I Are you an ambitious singer/songwriter? why not record your CD at the Music Production House with the help of the best guitarists. bassists. keyboardists and sax players in Scotland? You don't need to play an instrument at all. Call John on Ol4l 337 2358.

I Experienced keyboard player female backing vocal and percussion for band. Soul. funk. jazz music for London tour. Call Ross 0l4l 578 553l. mobile 07979 310093.

I Experienced guitarist mandolin player seeks players for folk/ceilidh line-up. Vocals/harmonies appreciated. Call Dave on ()l3l 558 9673. I Established Edinburgh band with record company interest. seek keyboard player/singer (in/f) to complete line-up. Influences: Radiohead. Jayhawks. Blur. Phone Paul on 0l592 6| I499.

I Party/skalupbeat folk band wanted for private event in Glasgow area. Must be able to make kool kids and grisly grannies dance! Send tapes ASAP to 78 Upper Tooting Road. London SW17 7T8.




7 years of stress free moving


full time & friendly convenient & dependable 0|3l 229 836l

also in tho 8:; IssueThomsom & Yellow Page: c-mail intransit@< wcom not

EASY MOVE for light removals and general transporting. The friendly professional service at affordable prices. Call Gordon Allan on 0131 332 1904.

MALE LIFE MODEL Available for artists 8; photographers. small groups 8; students' art classes for portfolios From £5 per hour, Phone David 0131 659 5151/0403 472653

I Buying a PC? Let PCMS build it to your individual requirements. Windows troubleshooting. software/hardware upgrades also carried out. l'i-nrail: PCMSQt’ritibox.ctiiii or leave a message on: ()l4l ()30 l510.


I For Sale tumble dryer. Good as new. hardly used. Quick sale because of move. ()nly £40. (‘all ()l3l 228 4976.

I Full size coin-operated pool table for sale. Excellent condition. Cues. balls. chalk included. RRP £500. will take £350 nno. Tel 0l4l 33‘) 5 l 53.




JOlll 03:.“ fj’ {be :33: . . .. 3’\CISL~Q=.':,1".;".".:. - 3" it'll". ,, NCi‘r Est-3': 3,.7‘ We 31:9! eve"; lx‘tFiIIE‘. " ..) '7 l- :.'::i"' :'.'r.;1:~‘:-_>.; (I: Home E .2 " '

fC' from. “gunk? Ed'r‘titrrm y..- .i. a

L) Hat-.9 Sf;.~.;,- __7., l? trig; .



The original and largest adventure. socia grant;

adults. Events. iricrrr

badminton, rarities 'r ears; out. weekends arr-ray at. ‘1 foreign trips.

Phone Spice or. 0131 662 9600

for a free info pack.

IS YOUR LIFE THIS EVENTFUL? Aerobics. llill-‘.r...ikirrg. Meals ()ut. Barlrrrrrrtws.

Bridge. Cinema. l).r;.trr.g‘. Tennis. 'l’heaire. l’artres. Football. lixhil‘rtrorrs. t'erird'frs. “cckctid 'l‘t'lt‘s and lots oi other ttcliy'illcs too to rrientron'

It could be with IVC a self—run club for" go- :lreao

people. Meirrber'slr1p is ie ts '3...r: £30 a year. You can grye

us a try for a month or so with no obligation to rorrr btrt we're sure you‘ll '.~.a:rt to' I)c'l;lll.\ from 0131 552 8621 for ladirrbuzgii. 07020 955482 foi' (ilasgoys or 01382 737839 for Dundee (i~lllprrr.


FEST] VA L FLATS Est: 1986 We are once again seeking quality central flats to accommodate professional F estiva! participants for I, 2. 3, 4, week lets during August.

Iinquirres to and rrrfoirrratron from: (‘ar'ole Siiritlr«.~\nrre t it‘lll.” Icl. 01030 \lllb30.

3 lanky lea (iottages. (irltord. liast l.otliian. lull4l ll’l‘,


I Beautiful, spacious two bedroom baseirieut fla'. overlooking Kelvrngroye Park. well furnished. decorated. bath/show er. (iSl-l. l’auo garden. Sleep four. 'l‘el (ll-ll ‘5" Z-los,

l l l r r

EDINBURGH I Large, central flat lounge. kitchen. bedroom. box room and

batlirotnil/electric shower. CiCH. ..

L430 pill. Phone ()I 3| 228 (i482.



I Sunny and peaceful couple seek beautiful two betlrooill property with north or east facing front entrance. garden and bathroom in or near lidriiburglr min lyr' let. (‘onsider house-sit 013i 337 0778’.

i I Wanted unfurnished studio

flat for young. professional in .‘t‘lllldl lidinbur'gii. under .leycioped or in poor repair

s“ LilLikllllC. ‘I

.__«\.‘ t...


