lulx l~o\ Street. 3-18 ill-1.8 3llpiii, £3 £5. \eu eouitti} ititisie l\ the staple tare ol this entertaining hand


I Ceilidh Dance l<i\erstde ('ltih. l'o\ Street. 245’ 3144. Doors open 7,3llpiii. £5. live bands.

I Ceilidh Dance The l‘et'i‘). (‘tttte Place. 552 0588. 9pm. £5. ’l‘ielxets at the venue or in advance limit the Ticket C‘enti'e. (‘andlei‘iggs 327 55 l l.



I Ceilidh Dance Rixet'side ('luh. l~'o\ Street. 3-13 .3 l-H. Doors open '7. 30pm. £5. l.t\e hands.


I Tony McManus ll'till l-olk ('lult. lion ('eilidh House. Hunter Square. 320 HURT 0pm. £5 t£~lr Acoustic“ guitar titties and songs trout tlte laiiied Seots llllg‘t‘l'l‘lc‘lxt'l'. This is the last e\eniiig iii the iron.

\\ hieh is to cart} on under a ne\\ name. and a no loll; or tan polie},

I Lizzard Lounge (‘ai'e (titiii'tn. Mansfield l’lac‘e ('hiiteli. l'.;l\l l oiidon Street. 557 S330. 0.30pm Iani. 'l'iekets l £5I, His and ll\ e iiitisie lioiii .l.itiiaiea\ daneeliall queen \ulua. haeked h) the l.i//atd .-\|l Stars



I Weekly Scots Fiddle Workshops Knitting l’ark ('otiiple\. (‘oi'imall Stieet, Knitting l’atk. 7.3t) l) 3ttpni £1 t£|.5t)r. (‘all 77‘) 00-17 lor details. \Voilxshops on Seots and (‘ape Breton riddle st} les l'oi' ad\aueed pla_\ers. beginners and those \Ulllc‘\\llc‘l'c‘ in between. Young liegtnneis L‘l;1.\\c‘.\ c‘oiiinienee earlier tn the eteiung. I The Orra Men \‘ietoi‘ia liar. Stoeltu ell Street. Spin, l-ree. (Kill ll|23o 3 UNI" toi details. 'l‘i‘aditioiial mer-thehead sxxord daneiiig and other st_\ les. l|\ e music and a

The Lanterns Winter In My Heart

Formats Include Todd Terry Mix

On CD 8c 12" April 19th


52THELIST t‘: -'

Kingston queen: Nubia plays Lizzard Lounge, Edinburgh, Sat 24 Apr


I Ivan Drever tztlnitmrgtt loll (‘Ititm l’leasaiiee lllt‘dllc' (‘alxu'el liar. 'l‘he l’leasance. It‘ll 334‘) Stun. £5/£-l (£3r; eliildien tiee li\ -\\‘ollstone \oealist and

soiiguittei on a solo L'ltl.

. rumour 29


I The Broads .\'e\\ l);i\\ ii l'olk (‘lulx l<i\erside (‘liilx l~o\ Street. 3-18 31-14. .\‘_3llpni £3 £5 (ientle aeoustte’eleetrie lolk melt hour the last tuo deeatles, (ireat pl;i_\ers. great \oealist.



The following details are for regular free weekly dates. See main listings for one-off or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by city, then by day. Residencies will be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Listings are compiled by Norman Chalmers.



I O'Neills Kilinainoek Road. Sli.i\\laiids ‘ltuii l‘tee Irish tlieiiie lin in e hands

I Finnegan's Wake st \ llleL'lll Street. :15 ills” ‘lpni l'iee Irish tlietiie pith

l .l\ \' l‘tllltl\

I Park Bar '\l:.'_\lk' .Sllt‘t‘l. ‘3‘) I'l5. ‘ipiii l‘tee .\l.iiliii l’ottiiigei and (‘o


I lock Tamson’s titres lx’oad spin l‘lt't‘ l.l\t' ( ht‘lllk' l‘dlltls

I O'Neill’s ()ueen Street Spin l’lt‘t‘. Irish theiiie |‘lll‘ \\ itli in e niusie.

