Saturday Night Forever

What wrth films like The Last Days Of Disco, Days Like These on the telly and a stage verSion of Saturday Night Fever, yOu may feel an to your kipper tie ll" 70s nostalgia. But the story of disco as told by Alan Jones (ex warm-up DJ for the Sex Pistol5i and Ju55i Kantonen is as close to definitive as it gets. Saturday Night Forever, complete with colour plates of tacky album covers, is a love letter to the era that political correctness and good taste never knew. (Brian Donaldsoni

Saturday Night Forever is published by Mainstream, Thu 22 Apr, [9. 99.

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Grand Theft Auto: London1969

Think Nic Roeg’s Performance with a dose of 90s road rage. That’s the vibe in Grand TheftAuto: London 7969, which retains the four-wheeled mayhem of the Grand TheftAuto Video game, but relocates it to London at the sharp end of the 60s. This is an add on, so you Will need the full original game, but it's well worth it. From Buck House to Battersea Power Station, you can crurse yOur manor in a tasty motor, acting the Villain and steering clear of the rozzers. All this to a swinging s0undtrack of ska and easy listening. (Peter Ross) Grand Theft Auto: London 7969 is out now on Take 2 for PC, E 7999; PlayStation version released in May, f 7999.

The Adam & Joe Show

TV’s greatest double act since Big Ted and Little Ted are back wrth a third series of anarchic romping thr0ugh pop Culture. In this SIX week run, Adam Buxton and Joe Cornish recreate Saving Private Ryan and A/ly McBea/ wrth cuddly toys, give Jerry Springer a Star Wars makeover, and get a right kicking from The Fall’s Mark E Smith after they dress up as policemen and slag his record collection. Meanwhile, Ad’s father BAAADAD explores all things ’yoof' by rapping wrth Coolio and checking out the live sex show at Manumissmn in Ibiza. So zeitgeist it hurts. (Peter Ross)

The Adam & Joe Show starts on Channe/ 4, Fri 76 Apr, 77pm.