playing full-on house to a ftill house. Air unpretentious packed night.

I Get Smart at Spy Bar. 5--‘)pm. Free. New loungecot'e evening of phtrturistic music from DJ Mingo-go and Hush Ptrppy. Pie-club.

I Gold 'n' Delicious at Archaos.

I lpin—3ain. £6 (£4). David Gilmore and Ryan Kerr playing quality house and garage amid the spectacle of the Friday night acts. Bungee jumping acrobats. stilt walkers and much madness. Jamie Stratrg also plays soul aiitl R&B in bar one.

I Goodfoot at The Sub Club. IIpm—4ain. £6. 23 Apr and monthly. The Goodfoot mob of Scott Brown. Andrew Divine atrtl Mark continue with their massively successful and long-running Northern soul night with quality Northern soul. Hammond jazz. 70s ftiiik. ska and soul.

I Havana Barcelona at Barcelona. Spin—midnight. Free. The sound of the Latino house underground from DJ Jazz. Pre-club.

I Headphunk at g2. I Ipm—3am. l6 Apr only. New night of underground techno and abstract electronica featuring Test's Shandy guesiing.

I Katch at The Cathouse.

l0.30ptn—3airi. £4 (£3): £I before

I l.3()pni. Three floors of rock. hip hop. chemical beats. grunge and contemporary indie.

I Lime at The I0.3()pm—3arn. £4 (£2). DJ Caniniy with house. garage. nu soul and hip hop.

I Love Bug at The Garage. I().3()pin—3ain. £3 (£4). An eclectic mix of good-time party tunes with a young. boppy. drinky'. snoggy crowd. Wildly btrsy so it's well advised to haul yo ass down there early.

I Ocho at ()clro. 8pm~midnight Free. Nic Notiveau (Yang) coming iii and funking it tip at this idiosyncratic wee bar on Sauchiehall St. Pr‘e-club.

I October Cafe at ()ctober Cafe. 9plll--Illl(llllglll. Free. The Tunnel‘s Scott McKay. Stephen Lee and Kevin h'lcFarlane with a funky house and garage pre-club set.

I Paul Cawley at Air ()rganic. ()pin—midnight. Psy-plri's Paul Cawley. label boss of Ferretik Records here every week for a beta testing liip hop. drum & bass and break beat set. Pre-club.

I Polo Lounge at The Polo Lounge.

I lpm—3ain. £5. Take the choice of the Polo Lounge upstairs. open tiiitil 3am. downstairs for DJ Michelle in main club with 90s club and indie or down in the Trophy Roorir with Tom fora more commercial mix. Gay. The Polo Lounge operates as a bar before all club nights with free entry before cltrb starts.

I Planet Peach at Planet Peach.

Ilpm—3. I5ain. £4 (£3). Paul N‘Jie playing fresh and upfront house fttnked tip with a helping of Rth and soul classics.

I Pressure at The Arches. Next event with Green Velvet and Pressure Funk live 30 Apr.

I Radar at The (loss Bar. Spin—riiitlnight. l-i‘ee. Progressive dth and techno with an eclectic mix of ‘beats. bleeps and squeaks'. Pie-club.

I Relief at The Arches. lem--3am. £8 (£6). Weekly (except for Pressure nights). The finest electro disco funk tech house from Laurence Hughes and Silicone Sotrl

(Sonia) tn the :iiagniftcent Arches. l6 Apr

the guys welcome down top bloke Ashley Beedle known for his fine work will) X Press 2. Black Science ()rchestra and label .le). See llil list.

I Shag at Ftrry Murry 's. llprir- 3. l5anr. £5 (£3). Mark and James (3 play mg to a good time party crowd in the guaranteed a winch l-ury ‘s.

I Soaterama at Nice 'n' Slea/y (ground Iloor bar). Spin-midnight. Free. Regular Friday evening do. with the best itr all sorts of fields from .»\mericana punk to dtrb. drum is bass and original indie.

I Soul Shine at Bar l.atitrec's.

9pm, lam. £2 (free before l0ptn). ‘l have a dream. Soulf That's all the guys want to say about that. Pre-cltrb.

I Strathclyde University Student

Union 3pm ~3am. Free (students aiid four

guests). Tl‘lF III the Barony Bar 3 ls’pn)

with cheap booze arid mad games. 8ptn—3am —Temptation kicks off it) the Dark Rooin with Mark Dee playing uplifting house and garage.

I Tangent at The Sub Club. I Ipm—3ani. £8 (£6). l6 Apr and fortnightly. A-Man and Panic‘s regular night ofconsistent musical excellence mixing tip deep funky house. beats. bass. melodic techno and good humour.

I Three Room Fusion at Yang.