I Double room available in \ortl: \Vootlsidc flat. .~\ll mod cons 10 rrrirrs from 3 l'nr‘s. L700 pcnr inc! ("ll Share bills. available irrrrrredrately 'I‘el ill-ll ss‘ m“; or 0‘1)? 834 759,

I West End xery large. single roorrr. =‘.c\\ double bed. carpets. freshly painted and decorated. (NH and all arod cons. ltrciudcs all bills ;t':1.s("l I‘t'tctrrlly flat. cf“ t‘-cri.. 'fel til-l2 954 3‘" 3'1.

l I Near City Centre two \ery

large rooms. would suit a

couple. \V'w double bed.

.‘at‘t‘t‘ls. freshly l‘allili’tl and decorate} (it If and all mod cons. lnciudes a'r'r bills plus (I tiat €35" pcrrr l‘el



il'; 1! “51 I SOUthSIdetv.ti1iroitts irla'! in raised. as flat


is terraalrr hated \\llrl :rros. i ;' i in! r. o:.s .r.rv.. f.ri‘_'~‘ slrarea lr' 'r.‘l: it ( '~‘..tlr :‘.r~\ reacli ,. 1- U. - i V win.»

an; oil shops .ard social lrfc. “7:53;:‘r:or;1lrrrrcl.briis. ,\.r iy arr: 13.1 13:0 I Fully furnished room lll

'. cornly \Vest land flat. with in» guy s rbotlr 30s. ‘.‘.\‘llsllr_.’ 1. Shower. gas (ll.

ph. :re ,-\\.;rrl end of \pr'il. Rent. blbltpdtl; ("l L’ to [‘c‘llll dep £50? Would sttll reliable. considerate perm rr. r‘rel trial-ire ~tudetrt or errrployetl. (ail Ill-ll .570 9040. I A room for rent lll nice flat. ‘4 Hi) pcrrr l'tlII} IX}. shower. \\'.\I. £50 deposit required. l‘cirnrstourr. t lose to shops. (llril 772 .il85 tans. l‘‘Il.l. lllll 439 030l rllar'ry r.

I Large trouble bedi‘ooiil ..\arlable rrr labttlotrs flat to share with one other lively prof.


l 'ltrr trrrrrs \salk frorrr city centre

lrirmedi..te ctrlty. Parking. L335 - bills ~ deposit required (ll-ll 43‘) l“ l b after oprrr.

I East End ll'c‘sllly decorated room .ryazlable Ill comfortable two l‘uxiroor‘r fiat near -\le-..rrrr!er l’arade. Sharing with one stutlert'. L380 pcm i bills.

("1. \lrr:r.tes from city centre.

rdeal for Stiatlr lirr/(‘ollcge of ('orrr'rrerce \Voiild suit student or prof (Kill .-\'ic\ on (Hill .504 ‘H3lr .ilt (‘PIIL Sorry no I188 I Mi'f to share modern well stitrrg‘pcri. Soutirsrdc llat. orie rrrrrr tribe \l.\ .\lust be cat tolerant arid easy-going. .»\\arl soon. .\'/s. woi'king/postgi'ad preferred £350 incl. Deposit

required illll No.1.



I Newly furnished room to rent in Hillliead. Glasgow. Near underground and all amenities. Professional m/f. Rent £270 including (.‘fl‘. Call ()l4l 339 3l4l after (rpm.

I Room in friendly Hillhead flat. sharing with four others. £l80 pcm. (‘T incl. 'l‘el OH] 334 3I(i().

I Do you want all the pleasures of countryside yet to be in easy reach (30 minsi of the city centre'.’ Room available in turn -of-tlie-ceirtury cottage. south of (ilasgow. \‘eggie household. front & rear gardens. outlook onto fields ck”. hills. real fire etc. ()nly £45 pcm (\L bills. I’lioite 0l4| 88l 0040.

I Flatmate wanted to share quiet .'\lllllc‘.\‘lillltl flat. ('lose to Safeway and local transport. Suit prof female. rr/s. 30ish. £200 pcin 4- bills + ("II Available start May. tll4l 954 7830.

I Two rooms available in large. sunny Dennistoun flat. All amenities. £l80 + bills per month. Please phone Moira oii 0l3l SSI 5553.

I Two rooms lll three bedroom rrrodern flat. Secure entry. private parking. (lose to bus/rail. Shower. DC}. CH. L'lo0 pcm. Tel 0141 95l 87lo.

