ART listings

ART LISTINGS continued


The Pelican (iallery. l Lauriston Place. 22‘) 3555. For further information call Artlink on 22‘) 3555.

Contemporary Scottish Textiles Until Sun 25 Apr. Contemporary textiles ranging from wall hangings to small tapestries.


Landings (iallery. |00 Princes Street. 225 I50]. Daily ltlaiii—opm.

Todd Narbey Until l—‘ri 2| May. Recent paintings.

Russian Lacquer Miniatures Until Sat 8 May. Miniatures by contemporary artists from four central Russian villages: ls’holtii. Palckh. Pedoskino and Mstiora.


The Mound. 225 667 l. Mon-Sat

ltlaiii "5pm; Stiit 2-5pm.

The 173rd Annual Exhibition Sat 24 Apr- Stiii ll Jtil. £2 (£l i. The annual exhibition of painting. sculpture and architecture featuring work by Academy members and selected non-nieiiibers as well as work by the late Alberto Morrocco. David McClure and James McIntosh Patrick.


l(i Dundas Street. 558 I200. Mon—Fri l0ain -(ipni; Sat ltlam—4pm.

Denise Findlay Until Wed 5 May. Figurative paintings by Denise Findlay. Kathie Murphy Until Wed 5 May. Contemporary jewellery.

Automata Until Wed 5 May. A group show of atitoinata.


23 Cockbtii'n Street. 622 (i200. Tue—Sal lllalit—(ipiii.

The Queen Is Dead Until Sat 24 Apt". Toby Webster from the Modern Institute in Glasgow cui'ates this group show bringing together artists from Australia and Scotland. Willi work by Australian artists Kate Beyiion. Danius Kesminas. (.‘alltiin Morton and Haity Armanious. the show also features pieces by Scotland- based artists Martin Boyce. Jim Lambie. \"ictoi‘ia Morton. Mary Redmond and (‘athy Wilkes.


3h Dtmdas Street. 556 (i300. Mon—Fri llani bpm: Sat l0.30am——lpm.

Ken Ferguson Until Sat 24 Apr. Highland landscape paintings.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other museums, see Edinburgh Life, page 87.


I42 Canongate. 52‘) 4 H3. bltHh—Stll ltlani--5pni. Free.

Bolti Tasveerein Talking Pictures l'ntil Sat l May. A photography exhibition looking at the culture and lifestyle of Sotitli Asian women in lidinbtirgh.


42 High Street. 52‘) .l l42. Moii—-Sat ltlain~5pni l-ree.

Seen But Not Heard: The Lives Of Victorian Children L‘ntil Sat 24 Apr. An exhibition examining all aspects of life during Victorian times from schooling and working children to entertainment and fainin life.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM .\'ewhavcn llarboui'. 55! 4 l(i5. Mon~Sat noon -5pm. l‘ree.

Photographic Memories Until Thu 30 Sep. Photographs by Hill and Adamson. taken iii the l340s and contemporary portraits by Miles Tttbb. linking past and present generations in Newhaven.

ROYAL MUSEUM or- SCOTLAND 2 (‘liantbei's Street. 247 42l‘). Mon—Sat

78 THE “ST l5"29/\[)l l‘l‘l‘)

l0am—5piii (8pm Tue); Sun noon—5pm. £3 (£l.50); under l8s free.

Ground Until Sun 2 May. Metal sculptures by Jake Harvey including four small sculptures using the Naiibti technique ofcolouring metal. which he created during a three-week residency at Ukishima Sculpture Studio in Japan. Ways Of Editing Until Sun 2 May. Paperworks by Jacki Parry featuring small-scale objects using cast hand-made paper. which combine both Japanese and Western techniques.

80 Jeffares: Reflections Until Sun to May. Paintings by Bo .leffares focusing on Japan with subjects such as '/.en gardens and cherry blossom trees. fusing her knowledge of both Japanese and Western culture.

Children In Ukiyo-e Until Sun In May. ()ver l64 Japanese woodblock prints of the Edo period focusing on ukiyo-e which portray children. Artists include Hokusai. Hiroshige and Utamaro. Discovering Japan Until Sun () Jun. Hands-on fun at this interactive exhibition which delves into the lifestyles and customs ofJapan.

Transistors Until Wed 30 Jun. David Mach. Will Maclean. Dalziel & Scullion. Andy Goldswortliy and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi are among the line- up of leading Scottish sculptors exhibiting small-scale work. Created for the lwate Art Festival in Japan. the works receive their first Edinburgh showing. See review.

New Ways 01‘ Seeing Until Sun to May. (Craft Gallery). Contemporary crafts and applied art from the M usetiin's collection.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair's Close. 52‘) 4901. Mon—Sat l0ani—5pin. Free. IAm Ever Yours Until Sai .‘sl in]. A selection of manuscript letters front Robert Burns to various correspondents spanning the period from I733 to 17%.


l52 Nethergate. ()l382 432000. Tue-Sun ll.30ain—7.30pm.

Prime Until Stiii ‘) May. Dundee's new contemporary arts venue opens with Prime. an exhibition celebrating and exploring the power and immediacy of contemporary art. The show features painting. sculpture. video and installation by an impressive line-tip ol‘ artists including Anya Gallaccio. Calltiiii lnnes. Catherine Yass. Andy Warhol. Kiki Smith. Tony Cragg. Joseph Betty's and Anish Kapoor.




2 Sltore Road. ()l383 860705. Mon—Fri 10am—5pm; Sat llani—5pni: Sun 2~5pnt

Four Fife Artists Until Tue l8 .\lay. An exhibition of work by invited artists l).ll. Fisher. Adam Martin. Roy McCallum and AM. Wilson.

