O O O O O O O O 0 Assembly Rooms, George Street, Edinburgh


Huge range of dance classes now available.

Call for a free brochure on

0I3I 225 5525 l °€DINBVRGH° 3:.


I Salsa Party May holiday weekend with (‘lub Salsa Sabrosal at the Henry Wood Hall. Saturday I May. ‘Iprn-Iarn. With I).Is Keith and Alesis plrrs guests. : Tapas bar. Tickets available in advance £5.00 from tlie door at class nights (see other ady'erl l'or‘ details) and l'rorn Real Music. 3.1 l’arnie Street and McC‘liuills. High Street or £0.50 on the door on | May. ()ther nights when you can hear the Salsa Sabrosa I).Is play:

THE DANCE FROM FRANCE mmmomuummm ALICIzues £4.50 mut'IJOPI'n-IOJOpm MON LeRoc Paisley

IKON Club, Old Sncddon SI, I’unlcy.

LeRoc Mothorwoll

United Serviceman! Club. Mothnvcll.

LOROC Glasgow

Blyduwood Hall. 144 Bath St. (Pk-gov.

WED LeRoc Ayr



"up LeRoc Edinburgh Nonoodlo apamas the talents ho“ PARTY NIGHTS ONCE A MONTH

1 'l‘htn'sdays. Rpm-3am. Bar Hayana. Hope Street. 3nd Saturday ey'ery' month. .'\lc(’liurl|s. High Street & Saturday 24th April. McC‘huills. \Vest lirid lMcC‘huills gigs. S30- l3 l‘ree enlr‘yl. More delails’.’ Karen l’asi ()lJl 339-1193. I Hip hop/street dance a v|a//ercise classes -- jau. based. dance r\' e\ercise classes. Beginners welcome at any time wear loose clothes & trainers. Saturdays at Norllicole Scotrl Hall. 4 Victoria (’ir‘cus. Hyndlarid. 10:15am street dance. l|.-45arii jaI/ercise. Price £4.00 (£3.50 concsl per class. More details.’ Karcll l’asi 0H] ‘3‘) II‘H. I LEARN TO LINDY HOP with The Edinburgh Swing Dance Society! Lindy is the original partner dance lirorn the ‘Swing‘ lira. and still going strong. \‘s'eekly ’I‘hursday' Lindy Hop classes with local teachers - Beginners. 7.30-8.3llpm. Beg— lntermediales. Sill—()fillprii. LII per class. Get a head start witli Masterclasses lrotli (‘ar'oleile (\' Rtlsscll on Sunday lllll April. ‘Illi .\lay N i 1th .Iune. Beginners. ll.0i)—l._‘s0pm. luternrediales. 3.30-5.00pm. 2.10


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The original and best l'orni

ol‘ modern .riy'e.

Now on the Web point your browser at: Beginners welcome every week at any night. 15 minutes beginners class l'ollow ed by dancing to l0._‘s0pm. HALF-PRICE OFFER FOR UP TO 3 NEW MEMBERS WITH THIS ADVERT

Learn to dance to any music. cltib. Latin. rock ‘n' roll. etc. A licensed bar is available at most nights. (‘ome alone or with lriends (no need to bring a pai'trierr. Doors open at 7. l5pni, Beginners' class at 7.30pm. Aberdeen: Thursdays

at The Palace Nightclub. Bridge I’IIICL‘ IUII lil'ltlgt‘ Sll‘L‘L‘II. Attention: Aberdeen only. doors open 7pm. Beginners class

7 ISpni.

l-i'eeslyle lrl lllpni.

Dundee: Wednesdays at The (’r'aig'l'ay llotei. I0l Brougth I'cl't‘y Road.

Glasgow: Mondays at The Asylum. 70 (‘owcatldens Road. opposite Buchanan Bits Station. Wednesdays al The (ilasgow l'niyersily‘ I’nion. i3 l'nryersrly ,»\\enue. \Vest laud.

Edinburgh: Tuesdays and Thursdays at St Stephen's Church Hall. St Stephens St tbottoni oI' Howe St i. Slockluidge.

Falkirk: Tuesdays at The Marlell. Burnbank Rd. olI (iraliaiiis Rd.

Livingston: Mondays at Ilit' I.i\i Nilespol. l.r\'ingstori .»\lmorrd\ale l(' Stadruni. Note: ('la‘sses are open throughout the year

including batik holidays, Further details from

01324 613209.


III Montgomery Street. I‘itlllll‘lll'gll. .\'o esperience or partner necessary. Merribershrp discount ayailable. lnl‘orniatron l) l 31 (i(il (i027. InloesdsttI y'rr'girihel. I Salsa Classes Tuesdays at Illc‘ Lilli NUIL' (illlli. :(TI) (‘lytlc St. Beginners 7.39—8.30pni. intermediates 9. IS- I0. I5pm. 9.30pm onwards (‘lub Salsa Sabrosal ’I‘lmrsdays at Bar' ll;l\'ill‘.11. 50 Ilope Street. Beginners S 9.30pm. 9.30 _‘ialti. (‘ltib Salsa Sabi'osa. (‘lass prices L~I.l)(l (Lifilli I‘or the eyenmg riricludes entry to club al'terwai'dsi More delails‘.’ Karen l’asr lllJl 3 W .1 I03.

