FOOD & DRINK Five bars . . .

when» <25l,.lll.f) r Mers .ar‘. ge.

yogy to some sa sa Havana Witt‘ C at:- Santago on \\’ednesdays and Salsa Sabrosa on Thursdays, it's "Md-week 'nerengue mayherrt at “ope Street's Havana Those who tan't te‘l the-ir paso doble from the ' eibo'.'.r rr:::;l‘.t be interested in the classes ‘.'."l‘.i( h begin at 8pm on Thursdays Thzngs go a little less Latin on Friday and Saturday when the fantastically named rum and bass nights KICK :n

Havana, Hope Street, Glasgow. Tel 0141 248 4466.

Cuba Norte The downstaris dance floor dCllC." is hotter here than trying to "ur‘. a marathon n a Castro costume in dot'rntoyrn Havana at midday in the high season Thursday through Sunday night sees the :abofileros and (‘hiouitas check out eaeh others moves ‘-.‘.'|ll‘. Friday and Saturday bong especially fren7ied

Cuba Norte, Morrison Street, Edinburgh.Te| 0131 221 1430.

The 13th Note Club The habitual diet of indie jangles and Sitf‘r: exr_>er:rn-:=ntat:ei‘ takes a ha-;k seat on Tuesday nights shed the busy Salsa Sabrt;sa tearn ‘ead the x'xay Beginners (lasses get :nto the S‘.'.'l!‘(; of things in .ihiie late" on the dub proper sashays :nto ac tion

The 13th Note Club, 260 Clyde Street, Glasgow. Tel 0141 243 2177.

Baracoa Salsa yzroins (an learn the ropes on Thursday evenings here from 7 30pm After i‘C-rrm, it's time to put

the lessons into practire and shimmy like it's going Out of fashion The large number p" rurn-inastrd :or‘1octiorts have been kitozzr‘. to out a bounce in the step of the niore retuer‘t (lé‘ilK'WS Frrday nights are l3(1$ll2‘.’("ly loco due to the had iitt’iuer‘: e o" the Cuban Brothers

Baracoa, Victoria Street, Edinburgh. Tel 0131 225 5846.

Cellar N01 The Son {De Rhurnba DJ pulls a healt'iy (round eyery \'\5ednesday night -n this basement nar Loads of Spanish and South Anterx an ‘olk turn up to party in I}’.,‘Ti;)(‘fl

Cellar No 1, Chambers Street, Edinburgh. Tel 0131 220 4298. (Jonathan Trew)

the early evening

Cuba Norte: the real swing

106 THE “ST 29 Apr ~13 May 1999

The List Eating & Drinking Guide 1999

For the sixth year running The List's Eating & Drinking Gurde has been a tremendous success and looks set to be our best selling issue ever Unfortunately, one or two errors have crept in \'/l1l(l‘. we are happy to torrett

Antoniou’s Taverna, 523 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow. Tel 0141 221 7636. Contrary to what .s stated ir‘. tne Eating & Drinking Guide, ntoniou's does not in fact offer a Bring Your Own Bottle policy. We apologise for any confusioi‘i

McEwan’s The Mugwump, 24a Stafford Street, Edinburgh. Tel 0131 225 7889. In the Guide we stated that chef proprietor Lesley 1:1: Ewan turned her spare time anterest 2n rustonr‘aé cooking into a full-Ernie :::<u_i;ati::n in the spring of 1999 We 'td‘y e h.. asked to pOin'. out that Ms lyricEwan became a professional (net 1." 1977 and has earned her Pig/mg f'or the past 22 years producing historar al rer'ipes and food for many <<:n~panies Prior to starting the lylugwurnp, lyls McEwan had a buszness in Fire for it‘y’O years which gained three national awards including British Business Woman of the Year, lnnoya :ye Business of the Year and independent Caterer of the Year We apologise for any confusion

Gamba, 225a West George Street, Glasgow. Tel 0141 572 0899. Not, 1.". fact, to he found in .'.lilnga\.ie, though Gingerhil :s

Tinderbox, 189 Byres Road, Glasgow. Tel 0141 339 3108. This new :‘afe has been entirely designed by the management themselyes, and not by Bar 91 folk, as stated

Pierre Victoire, 89-91 Miller Street, Glasgow. 0141 221 7565. Omitted from the entry \.‘/l‘.l( '7 also \' i“.'(‘-.'S t“e Hope Street branch And finally . . . On a hearted note, Torn S" eézis has se": a letter' 'Ycur reytetx.’ of f".(‘- Press 8a" 21‘. the Eating Gurde has :::>t a backside foremost You refer '.-f‘ "Herald diarist Toni Sinelds hold or; court" This makes me sound like an interesting person and i appreciate the kind words The reality is that l'rn a morose bastard who is more likely to empty a pub than to hold (Curt You do a great disseryice to the Press Bar food. The cOmment "God knows who eats this stuff" (not quite what we wrote but still : is so \.‘/l(l(’ of the mark it can only have been written by a Journalist The pasta dishes are superb, the pies out :2? this '.'..:i’d and the brzdies are great .'.her‘ :" seas-c,"- Do not let the (liet‘ipness ::‘ the food deceive you You refer to the staf‘s "bonhorme" Ohyzcusly the narrrtei‘ Vince and Frank were -.7 when your reyiewer tailed

