V I saw you May loo -- with legs from here to ya ya! Do you think the big smoke-o knows what it's gettiiigo‘.’ Obsessed with Claire Danes [y sailor hats. TV face and read .\lode. Dreams of Prada acessoi‘ies [k shopping sprees a go-go. Is this supposed to be in the I saw yous‘.’ I'll miss you - ya beyatcli. l.o\'e .-\bo.\'.\ V I saw you tall girl with big dog at I’eekliams for late snacks let the feed you sometime soon. I3o\ No [7357/60.

V I saw you watching James Bond. eating latla (‘akes and being lazy! llos .\‘o [7357/ol. V I saw you on your rounds with The /.i'\! rriaga/ine. I‘irey red head. Said you ney‘er got a mention ll‘. :he 'I saw you‘. You have now? l.ookrng forward to next fortnight. Illackies? Box No Li/357/(i2.

V I saw you tor we drdr in the eca shop. We dig that sparkly purple nail \ariiisli . . we demand to know your manicure secrets? I3o\ .\'o [7357/o3.

V I saw you you big tart and I love you to the mas. Yoti are one cool ctistoiiier babes. l.o\e

l.llltl;t. l3ti\ No [7357/04.

V I saw you I want yotr. beautiliil barman at (’ity (‘afe with turn-ups and Nikes. .\le: .»\sian-estiue girl with 'eyes like .Iolly Ranchers. l’i'onipt action required. Hos .\'o [7357/o5.

V I saw you w llll your trousers falling of! iii Sauelireliall Street on Wednesday afternoon. .\lae\e. let me be your l‘elt. llox \'o [3’357/t-(r.

V I saw you lll liar KolilI Yoti w eie l‘eliirrg the bar. I think your name was \llre. The Don said I Could court youi Buy me a iiiillioiiari‘es pitcher. llo\ No [7357/67

V I saw you [‘Iirrs III the liar Kohl you looked big but acted small. Keep in touch with (‘oriiwall Ilo\ .\o [HST/(ix.

V I saw you lll the (‘til de Sac on .\Ioiiday. March 3‘) NW). | cotild Io\ e you if orin you got your hair out. llo\ No [7357/09. V I saw you (iilliaii. you In tip my heart and its still burning. All my Io\ e. Richard. llos .\'o [7357/70

V I saw you haying lunch iii lint Krilll. 39/3/99 It looked good. so did you' You were liy the window. I winked lunch. llos .\'o [7357/71 V I saw YOU (illtllHIIL‘I' look—d- like in llar Kolil on 2(r/3/‘N. I hope you 'lrrng' me lots of ftiii and more" Ho\ No [7357/73. V I saw you (‘tooriey look-a- like drinking shots at the Vodka bar. 20/ 3/”). l.ets play doctors and litlt'.\esI lio\ No [7357/73. V I saw you lug shoes. big hair. lug racket. what can I sayf’ Iltn No ['r'357/7‘l

lt‘l\ tlti

V I saw you Stewart working in Bar Kohl. I fancy a little slap and tickle with you. Box No U/357/75.

V I saw you debonair. suave. sophisticated. rich. bar manager in Bar Kohl (the Quill). let me buy you the vodka of the day. Box No [1/357/76.

V I saw you tall. dark and handsome. working behind bar at Bar Kohl. We were playing love heart games. I‘d like to play with you. Box No U/357/77.

V I saw you in Bar Kohl. fixing your stockings by the toilet door. I‘d like to repeat that experience one fine day. ("iet back tome. Box No U/357/7h. V I saw you creepy looking sort. curvy. .30 something woman in Bar Kohl. every

1 'I‘hursday night. I like you style.

I'm the Thursday doorsteward. say hi! Box No [l/3S7/7‘).

V I saw you you were a young Iiraiik Sinatra (or was it

. Spencer".’). Your name is

Michael and it was instant

chemistry. don't you tliink'.’ Box

No [7357/80.

V I saw you Cassandra look-a-

like with long dark hair. Ilead

on the table at Bar Kohl. I'll be your Rodney. Box No [l/357/8l.

V I saw you muscle man. drinking Bud l.rte in Bar Kohl.

Can I share a beer and maybe

de ma vie? \'eu.\ Ill faire l'aiirotrr

more wuh yotr. Sexy blonde .\\. Box No [7357/83.

V I saw you ;\'arner. at work. Me with the nice shoulders; you with the nice everything. I see yoti a lot more often now

fancy going out for a hi‘ee/er'.’ Ro\ No [,7/357/83.

V I saw you women of (ilasgow. I miss you all celibacy sucks? Only two ttlolltlls to go l‘alle. l)ati .\. llo.\ No [7/357/8—1.

