ART listings



4 Bellevue Crescent. 557 I663. Wed-Sun noon-6pnt

The Artist's Chair Fri I6 Apr-Sun 2 May. Twertty one artists create their own version of the chair. George Wyllie. Kevin Dagg. Silvia Stewart. Barbara Beyer and Adarrt Zyw are atttortg the featured artists.

BEYOND WORDS BOOKSHOP I 42—44 Cockburn Street. 226 6636. Tue—Sat I0am—6pitt; Suit & Mott noon—5pnt

Marc Atkins: Liquid City Lintil Wed 30 Jun. Black and white irttages of London ; taken from Atkins' new book Lit/trit/ ('iri'. '


University Avenue. 330 422 l. Mort—Sat ‘).30artr—5pni.

The History Of Scottish Bank Notes Until Sat l7 Apr. A touring exhibition of notes drawrt frortr the Chartered Institute of Bankers itt Scotlartd.

the Animal Construction Company Liritil Fri 20 Aug. An exhibition exploring tl.. building abilities of members of the animal kingdom. frortt weaver birds to termite mounds. Is there anything humans cart learn front these incredible feats'.’ Par! 0/ (i/ux‘emi‘ /‘)‘)‘).


I58 Ingraiit Street. 552 83‘)l. Mort—Sat l0ani--5ptrt. Free.

On The Tiles Sat 24 Apr—Suit 23 May. Free. An exhibition featuring decorative tilirtg fotrrid iii the private arid public buildings of (ilasgow.

BOURNE FINE ART 6 Durtdas Street. 557 4050. Mort—Fri : I0aiit—6pm; Sat l0aitt—lprtt.

Aspects Of Scottish Landscapes Until Fri 30 Apr. Landscape paintings i including works by Sam Bell. Horatio McCulloch and John Knox.


Kelvin Hall. I Burriltouse Road. 287 2720. Mon-~Sat l0arit—5pnt; Sun

I lam—5pm. Free.

Landmines: The Human Cost Until Sat 22 May. Art insight ittto the use of landmines itt ttrodern warfare and the efforts being made to reduce the threat tltey pose to civilians in former war zones.


r I0 Royal Terrace. 556 Hill). Mott-Fri I0am—6pm; Sat l0attt—-Ipttt.

Spring Exhibition Until Sat 24 Apr. A selection of general stock including paintings by Alexander Naysniith. William Clark arid Sir Robitt Philipsorr.


SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM CAMEO 225 Scotland Street. 42‘) I202. Mort—Sat 38 Hortte Street. 228 4 HI. Exhibitions _ .. _ 5;) 10am—5ptrt; Srrrt 2—5pni. Cafe. | open fifteen rttirtutes before first 71:. .; fill .' T

Vaisakhi Banners: Sikh Faith And screening of the day trrttil I Ipirt

Culture Until Strtt 25 Apr. Art exhibition exploring aspects of Sikh faith artd culture including festivals. wonten iii Sikhism. the Punjabi language and musical instruments.

The Three Fingered Fetch Until Sun 2 May. A retrospective exhibition of ceramist Ray Plazalski. featuring examples of his work produced oy er the last 30 years.

The Royal Scottish Academy


The RSA Galleries The Mound, Edinburgh

24th APRIL - 11th JULY

Works by many of Scotland’s finest painters. sculptors, printmakers and architects make the Royal

Scottish Academy’s Annual Exhibition one of the highlights of Scotland’s cultural year.

The exhibition includes works by three distinguished Academicians who died in 1998 David McClure Alberto Morrocco James McIntosh Patrick

Open 10am - 5pm daily 2pm - 5pm Sundays Admission £2 ~ £1 (conc) - £4 (season)

Sponsored by

Maclay Murray & Spens Solicitors

TI TIE LIST 13—29 Apr 1999

(Sun—Wed); larit (Thu-Sari.

Focus Until Strrt 9 May. Emerging artists front Duncart of Ior'danstorte College of Art. Dundee. explore the origins of the universe through digital imaging. installation. photography arid etching iii a show curated by Wendy McMurdo arid Duncan Gartley.


22—28 Cockburn Street. 220 I260. Tue—Sat Haiti—5.30pm (Fri 5pm). Citizen 2000 Sat l7 Apr—Sat I5 May. A group show featuring paiittiiig. drawing. video arid sculpture by twelve artists selected front Scottish art colleges. See preview.


Grirtdlay Court Centre. (jritidlay Street Lane. 22‘) 794 l. Mon—Thu ll);illl---lplll'. Fri 10am-2pm.

The Full Story Until Fri 30 Apr. Personal ideas and stories are explored through drawings. paintings attd mixed media by artists attending a workshop at the centre.


88 Hanover Street. 220 4403. Mort—Sat l0am— l0pm: Strrr noort-—7pnr.

Chris Whalley Until Fri 23 Apr. Paintings artd collages on canvas by the Edinburgh-based artist.


3 [)oune Terrace. 225 7I8‘). Mort -I"rr l0am—5pm.

Baltic Passage: Lys Hansen Until Fri to Apr. Recent paintings by artist I.y s Hansen. specially selected frotit [Ill/(’Ilff!(’!. a recent major exhibition at Bornholms Kunstmttseum.

Egill Jacobsen - The Danish Cobra Painter Fri 23 Apr—Fri 4 Jun. Paintings by the late Iigill .lacobseti. a prominent Danish member of the Cobra Group.