I Comfy room in sunny West lind flat to share with prof female. .'\l| mod cons. Close to ls'ely riigr'oye Park. Rent £200 pcm -+- deposit. ("l + bills. ("all 0‘80 335 2779.

I Spacious room lll large r'erroyated (ilasgow flat with modern shared kitchen. shower and toilets (ias (‘ll Close to \lll‘\\;l}'. limployed pi'eferi't d. 00155004030.

I Flatmate wanted to share large Southside flat with one other female .\'/s prefered. (‘lose to train station. £195 pcm. (ll-ll ()49 73 I4

I Room in lovely modern llat \‘-llIl all rirod cons. Suit tidy. n/s. young professional. £340 + bills. 0l4l 558 5443.

I Flatmate required to share beautiful flat in Pollockshields. {loo per rirontlr + bills. lilaniates 8 easy going (k friendly? Tel ()7887 ()054o0.

I Double room for rent iii \Vt‘sl liad ll'al. lyso lllllls underground iv bus. Walking distance to city centre. Would suit young. professional with a social life. (‘all Lydia 0|4l 333 noon '

I Gay-friendly person wanted for double room in modern three bedroom house. Kruning Park. .\ like dogs. £300 pcm. No other bills escept phone. (fall .-\lisoii 07970 lb] 986 or Nick

0797l 339 0.5 I.

.4 ,7

Cart no to register

Summer ’I 999

Fortusa'ig 1998's success; Wllll Srrmmer.festiva: again urgently looking for ‘.‘.’t’.ll~Illl‘llliillfid and appointed contra! a 33 {3 bedroom flats; Prospect. of guaranteed rents; from :00

:raalrt‘, overseas; and other visitors to Edinburgh Botrkarg rov.|

I Large, bright room to let in friendly Dennistoun flat with OCH. washing machine. phone etc. Veggie n/s preferred. £l95 pcm + bills. Phone Jon on 0|4l 550 3717 or ()l4l 550 I498.

I Clean, friendly home needed for trainee lawyer moving to l.eitb (n/s male). Ideally sharing with one other. inclusive deals most welcome. 'l‘el 014i 423 459l.

I Partick room to let in comfortable. conveniently located flat. all mod cons. (‘oiisiderate and tidy professional/post grad preferred. .\'o mucky pups! £187 pcm + ("l‘ + bills. Available I May. Phone (H41 576 4027 after 7pm. I Spacious room with pleasant outlook in West lind llat. 'l'wo mins. Byres Road. University. BBC etc. sharing with woriian. daughter and cat would suit female. n/s. possible vegetarian. Available from start May. £240 pcm incl (‘1‘ + bills. ()l4l 339 4430.

I Bentick Street, Kelvingrove single room in flat shared with two others. (jas (‘I—l. washing machine. microwave. great shower. loving room with TV. U92 pcm plus month's deposit. Available May. Tel 0141 33 I748.

I Huge, comfortable and gorgeous room available in bright. colourful West lind falt ~- to share with one other. Close to BBC' and Botanic Gardens. N/s. professional preferred. £350 pcm + bills (incl (‘1‘). (‘all 04H) 540 773.

I Flatmate wanted to share Stitlllis‘itlc Iltll. I‘:\L‘t‘llc‘tll locatrorr tone min bus. two min station). Slrayslairds area. £200 pcm. 0l4l ()32 9o9l.

I Gay-friendly nroderri flat in Dennistoun. (‘lose to amenities. .-\ll riiod cons. Suit prof male. Available I May ‘99. U80 pm .sllat'L‘tI bllls. Illsll 550 I73 I.

I Two rooms to let in Kniglrtswood tlat sharing with two people in their 30s. £130 pm + bills. ’l'el (ll-ll 94l (llitll I Kinning Park double room to let in modern flat fully frnislred. two iirins underground & bus routes. £330 pcm 4- share of bills. 0|4l 439 0908. 07930683994.

I Friendly flatmate wanted to

join two girls. next to Victorian

Infirmary. ()er bedroom. share super living kitchen. {I90 pcm. 0I4l 03.“ 30.50. I Dennistoun single room. Newly built flat. .-\ll nrod cons. (i('ll. Shared sittingroorrr. kitchen and bathroom. To share w ith one female and two domesticated cats. (iay -fi'iendly fl80pcin. Ila/cl 550 l4oo. \ 9.4 . 77

DUUI-illlgf; we {3 3g

16 Forth Street. Edinburgh EH1 3LH. Tel: 0131 550 3808 Fax: 0131 550 3807 email:

II you're thinking of letting your property or you want to live on cloud nine. contact us now.