V I saw you I‘lat line. How Is the duyet'.’ Sweet dreams. The Ilogie Sisters. Box No [7357/85.

V I saw you silky ienrprress at the (EFT. 'I‘u es la settle lemme

avec nioi‘.’ Hos .\'o [7357/86. V I saw you irimm iiiiriiii if only my body w as next to yours ~ red shirt. Iguana. 1/11/99. Ilos No [7357/87.

V I saw you Blue bar. 27. .W‘). \Yorkiirg hard clearing tables I saw you last week too btrt was tongue lied. .\le. all in black and hoping. Box No [7357/33.

V I saw you and my heart

cried. I‘ve never seen someone

st) handsome. l.ets liay e some iiieaiiitt_‘__'ftil coiiyei'salion‘.’ Iloy .\'ti [73.57/39

V I saw you (-‘llc‘l'y'l walking

otrt the Walk Inn. ("onre aird be my liandyside in a lady sandwich. I'll dump (iaynor tor y'otll Box No [7357/90.

V I saw you death irieaiis life

comes closer. I love you. Box

No [7357/9l.

V I saw you Scottie. everywhere on \Yetlnestlay back to Glasgow. my long legged love from lli'ougliioi. Street. . . Cheryl X. Box \‘o [7357/92.

V I saw you latte art (thou. Bar Ilrel. 'l‘ai'te yes. 'l’ai'! no. (‘itron - eli‘.’ ‘ati‘ olil Iloy. No [7357/93.

V I saw you Ill your pink fluffy slippers. They made me oo/e even though you are a boy called Ronnie llig \lael lloy \o [7357/94.

V I saw you Sttlai’t. at the 'l'i'averse on Sat 27th \lareli. You were off to get a tattoo Yotr are a sexy boy. Iiyen se\rer now! Box No [7357/95.

V I saw you hung like a iiiainnrotlr del iii lllaeki'rrars. Sorry for being a iiioany liitcfr


can‘t wait 'lill we get lioizre

giy e II to me stallion l‘oy' lo\

.\'o ['1'357/96.

V I saw you Here-ales .lttpilet burn lllackfrrars l‘.ll' iii;il.r::;_'

the pi//as. but who ate all the

pies. mullet boy".’ from \lrdyet.

Box No [7557/97.

V I saw you Doug. iii the ('ui

tl'e' Sac. Iitl ilkt‘ It) lll..\\e.y‘;‘ liea\eiily back You pour Ll'i.’ whisky and I feel lirsky. to you I need to he tipsy Ilos No [7357/05.

V I saw you iiiey i'eli ilel'itialely tip for :5 \le. ‘.‘.!li"l .\le\ie‘ali tesldtit'ai‘t (nil soot: l3o\ Ni) [U 357/”)

V I saw you at Illaekliiats \Kiil‘; Sharon and .'\Illllc‘ from Day iii Bin \o lii’357/llll‘

V I saw you 'l'iayei‘se Ilaz. good l'lltld}. dari. hair. lrlrze top. .\le dark. with two tn l‘i.:.i...

w a\ ell gootll‘ye. llotl‘. s'tiys' los .\'o ['/357,"Itll.

V I saw you liiid watching ill the Tray I am the rare l‘iftl -II I a (‘aiiadianus llalrialiariias You are my lo~.ely rock hopper penguin. llos .\'o [735". Ill?

V I saw you iii the 'I'm: .‘I\L' l‘Idl'. (‘aiiadiaii wonder v. xiii smile from “ear to 'l‘oi'o..:o. Yor;

lo talk

show ed me how to Il.lII.ll1' the tequila in buckets. liioiir the rock-hopper. llo\ .\'o [7357/ltl3.

V I saw you gorgeous '_.'llllt‘. as. liayei’se taking l'clxets. l.ll‘ oiaiiiie l‘.;:ll. iiiake i“‘ ill.‘.;".l\

torrie titre llto. \ol i5" '-'l

V I saw you I think she was :1 Kylie. ill llargo. lii'iday. blonde girl. black dress. white cardi. r'eelly loyely. Box No ['i’357r’lll5.

V I saw you :E'tirig by the fire i'. {Lao Has. your Yorkshire charms Brow led me over. I love you .ri'yan good looks. Box No [1"35H'lllti.

V I saw you (‘hirrese girl working iii the Drum and Monkey nae. tall. dark arid Spanish. (‘an you teach me to la k dir'ly' Ho\ .\'o [7357/lll7. V I saw you (iary. being a I)..\l. before your holiday. I thought ll would be better if I was w all you??? Its still an option llo\ Nob/357N051.

