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Exhibitions are listed cl )habetically by city and category, the . ilphabetically by venue. Please send ..etai|s to our office at least ten day. )efore publication.Art listing; :ompiled by Helen Monaghan.


20‘) llalh Slieel. 218-107.) .\Ion I'i‘i

‘laiti 4.30pm: Sat 0am -. .. 0pm.

Future Building l‘niil M: I ;‘\la_\. .-\n exhibition documenting ll ' renovation of a city cenlie cIitithi. Port of (i/riieuii' l‘N‘).

ART EXPOSURE GALLEITY l‘) Patna Sheet. 552 77' " (ipm.

Linda MacDonald l'nu. : ion ‘~.\lay. (‘oiileiiir‘oi‘.ii_\ ieweIIeiy

Marielle MacLeman I' ll I .\Ion R May I'igtiiali‘vc oil paintings.

Todd Garner l 'ntil .\loi .1 .\Ia_v. ('oiileiiipoiai). ceramics

.'\Ioii Sal


ll) Kings Court. King St 'c ‘l. 552 ll54, 'l’iic- Sun Ilani 5pm.

Metalwork IiiiliI ‘.\ed :8 :\pi‘. .\Iclal liii'iiittii'e by Paul Wood. it ulpltii'e by

Day id liw Ill .iiid table dt signs and a mirror liaiiie by .-\It'\ Ramsay


Rt‘gt‘lll IIiillst‘. I l.“ \VL‘S' lit‘gt'lll SII‘L‘L‘I. 32o 5-ll3. .\Ioii I'I'i l0a..i- 5pm.

Jessie M. King And He: Zontemporaries l'nliI Wed 2II III“. ’\ cell b ;lIIUlI of the life .llitI \‘. i‘lls t‘I- tillt‘ i“l Sc‘tll 1.1(I.\ CCIL'I‘I‘QIIt‘tI .iilisls. iii this the 5 IIII anniversary

-rI Ilt‘! tIt‘.:lIl


80 Albion Street. 553 477 I. Dain Ham—midnight.

You Should Be Dancing Sun l8 Apr—Tue l8 May. Paintings and prints by Pat McArthtir and Lynsey Nelson.


22| West George Street. 248 9755. Mon—Fri l0am—5.30pm; Sat l0am-2pin. Scottish Paintings Until Fri 30 Apr. A selection of I9th and 20th century Scottish paintings.


l3-l Blythswood Street. 332 4027. Mon—Fri 9.30am-5.30pm; Sat l0am—lpm. Gordon K. Mitchell Until Fri 30 Apr. An exhibition of over 30 new paintings by Gordon Mitchell.

Bodo Sperlein Until Fri 30 Apr. An exhibition of tableware including vessels and bowls in a minimal and elegant style by Bodo Sperlein.

Contemporary Jewellery Until Fri 30 .-\pr. Jewellery by Disa Allsop. Jessica Briggs. Catherine Currell. Sarah Tomlin. Deborah Edwards and Brigitta Bezold. Ceramics Inspired By Architecture Until Fri 30 Apr. Selected works inspired by architecture from ten ceramists. Part of (Uruguay /‘)‘)‘).


University of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 552 4400 ext 2682. Mon—Fri l0am—5pm: Sat noon—4pm.

100 Giants 0f Chair Design Until Sat 8 May. Organised by German design museum. Vitra. this exhibition of [00 miniature replicas ofclassic chair designs. show major developments in international design from I850 to the present day with examples of designs by Josef Hoffman. Charles liames and Antonio Citterio. l’rirr ulti/uxguii' /‘)‘)‘).


I78 West Regent Street. 22I (i370. Mon-Sat Wain—5.30pm.

Helen Flockhart Until Wed 2i Apr. New figurative paintings.

Philip Braham Sat 24 Apia—wed is) May. Landscape paintings.



Paintings & Drawings 1:: April - 5 May 1999

16 DUNDAۤ STREET, EDINBURGH EH3 6H2. TEL. 01151 558 1200 FAX. 0131 558 3900

74 THELIST ‘2‘. x ' ‘i!


3| Chisholm Street. Merchant City. 552 7ltX). Mon—Sat l0am—5.30pm. Coexisting Boundaries Fri 23 Apr—Fri 7 May. Marian Martin creates an installation using dressmaking as a metaphor for biological and religious codes while Elizabeth Mitchell examines a childhood background of living on a farm.


I8 Castlemilk Arcade. 634 2603. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm.

Edward Weston Until Sat 24 Apr. This national touring exhibition presents the work of one of America's greatest photographers. Edward Weston. The 24 prints taken between I920 and l‘)~l3 include some of his most famous images including the 'pear-Iike' nude. which Weston considered to be one of his most perfect photographs. See review.


Queen Street. 22‘) l‘)9(i. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm: Sun I lam—5pm.

No Noise: Samples Thu l5 Apr—Sun 30 May. Artist Chris Biddlecombe and musician/composer David Trouton collaborate to produce a series of audio/sculptural works.


