22a Dundas Street. 556 2 IS I. Mon—Fri 10.30am—6pm; Sat l0ani—4 )in.

Spring Mixed Exhibition Part I) Until Sat 24 Apr. ()ver 40 gallei'y artists show new work in a range of media including painting. prints. scttlptttre. ceramics and jewellery.


7| lnverleilh Row. 556 9766. Tue Sun

I lain~5pm.

Contemporary Chinese Paintings Until Wed 30 Jun. ('oiitempoiary (‘hmese paintings both framed and on scrolls. pltts unframed original paintings on (‘liinese paper


7 Grassmarket. 22‘) 7884. Mon—Sat l0am—6pm; Sun noon—5pm.

Helen Houston Until Sat 24 Apr. Mirrors made from driftwood pltis other works by Helen Houston.


6 Carlton Terrace. 556 444 I. Tue—Sat Hkun~6pni

Jeffrey Blondes Until Sat l5 May. Aiiierican-born painter Jeffrey Blondes shows landscape paintings of Scotland. Rupert Spira l'ntil Sat l5 May. An exhibition of stoneware bottles. vases atid bowls by Rupert Spira.


28 St Stephen Street. 226 544‘). Mon—Fri 9.30am—5pm.

Jill Calder Until Fri 7 May. Drawings by .Iill Calder. which illustrate the model Honor Ftaser's musings in Stallion/()1! .SII/lt/uv.


l3 Randolph Crescent. 225 5366. Mon-Fri ‘).3t)aiti--6..’~0piii: Sat

9.30am I..‘y0pm.

Eclipse lintil Stiii IS Apr. An informative exhibition to prepare for this year's total eclipse which w ill be visible in France and in Cornwall on I l Aug.


S2 Nieolsoit Street. 668 2252. Mon—Fri 10am-5pm.

II Cinema Di Rosi Fri I6---Fi'i 30 Apr. An exhibition of photographs by film director Francesco Rt)le set photographer. Sergio Strilzi. l’tt/‘I of I/It’ lltt/itiii I’llni l’t'ylii'ttl.

I2 66 (‘umberland Street. 558 9872. Mon—Fri l0am«6pm: Sat l0am-—-4pm. Eduardo Paolozzi t'ntil Sat I May. Sci'eenprints. etchings and lithographs by Iiduardo l’aolo/zi. KINGFISHER GALLERY

5 Northumberland Street l.ane. 557 5454. Mon-Sat Ham—4.30pm.

Kathleen Conboy l‘nt'tl Fri l6 Apr. Recent paintings by Kathleen (‘onboy including work inspired by her recent travels to the continent.

Liz Knox l'ntil Fri I6 Apr. Recent figurative paintings.

Hamish Gilchrist t‘ntil in lo Apt: Welded metal sculptures. KOJIN 4‘) Bernard Street. l.cith. 467 7392.

Tue l'l'l I lam 6pm: Sat ck Stiii

llam- 5.30pm.

Mixed Exhibition t'nttl tin 30 Apr. (‘ontempoi‘ary art featuring work by .Ian ('oy entry. Finlay Kenny atitl l’eter ()rla- Bard/kl.


65 The Shore. 553 5255. Tue“ Fri

llam 5pm; Sat llani 4pm.

James Watt and Alastair W. Thomson Until Sat l7 .-\pr. Watt paints the River Clyde and surrounding areas capturing its many moods. while Thomson's work focuses on interesting interiors aitd the outdoors.

Allison Weightman l.'iitil Sat l7 Apr. New ceramics.

New Glasgow Girls Tue 27 Apr Sat 15 May. New work by (ilasgow' School of Art graduates ('ltet‘ylette l)y cl'. Michelle Scragg and (ieorgie Young. MALCOLM INNES GALLERY

4 Dtmdas Street. 558 9544/5. Mon Fri 10am 63m1Sat Illam - I pm.

A Scottish Grand Tour L’ntil Sat 1 May. ’l‘opograpliical exhibition of famous Scottish landmarks.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF MODERN ART Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon -Sat l()aiii—-5piii'. Sun 2 5pm. (‘afe.

Henri Cartier-Bresson Portraits: Tete- A-Tete Until Sun 9 May. £3 tL'l.50l includes entry to Avigdor Ariklia. The first ever retrospective of Henri (‘artier— Bresson's portraits featuring oy er I20 photographs from a career spanning 60 years. Famous faces include Matisse. Jean Paul Sartre. Marilyn Monroe. Francis Bacon. Truman ('apote. Martin Luther Kiiig and Lucian Freud.

Avigdor Arikha Until Stiti ‘) May. L5 (£4.50) includes entry to Henri (‘artier- Bresson. The only showing outside Israel of a retrospective exhibition devoted to the work the Israeli artist.

NATIONAL GALLERY OF SCOTLAND The Mound. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266i. Mon Sal |()am-6pm; Stiii 2 6pm.

