I Des Dillon will be art of the World Book Day cele rations at Borders Books, Glasgow, Fri 23 Apr



Michael Tambini Royal Museum ()l' Scotland. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 42 I9. 3.30—4.30pm. £4 (£2.50) from 473 2070. Tambini's Iivevvitnes's' (iuirle To The Future (Dorling Kindersley' £9.99) presents his view of the 21st century. in which ‘sinart‘ machines and houses might think for themselves. l’art ot‘lz‘ilinlmreh International Science Festival.

The Jesus Mysteries Waterstone's. l3—l4 Princes Street. 55o 3034. 7pm. Free. Timothy lireke and Peter (iandly present compelling evidence that could blow the whistle on the biggest cover up in history. Reading from and discussing The Jesus .llvsteries ('l‘horsons £ 1 S99) should provide a thought-provoking and Controversial evening.

Professor Steven Rose ()ld College. l’nivers‘ity ol' lidinburgh. South Bridge. 7~8pm. £4 (£2.50) from 473 2070. Professor Rose gives a talk and signs copies of his book Front Brains Io ('ons’t‘ious'nes‘s‘ (Penguin l’ress £25). I’art o/Ifiliitbureli International Science Festival.


David R. Ross Paisley Museum & Art Galleries. High Street. SS9 3151. 7pm. Ross talks about his new book On The Trail ()fll'illiatn llillltlt‘t' (l.uath Press £7.99).



Alan McKirdy and Roger Croft ()ld College. l'niversity ol‘ lidinburgh. Sotith Bridge. 5pm. £4 (£2.50) limit-173 2070. .‘vchirdy and (‘rol‘ts' book Scot/ands Natural landscape (Scottish Natural Heritage £7.50) reveals the most varied geology and natural landscapes oi any country in the world. l’art oflz'tlin/no'e/i International Science Festival.

John Maynard Smith Royal Museum 01' Scotland. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 42 19. 8pm. £4 (£2.50) from 473 2070. Maynard Smith’s book Tlte ()rigins (If/.ife (()['1’ £18.99) is an account of how life on the planet evolved. Here he reads from his book and discusses his ideas. Part of Edinburgh International Science Festival.

SATURDAY 17 Edinburgh

Susan Blackmore Royal Maseum Of Scotland. 2 (‘hambers Street. 247 42 19. 2.30pm. £6 (£4) from 473 2070. The author of The Meme Mae/tine (Oxford L'niversity Press £ l 8.99) Susan Blackmore is joined by a panel of scientists to discuss memes. Part o/ Edinburgh International Science Fevtir a/. Stephen Drury ()ld College. University of Edinburgh. South Bridge. 3pm. £4 (£2.50) from 473 2070. Life on earth is discussed by Stephen I)rury in Stepping Stones (Oxford l'niversity Press £19.99 ). I’at't (if/filinhureli International .S'eienee Festival.

Adam Hart-Davis Royal MUsCtttn Of Scotland. 2 Chambers Street. 247 4219. 8pm. £6 (£4) from-173 2070. Local Heroes presenter Adam llart~l)av is talks about his book Ilium/er. Flush A" Thomas

('ra/i/ier (Michael ()‘Mara £7.99) which chronicles the development ol‘ toilet facilities over the last 0.000 years. Part of Filinlnireh International Site/tee Festival.



David Weeks Royal Museum Of Scotland. 2 (‘hambcrs Street. 247 42l9. 2pm. £4 (£2.50) iron) 47.3 2070. Ten years of research have been undertaken to investigate the Superyoung phenomenon which explains why some people feel and look years younger than their age. The lindings of this research are revealed by Dr Dan id Week‘s. author ol .S'u/n'rvoioit' illotltlcl‘ LR Stotlglittni £9.99). I’at‘t (ll. Iztlt'nlntreh International St'ient'e Festival.

MONDAY 19 Edinburgh

Stephen Whitehorn .laines 'l‘liin. (icorge Street. 225 4495. (v30pm, liree. Scottish outdoor writer and photographer gives an illustrated talk on his new book ll'a/kine The Scottish lllL’ll/(IIlt/ Ronni] ((‘assell £20).



Tim Moore \Vatcrstone's. 153 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7pm. £2

(£l ). 'liim Moore‘s I’rovt ()it My .llouvtat‘he (Abacus £9.99) details his adventures in Iceland. The author w ill read from his hilarious new book and sign copies alter the talk. See rev icw.


David Holmes \Vaiersione's. I.) 14 Princes Street. 556 3034. 7pm. liree. David Holmes. marketing director ol' l)orlit)g ls'indersley. visits the store to disctiss I-fvew'itnevs (Illltlt v and the history oi their popularity.



International Pen World Poetry Day \Vttlcl'sltillc‘K. l55 l57 Stltlc‘lllcllttll Sll‘t‘c‘l. 332 9105. 7pm. Free. 'l‘hree oi Scotland‘s lincst poets. Kathleen .lamie. lidwin Morgan and Angus .\lac.\'eacail read iron) and discuss their work as part oi the international celebration ol~ world poetry. Reading Group \Vaterstone's. l53 I57 Satichieliall Street. l‘or more inlormatioii contact 'l‘essa Bowler on 332 9105. 7.30pm. liree. This week the group discuss A'tttiti'lt'rlee ()[fl-lIIeely liy .lill l’aton \Valsll.


Moore \Valci'stonc‘s. l2b' Princes Street. 220 2(yoo. 7pm. l‘rec. Sec Tue 20 and review.


Marc Almond Borders Books. 2S3 Buchanan Street. 222 7700 7pm. lirce. lead singer oi the Stls sy ltlli~pop sensation Sort ('el/ Marc Almond reads from and discusses his new hook Beautiful Iii'iytt'il Night (lillipsis £ l S i. an eclectic collection (it autobitigraphical memoir.poetry. photography and illustration.


A Catalan Party .latnes thin. 53 59 South Bridge. ()22 S222. 7pm. World Book Day originated in ('atalonia and to mark this event 'l'hins are throwing a party with lood and drink from the area. There will also he readings (in linglish and ('atalan) l'rom the works ol' contemporary (‘atalonian authors.


World Book Day John Smith. 57 St Vincent Street. 22l 7472. 9am (rpm. l'rec. 'li) celebrate \VOlltl [look l);iy. readings l'rom children's author .lulia Donaldson (I30 2.30pm). colouring in competitions. l'ree internet access all day. children‘s

ev cuts and tree samplings oi col't‘ee and ‘\\’orld Book Day" punch.

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Authors at

Sauchiehall Street in April




This is an epic account from the voices of the survivors or RMS Titanic. Judith Geller will be in the shop describing how the passengers had to battle against the odds on that fateful night in a desparate bid to survive.




APR 7.00 PM

Tickets £2/£.I concession ( redeemable against the 1700/2)


1 5 3— I 5 7 Sauchichall Street

0141 33.2 9105

15—29 Apr 1999 THE LIST”