COMEDY LISTINGS continued Edinburgh

The Bearpit WJ. Christie & Soil. 27—3! West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thu l5. Red Raw The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 7.30pm. £|. Liane l-Illis comperes a night of new talent. with established iniproy geezers .lack 6’; Paul as guest closers.



Dorothy Paul The Pavilion Theatre. I2 I Renl‘ield Street. 332 I846. 7.30pm. £().5()—£| l.5(). See Mon l‘).


The Bearpit \V..l. Christie & Son. 27—3! West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thu l5. Brian Hennigan's House Of Fun The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. £l per person to play. Inspired lunacy and a chance to show your competitive streak. what more could yotl ask on a Tuesday"?


Dorothy Paul The Payilion Theatre. l2l Renl‘ield Street. 332 I846. 7.30pm. £‘).5()--£| l.5(). See Molt W.

Mark & John's Quiz Special |3llt Note Club. 260 Clyde Street. 243 2l77. 8.30pm. Free. Bi/arre games. guest stand tips and a £l()() rollover jackpot. all presided oyer by the dynamic duo.

It's A Scream Curlers. 260 By res Road. 338 65| l. 8,45pm. £4 (£3). Tony Burgess and Mike Ferry _]()l|l resident conipere Janey Gotlley for some laughs in the West find. Christie's Comedy Cellar .l.l). Simpson's. I397 Argyle Street. 334 l83l. 9pm. Free. Raymond Mearns. Dougie l)unlop are tonight‘s incitements to a laugh riot. Susanne Fraser is your host.


The Bearpit W.) (‘hrisiie (k Son. :7 3! West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thu l5. World Of Comedy Quiz The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 0pm. £| per person to play. Bill Dewar is the man in pursuit ol' comic ll'l\’ltl. High on entertainment yaliie. with the added attraction ol a £|()() rolloyerjackpot.



Velvet Cabaret Alaska. I42 Bath Lane. Call 338 32|3 l'or Free tickets. BBC' Radio Scotland's sketch and stand tip show (ring (‘iookston and Rutherford & Merson are among those pert'ormmg. See preyiew. opposite.

The Brand New Comedy Club tipstanx at The Vale. l)undas Street. 332 4928. D()()l'.\ 8pm. £2. Sec Tllll l5.

Dorothy Paul The Pay ilion Theatre. l2 l Renlield Street. 332 I846. 7.30pm. £‘l.5l)~£l |.5(). See Mon l‘).

Cheshire Cat Comedy Club \y'asy \. 2o Candleriggs. 552 87 I7. ‘lpni. Free. Allan Miller. |)aye Kay and Paul atid Ray are tonight's inain atllractions.

Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Hat: Ms Holland Street. 332 2!5‘). 9.30pm. £4 (£2). |.ee :\'ess and Hitler Benny loin regular host Billy Bonkers iii the intimate suriouiidings ol‘ the State cellar.


The Bearpit W 1. Christie (g Son. 27 it West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Tliti l5. The Useless Guide To Scotland The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. ‘)piii. £4 (£3). Bill Dewar and Brian llennigan present their hugely popular Fringe show with support lTUIll the hard ol‘ l.i\'ingstone. Brendan Moohaii and Paul McNeill. .looii Broon hosts.

Christie‘s Comedy Cellar w.) (‘In istie & Sun. :7 --5l \Yc‘sl l’ttt'l. 228 .3765. 9.36pm. £4 (£3). /.eron (illetHl (alter ego to Valentine l-lygtiy.l and Dougie l)unlop are the boys to entertain you.

62 THELIST 1‘) /’ll’ipt ms

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Dorothy Paul The Pan ilion 'l'heatre. l2l Renlield Street. 332 l846. 7.30pm. £‘).5()—£l |.5(). See Fri 16.


The Bearpit W..l. Christie (\2 Son. 27» 3| West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thti l5. The Stand 5 York Place. 558 7272. 9pm. £5 (Fri) £6 (Sat) (£4). Nick Wilty (he was one of ()ii:‘ Boys in the Falklands. y'know) headlines once (iraenie Swanson. Frank Quinn and Teddy hay e paved the comedy way. .lane Mackay w il be counting them all otit. and counting them all back.

Reg Anderson's Comedy Explosion The Tron. Hunter Square. 33 834i). 9pm. £4 (£3). Bi/arro world night ol‘ sketch and character based lunacy.



Dorothy Paul The l’ayilioii Theatre. l2l Rc‘ltl‘lc‘ltl Stl'c‘c‘l. 552 l846. 7.3llpili. BASH-Lil l.5(l. SL‘L‘ l‘il‘l lf).

Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. HS Holland Street. 332 2 l5‘). ‘)..3()piii. £5 (£4). All the way lae the l'S:\ it's Reginald Hunter. John (iillick. .\'ess and of course Billy Boiikers are the homegrown talents.

The Saturday Comedy Experience

l.‘ Attache. 27 Waterloo Street. 22| 32 It) 0.30pm. £4 (£3). Raymond .\|earns headlines. with liellow gaiiieister .lolin (iordon and Robert Kiios.


The Bearpit w.) (‘Iniaie .\ Son. 37 3| West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thu l5. The StandS Yoik Place. 558 7272. ‘lptii. £5 (Fri) £6 (Sat) (£4 ). See Fit 23.


