PAISLEY ARTS CENTRE Ne“ Sti'cct. Paislc}. 837 Hill). |:\cccss: l’l’A. l.. R. l’acilitics: \\’(‘. “'8. ll. (3. (‘. Help: A. :\,-\I

Where Angels Travel i‘l'l 23 (k Sat 24 Apr. 7.30pm. £0 it'll. l'rhan Dancc Tlicati'c emplo} celtic rhythms and an cclcctic llll\ UTc‘lltil‘t‘ugl‘apii} in an exploration ol' the bond hetuccn land and Ctlllllllllllll}.



l.;itl)'\\t'l| Was. Mussclliui'gli. (mi 3240. [l’. H. 'lvl‘. \\'(‘. \\'.-\I

(lean Gyte ’l‘nt- 2o :\]‘i'. 7..‘~opni. L‘TSH (£3.50). ('harlcs lsai‘i‘oii's comcd) charts .lamcs Howells l.\'t|i ccmui'} life as a hon \ new:

The Holy Terror‘l‘lni IS Sat I7 Apr. 7.30pm. to (£11.50). l.ocal amateur group St Michael's l’l.i_\ci's \\ ith a tilSllllCli}' Scottish take on \lolicrc's 'l’ai'tul‘t'e. Nightwalk Thu 2‘) Apr. 7.30pm. £7.50 (£3.50). Dancer l.aui‘ic Booth takes the audience on a dark ]ourncy inspired by the ritual tradition ol' Walking from dusk till (laWn.


I339 \tctilsoll Slt'ccl. 53‘) (3000, Iii. \\'(‘. WA]

Martin Guerre t‘niil Sai 24 Apr. 7.30pm; Tliti 2pm ck Tillpiii; Sat 2.30pm

Thu 29 .-\pr- Sat I .\la_\. 7

ck 7.30pm. The stoi‘_\' ot asstiiiictl identities in medieval l’rance packs a

dramatic punch. but are the tunes

iiiciiiorahle enough to sustain the audience's emotional necds'.’

Les Ballets Trockadero De Monte Carlo ..“l)[illl. {to £7. The Ti'ock's‘ return. bringing ballet to ‘people Who “tillitilkl iioi‘iiiull)‘ gixc a rat's ass about it.’ See prm icW page 55. KING'S THEATRE

3 |.c‘\'c‘lt Slt'c‘t‘l. 53‘) (i000. Iii. Tili. “(I \\'.-\|

Damn Yankees Tue -7 Apr Sat 1 Ma}: 7.30pm; Sat 3.30pm ck 7._‘~l)piii. [8 {I} (£7 L‘ l 3 l. The Richard Adler & .lci'i') Ross haschall musical lclls the stor} iii an obsessoc middle aged tan Who \L‘iis his soul to the dexil iii exchange TU! his team‘s triumph on the diamond. .v\n litlinhurgli Musical Theatre piesciitatioii Guys 8i Dolls Tue 30 Sat 3-l;\pi1 7.30pm; Sat 3. l5pm & 7.30pm.

£5 ‘L'l l.50. The Bohemian l.) ric ()pei'a

("oiiipany sing of boats rocking. crap 1 games floating. lovers knoWiiig and ol'

coui's'e luck being a lad}:

Sleuth l'titil Sat l7 Apr. 7.30pm; Wed & Sat 2.30pm & 7.30pm. £0.50 L'lo (concs available]. l’ctci‘ Ho“ lcs and Michael Maloney take the roles imiiioi'taliscd on film by ()li\ icr and (’aine in .»\ntlioii_\' Shall'cr's lllgL‘llltlthl} intricate pchr game. See l‘c‘\'lt‘\\ page 57.

Caught on camera: Blast Theory in Glasgow

MARY KING'S CLOSE l(ia ('ockhurn Street. J73 2070.

Seance l'i'i l(i Sun lh‘ Apr. 7pm. 8.30pm ck 10pm. £5. l’aiapsychologist Richard \\'isciiian c'\ploi'cs the VTCIUI'lHll fascination \\ ith contacting the other \ltit‘. l’i'csclilc‘tl as part of the Science l‘cstixal.


43.45 High Street. 556 9579/2047. [\VC‘. WA]

Puppet & Animation Festival l‘titil Sat I7. Sc‘c‘ Kltis’ ilsllllg‘s

From Where I’m Standing Wed 38

.-\pi' Sat I .\la_\'. 7.30pm. U) (H). TWo handci' by John Ringliaiii uses an unmpcctctl onstage reunion as a (TCVICL‘ TUl' depicting a couples rclalionship Will the} rekindle their earlier passion. or continue to li\c separate lixcs'.’ ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irintlla) Street. 248 4843. [l’. H. 'l'T. Wc‘. WA]

Stiff! l‘i'cc prexicW Thu l5 Hi In

Apr Sat 8 Ma}17.45pm. £7-£|(i

itLl tl lfilll. l‘orbes Masson‘s musical pi‘oiiiiscs Bond. Bassc}; and l";itisti;iii pacts as a Scottish stoneiiiason Hogs his soul to a tit‘Vli callctl .\'c\il|c.

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listings THEATRE

Begin Again KtC’s latest production is fascinating for many reasons. For starters, we are given an insight into the dedication and idealism required from an entire generation in order to establish and administrate the Welfare State. The play's parallel life device also allows us to wallow in the seedy world of austerity Britain's racketeers, which, perhaps unsurprisingly, makes for the more gripping drama. Torch songs, shoe fetishes, Chiaroscuro lighting and contraband combine to create an atmospheric existential thriller. See revrew page 63. Touring

The Caretaker A faultless cast do full ]ustice to Harold Pinter's classic. Some ten years on from Begin Again and Britain is still a harsh place to live. Seeking shelter in one form or another are Dawes the tramp, Aston the recovering mental patient, and Mick the hard case busmessman. Abject misery goes hand in hand With some brilliantly timed comedy to create a memorable production. See revrew page 63. Glasgow The Arches until Sat 24 Apr.

Coma Improbable Theatre use every theatrical trick in the book -- and a few of their own -- to explore the grey area that is a comatose state. What exactly is gomg on in the mind of the victim, and how conscious are the choices made by the unconsoous? See prevrew page 61 and Frontlines page 3. Touring


lht‘ (Iiiclakt‘i

The (Tiiclakci

Thursday 22 Friday 23 Saturday 24 Sunday 25 Monday 26

Sec (‘lassical

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

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