The Draughtsman’s Art l'niil Sun 1 % .lllll. This exhibition brings together l'tye centuries of draw ings from British. Dutch. Flemish. French. Italian and German artists. display mg oyei St) master drawings. with examples front Iconardo da Vinci. Raphael. Rubens. liottcltet'. Blake. Seurat and \‘v'tlkic.


Queen Street. 624 6200 trecorded information 332 2266i. Mon Sat l0am—-5pm: Sun 2 5pm. (‘afe

Kenny Hunter l'ntil Sun 30 May. ()utsi/ed sculptures by Kenny llunter. influenced by

cartoons and his own collection of plastic

figures. Personalities iiiiiiitii‘tttlist‘tl in plastic include Bill (‘lintotr Boris Yeltsin

and Monica Lewinsky.

Curve: Mark Johnston t‘nnl sun 36 May. Mark Johnston’s photomontage pictures offering a whole new pci'spectiye

on seeing. The aerial. 360 degree images

feature landscape and architectural form from Scotland and Sloyakla and explore a connection between our understanding of the universe and the way we see.

NEW TOWN CONSERVATION CENTRE I311 Duiidas Street. 55" 5222. Mon Fri 9am s-lpm: 2 -5pm.

Princes Street: Unexecuted Designs 1767—1999 Until Fri ‘0 .»\pr. Plans and designs foi Princes Street w Inch were never carried out.


7.5 7‘) (‘uniberland Street. 55" MIN Mon Fri l0am 6pm; Sat lllam 4pm John Kingsley Cook 1911-1994 t'ntil Thu l5 Apr. .-\ reti'ospectiy e exhibition ol John Kingsley (‘ook highlighting the range of work he cart tetl otit throughout his career.

Katie Eastaugh t‘ntil ‘I‘liti l5 .-\pi. Natural. earthenware ceramic pieces Archie Dunbar McIntosh that tho 1* Apr. Semi-abstract paintings including seascapes.

Deborah Edwards t'nttl ‘l'liu o May.

(‘onteiiiporary ceramics.

David Hemingsley Sat I7 .-\[‘I 'l‘liu o May. (‘eraiiiic hand btiilt \esscls.

Bairy McGlashan Sat 17 .-\pt‘ '1 lltl 6 May. l‘tgtiratiye works oti paper.

Rock And Rollers Sat l" :\pi' 'l‘liu 6 May. large seascapes by l'i'ances Macl )onaltl. PATRIOTHALL GALLERY

t\\'.-\Sl’Si l’ati'iothall Studios. oll ~I\ llamilton

Place. 225 I28”. Daily llain 5pm

A Quiet Dance 'l‘liu I5 wed :s .-\[‘1' Recent paintings by I-.w.ui Wilson and

Tom Aldridge.

* riéduew’s HALL

(‘let‘k‘ Street. 667 7776 Moii Sat l()aitt——5.3()pni.

l Fresh Light On The Familiar t Illll Sal

listings ART

photographs ofclosely framed plants by Graham Fagen. The images. presented alongside narrative texts. provide aii ironic commentary on public stereotypes and our anxieties.

Cartooning For Equality Fawcett’s Fun Girls Until Thti 22 Apr. ((‘aledonian Hall). A light-hearted look at women's I30-year struggle for equality through a collection ofcartoons.

InGENEious Until Mon .‘y May. tlixhibition Hall). An interactive exhibition illustrating the science behind recent developn.ents in genetic modification.

24 Apr. (iouaclie paintings by Kathleen Buttfield focusing on the effect of light. whether on landscapes. buildings. flowers. boats or still life.

Sheena Russell Mon 26 AprmSat 2‘) May. I’aintings. mainly in oils by (ilttsgow' School of Art graduate Sheena Russell. influenced by the visual language of cinema. comic books and advertising.


63 Dublin Street. 557 0480. Tue- Fri l0am- 5pm; Sat l0am —6pin. Alexandra Knubley Thu 22 APP-THC Ih’ May. Vibrant. textural paintings depicting the light. landscape and architecture of Southern litirope and the Iloly Land.

THE ROYAL EDINBURGH HOSPITAL The Link Gallery. t‘v‘lorningside Place. 22‘) 3555. For further information call Artlink on 22‘) .1555.

Fusion Until Sun 25 .-\pi'. Paintings and multimedia artworks by patients at The Royal lidinburgli Hospital.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN lnverleilh House. lnverleilh Row. 552 7l7l. Wed Sttti llam 5pm.

Graham Fagen At The Botanics ltntll

Sat I May. large-scale glossy colour Continued over page


80/1 MONTGOMERY STREET, EDINBURGH Til—{7 51A TEL: ()131 556 8397

Opportunities for all mum“.

Paintings required for ScotArt‘s exclusive Artfbr Offices portfolio. Please send up to 12 slides. with SAIL written (I\' and price list.

For more infbmmtimz contact Sam/7 Bowman.

I No Nelse Samples— An audio/sculptural collection by. Chris Biddlecombe and David Trouton

of Modern Art 30th May

Glasgow Gallery

16th April -

The Meffan Gallery, Forfar 26th June - 24th July

YAMAHA :AL“"“:'“: