V I saw you Nevis bar. wet Sunday 28th. You. looking good in orange snowboarding jacket. asked tne for chair. I wanted to test your bindings. but had to leave prematurely. Carve me up. Box No U/357/I.

V I saw you Andy. possibly drinking l)euchars. reading the psychology of (‘apt. C‘orelli. and asking what. how and why. Tell me more! Box No U/557/3.

V I saw you Tues 30 March. 5.3(Ipiii. l)eliiionicas. ‘i'ou. blonde. wearing grey-hooded sweatshirt sitting at tali table. Me: dark blue sweater sitting near stage. You left with bags. Where did you go'.’ Box No l'/357/3.

V I saw you on the street. red Ilair. or at least I must have sometime. Its been awhile. but the flyer boy is in make youself known next time. Box .\'o [7357/4.

V I saw you with your fruity exterior and juicy taste. You refreshed me Sauza and orange.

V I saw you Taboo. l i'iday lunchtime. you with stuffy businessman. me with girly workmates. Yoti were absolutely gorgeous! Box No U/357/5.

V I saw you Birthday boy You never thought you'd get one of these did yott'.’ Look forward to smelling your neck again! Box No 17357/6.

V I saw you at Steps. you are z thief - the kid in row T wants her programme back. looking forward to Mardi (.iras‘? Good luck in your new job d'or. love ‘n' stuff I) x. Box No U/357/7. V I saw you Peter. on the No l5 btis (Tues 30/3/99). We chatted all the way to Meadowbaiik. I'd loved to have gone an extra stage with you. Get in touch. Box No [3/357/8. V I saw you I‘m your secret admirer (in Dutch!) I still regret that you went home that night... let‘s make life coiiiplicatedll Box No l'/357/‘).

V I saw you leave the train at Livingston. Before this our eyes kept meeting: you in an orange coat; me in a blue shirt. Two good looking guys like us should get together. Box No l'/357/l().

V I saw you rough lad. staring at me on the No IS bus to l.eith. I wanted to say something. but don't have dental insurance! I wonder exactly how hard you were under that big wt olly' jumper you were wearing. Me tall. dark haired. black icans. mustard shirt. denim jacket. Box No li/357/I I.

V I saw you in the l)-ime. You. the bonny lass from l).iiidee who floored me with your Spanish. Me. the tall blond guy who understood. Why don't we share paella'.’ Box No U/357/12.

90 THE LIST I!) .29 Apr 1999

l l l l

V I saw you LJ. hanging around The Shore in Leith. Twelve hours of partying and you still tickled my sash window. Call now for more sleep deprivation. Tufty. Box No U/357/l 3.

V I saw you Alan Don at Taste. Caley Sample rooms etc. Summer ‘97. Me - K short blonde hair. long time no see - get in touch and tell me how life's going... Box No U/357/l4. V I saw you we met in Bar Ce Lona. Sunday 28th. You two: briefs and pants. Me hair. Let‘s squash in your car again and search for Cosimo. Viva Espana! Box No U/357/15.

V I saw you Lesley (or is it Clare?) Po Na Na 26/3/99. We danced and snogged before your friends dragged you away. Me Ginger and interested. Fancy meeting up? Box No U/357/lo.

V I saw you two from 82. Thanks for cool times and late night chat. La Vita E Bella. Viva Espana! Box No U/357/l7.

V I saw you Aggie. I can’t accommodate you with your list item no I! It wasna me “in the pub". Thanks for the magz! Feeling fridge(ed)! Box No U/357/l 8.

V I saw you John. drinking iii The Tap. you read my play. If we can't go out sometime. Let‘s be friends. L. Box No U/357/l9. V I saw you Mitchell Library. April 6th. Your red dress and pink hair stole my attention! You smiled and I could study no longer. Blondie. Box No U/357/20.

V I saw you Mon 29 March. Muirend Safeways. with blonde woman (your wife). Also. I think. fixing a car on Clarkston Road a few weeks earlier. Handsome! Box No U/357/2l. V I saw you Tuesday 30 March. 5.30pm Dels. You. blonde. wearing grey fleece. sitting at high table. Me next to platform wearing dark blue sweater. Where did you go'.’ Box No U/3S7/22.

V I saw you Andy. cute bar man at P0 Na Na. I know you. you know. you just don‘t know you know me. Box No U/357/23.

V I saw you Thursday 8 April. in Sainsbury's. Crow Road iii your stripey jumper. You recommended the Sicilian red. Fancy sharing a bottle? Box No U/357/24.

V I saw you in Observatory Road (St Patrick's Day) with dark red hair. longish coat and small light coloured backpack. You crashed into my heart thus I nearly crashed my car parking. Illuminate my life again my Isis. goddess of the moon. Box No U/357/25.

V I saw you in the Blue Moon Monday evening April 5th. You

fair-handed. good looking. dark.

clothes. with 3 other guys. Me dark. brown leatherjacket. We exchanged looks as you left. Box No U/357/26.

V I saw you Rabboni. My bedsheet still has your outline on it - miracle or wishful thinking on my part? Hoping to be the first to see you at your next Resurrection. Box No U/357/27.

V I saw you Mia in your Bond Girl outfit. You know how to throw a wild party and you certainly know how to handle a lime! Box No U/357/28.

V I saw you 0710 Glasgow to lnverness 30/3. You attractive blond wearing Rangers t-shirt facing backwards. Me less attractive. gingerish wearing suit. Got off at Perth. You brightened my morning. Can we meet'.’ Box No U/357/29.

V I saw you Kinky Kerianne. caressing the Caffreys. I'm drouthy - not droopy for you.

baby. l-et tne ‘serve' you to eternity. Box No U/357/30.

V I saw you Mandy and I love you more than you imagine! Box No U/357/3l.

V I saw you tall. dark. handsome. hairy and very sexual! Box No U/357/32.

V I saw you Anna two weeks ago. Thank you for calling. Love Kenny. Box No U/357/33. V I saw you Clair in Archaos and ever since I‘ve been in love. Box No U/357/34.

V I saw you Nicki leaning at the Tron Bar. l waitt to play iii your nest you make me cookoocachoo. Box No U/357/35.

V I saw you in Cafe

Gandolfi on Sat evening

wearing puss-in-boots and funky

Mack skirt. I had your attention. show me more. Box No U/357/3o.

V I saw you at The Tron ya blonde. big eared painter ya. Come arid sit on Tattle Heid's y's. The French bird's asking for a wet one. Box No U/357/37. V I saw you every day. You brighten tip my cave and make my room smell of fish and stinky rollies. Fancy going bump iii the night? Box No U/3S7/38.

V I saw you Jazzy Jeff.

Be my fresh prince. I want you to make me a star - you Americano (blue jeans and chinos). See you at college‘.’ Box No U/357/3‘).

V I saw you standing at Filmhouse foyer Sat 27 March. Mr Sexy. Will you be mine‘.’ X Box No U/357/40.

V I saw you in my dream once btit I know I see you everywhere! You've cast a spell on me and I need your kiss for the cure! Box No U/357/4l.

V I saw you gorgeous sparkly waitress in the Ciil De Sac. Made me sizzle over a steak. me meaty you lean - fwoar. You know me Philar! Box No U/357/42.

V I saw you at Kirtle House. Minto St on Saturday. Be mine Teddy Bear! Always and forever! Box No U/357/43.

V I saw you Bronco Billy. you can ride me anytime. l.eave Pingu out in the cold and animate me. “Uh huh huh. I'm all shook up". Box No U/357/44.

V I saw you sexy. sultry. brunette in the Iguana. I you want? T shirt. You were with a man but we made eye contact all night. You’ve got the key! Box No U/357/45.

V I saw you playing a really cool band. I think you're name is Monkey Boy. I love you. My name is Monkey Girl. Box No U/357/4h.

V I saw you Duncan (Higher Ground). Would love to get deep with you and please give me your Iovin' beats. Box No U/357/47.

V I saw you the coolest red head I know. Sitting next to me in the Culdie. Box No U/357/48. V I saw you Colin on your fireblade. C if you B right horny you’ll phone. l.oosc Louise. Box No U/357/4‘).

V I saw you at a film festival in Skye. You sexy angel. Me leather clad cameraman. Shame I was working. Box No U/357/5t).

V I saw you in the Blind Poet after our English literature exam. on the 18 March. Bezt'.’). I would really love to get to know you better. Box No U/357/5 l.

V I saw you limiiia iii Iguana. l/-'I/‘)9. I'll be you April fool any day. . . Love you. Box No U/357/52.

V I saw you sexy guy drinking \VKI) »- you're wicked! At Iguana. l/4. Box No l'/357/53. V I saw you Ross. at Betties. Tues 23 March. went back for wine btit didn't do much drinking. How about getting together for a glass? Box No U/357/5-I.

V I saw you work at the Cul de Sac. Shaven head and bearded inane. I don't even know your name. but I'd give you one all the same. Box No [.3/357/55.

V I saw you fat boy. with screamer #2. (‘owgate You. hideously unattractive.

Me. well out of it. Can she fake as well as I did‘.’ Box .\'o U/357/56.

V I saw you in Planet ()tit. Gourgeous gingo play-thing. CK glasses. new to the scene'.’ Me. Billy Kennedy look-a-like. Please'.’ Box No LJ/357/57.

V I saw you looking

foxy iii Cafe Gandolfi with ‘Tall Paul'! (Saturday 3rd). To the elephant from the frisky beaver. Great beard! Box No L.’/357/58.

V I saw you dark pepper hair. blue shirt at 'Blue' and then Traverse bar. You sexy

birthday boy. you.

Box No [7/357/5‘).

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