The AOkE BOX \llsic‘l' l"\. 42 \Yt‘lllllt‘dtliiyy Street. 56l 7 l l7. ll). 3(ll‘lll. l‘lt‘t‘. Reg Hunter. ('t'aiil (‘rookston and \'i\ (iee ie- estahlish comedy lies w itli l’aisley.

l l


The Comic Club Blacklriars. 3o Bell Street. 552 5924. ‘)pni. £5 (£3.50). (ieol‘l‘ Whiting headlines on his (‘oiiiic (‘liili debut. supported by John Mint and (‘olin Rtlllltillc‘.


The Bearpit W..l. Christie (k Son. 27 --3I West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thu l5.

Whose Lunch Is It Anyway? The Stand.

5 York Place. 558 7272. l 3pm. Free with drinks or a meal. See Sun l8. Pint-Sized Comedy The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. £2.5()(£2i. Allan .\|iller returns to hosting duties with live more new acts and a high profile guest to he confirmed closer to the time.



The Bearpit \\'..I. ('hrisiie tk Sort. 27 3! West l’oit. 228 3765. £2. See Thu l5. Red Raw The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 7272. 8pm. £l. l iane lillis w elcoiiies eight comedy \ irgiiis and a \‘astly e\perieiiced guest closer.


The Bearpit \\'..l. ('hiistie tk Son. 27 3| West Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thu l5 Owen O'Neill The Stand. 5 York Place. 558 .7272. 8pm. £6. The l'lster comic is the first big name to appear at The Slaiid‘s new ll)()llllll_\ special eyent. (he (‘oiiiioisseur ('oniedy (‘ltih lit the eotiiiiig iiioiiths. you'll get to see some top draw acts at a liaigaiii liasetiient

pi ice


Mel & Sue \laeRolieil .»\rts ('eiitre. l‘iii\ ersin ol~ Stirling. ()l 786 46|()8 1. 8pm. £|| (£0). The late and l'ornierly

| ight l.ttiicli stars hit the toad lor sketch— es. stand tip and music. See pre\ic\\ page 6|.


i Glasgow

: Mark & John's Quiz Special I3th Note

Club. 260 Clyde Street. 243 2177.

8.3()piii. Free. See Wed 2|.

It's A Scream Curlers. 26() Byres Road.

338 651 I. 8.45pm. £4 (£3). Janey Godley

is joined by Frankie Boyle.

. Christie’s Comedy Cellar J.l). Simpson‘s. I397 Argyle Street. 334 183 l. *inn. Free. ('i'aig Hill plays that l‘unky music (sort of). in the esteemed company of John (iordon and Raymond Mearns.


The Bearpit WJ. ('hristie & Son. 27 3| West Port. 228 3765. £2. See

Thu l5.

World Of Comedy Quiz The Stand. 5

York Place. 558 7272. ()pm. £l per

person to play. See Wed 2 l.

Paisley . Mel 81 Sue Town Hall. (ireenock Road. 887 NM). 8pm. £l2 (£l()). See Tue 27.

riiuiisoiiv 29


Cheshire Cat Comedy Club \y’axy‘s. 2t)

('andleriggs‘. 552 87l7. 9pm. Free. Raymond Mearns and comic double act Rutherl'ord and .\lerson provide the c‘lltlc‘klc‘s.

Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. I48 llollaiid Street. 332 2l5‘). 9.30pm. £4

(£2 ). (’raig (‘rookston and Gary Hagen

get together w itli charming host Billy Boiikers. Velvet Cabaret Alaska. I42 Bath Lane. (Kill 338 32l3 lor lree tickets. BBC Radio Scotland's sketch and stand tip \llt)\\. Bill l)e\\ ai' is tonight's guest coiiitc. with another still to lie conil'iriiied.

Edinburgh The Bearpit \y'..l. ('hristie (k Sort. 27 3| \Yesl Port. 228' 37651.2. See

Thu l5.

RADIO COMEDY Velvet Cabaret

Glasgow: Alaska, From he 22 Apt. BBC Radio Scotland’s Velvet Cabaret, a showcase for the local comedy community’s up and comers, returns this month with a second series, to be recorded before a live audience (as they used to say before Cheers) at Glasgow’s Alaska bar. The programmes will be broadcast at 9.30pm, from Sun 2 May. This time around, although stand ups will feature, the emphasis is placed on sketch comedy. Among the writers providing material will be the young team of lain Connell and Robert Florence, already veterans of Velvet Cabaret series one and the soon to be screened BBCZ offering Haywire. Florence believes that the two learned valuable lessons during their first stint writing for radio. ’At the start we tried to be too topical,’ he says. ’But as the series went on we

Cabaret of Hope: Gavin Mitchell

just started to write stuff we thought was funny. We had the chance to experiment a bit. This time there’ll be a lot more experimental stuff, because that’s what really excites us.’ Working with a regular cast Gavin Mitchell, Julie Duncanson, and (writers of Radio Four’s MacF/intock’s Palace) Steve McNicoll and Mark McDonnell has proved beneficial for the duo. ’We can write something knowing that, say, Gavin will be able to do it really well, we can picture him performing,’ says Florence. But occasionally such instincts prove false. ‘We've also written stuff and thought, this'll be perfect for that person, but then gone along to the recording and found somebody else doing it. And doing it brilliantly. The cast can do things with the material that we hadn't imagined, they bring something more to it.’ For the fledgling partnership, it's been pretty smooth sailing so far, but do they ever experience those notorious creative differences? ’We argue sometimes,’ admits Florence. 'But there's never been any fisticuffs. Horseplay is as bad

as its ever got.’ (Rob Fraser)