MUSIG classical & opera



I Edinburgh Quartet Syyanii Buildings. King's Buildings. May'l'ield Road. 650 2423. l. l0pm. l-ree. See Tue 20.

St Andrews

I Laird String Quartet Younger Hall. North Street. 0|334 474610. |.l5pni. L |. The lunchtime sounds ol Mo/ai‘t's Quartet III I“.



I Musica Electronica lluntci' Hall West. l‘niyer'srty -\\enue. 330 4092. 4pm. A series ol short recitals arrritng to e\plor'e dey'elopnrents tn the tield ot' electroacousltc Ittttstc‘.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Royal Cotrceri Hall. 2 Satrchiehall Street. 287 55l l. 7 30pm. LS £2l. Conductor .-\|e\ander l.a/are\ and pianist (iraham

Paragon Ensemble Scotland

Scott celebrate the work oi Richard Strauss witlt his 'l)ance ot' the Seyert Veils” l’rorir Sulurrte. Ii’ur/t's/ct' and .l/pitrt' Swap/tutti: See preyiew. page 53


I Lunchtime Organ Music St (tiles' Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 9442. l.l0pm. Free. Michael Bawtr‘ee plays music by Bustelitrde. Pablo Bruna. Bach. 'l’ournetriire and liben.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra St Mary's Cathedral. 2.3 l’alnrersion Place. 667 7776. 7.45pm. £5 LlS. l‘l'ulls Bruggen is conductor of the orchestra and chorus in Bach's .‘Imy //t l)’ Mirror. with solo per'l‘or'rrrances t'ronr soprano linrnra Krrkhy. alto Catherine \\'y n-Rogers. tenor .lanres ()xley and bass baritone Neal l)a\ res.


Glasgow I Competition RS.-\.\ll). (itiiiirtess Rootii. I00 Renl'reyy Street. 332 5057.


at the Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh

David Davies. Artistic Director

Poulenc 7" o 7' We) Poulenc Screen: for 2 carriers Ponchielli Qtici'teito

Box Office Ol 3i 667 7776 Tickets from £3.50 (lunch package available)


tel: OMl 332 9903 fax:0l4l 332 9904

THE PARAGON SUNDAY AFTERNOON SERIES Rite-fit! Impressions Sunday I8 April at 2.30pm

Ibert (he Peri-s w‘

For more information on Paragon events please contact: Paragon Ensemble Scotland. FREEPOST SCO 4025. Glasgow. 62 38W

email:< web:


Cottier V

Go on . . . av a bit of a knees up!


The best in music comedy. theatre and dance with bar 6; restaurant ~ in (iletsgim ‘s West End


txiitiictitis castes..- s.s;.,.\;‘\f;:(3‘s‘s

Tue 20 Apr

Chas & Dave

Swing you thang with crooner Craig . . .

Wed 28 Apr

Craig MCMIII‘CIO 8. the Swing Kings

“Three Men in a Boat" with

to,” & r2 May

Rodney Bewes

Legendary leader of The Byrds

I3 &l4 May

Roger McGuinn

Singer-songwriter of high repute . . .

Tue l8 May

Marlyn Stephenson

Cool young blues guitarist from Louisiana

Kelly Jo Phelps

Original 705 line-up, Hudson, Ford 8: Cousins

'I'he Slrnwhs

Concerts inc. Jools Holland


PquYbung 7

54 THELIST is 29 Apr 1999

BBC Music Live

Tickets from Ticketlink - 0141 287 5511 93¢ Comer Theatre - 014i 357 3868 (noon-8pm) [All

Fri 2| May

Sat 22 May

25-3r May

Wed 9 June

10am. l‘ree. The A. Ramsay Calder Debussy l’r'i/e Competition l'ur'ie :lm/ I’iu/m Him.

I Masterclass RSAMI). Sieyeiison Hall. I00 Rertl'rew Street. 332 5057.

l lam. Free. A workshop of a piece by

Al. McCall‘rey. rehearsed by nrerrrbers oi

the Scottish Chamber Orchestra prior to per'l'or'mance in the Midday Concert.