I Finnegan's Wake St Vincent Stieel. jlh NS") ‘lptii l'lt‘t‘ lll\ll theiiie guilt in e l‘.l|ltl\.

I Park Bar '\l:_')lt' Street. near Kelun l’aiL. 33‘) l"l5 ‘lptii l-iee Highland hat \Hlll li\e niusie

I Molly Malone's Hope Street. spin. l‘i‘ee Iiiin tlieiiie l‘uli l l\ e itiusie.


ITolbooth Saltniarket .\ 3llpiii l'lt'k'. |i\e singers

I Jock Tamson's titres Road spin l‘lL‘c', l.l\L' (it'lilk‘ l‘JIItls

I O'Neill‘s Queen Street ‘ttuii l'iee liisli tlietiie [‘lll‘ \\ itli |i\e iiiusic

I Finnegan's Wake “U St \‘nieeni Street. 115 NS” ‘ll‘lll liee Irish tlieitie [\ul‘ |,i\e l‘.l|l\l\

I Park Bar .-\ig}le Street. near lse|\ in Park. 33‘) I"l< ‘Ipiii l'iee l‘dltlttll‘ Highlanders l‘dl |i\e groups




I Wintersgills (ireat Western Road.

9pm. Free. The Average l-‘olk Band.

I Lismore Bar [)uiiiliarion Road. 9pm. l‘ree. 'l‘raditional niusie session. I Finnegan's Wake 7‘) St Vincent 2 Street. 3-18 498‘). 9pm. Free. Irish theme i pub. Live hands. I Victoria Bar Stocktvelt Street. 552 0040. 9pm. liree. Session.

I Blues Band Seotia Bar. Stockwell Street. 55: SOS l. 3.30- 5.30pm. Free. I Park Bar Argyle Street. near Kelvin Park. 339 I7IS. 9pm. Free. lnl'ot‘nial i Highland niusie. '


I Molly Malone’s Hope Street. 9pm. Hee. l.i\e hands.

I Clutha Vaults Stoeku ell Street. 9pm.

l‘tc‘c‘. Session.


I Dolphin Bar Diniiharton Road.

l’artiek. 9pm. liree. liolltathon.

I Park Bar Argyle Street. near Kelvin , Park. 33‘) l7l5. 0pm. Free. Highland i niusic‘ session. I O’Neill's Queen Street. 8.3llpiii. Free. l.i\e hands.

I Jinty McGinty's Ashton |.aue. Bytes

Road. ‘inii. l-‘ree. (‘aiiihanaeh


I Tolbooth Saltntarket. 0pm. Free. live l'tillt groups,

I Jock Tamson's B) res Road. 9pm. l-iee. l.i\e (‘eltie hands,

I Finnegan's Wake 7‘) St Vincent Street. 248 4%"). ()Plll. l-i‘ee. lt'ish thenie pub |.i\e hands.

I Park Bar Arg} le Street. near Kelvin Park. 33‘) l7]? 9pm. Free. Highland


I Antiquary Bar St Stephen's Street. Stoekhridge. 0pm. l-tee. ()pen folk session.

I Sandy Bell’s l'tii‘t‘est Road. 325 275 1. 0pm. Session. Free.

I O'Neill's South Bridge. 0pm. l-‘ree. lll\ll theiiie pith. l.l\ e hands.

I Tron Ceilidh House Hunter Square. High Street. 33o (N3 l. 0pm. l-i‘ee. lnt‘oi'nial session.

I Finnegan’s Wake Victoria Street. 220 38 to. 9pm 2am. l'ree. l.l\ e ititisie.


I Susie's Diner \Vest Nicolsoii Street. ‘lpiii. (iraeiiie Mehonald sings

songs l'roiii Niek Drake to Blur. l)}l;lll

to Doors. ('eltie to eouiitr). And l‘ood

I The Hebrides Market Street. 230 13 | 3. 0pm. Free. l.l\ e iiiusie.