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The General (I?) tBtister Keaton/Clyde Bruckiiian. IS. 19%) Buster Keaton. Marion Mack. (ileii Cavandei'. St) mins. An engine this er tries to get behind the Southern lines during the American Civil War in order to rescue a train. A silent masterpiece w ill) stunts that approach the realm of genius. lfidinburgh: Lumiere.

The Glenn Miller Story (Li) (Anthony Mann. US. 1954) James Stewart. June Allyson. llarry .\Iorgan. (icorgc 'l‘obias. 116 mins. Stewart is the unfailingly chumiiiy baiid leader with the relentlessly practical w il'e. w ho makes II to the top and then takes one plane ride too many. A must-see for fans of the big band sound of the late Mr Miller. Edinburgh St. Brides ('eiitre.

Gods And Monsters ( )5) (Bill Condon. l'K/l’S. 1998) Ian \chelIeii. Brendan l-‘raser. l.ynn Redgrave. 115 mins. Moving. loy ineg crafted film follow ing the last days of l~ininsh-boi'ii llllllllltlls'el' James Whale. director of the 19:1 /"I'a/ikt'liylt'ui. ln l957. while iii retirement in Hollywood suffering from the side effects of a stroke that causes Iiiiii to re-Iiye episodes from his past life Whale strikes tip a teiitatiye. homoerotic friendship w itli his handsome gardener. litlinbiii'gh lltillillllUlI St Andrews: N’ew Picture Ilotise

Happiness i IS) i'l'otld Soloiitlz. LS. 1998) (’y iitliia Stevenson. lara I-‘lyim Boyle. Philip Seymour Hoffman, 139 mins. 'l'hree sisters. two small boys. one psy chologisl and a phone liaiiassiiieiit specialist. Out of these unlikely elements lodd Solondl. has wrought piire cinematic gold. which veers from belly laughter one moment to stark pathos III another See preview and review. (ilasgow (il'l’. ladiiibtirgh: Cameo. Hideous Kinky i 15)i(ii1hes Mackiiinon. 1K. 199% Kale \\'iiis1et. Said 'I'aghmaoui. Bella Ri/a. (‘arrie .\IuIlan. 99 iiiitis. \Viiislet's young Iiiighshwoiiiaii takes her two (Iaaglitei s to \loi'occo in 1972. where she leads .. caietiee life until the girls demand some stability iii their hyes. Adapted iion) l'.slllei' l'ietitl's semi- autohit\ei'aphical noy e1. ladinbtirgh: l.oiiiieie

Art 1 l\- 'l ls.i ( ~lltiltitlelilsti. IS. 1999) Ally Siieedy. l<.idh.i .\Iitcliell. I’atricia (‘iaiksoii 1th units .\ refreshingly intelligent tale oi doomed lesbian loye. chronic hug the comples romance between .iiiibitioiis picture editor Syd and once l.lilii‘lls pliottxgiapliei l.ticy Berliner. The scenes til sesiial tension and trembling desiie .icliie\ e .t palpal‘le erotic charge. lithiil‘iiigh l’lllllllt‘lisL'

The Honest Courtesan « IS) t .\larslia|l ll'c'lsi.i".ll/. 1S. i‘l‘lS) (litherine

.\l.'( '. ii‘.‘..i. k. ls’titiis Sewell. Jacqueline Bisset I'I.‘ iiiins I)esii‘e. coiiipi‘omise and ‘lluc‘ toyethei II) this I’th century \eaetiai‘. trite \lt'l} of .iii emancipated wt-iiiaii ..he.td ol Iiei' tiiiie l’retty and iiiitlei1).iiithiig entertainment. See review. (il.t\j..'i“-‘- ()tleon Quay. Showcase

l'('l Kiliiiainock (ldeon. l’.llslt'j. Nllii‘s‘.c.lst'

HOtel Du Nord II’( it a \lai'cel (lune.

I'l.ll‘i. .' 19W) Annabella. .\i'letty. l.otiis .Iotiyet "(I iiiiiis .\ suicide pact between two



lovers goes horribly wrong: she survives a bullet to discover that he bailed out at the final moment. Out of hospital she is offered a job in the hotel where she tried to end it all . . . Part of the Came study day hosted by French Film Festival chairman Dr James Steel. Edinburgh: Filmhouse.

An Ideal Husband (PG) (Oliver Parker. UK. 1999) Rupert Everett. Cate Blanehett. Julianne Moore. IOO mins. When scheming Mrs Cheveley blackmails brilliant politician Sir Robert Chiltern behind his loving wife's back. Ioaf'ing Lord Goring comes to his friends assistance in this fine adaption ()scar Wilde's play. The cracking cast do justice to the architypical Wildean witticisms. Selected release.

