Glasgow listings

Regular weekly clubs plus one-off events are listed by city, then b day, then alphabetically by title. ubs will be listed, rovided up-to-date details reach our 0 'ces at least seven days before publication. Lack of information may result in clubs being omitted. Club listings compiled by Rory Weller (Glasgow) and Mark Robertson (Edinburgh)


I Annie's Bath House at Beitnei‘s. llpiti—3am. £3 (£2). Annie atid Grant witlt cheesy. dancey. poppy. retro and 70s party tunes on two floors. (iay'.

I Arcadia at g2. llpm- 3am. £3 (£2). lair Hariloit with a rtiglit of mixed up beats front hip ltop to Northern sotrl. Latino ja/z. classic disco funk arid grooy'ed-out house.

I Blood at The Sub (‘Iuh llpiti-311m. £4 (£3). New itigltt that celebrates the bright rtew talent iii the city with residents 1)] Q. Laurence Hugltes and Kieran McC‘ann. 1)] Q is best kttowrt for ltis outstanding debut alburtr ‘Face The Music' otit at the beginning of last year. aitd Laurence Hughes works iit underground dance sltop Boiiiba. Botlt play ed regularly at The Arches Un-cut night in a fazed disco house style. McC‘ann is a past winner of Muzik's Bedroom Bedlam aitd between the three of them they 'y e come up with a top class night otit.

I B.Noty at Babaza. (ipitt—-.iairt. £4 (£2.50); free before llpiit. Matt Morton With house and disco at tltis good-time. reasonath dressy Thursday night.

I Brel at Bt'el. Shit) llpiti. l-‘ree. Nimbus l).ls arid Norse Ned go eclectic with soul and ftrrtk. Pre-club.

I Budda at Budda. Spitt—rtiidttight. l'ree. Nick Geminil with a broad mix of credible dance. lront house to drum (S: hass attd hip hop. l’re-club.

I Casino Royale at Strawbei'r'y tr'ields. l()pm—-_iaitt. £4 (£2). New night with the suay'est l).ls in the city. l‘rankie Sayaloy and Kirk St .\lorit/. bringing yotr kitsch soundtracks. liantnrortd liatidbag. bossanoya beats and playboy pop in the refurbished Straw berry l‘ields. The night used to be monthly at The Arches. but the guys now have this weekly gig.

I Cheeze at Stratltclyde l,':tiyer‘sity' Students' l'nion (Barony Bar. Dark Rooitt aitd Leyel S). 8pm 3am. Free (open to students attd (our guests). l)Js Mark. Iaitr and l)uffy with a proudly tacky arid cheesy night of good tiitte party tunes.

I Cop at Archaos. llpiti 3am. £4 (£3). linmeitse student night (possibly the


Where? Ttlll)tll(?l)( e at Glasgow School Of Art

When? in 9 Apr

Highlight? The new, improved sound system ‘.-‘.’l‘.i(' l‘. ltas bass that is (niar'anteed to ritakt: your ribs tattle, much to (be 'lelitjltt the resident Eleitiettts Di Crew

Altitude sickness? Beiitq too ktiatlzeitid to daitt e alter < p~irtp|etiito the Everest-ster assent l(,- the Cloakroom and hat): lilOT" exertrse than a lull nttjltt on the dam 0 floor. Careful, now. A younri ittait precariously pert hed on a podium, getting a hit over-excited and falling oil; but, unperturbed, (jetting back up and (arryinrj on as if nothing had happened. (Mark Robertson)

64 THE LIST 1'.) 72‘) Apr 1999

busiest in Scotlattd) with DJ Vance and Cl up in the main room playing contemporary club tunes to a young. glamtny burtch while Tart) 'The Fuzz' Coyle does his iitdie/pop/kitsch stuff iii Betty‘s Mayonnaise.

I Cul De Sac at Cul De Sac Bar.

9—] lpm. Free. Elements DJ Tania Swift playing upfront drum & bass tonight instead of Sundays. Pre-club.

I Dee Jays In Disguise at Variety. Spin—close. Free. Hatch and .lilk'es of Knucklehead with a dubby mix of techno attd electronica. Check out their Pusher 13 night at The l3th Note continuing on every week. Pre-club.