I lpin—3atn (bar open from 6pm). £5 (free before I Iprn). 'Frisco' with the Phat as Phunk DJs in room two playing deep fuelled house and filter disco. Hip hop and scratch tnixirig from residents Deina and Nice (Freek Menoovers) iti room three plus the B-Men Breakers.

I Trade at The Arches. Next event I May. I Trash at Trash. l [pm—3am. £6 (£4). Busy. easy going night with funky house it) the main room from Stevie Smith and street soul. swing atitl classic grooves iii the second room from DJ Grahame.

I Turbulence at The Glasgow School of Art. I lpin—3am. £4 (£2.50). New weekly night bringing the Turbulence crew back together. with Tania Swift. Rob G. Stevie and Keriral playing the future sound of drum 8; bass. Improved lighting. sound. closing times and cheaper beer. 16 Apr The Kersland Sound System play live in the Vic bar downstairs. The KSS have played around fifteen gigs about the place arid perform a mixture of sequenced and improvised material to bridge the gap between sequenced techno and freestyle DJitrg. They‘re also playing the first live session for Sub (‘ity Radio on 20 Apr at ()pm. Check.

curscow srrruirnrtvs

I Archaos at Archaos. I Ipni-4ain. £8. Kris Keegari arid A.J. inix tip garage and house in the massive dotire rootn dance floor. which has one of the loudest sound sy stems and nrost impressiy e light shows in Scotland. pltis fttll aerial display. lain

'l'hoinpson playing chunky disco in Betty's

while Paul Tray nor plays Rth. swing and hip hop in the members Sky Bar.

I Ascendance at The Temple.

I Ipin--3am. £7 (£5). [amino (Rhutnba -~ Perth). Steve (Gallery -~ London). lain McMillan. Geoff Montford and Chris Harris taking you on a musical journey from pumping disco to uplifting house.

I Bar 10 at Bar ll). ()ptn- midnight. Free. Busy hard house pre-cltib with Nick Peacock and guests.

I Bennet's il.3()ptn -3atn. £6 (£5). DJ Sara with a good dancey mix downstairs a bit heavier than her Wednesday. plus DJ Grant Duff on the upper floor playing more handbaggy house. Gay.

I Bite The Bullet at (‘ltib Btrdda.

l lprn—3ain. £6. Colin Walker of New York .-\lliance/’l'onka fame with his first club residency for a while. playitig his characteristic brand of deep New York house. Joined regularly by Gareth Sotnnierville. Colin Cook and Neale Smith. I Born at The Born. I Ipin—3am. £6 (£5). Stephen Foy and Mark Donally with funky house and garage at this dressy venue.

I Bonkers at Bonkers. I Iptn--3ani. £5 after midnight. £4 before. (‘ltib classics at this after office hang-out with residents David Campbell and Nobble Wliitelaw. I Budda at Budda. h’pnr -rnitlntght. Free. Solemusic's Stevie for garage and deep house. Pic-club.

I Business As Usual at The Apai'tli)clit. I Ipnr-3ain. £8. Funky house arid disco. Check otit the new era at the .»\partinent with a more relaxed door policy. credible music spread and generally less stiff. 'l‘rainers are now encouraged w Inch showsjust Iiow much they ‘ve loosened- tip their attitude.

I The Cathouse l().30pni—3ain. £4 (£3.50); £2.50 before I I.3()pin. Three floors of rock. grunge. contemporary indie and indie dance. in one of the best rock-styled venues iii the country.

I Classic PM at Fury Marty's.

I Ipin-3ain. £6 (£4). (‘ltih classics in the main room with l).ls .Iim Dow nie and Sean Webster. Quality indie music from Twister upstairs at this generally sttidenty

I Cleopatra's at Cleopatra‘s. I().30pm—2.30am. £7. Pop. 70s and 80s part tunes. Over 2 l s only.

I c ub Anthems at Strathclyde University Students‘ Association. Spin—3am. Free (students and four guests). Mark Dee and DJ Vance with classic club anthems.

I Club Cubana at The Asylum (Caledonian Student Union). I0.30pm-2am. 24 Apr only. Change of location for the club as The Bedsit is getting rewired. btit it'll be the usual tnix of great Latin American sounds and

I Club 69 at Rocksy's Basement. l0pin—2.30am. £5. Martin. Wilba and Barrie of dance record shop Rub-A~Dub playing the best and deepest from the underground. joined frequently by guests of high standing who are not always announced beforehand. Well worth the taxi fare otrt from the city. btrt note the midnight curfew. I7 Apr DJ Quest (Fat Cat) guests. Quest is a member of live hip hop combo Live Human and makes his second trip to 69. Super fine.

I Cooler at The Cooler. 8pm—midnight. Free. Steven McCreery (Tunnel) with a house and garage pre-club set.