V I saw you beautiful waif- like ehilti godess - you were selling pi'ograiiinies in the ll‘;l\ L‘l'\L' :rfltl slllilt‘tl Ltl Illt‘ rlilidli'.‘r perform for Illc‘. Box .\ti [ /.357, ill”.

V I saw you sexy redhead writer. ll: my piece of foreign sky Mark my Iroiiiework XX. llt\\ No [73.57.7l II).

V I saw you raven haired iiiaikeliiig lady from l't‘sliy'tll 'lilieati'e niai‘kel lllt‘l love XX. lit‘\ \tl 357/l l

V I saw you tall. basket-hall '.I‘. the blue airorak. esoaiiy ireiweeii Kelyiiihall and (Hwyeaddeirs lit er seen 'Sliding llrutls litl- Nil

V I saw you in the last Sock Iliiier w rtli your wiltl hair. yoii'ie gorgeous. llos .\'o

i' 1%"! g :

V I saw you on a trip last Satin-lay night You. the ghost oi 'l‘iiteiik'iiaineir. me so lonely. \t‘l'll ireip llos \o [7357/l [-1. V I saw you I I. lierrrg sick in my 'ozlet \\"na:s that all aliotttl iiraalei lIlIlIllel'i 200“.

7 ll5


lie :iiy . liti‘s .‘\t‘[ 35 V I saw you .l.rrk l‘rdtl. intense ti..il. eyes. 'r.:. did you see me sitting near you and siiiiliiig'.’ \le-e: :tre ..;'.iiii at (il’l‘i’ ll .\l.i:ci:. ennui. Ilo\ .\'o l.l;<-..:!!\ \

V I saw you at the (‘(‘.-\. cafe h: lly.e.i Vite}. iiaii. black- eiazhe dark hunioui'ed.

l .1l::.'s"\‘\'e‘\ and too tltlt‘lllgt‘lll to: you: red-.Iers. Saw your picture Ill The paper. llaye you seen _\i‘lington Road'.’ (iiliiiore lllil. 3-3 lr‘l‘l. I‘llll. l3ti\ .\'o ["35", l I".

V I saw you eating rude food 1;: the (linen Rooiii. Ill/3.1")”. \\'ineli one ' airl its not Simon? lltr\ \H ll. 357d l5.

V I saw you iii the

l tirrtrk you work for .r Sunday newspaper.


lioye your l’ost meet me in the tl.i\. lltl\ NU

\lodciiiisiii t'['.\ It


V I saw you I am weasclll Can’t wait to hairwash soon! Eat more garlic! Ditto forever. Box No U/357/l20.

V I saw you in Glasgow eating pizza with dried tomatoes & mascarpone cheese. You looked delicious. Box No U/357/121. V I saw you Anna living it up at Pizza Express. Would you like extra toppings? Please. please reply!! I think I‘m in [.OVIZ. Box No U/357/l’22.

V I saw you mad crustybearo. not stopping even though the party had at the Mission. Box No [1/357/123.

V I saw you gorgeous. piercing

V I saw you in the Stills Gallery. I was the girl filling out the postcard. Perhaps when you read this you‘ll know I was watching you and we could meet for a drink'.’ I think you were drinking Sauza and cranberry juice"!

chick pole dancing (at Apes) and falling flat on your back like no one else can. I can‘t stop dreaming of you. Box No [1/357/I 34.

V I saw you in a Mexican place ~ bloiide. South African. legs tip to your eyes but I only go tip to you waist (want to go further). Box No U/357/125. V I saw you flat top Erik

looking like an orange haired golfer in EH l. Box No

[I/3S7/I 26.

V I saw you sexy Sarah from till I. Stripping for drinks in the Ilorieycomb for birthday drinks. Box No U/357/l27.

V I saw you Wed 24. 6.30pm. CCA. You wearing denim white trainers. drinking Hoegaarden. looking very sexy. Ifcurious contact Box No U/357/128.

V I saw you at the Venue -— ‘What are you doing after work"' I asked. ‘Safe MOSIII' you replied. . . 1’ Box No [7/357/l2‘).

V I saw you in Glasgow with cappuccino on your glasses. I love you bubba. Box No [.7357/l 30.

V I saw you cheeky cockirey. biiirriaii/barman in EH1. You wearing braces! Fancy a game of darts. do you? Box No [I/357/l 31.

V I saw you Andy and Pete in the Blind Poet losers keep on practising. Love a wee little Iriin girl. Box No U/357/l32. V I saw you Wed 31 March. Iiilmhouse bar. 3.45pm. You two. coffee and Ira bru. Pentax on table. ()ne highlit hair. You were taking pictures so were we tin the corner). You're cool! Ho\ No [l/357/l33.

15-29 Am 1999 THE lIST91