I Midday Concert RSAMI). Int) Renl'r'eyy Street. 332 5057. lpm. £3.50 r£2.50i. The SC() Chamber linsenrble irriect some culture into your lunchtime with .-\. .l. McCall'l'L‘} '\ ere/it. \ll/t’ll(l\'\‘ and l)\orak's String Quartet III (i.

I Celtic Praise Night .-\de|;iide\. 209 Batlt Street. 248 4070. 7.30pm. £4. An e\ citing of Celtic music and song with Sanrmy llorner.

I Scottish Chamber Orchestra City Hall. Cattdleriggs. 287 55 l l. 7.30pm. £5 L' l6. See Tlitt 22.


I Lunchtime Concert Sr (iiles' Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 9442.

I2. l5pm. l-tee. .\ perl‘orrnance hour the l.ynbrook High School Wind liriserrrble. I Lunchtime Concert Sr Cutliber‘t‘s Church. |.ot|iian Road. 22‘) ll42.

I2. 1 5pm. £3 on door. The RSNO lidinburgh l'l’ic‘litls present l.ynda Cochrane. .lolrti logan arid .-\le\andra l’ealce. who w ill perlor'rir Brahms' Horn 'l’riu III I. t/ttt. plus a selection oi ligltt classical liryoiri'ites.

I Congregational Church Junior Choir Brurrtort 'l’heatre. Lady-well Way. Musselburgli. 665 2240. 7.30pttr. £4 (£3 L350» The choir and triends belt our songs hour the popular shots s.



I Kedron Choir Adelaide‘s. 209 Bath Street. 24S 4070. 7.30pm. £4. A corrceri ol praise \\ rtlr so rrano Christina Steysart. I Glasgow Cathedral Choral Society (ilasgoyy Cathedral. Cathedral Street. 287 55 ll 7 30pm. LS (L6). The society

pm sent a Cir/ti t'rt u/ liritti/t tI/Ii/

.‘llllt'l'lt (III .l/r/m . leaturing works by lilgat‘. Handel. Bernstein and Barber.


I Edinburgh Royal Choral Union St Mary '5 Cathedral. 2.3 l’alnrerston Place. 667 7776. 7.30pm. Ll0 l L'tS’l. Conductor Robert Marshall is _rortted by organist Morley \Vhiteltead tor a dryerse prograniirie entitled /'irttt' ( ‘i'rrttirrt'y ()t lam/t I'll lirrru/rt'ir/r .lltnn l't‘illlll't‘tl in the litre-up are (iorecki's 'liittrr 'liiui. Kiri/tutu titl' ()I't'uii I /‘)(rr\’t arid lirmn/ Hit/(’H. pltis works by Titoy. Boi'tniansky and Raclrmanrnoy.

I Congregational Church Junior Choir Bruntoti Theatre. |.ady\y ell \Vay. .‘ylusselbur'glt. 665 2240. 7 30pm. L4

(L3 £3.50r. See l‘ll 23.

I One Voice Ensemble ()tieeit's Hall. Clct'ls Street. (307 7770. 745p”) Ur (£3 l. The ensettible present their cleyerlystrtled progratrrnie. ‘The linglrsh l’ateni‘. featuring music in the lingltsh tradition.

Dundee I Royal Scottish National Orchestra Carrd Hall. City Square. 0|3.S2 434040.

7 30pm. See Thu __


I Promenade Organ Recital .-\ri (iallery is Museum. ls'ehttrgrm e. .-\tgyle Street. 237 209‘). 2. 30pm. l‘lt‘c. :\ lit'c Sunday al'iernoon concert tr'orrr organist l)a\ rd .l.\\'. Murray

I Hebrides Ensemble RSAMI). loo Rerrl'r'eyy Street. 332 5057. 3pm L8

(L2 L4 i. The ensetrrhle [‘L‘ITUI tit littoslayy skr‘s /)tlllt (' /’ri'/nt/i'\ arid .Srn’r/tu. lames .\lac.\lrl|art's I'urirti'i'rr [.llI/t' I’m tum. ()ll\ er ls'rrussen's ( ‘pu/r ()llc' .\'i»ti' .rnd llatlidt llallgrrtrrsson's .lll/II‘SIUIHW.