Belford Road. 62-1 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon-«Sat l0atn—5pnt; Strtr 2—5ptir. Cafe. Situated opposite the Natiotial Gallery of Modern Art. the new Dean Gallery is entirer devoted to art of the 20th century. A fornter l‘)th century orphanage. it houses a large collection of work by Iiduardo Paolozzi. as well as outstanding works drawn frottt the National Galleries' Dada aitd Surrealist collections. with the upper floor given over to temporary exhibitions. Andreas Gursky: Photographs 1994—1998 Until Strrt l6 May. £2.50

3’ 1799.1

9 I, I, A . r". . .. 1,1- .4‘ 'f g ' gig-4' v ‘9' A; :1 - n" "5‘2, “ii . . rr‘ih ! , ,v ’I -. ,

9.. y (f

a - . . i t"

1w 3’, .v . ' 3;," y ' v.9. ;,

Bathing boy: Seurat's Study for Une baignade, Asnieres forming part of The Draughtsman's Art at the National Gallery of Scotland

IE I .5lli. 'l he Deati I ialiciy \ itiaiigttrial exhibition features the Ill ‘1 exhibition iii Scotland of the work of German photographer .-\ (irirsky. Featuring oyer l\\t'lll_\ large-torirrat photographs created between I‘NI .tiid l‘)‘)r\'. the work has beet: described as ‘rttodet‘tt lite at the etrd ot the filth century ‘.



Western General Hospital. (‘reyye Road South. 552 2335. Mon 'I hit ‘taiii 5pm; Fri ‘)aiii I30pttt.

Anatomy Redressed I'rilil l'l'l ‘tll Apr. I)i'a\y itigs arid paintings exploring the human body by l<ttaiattllr .\l.'rcl .eod


27 ()tieettsletry Street. 220 —‘.l."ll. llaily 9. 30am 5 illprit t'I’lrtt Ill 6 illgtiir-

The Spirit Of Scotland L'ntrl that 35: Apr. landscape paintings by titlliari (ioodheii arid latte Drrcklreld.

DUNDAS STREET GALLERY 6a Dtiiidas Street. 558 ‘J ‘tbi Iliaiii (tpiii; Sat Illairi l[)lll. Two Centuries 0f Scottish Watercolours that in W -\::‘; \\';iter'colotit's by var rotrs .rrtrsts titcltidrtig Mary (ieorgitia \\'ade \\‘rlsori. \\';rtteisorr Herald arid \‘y‘tlliatri ( irllies.

.\Ioii l'll

EDINBURGH GALLERY Ib’a Dundas Street. 5.5” 5 Ilatii 5pm; Sat Illaiii lg‘rlll

Jenny Matthews and Douglas Phillips l'tttil Inc 2.0 -\[‘l \ No person shoe. featuring still lites .llltl icllltl\ctli‘i'\

New Artists For The New Millennium Sat 2-1.»\pr lire IS .\Iay l'rgtiiatiye paintings by four recent graduates .\l.trk Roscoe. Slt'pllt'll l.t)c'l\lldl'l. (‘liei y lt'llt' Dyer and Robert John .\Iaciiitl|.iti

22" .\lozi lll

EDINBURGH PRINTMAKERS 23 I'iiioii Street. 557 II“) Inc lilalii-bpiii.

RB. Kitaj: Portraits In Print t not Sat 24 Apr. RB. Kttai's last exhibition was a bitter farewell to Britain alter lty trig iii


this country for 30 years. The show at the Royal Acadeiiiy’s summer exhibition was a trtotrtage of pictures arid cuttings based on his obsession that the critics killed his \y ire. 'l‘wo years on. this exhibition looks at Kitai's pririttirakittg career front the early l‘)60s to tire present day.

EDINBURGH ZOO (‘oi'storphitic Road. 334 917 l. Daily ‘)aiii 5pm.

Natural Selection Until Fri 30 Apr. To celebrate the ‘)0th anniversary of the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland. art exhibition of work by Society staff and volunteers.

THE FILMHOUSE .\’.\' |.otliian Road. 228 2688. Daily

lllarrt lllptrr.

Joyce Caulfield t‘rttil Sat 1 May. Photographs of Italy by Joyce Catllfield. FINE ART LIBRARY (ieorge |\’ Bridge. 225 558-1 text 225). Mott 'l‘hti l0aiii~Spniz Fri l0aiit—5piii: Sat Uaiit lptil.

An Exhibition 0f Children's Art Until Fri 23 Apr. l-letibitiori resulting front art workshops led by Jenny Smith for 5---l2 year olds.


3.5 William Street. 225 2 l‘)6. Tue—Fri llatir 5pm: Sat llatii~2piii.

Mixed Exhibition llritil Fri 30 Apr. .\Ir\ed media works by gallery artists.


I5 Market Street. 225 2383. Mott—Sat lllartt 6pm; Sun ttooti--5pirt.

Evolution Isn't Over Yet Until Sat 2‘) May. An exhibition presenting the work of art etrtergiitg generatrorr of Scotland- based artists. taking its tlietrte from a range of both global and local concerns loosely connected with the idea of ‘eyoliition'. .-\t'tists taktrig part include Beagles t\- Ratitsay. l’aul (‘ai'tetz l-Ieiir'y \‘lll‘s \y'ives. (‘had McCail. Joanne 'l'atltaiii ck Tom 0' Sullivan. Clara Ursitti and Zoe Walker.