In Dreams (18) (Neil Jordan. US. 1998) Annette Bening. Aidan Quinn. Stephen Rea. 100 mins. Dark fairytale fantasy and unsatisfying btit suspenseful psychic thriller about a New England mother whose dreams portend the murder of her own little girl by a serial killer. lierily photographed by Set-en's Darius Khondji. See review. Selected release.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (18) (Danny Canon. US. I998) Jennifer l.ove Hewitt. Freddie Prinze Jr. Brandy. 101 mins. Last summer's survivors w in a holiday in the Bahamas. btit soon discover that someone with a fiin hook is gutting the hotel staff. Judge Dru/ti director Cannon stays depressingly close to the horror formula. See review. (ieneral release.

Jack Frost (PG) ('l‘roy Miller. US. 1998) Michael Keaton. Kelly Preston. Mark Addy. I02 mins. Neglegent husband and father Jack lirost chooses to go on a road trip with his band rather than a holiday with his family and is killed it) a car accident. However. he gets a chance to begin afresh when he is reincarnated as. erni . a snowman. Simple. puerile fun. (ilasgow: UCI Clydebank. Virgin. lidinburgh: I'CI. liast Kilbride: UCI.

James And The Giant Peach (Li) ( Henry Selick. US. 1996) Paul 'lei'i'y. Stisan Sarandon. Simon Callow. 79 mins. l‘l‘UIII the director of Tim [Jiirioii '_\ 'I'lit' Ale/imiare Before ('lirisriiias comes a wonderfully colourful adaptation of Roald l)alil\ much- loved tiovel. (ilasgow: lfCl (‘lydebailk liast Kilbt'ide: L'Cl.

Le Jour Se Leve(1’(i) (Marcel Carne. France. 1939) Jean (iabin. Arletty. Jules Berry. Jacqueline Laurent. S7 mins. Standout performance by (iabin as a doomed factory worker. holed tip with a gun in an attic. surrounded by police. remembering in flashback the circumstances that brought him there. Part of the (‘ariie study day hosted by I5rench I'ilm festival chairman Dr James Steel. lidinburgh. liilinhotisc.

The Lady Vanishes il’tii i.-\lired Hitchcock. L7K. 193M .‘slai'garet l.ockwootl. .‘slichael Redgrave. .‘slay \Vhitty 9" mins llitch's superb comedy thriller in which an old lady disappears from a train transporting a bunch of stiff upper lipped Brits home from litirope were war has lllsl broke out. lidinburgh: Lumiere.

Laurel and Hardy Classic Comedy Afternoon (U) Ill) mins appros. The [All fan club. the Sons ()f'l'he Desert. present a

programme of the boy's' films. rare and otherwise. lidinburgh: St. Bride's Centre. Lawrence Of Arabia (PG) (David Lean. UK. 1962) Peter ()"I‘oole. Alec Guinness. Omar Sharif. 332 mins. I.ean's mammoth desert epic. restored to its director's original cut and the big screen. where filmmaking on this scale belongs. ()"I'oole's debut as the enigmatic adventurer still impresses. (ilasgow: (irosvenor.

Life Is Beautiful (La Vita E Bella) (PG) (Roberto Benigni. Italy. 1998) Roberto Benigni. Nicoletta Brasclii. 116 mins. A comedy about the Holocaust? Surely not. Well. that‘s what Italian writer-dii'ector-star Benigni Iias done it) fashioning a poignant comic fable about the resilience of the human spirit and the power of the imagination. A humane and moving film. lidinburgh: Cameo. (ialashiels: Pavilion. Little Voicet 15) (Mark Herman. UK. 1998) Jane lloi'rocks. Brenda Blethyn. Michael Caine. 97 mins. lloi'rocks recreates her acclaimed performance in Jim Cartwright's 1993 hit play as a repressed Northern girl who reveals a remarkable gift for impersonating great pop divas, Kirkcaldy: Adam Smith.

Madeline (I?) (Daisy \'on Scherler. L'S. I99S) liraiices .\Icl)orman(l. Nigel Hawthorne. Hatty Jones. S9 mins. Madeline is a hybrid of the ‘adoi'ablc' pre-teen childrens‘ heroine. As intelligent as Matilda. she's also as precocious as I’ippi l.ongstocking and. like Annie. she's an orphan. Well-intentioned btit desperately tlttIl. Selected release.

Mamma Roma t is’) il’ier l’aolo I’asolini. Italy. 1963) Anna Magiiaiii. littore (iarofolo. liranco (ill). I III mins. A prostitute escapes a cycle of poverty and despair. only to have her past reappear in the shape of a blackiiiailing pimp. The film encapsulates a doomed human condition by marry mg hiin art and then-influential Italian iieo-realism. lidinbui'gh: Italian Cultural Institute.