-\|l classes at The (‘alton ('entre.

i i

I Dissatisfied with your life? Find out why and ways to change with the help of a qualified and experienced counsellor. Individual counselling sessions and workshops. For details phone Louise llay' Training 0! 3| 3l5 3532.

I Dead doctors don‘t lie. Nor listening to this tape could damage your health. l‘or your free copy. send two first class stariipsz- Millbrook. 7 West High Street. (_ireenlaw. Berwickshire


STONE THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE 20 l-"orth Street. lil‘ll.

‘a natural antidote to stress' Member of The (iuild ol ('onipleinentary Practitioners. Rob McNicholIs 0468 618547.

I Stammering - lind your way l‘or'wat'd. Weekly ey‘ciiing group lead by independent specialist speech therapist/ctiunsellor. Meets term times. (’ontact Jan .\riderson on 01M 32‘) S060.

THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE to suit your relaxation and treatment needs. liase away tension and stress. Call D Anderson on 0131 656 9190 24 hrs

l’rol 0 Qualified

PERSON-CENTRED COUNSELLING Bereayeuient. relationships. couples counselling. stress. creatiye llierapies. personal tleyelopltictll etc. l‘ee negotiable. Initial session free. Susan Bittker 0131 343 3448

rZ-l-liour arisw ei'phone l.

HOMEOPATHY HELPS lisam lear".’ l’oor' concentr‘ati'iri'.’

Bad memory”? Acne. IBS. astlinia. l’MT. eating disorders. Student discounts ayailablc. Contact Heinke Woodbridge 0131 221 1415.

I Counselling in Glasgow there are times when we lind II hard to nrake sense ol‘ our t'eelings. l‘or‘ ati appointment

w illi an e\perienced counsellor. ring Michael Rigg on “HI 95‘) 23-15.

I Get relief, ease pain, reduce stress. relasrng. deep massage therapy lor women. ()ualilied. prolessional lieniale practitioner. ('.m help with work. stress or sports aelaled pain By appornlriienl. l.ia 'l'r'entmarui

lll .il NiS ~17“).

MASSAGE MAKES YOU FEEL GREAT. 'l'liei'apeutrc massage will treat many stress—related conditions and symptoms. Ronnie Sutherland DTM. 0131 288 3871. THERAPEUTIC PAINTING WORKSHOPS IN EDINBURGH STUDIO.

Haye ltiril .-\nd drscoy'er yotrr’sell. Sis week Tuesday eyemrig terrii _‘0 .'\pl'|l - 25 May. Lib. Islllll I‘L‘kc‘lc‘y.

Tel: 0131 3361737 (answerphone).

catered for. Beginners welcome.

the heart. A natural path ol‘




Complementary therapists, tarot, massage, per- sonal growth, crystal healing & many more

Come along and find out more. Therapists will be offering taster sessrons all day.


Admission £2 (£1) organised by Body 8. SOuI 800kshcp 0131 226 3066 Scotland's loremcsl Mind Body Soiri: BCOKSIIC‘D wwwbodyands-QUIbookshooco Uk‘

Body & Soul Present

Feng Shui

Weekend Workshop 17/18 April in Central Edinburgh with Kate McHardy 23c: "3:57 ‘forn 1.0; rr‘e try laidng :c: i2:in changes a”. y IL! Inc-me .lt‘d worker 2.35 gait l‘i'li‘ ye: -ear'i if»? seat?! 0' my... to marriage y’JUI energy are: health. greatly liar-toy: 1.3.: re“).- ’. 3"~S"':S arid Create and maintain irea'tfi trsrng the seems 3’ “mg Stirrr Ka'e I'ICT‘Iaid‘r has :2 "9d rum Britarns top mattresses I.'I :t‘e art or Feng Shirt 8’»: rs rim-i .".:""'I"C_Z workshops =n llirs entrant Chrrese prance I’IIOLQYIIILJ' Scotland This workshop wIII change your Illa! Fee: £85 tor two till days. FOR MORE INFO CONTACT BODY & SOUL ON 0131 226 3066 52 HAMILTON PLACE, STOCKBRIDGE, EDINBURGH

I Iyengar Yoga Don‘t delay phone now for details of Iyengar Yoga classes in Glasgow and surrounding area. .-\II levels

Firehorse 01‘ AG EN CY

Want to join the roster of

Tel (ll-ll 9-15 3931. I Sahaj Marg: riieditatiori on

transtornialion lorrn within that balances spirituality with

ey'ery day Inc. No lees. ()pen to all regardless of background or persuasion. (‘orilactz 01875 S3053 (lidinburgli) or OH]

337 3355 (Glasgow).

Scotland’s finest DI’s? '





the best 705 tribute band in Scotland

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