I Cross Wired at The Ct'oss bar. 8pin—inidnight. Free. New evening session of funked up house and techno from those Knights on the round tables. Pre-club.

,I Cul De Sac at Ctrl De Sac Bar.

()pm—midnight. Free. Jim Hutchison with hard house and techno. Pre-club.

I Dans Delux at The CCA. ()ptn—midnight. Free. Quality house and techno-phtrnk with your host Stticee. Pre- club.

I Divine at Glasgow School ()f Art (downstairs). |()pm—Iate. £3.50 (£2.50 GSA students). Andrew Divine. one of the tnost familiar faces on the scene.

joined by Hush Puppy for Northern soul.

Hamiirond grooves. bubblegum pop. wah-wah ftiiik. Moog power and chemical breakbeats.

I D] Q at ()cho. 8pm—midnight. Free. Glasgow's favourite deep cut tip disco house DJ resident here every week. plus a few guests too. Pi'e-club.

I Firebird at Firebird. 8.30pm-midnight. Free. DJs Marco and Norse Ned froin Nimbus/Polar Polar Productions playing for beer and pizza. Pre-club.

I Free Form at The l3th Note Club (botli floors). ()pin—3anr. £3 (free before 10.30pm). Steven and Patrl Watt with Mo floors of soul. Latin. jazz. funk and contemporary beats.

I The Garage at The Garage. I0prn—3ain. £6 (£4): £| off before llpm. Big. brash and unashamedly happy to ptit the good time par y groove itito your Saturday night with a wide spread of commercial anthems in the main rooin and indie inspiration upstairs.

I Inside Out at The Arches. l().30pirr~4ani. £ I 3. 24 Apr and monthly. Now lirme established as one of the finest full-on house nights in the country with residents Simon Foy. [amino and Michael Kilkie joined tonight by club class high lIyers Judge (throbbing like a cartoon thumb) .Itrles. Sonique and Lisa Loud. As far as hand it) the air nights go this issue. this is by far the best. Get the spare shirt iii your bag for afters. stake your place in (Ire queue and work otit your excuse for not going in on Monday tiior'ning.

I Home Cookin' at Baba/a. 6pm—3am (DJs front I lpm). £5 (free before llpnr). Pumping inix frortr .lamie Strang; funk. rare gt‘omc and hip hop and generally music of black origin.

I Knucklehead Presents My Machines at Glasgow School Of Art (upstairs). l0piri-~latc. £4 (£2.50 GSA students). Ifndergrotind electronica presented by dem l).ls .lilkes and Hatch. liito its fourth year and consolidating itself as the club to hear true ftrtik technology. Freaky dancing actively encouraged. 24 Apr Fat Cat Records‘ head honcho Alex Knight guests.

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listings CLUBS

: Arches, Fri 16 Apr.


Ashley Beedle is a guy with so many aliases that he surely has trouble remembering who he: going to be in the morning. Rory Weller gets the low down.

Name Ashley Beedle. Date of birth 25 Nov 1962.

Place of birth Hemel Hempstead. Current place of residence North London.

Occupation DJ, producer and label boss.

Aliases and projects X~Press 2 (with Rocky and Diesel), The Ballistic Brothers (same line up as X-Press, but with Dave Hill too), Disco Evangelists, The Black Science Orchestra, Black Jazz Chronicles, Delta House of Funk; plus labels including Soundboy Entertainment, Afroart and Ill Sun. He has also remixed such diverse people as Manic Street Preachers, Simply Red, Deep Dish and iNXS and shares co—writing credits with Gabrielle, Shara Nelson and Misty Oldland.

How did he start? He's been DJing for seventeen years and producing for eleven. His early DJ career began with sound systems such as Stateside and Shock around North London in the late 70s/early 805 playing reggae, soul and funk.

So when did he progress into his house? He became one of the residents at the infamous RIP acid house parties, playing house and hip hop across London as well as travelling up the motorway to Derby, Nottingham and beyond.

What happened next? He was asked by Phil Perry to DJ at the Sunday Sessions at Queens tn Colnbrook and Charlie Chester‘s Flying parties. At the same time, Beedle became manager of London's legendary Black Market Rec0rds. This led him to be a full-time DJ, playing right across the spectrum With residencies at Ministry Of Sound, Cream, Renaissance and the Boys Own parties.

Any interesting pre-Dl jobs? He was a spot welder, a hospital porter and was also involved in the nicely vague imports/exports business. What do other 015 think of him? Kenny .7. Dope from Masters at Work thinks he's pretty darn good. 'I think Ashley is a talented motherfucker. Straight up, he's on my type of head and he’s a cool kid. He’s just doing what he feels, he ain't trying to satisfy nobody.’

Ashley Beedle 0/5 at Relief, The

(we Apt 1999 THE LIST 65