East Kilbride


()ld Coach Road. East Kilbride. 0l355 26 l()()(). Mon—Sat ‘)am—‘)pin: Sun noon—Qpni

Semi-Detached Until Thu 22 Apr. .‘s‘ew paintings by Andrew MacKenzie exploring the relationship between nature and the urban landscape.



35 The Stirling Arcade. 0l7.\’(i 47936 I. Tue—Sal Ham—4.30pm.

Kevin Hutcheson and Clare Stephenson Until Sat l5 May. Stephenson shows images of .lapanese and American motor racing circuits aiid spray-painted views of institutional buildings and Hutcheson displays text- based work quoting generic crime fiction and the films of .lean-l.uc ('ioddard. See review. page 73.

lectures 8t events


Spring Open Day Sun 18 Apr. noon-77pm. (jlasgow ('ei'ainic Sttidio. 25b Alexandra Parade. 554 2225. The ceramic sttidio opens its door with the opportunity to try your hand at i'akti

glazing and throwing a pot. plus a sale of

potters' work. a raffle and refreshments. Presenting Mackintosh \\'ed 2t Apr. 5.45pm. Free. lltinterian Art (iallery. Pamela Roberston front llunterian Art Gallery giy es a talk on (ilasgow architect. (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh. Marc Newson wed 28 Apr. (iplll. £4.25 (£2). Glasgow l-‘iliii Theatre. To coincide with the retrospective exhibition at McLellan (.iallei'ies t30 Apr— l‘) .ltiii l. Marc Newson talks about his work. Glasgow Cathedral: Why It Was Built And How It Was Used Thu 2‘) .-\pi‘. 7.30pm. l‘ree. St .‘yltiitgo .\ltisetiiii of Religious life And Art. 2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Dr Richard l'awcett front llistoi'ic- Scotland gi\es an illustrated lecture on ('ilasgow (‘atliedi'al


The Virgin And Child With St John And The Baptist And An Unidentified Male Saint l-‘ri lb ,-\pi'. l2.~l5 | l5pni. l~'i'ee. National Gallery of Scotland. (‘olin Hailey talks abotit Titian’s painting. Graham Fagen Sat l7 .-\pi‘. 2pm. Royal Botanic (.iarden. (iraliam l-agen gives a talk on his work on show iii the gallery. Cartier-Bresson's Portrait Photographs Mon l‘) :\[H'.

l2.45--~ | .I5pni. l‘i‘ee. National Gallery of Modern Art t(iyitinasittiiii. Roger llai‘gt'e;i\es gives an illustrated talk on (‘ttt'llet'-lil‘esstill's “oils.

The Potter's Hand Tue 20 ,-\pi'. 0 Split.

El. Royal .\Ittsetim ()fScotland. Sculptor

and potter Dave (‘olieii gives a talk. Curve \Ved 2| Apr. 12-15 I. l5piii. l‘i'ee. National Portrait (iallei'y Photographei Mark .lolinsion talks about his woik currently on show

t , M X..:',"f, 13,1, i I Playtime: Detail from Summer, 1850’s by Utagawa on show

.. A \. "N‘ 1. . “a . m: "~. ,m‘.‘_-.;,s>1 in Children In Ukiyo-e

at the Royal Museum

The Feast Of Herod Hi 23 Apr. l2.-l5---|. l5piit. lice. National Gallery of Scotland. (‘oliii Cruise ptits Sir Peter Paul Rtibens' painting under the spotlight. Making It . . . Scottish Sculpture Trust Sat 24 t‘c Sun 25 Apr. £5427. \r'ariotis Venues in Edinburgh. For tickets and further details call 220 4788. The Scottish Sculpture Trust celebrates its 2lst aniiiyersary with a weekend of events demonstrating the range of contemporary sculpture. Highlights include open studios at lidiiibtirgli Sculpture Workshop. bronze casting at Powderhall Bron/c. exhibitions. artists talks and discussions.

A Northern Romance: An Introduction To The Work 0f Gursky .\loii 2(i Apr. I245 l.l5piii. l‘i'ee. National (iallery of Modern Art. i(iyiiinasitiini. Siobhan Dotigherty gives an illustrated talk on the work of Andreas (itirsky. currently on show at the Dean (iallery.

Romance 1920 Wed 28 Apr. l2.-l5--l.l5pni. lii'ee. National Portrait (iallei‘y. l‘i'ances‘ bow le talks about Cecile Walton‘s work.


Jewellery Now \y‘ed 2t .-\pl'. 7 -‘)pltl. l-‘i‘ee. Dundee ('onteitiporary .-\i't.s. Amanda (ianie. who recently curated .lt’llt’l/t'l'Y .lliii't'i at the Royal Museum iii lidiiibtii'gli. talks about contemporary craft-based jew ellei'y.

Printmaking And Poetry The 22 Apr. 0.30 Spin. l-"ree. Dundee Contemporary .-\t'ls. Poet .Iolin Burnside and artist Will .\lac|ean discuss their collaborative print- poem "The l‘iipi'oyable l‘act: .-\ Tayside Inventory".

Prime Gallery Discussion Sat 24 Apr. 2 .‘I‘ni. l-i'ee. Dundee (‘onteiitt‘orat'5' .-\l'l.\. l.ticy lleyward and Pattl Nesbitt take part in a discussion about the work iii the current exhibition.

Artists Open To Question Sun 25 Apr. 2.30 4.30pm. l‘ree. Dundee t'oiiteiiipoi'at'y .-\i'ts. Pat i‘tSilt‘f. curator at Talbot Rice (iallery iii l‘xliiibtii'gb. talks to l.otiise llopkins aild (.‘atliei‘ine Yass who are currently showing work in the current e\liibition. l’i'iiiit'