I D] Dandy at The (‘CA (‘ale Bar. ()plli—lilidnighl. liree. DJ Dandy with. as lie calls it. skankiitg. soulful. funky shit. Pre-club.

I Fatboy's Kitchen at McChuilLs Way ()ut West. 8—l lpiit. Free. Big beat arid hip hop from local l)Js (3 Man arid The Wax Monkey. Pre-cluh.

I Firebird at Firebird. S --l lpitt. Free. Tony arid Murray playing old beats for beer aitd pizza up on the Firebird DJ shelf. Pre-club.

I Freedom at The Slted. l()pnt—3am. £3 (£2). Mathew and Peter upstairs with 80s aitd 90s club anthems. plus Paul N'Jie iii the main hall playing furtk. garage and chart house.

I Free Flow at Glasgow School ()fArt (downstairs). 9pm—2am. £l (students and guests). [)Js Al Rutherford attd Lindsey with Northern soul. funk flayour. jazzy breaks arid beats. hip hop connection. movie soundtrax. druttt & bass rhythms and cold. cheap beer.

I Fudge at Planet Peach. llpiti—3. lSam. £4 (£2). Alan Ronald with just enough house aitd club tunes to giye you kids a treat.

I Fursby at The Lime. l()ptn--.‘iain. £4 (£3); £2 before llpiti. Student night with club classics in your house and garage style front David Keenan.

I Hi Karate at the Glasgow School of Art (upstairs). l()piit-2am. £ l. .\'eil McMillan attd Andrew l)iy iite's weekly night. one of the fittest ftiitk breakbeat nights iii the country. A masterful combination of hip hop. soul. furtk. electro. jurttp-up. ragga arid reggae. Top stuff. 22 Apr. the mighty Freddy l4resh. who is riding high at the moment with his new LP ‘The Last True Family Man'. a phenomenal collection of demo furtk hip hop. See Hit list arid panel.

I Jumping at The Apartment. ll.3()pnt-3am. £3. New night of solid house from Cris Biguzzi. old hand at that DJirig business.

I Knights On The Round Tables at The Living Room. 8.3()pm~l lpiti. liree. House and big beat front the K( )TRT team. Pre-club.

I Last Exit at (‘lub Budda. llprit 3am. £4 (£3). New night with lriside ()tit/l‘lte Ark's Simon boy playing his big tunes arid commercial garage.

I Loveshack at l‘ury .\luri'y 's.

llpiti—3. 15am. £4 (£2 ). lr'ine indie. house arid disco sounds from Jim l)ownie for art up for it student crowd.

I Movement at The \elyet Rooitis. llpiti—3am. £4 (£2). l).l Neil .‘ylc'l'aggart with funky house aitd disco iii the ntain

I Music Is The Answer :tl ()etohei- Cafe. ()prit-midnight. Free. Barry (iemrttil with classic house arid garage. Pie-club. I Pusher 13 at The |.‘~th Note (now botlt floors). llpiti—3am. £2. Weekly itigltt front Hatch aitd .lilkes of My Machine (Art Scltool. Sats) arid Twitch (Pure/t )ptimoi giy'ing tip yintage house. banging techno. mellow eleclro arid robotic breakbeats to a crowd following on from the \"ariety pub gig. The pool of l)Js ts gettrrig bigger aitd bigger with guest slots from Test. Tangent. Pussypower and Desert Storm when they‘re about.

I Rumble at The (iarage. llprir .‘tant. £4 (£2). LegendaryThursday night with your fayourite charty daitce ltty'es. ntoy'ie tunes arid indie classics plus drunk students.

I Shrapnel at The Cross Bar. Spin—midnight. l‘ree. Unique drurtt (k bass sound pre-club.

I Skint at The C‘athouse. llpiti—3am. £4 (£2). litdie/grunge/cheiitical beats like what they do on a Saturday night.

I Sly at Trash. llptit Sam. £4 (£3 ). Neil and Frog iii the ittaiii tooth for big anthems arid clteesy nonsense plus Disco Dart in room two.

I Soul Shine at Woodside Social (‘lub (32‘) North \Voodside Road). 0pm» 2am. £3. free before l()pnt. Bigger attd better than the l‘riday up at Lautrec's. Sotil. funk aitd big beat from the Soul Sltitie boys.

I Sub City Radio at Alaska. llpiti 3am. £'.".’ (£'.".'). l5 Apr. The .lengaheads. Silicon Soul artd the Rttb a l)tih l).l rock tip irt support of local radio station Sub C‘ity Radio‘s latritclt party. :\ mixed bag ofelectronic delights.

I Sushi at Yang. l|piti~-.‘~ant (bar open from (rpm). £3 (£2): free before I lpm. Residents Bob Peck & (‘harlie litman. Michael Peck and Ben .loiies mix up hip ltop a soul to fuiik breaks arid house. Note that liley'ation Trio. a funk band with Rhodes orgatt. bortgos. sax that sort of thirtg who'ye just sigtied to li.\ll play eyery week.

I Wanna Play? at The Tunnel. l().3()pm-3aiit. £4 (£2.50 with inati'ic card). Keyin and Scott from weekends at the Tunnel are joined by Lisa Littlewood. with a mix of contemporary house anthems arid timeless classics over two rooms.


I Alaska at Alaska. I lpiti 3am. £(r (£5 ). Top night in this iiragitilicettt two floored yenue featuring the legendary Nick Peacock. .\luchail. .-\lan arid Ray'itiond Woods playing a mix of fiiitk. ja/z soul. Rtk‘B and house plus liy e percussion.

I Apartment at The .-\p;trtitteiit. llpiti-3am. £b’. .littt l)a Best iir mixing shocker. now play mg a more clrtbby

party llll\ than before.

I The Ark at The Tunnel. llpiti San). £7 (£5 ), Your lt'lo ()l' pl‘olesstonal eanei's Michael Kilkie. Scott .\lackay and [ammo ithnittba) in mg rt large iii the main room throwing otrt tlttiittptitg ltaid house as good as you'll get anywhere iii the country Then there's l)tittcan Reid and Simon l‘oy iii the second iootti not going (jurte as ittad ltH’ it. but still bordering insanity in they ‘ie own sly le. Top class stull' all round

I Bennet's llilltml 3am. £4 ( (.11). Grant Duffdow nstati's with an upbeat dance tiigltt tlten l).l Shawn for ltandbaggy house upstairs. (iay,

I Bar 10 at Bar It). ‘lpnt ittidinght. l'iee. l-Ilectronica pi'e-club warmer at the king daddy ol(ilasgow style bars rotating fortnightly between the two crews of l)ontentc (iallacltet i to .-\pt'i and Bios (23 Apr)

I Born at The Butt). llpiti iartt £5 (£4; The Sly Boys .rttd titettds w rtlt full-on house.

I Bonkers at Bonkets. llpiti iaitt. £4 after rtiiditigltt. £3 before. (‘lttb classics at this after olltce hang-out w itlt residents l)a\ id (‘aittpbell and Noble \Vltitelaw.

I Budda at Budda. Spin rindntgltt. l‘l't‘t'. (‘hrts llariis (Teirtplei with a chunky house pie-club w ai‘ntet

I Buddasole at (‘hih truatta

llpiti .iant. £5. Stet te Middleton. internationally renowned DJ and owner of Sole .\lusre ls’ecords' continuing upstairs w rrlt his own particular bratid of :\trtertcan deep house and garage

I Buena Vista at (ilasgow School ()l .'\ll (downstairs) It)pttt Zillani. £1 Latin tan and ltrttk lioitt .\lat‘k arid .\ltcltae|

I Bulletproof at g2 llpiti iant. 23 -\pr and ntontltly llard teeli house from Bulletproof residents w ith special guest ()li\ er llo(Metairtor‘phic),

I Bump 'n' Hustle at liaba/a.

5. illpnt iatti this front llptrii £5 before llpiti). Paul Tiaynoi .larttie lr'nlletton w rtlt Rth. soul classics. arid house for a glantnty. dressed-up crowd.

I Cheesy Pop at The Queen Margaret l’nioti. lllpnt 2ant. £‘t (£2 ). Students aitd four guests. It‘s cheesy attd tt's poppy atrd it'sjust unbridled fun all the way. brought to you by Ill Toast.



Whats filling the floor in the next couple of weeks.

Inside Out Residents Sinion Foy, Zainnto and lvlit'hael Kilkre joined toitttrht by dub—class hroh-fiyers Judoe itltrohbiittt like a (artoort thumb) Jules, Sonioue (above) and Lisa Loud The Art hes, 5a: 24 Apr Relief Laurent e H(l(lll(‘) and Silicone Soul tare-R oriit; dour/n tor: broke Ashley Beerile, known for his (rente- l)USlll)(l 1.1”.)(‘k wrth X Press 2, Black St tente Qt't hestra and label JBO. The Art/res, Fri 16 Apr Hi Karate it'linnesota's finest, Freddy Fresh (oats Neil l).ltlxlillan and Andrew :\2;‘~.”ll)(‘ at lll{?ll hip hop, soul, itirik, ole-(tit), ;tlll‘il1-t£(), tantra,

Fresh has. gust released

l(?'.l';rrt‘ lll-.Il:-~

.i ( airtrt tine album and has a y'xei‘: (ital to The Cii'asqou‘y' Sz how '2‘ in? (li'j'PSftlif‘i’, Thu 22 Apr DJ Quest

4.1“! tii;()kll 3. t..; :1]:‘/i('i‘l<‘ti":i:T ';t:; to! :7) .:? ia'. Lat's tree: ltot

: ‘r\ :r y/ ( ,' Liv] )iiii..t)l sl)\ ), lyt.

ptotitiiy' Trw'?‘ ritrrnan ":(ih i. ill'lt . .»..ti if: sitouitt

('1 theiii first, i

.j 2' :t '.' they who distiweret: the experimental hip hop band an i put them at”. to Fat Cat Club (39 .2: Fit; 's [:‘ase/neht, Sat L7 Apr, Orifi'm‘ [Mot i(:- at The 5:1!)

Club, 311,): .’.'~,‘Ar,i/'

I Code at Sadie l'rost's (pool t'ootti). Uptn ttttdntgltt. l‘i'ee. (ilasgow 's first dress code night with strict door policy of leather. rubber. dertrnt. skinhead or ktlts. It‘s not letislt. you'yc just got to be in one of these get tips. .\ltistc comes from l).l .lott playing a retro. ptrrik aitd new w aye set. ()pen to men and women. Pre-club. I COIOUTS ill The .'\lc'l)t‘\. Nt‘\l c‘\‘c‘lll b' May.

I Cooler at The ('oolei. .Spitt midnight. l'ree, l).l lohnny Ltyewire playing deep ltouse arid disco. Pre-club.

I Crash at The Shed. ltlpitt 3am. £4 (£3). |)a\ e Ross playing art eclectic lll1.\ of kitsch classics at this Soutbside club front the learn beltrrtd The (iarage.

I Cul De Sac at (‘ul |)e Sac Bar.

llpiti tttidnigltt. l'i'ee. Anton aitd l)oug

w itlt pie-club head phutik. (‘lteck out Kenny ll playing 5 "pin tor tlte Happy llout too

I Deep Fried at the (tilt Note (‘Ititt (boll) ll()()l\' llpiti .ialll Li The Kurtg l'llllk (‘ollecttye w llll lttp hop. lunky breaks and kicking beats.

I Don't Front at The (‘t ‘.-\.

an‘. nttdtngltt. l~ree llrp hop and funky beats front l)a\ Itl Sweeney. l’tt' club

I Firebird at l'it’ebrt‘d ‘lpnt trttdnigltt l'iee. l).l Rory playrng a warm funky set of subtle beats to ease you srtroollily rttto the weekend. Pic-club

I GB Smirnoff Experience at The Temple. llpiti iaitt £(ii£-l). Radio (’lyde‘s (ieorge Bow re and international it.) pittance. tit-(ti. Reilly (\lanifesto)