Rouken Glen Road. (>20 0235. Daily |.30—5.30pm (closed Ttie I.

From The Bottom Drawer Until Fri 30 Apr. Unframed lithographs. etchings. limited edition prints and original sketches.


George Square. 553 NW. Thu—Sat I0.30am—Spm: Sun noon—7 im. £3 0.2 l. Glasgow Art Fair: Art An Design In The Square Thu 2‘) Apr—Sun 3 May. Scotland‘s only annual art fair with over 40 galleries from all over the UK exhibiting. The range of art is diverse featuring fine art. prints and photographs for people to buy or browse. with prices ranging from £5~£25.000. This year also includes an exhibition entitled ‘Ai't ()f Desian which showcases the work of new and established designers.


I48 West Regent Street. 22l 3095. Mon—Sat 9.30ain--5.3()pm.

Heather Nevay Sat I7 Apr—Wed 5 May. Symbolic paintings by Heather Nevay.


5 Horence Street. 332 090‘).

Living In The City - Class Of 99 Mon 2(i»l"ri 30 Apr. Ideas for interior design for ‘Honies For The l‘tittii‘t" by HND interior design students.

GLASGOW FILM 8t VIDEO WORKSHOP 3rd Floor. 34 Albion Street. 553 2620. lvloiiml-‘ri 9.30am-opm.

Nikon Press Awards Tue 20 Thu 22 .-\pi'. An exhibition of the shortlisted entries for the Nikon Press Awards. with an opportunity for the public to vote for the Press Photographer of the Year.

GLASGOW FILM THEATRE Cafe Cosmo. l2 Rose Street. 332 8123. Star lintil I‘l'l 30 Apr. Photographs by .»\Ian Wylie featuring many Scottish and international film/TV personalities captured in (ilasgow.

GLASGOW PRINT STUDIO 25 King Street. 552 0704. Mon Sat l0am~5.30pm.

Monotypes Until Sat 8 May Abstract. east coast landscapes by John Houston. New Editions Until Sat 8 May. Recent work by John Byi‘ne featuring etchings. mezzotmts and screenprints.

Ian Hamilton Until Sat 8 May Iitchings of

ruins. waterway s. vibrant sunsets and moonscapes by artist laii Hamilton.


The best exhibitions this fortnight.

Pineapple World Tour Artists from Sweden adopt entertainment technology and provrde a Vision of hell and damnation. See reView. Glasgow Train/ssiori Gallery until Sat 24 Apr.

Graham Fagen Teasing at your thought process, Fagen takes pictures of flowers and delivers tip SOClaI commentary. Edinburgh: Royal Botanic Garden until Sat 7 May.

Andreas Gurksy Slick pics from the master of the interior shot, the German photographer Andreas Gursky. Edinburgh. The Dean Gallery tint/l Sun 16 May

Body Spaces The body as map is explored by Elizabeth Worndl. Here urban spaces take on a wholly different meaning. See review. Glasgow Street Level until Sat 7 May

Glaschu Anya Gallat (it) takes over a space in a former bank to create a ’liyint; carpet' based on the design of an old Templeton carpet ~ made not from wooi but plants. Glasgow The Old Court House until Sun 25 Apr

Evolution Isn’t Over Yet Tackling global concerns and local issues, twelve Scotland-based artists look at the shape of things to come. Edinburgh; Fri/it/riarket Gallery tint/l Sat 29 May

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM (formerly (ilasgow Independent Studiol. o4 ()sbotii‘ne Street. top floor. 552 H72. 'I'tic~ Sat noon— (ipm.

Things To Forget l'nul Sat 1? .-\pr. 'l‘liree (ilasgtwi-based artists (‘Iatidine llarl/el. Claudio .\Ielo and ’I'orben ls'iaei'gard show photography and video based work.

Six Young Artists Sat 24~l-‘ri so .-\pi'. Details were not available at time of going to press. Please contact gallery for further details.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Mackintoin Gallery. l(i7 Renfi'ew Street. 355 4500. .\Ion Thu 9.30am--S.30piii: I-‘ii 9.30am -5pm: Sat l0am noon.

Annual Exhibition l'iiiil l-‘ri lo .-\pr. .\loii-~I5ri Illam »l.30piii. i.\'ewbei'r_\ (iaIIei'y). .-\n exhibition of work by students attending day and evening

courses at the ('ontiiiuiiig Iiducation


Houses For Art Lovers Until Sat I7 Apr. i.\lackiiilosli Gallery I. This exhibition centres on the W00 coiiipctilioii for the House hot .-\n .-\i'l lover. focusing on three published portfolios by Mackintosh. Baille Scott and Leopold Bauer.

Work From The Printmaking Department Thu 22- Wed ZS .-\pr. iNewberi‘y (iallery I. An exhibition of work by pi'intiiiaking students.

Propositions 3 Thinking Through