I Edinburgh Royal Choral Union St Aloysius Church. llrll Street. (iarrtethill. 2S7'55ll 6pm L H) r LSl. See Sat 24

arid l).| duo l‘reek Metiooyer's. Should

I Polaroid The Arches. 30 Midland Street. 22! 400i. 7pm. £4 (£2). Glasgow University Music Club invite you to step across the cultural divides and enjoy a night of music old and new. Set alongside traditional and coritertiporary classical works. are the sounds ol‘ melodic post- rockers el hombre trajeado. experimental l‘uturists eo-intel-pr'o

- be interesting.

I Edinburgh ;

I St Giles At Six St (iiles' Cathedral.

Royal Mile. 225 9442. 6pm. Free. , lidiirbur'gh Acaderiry play works by E .-\rno|d. l’ar't. Mozart. Schubert. Tallis

and Purcell.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra liestiyal Theatre. l3 2‘) Nicolson Street.

52‘) 6000. 7.30pm. £7 £19.50 (£5—£|7.5()). See Thu 22.

Edinburgh I Hebrides Ensemble Queen's Hall. Clerk Street. 667 7776. 7.45pm. £8

. i MONDAY 26 l l l

(£2 £4). See Sutr 25.

meson! 27 3


I Alasdair Cameron Hutcheson's Hall.

I Masterclass RS.-\i‘s1l).(}uinness

l58 Ingram Street. 552 S39l. l.l5pm. £2.50. The pianist gives a lunchtime : recital or works by l’orrlerrc. Satie and i Rayel. plus the excellently named .il l (iii/t/r (it/l by The”.

Roorir. l00 Renl’rew Street. 332 5057. 2pm. l‘r‘ee. l’iairo accompanirtierit

directed by .lohn Streets.

I Dunedin Consort St Mary's '

Cathedral. 300 Great Western Road. 287 55 l l. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£5). The acclaimed vocal group present “Masses and Motels. l'eaturirrg sacred choral music from pre- Rel'ornration linglarrd and Baroque


wcoitesortv 28 r

= I The Phoenix Choir Royal Concert


Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55 l l.

7 30pm. £6 £| l. Classic and contemporary songs l'or spring entitled ‘.-\ll ln .-\n April liyetting'.


I A Celebration of Rodgers and Hammerstein Carnegie Hall. liasr l’ort. 0| 3S3 3 I4 I27. 7.30pm. £7 —£‘). l’eter Morrison heads a host of talented singer's \\ ho deliyer an exciting of memorable songs from layotrt'ite itrusrcals.

' monsoirv 29


I Glasgow University Student Performance .lohn Mclittyre Hall. l'nryer'sity Avenue. 330 4092. l. 10pm. l-i'ee.

I Royal Scottish National Orchestra

Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall

I Street. 2S7 55l l. 7.30pm. LS.5ll-£22.

Conductor .-\|e\ander l.;i/.are\ and the orchestra present a concert per'tortirance ot' Stratrss‘ Greek tragedy. [Chic/rd. .See

prey lt'\\. page 53


I Lunchtime Organ Music St (iiles‘ Cathedral. Royal Mile. 225 9442.

| l0prrt. l-ree .lohn Harris plays music by (‘.l’.li. Bach. .»\larir. Messiaen. l‘ranclc atid Renaud

I Silver Band Evening t’i-ic-s-ri‘ield Parish Church. l2illlsk'llll Road. 7,30ptrr. £5 (£2.50). .\ perl'ortriance l'rorir Halkertli arid Morilctorihall Stlyer Band.


I A Celebration of Rodgers and

Hammerstein Rollics Hall. Rotltcs Square. 01592 6| 1 Nil. 7.30pm. £8.50 iUi Sill. See \Ved 23.