Cheers Tom, for the sake o" ,;:;,r hea/th we hope that fire start ,' darned Vince and Frank don'.‘ read 3!? s

The Basement

10a-72a Broughton Street

557 C997

Restaurant tiuaiity food at pub-grub priL'es, s-:‘-"‘.'eo 'tii ‘iC-pn‘. in E:yely,

\./i\,‘\..r.l.: St..'.'(,vt.‘l‘i(l.l‘i(]S

(‘ Latte,

Eint won 22: {term Cpen / i:a,s a LUCK to: pasta parties. Boo-ends taker: tor parties or six or

"‘-(i'~1' ‘N'Q'X: door to l"di<.l'.;- ‘y'arch.

Filmhouse 22' .;. .H "may;


Ctiii? L‘dl, SCl'VllK]

22. 55-2

'1'. (110..., :z. t,\,.,.i: l \

:zrea‘. ;-.- srn‘xks, satads, specials and pr unit". :appattinos 13am till late

Pancho Villas 240 Canondate

557 4416

Mexrtan-horn owner

Mayra Nunez says 'lf you're gomg to eat f“.l(?X!(di'l, then don't be bland.’ Lunth until 5pm, dinner until 11pm.

Peter Sellars 11-13 \\'illliarn Street, 226 3161

'te'andc ewtterrence, new cuisine comes

‘:> 5:: rtt‘u"'_;ri ()Tl Sundays tuith the best ;i 'fi't ‘(ioit - FOO-3' OF THE (3093'

Antoniou’s RAMOWOU'S

Taverna 523 Sauthiehail St Cd‘. 22‘. 763'

nJiiy authentic plate-


‘: frees nights ‘.' live music

"-zeiy ‘.'.t‘-;"s(‘n":} -unt‘hes

Art Loyer's Cafe

a ll l '7 '\ " k

51‘ (irl_,\;).~.r '(lr.

:[\,.,:,,_.... .,.~,.,., .3 .1 'sr‘tlta (:'-\‘ u.-l.{ li.

stylish parkland setting

Orr-en days and most


Brel bar: restaurant 39 As'iton Lane 342

Bt‘Kt-(il‘. “00.5


-‘clnt' and H(,egaarden’,

tine .'..nes, '; teed, LCOI music,

'i'ulxt'c} (ly-n ‘sx\l:-"il.'l(.'


Ca-ffe Latte

‘38 ‘. 'tti't'a St'eet we")? _ ' 76') Ltl iszt 553 2553 C i '5‘

V x’x’rlh 'izlbtclb,5(ll(lil\,

Sandxzit l‘es, snares

' ’zv‘lsgwtt

l\.r Int lr\'er\I )t u u 1‘1 -il(ni \J-l

days "it .axed, r.-. r.d|y


Cafe Serghei

67 Bridge Street,

Glasgow, G5 918

429 1547

Authentic Greek cuisine 'Lunch, pre-theatre set-dinners Greek night every Friday. Expect to be impressed


20 Woodlands Road 353 3278 Scare-free food, organic groceries, excellent bread, fine cheeses, herbs and spices, wholesome foods yum, yum 331 2257.

MUCll aCCIaimed M 0

stylish bar a unique blend of modern brasserie cooking in an intimate setting.

Mojo 158a Bath Street.

The 13th Note

King Street. 553 1638 Bar/cafe/venue With a totally vegan menu of wholesome food Within a relaxed atmosphere

The Ubiquitous Chip

12 Ashton Lane. 334 5007

One of Glasgow's Ubiqviltll/ Clip finest restaurants serVing ' '— modern Scottish fayre

Tron Bar and Restaurant Chisholm St 552 8587 Contemporary European style bar and newly- refurbished restaurant. serVing excellent cuisine and Wine in comfortable, relaxed surroundings. Open till midnight.


Bar Restaurant


Le Sept

7 Old Fishmarlzet Close Edinburgh Lunch and Dinner Monday to 'I'hui'sda}:

Friday. Saturday and Sunday open all day


0131 225 5428

'.‘_"\l-ILI e;-



27-4 Canongate. Royal .“lle.

- .,..,.,.

liclinlmrgh 'l‘el & l‘l’tx: ()131 557 9583 Alon - l‘ii 7.30am -— 4.30pm Over 20 yea/u creative catering caywricnccfor ymu' lime/J, lumi-

Ilt’di! 0" [Ilt'ddlll't'.