The Mattei Affair i IS) ll‘i'ancesco Ros). Italy. 1972) (iian Maria \‘oloiite. I.uigi Squar/ina. Peter Baldwin. 115‘ mins. Adopting a senii-documentary style. Rosi esamiiies the life of socialist oil magnate l'.lll'lctt \latlel. once considered the most powerful Italian since Augustus Caesar. Part of the Italian liiliii l~'esti\aI. lidinbtirgh: l~'iliiihouse.

The Merchant Of Four Seasons ( IS) (Rainer \Vei'ner I-as'sbinder. \\'. (ieriiiaiiy. 1971 i llans Ilii'schmtillci‘. llanna Schygulla. S9 mins l)oiiiinated by his mother. and reiected by the love of his life. a timid greeiigrocer enters an empty marriage. and finally drinks himself to death. \Ielodraiiiatic yet moving biographical sllltly. generally iegai'ded as one (‘1' Ikissbiiitlei's finest achieveilieiits. l'Idinburgh. l’iliiihouse

Message In A Bottle i )3) i l.lll\ .‘ylantloki. LS. 19991 Robin \Vi‘ight l’eiiii. Keyin Costner. Paul Newman 1.13 mins.

New spaper researcher 'I’hei'esa is intrigued by a one note in a bottle she finds washed up on the shore Ilei' search for the author brings her into contact with iiioui'iiing widower (iai'i‘el Blake, It all makes for a predictable and uiidemaiidiiig romance. in which New man as Key 's dad almost steals

Evolution isn’t over yet

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the show. (ieneral release.

Metroland (18) (Philip Saville. UK. 1998) Christian Bale. Emily Watson. I.ee Ross. 101 mins. It's 1977. and thirtysomething Chris is becalmed in Metroland. the suburban sprawl at the eiid of London Underground's biletropolitan line. Then his old school friend 'I‘oni arrives to stir up his calm domesticity and remind him of the time when they were rebellious public schoolboys. lidinburgh: Lumiere.

Mickey Mouse Club (U) 90 mins approx. Cartoons and serials in that great yesteryear tradition. the kids' Saturday matinee. lidinburgh: St. Bride's Centre.

Mighty Joe (PU) (Ron Underwood. US. 1998) Charlize 'Iheron. Bill Paxton. I 14 mins. Whichever way you cut it. Mig/ili' jae is just another big monkey movie. Despite infinitely more sophisticated effects than its I949 predecessor. this version is far less involving or entertaining it's so predictable you would think the monkey wrote it. (ieneral release.

Modulations ( lS) (lara Lee. US. l998) 75 mins. Long-overdue documentation of the history of electronic music. from its origins through its nomadic drift through modern culture. lidinbtirgh: l-‘iliiihouse.

Murray Grigor Special Event (PG) 120 mins appros. Independent filmmaker. writer and exhibition designer (irigor hosts the premiere of his latest film. .\'iiiei'eli ()n The (‘lit/t'. which esploi’es the life and work of Alexander '(ireek' 'l‘hoiiipson. (ilasgow: (ll-'1’.

My Name Is Joe ( l 5) (Ken l.oach. UK. I998) Peter Mullan. l.ouise (ioodall. David .‘ychay. 105 mins. Blend of comedy. social drama. love interest and tense thriller makes for a more accessible movie than we'd normally espect from l.oach. Recovering alcoholic Joe Kavanagh meets and falls in love with health visitor Sarah. btit his well intentioiied scheme to get a young friend out of the grip of a vicious drug dealer looks likely to backfire on everyone he cares for. lidinburgh: Lumiere.

Naked Lunch ( 18) (Day id (’i'onenberg. US. 1993) Peter Weller. Judy Davis. laii Holm. Roy Scheider. 131 mins. Body horror maestro takes on the near impossible task of filming William Burroughs' controversial novel The Naked [Jillt /i and comes out with a cinematic masterpiece. lidinburgh: Cameo. Niagara Niagara ( )5) (Bob (ios'se. US. I997) Henry Thomas. Robin Itiiiiiey'. 93 tiiltis. ()ftbeat love story which pairs two young shoplifters w ho suffer from Iotti'c‘itek syndrome. With the emphasis on romance. ilie film concentrates on two outsiders

coming to terms w itli a hostile world. Part of

the American Independence lour. See feature. lidinbtirgh: I5i|iiihouse

On The Waterfront (PG) i lilia Kazan. 1S. 1954) Marlon Brando. l€ya .‘slarie-Saint. Karl \Ialden HIS iiiiiis liikiiig on gangster supremo Ice .1. Cobb's dominating influence iii the New York dockei‘s‘ union leads only to tragedy for Biaiido's es-boser in this early lilaslei'ptcce of the \letlind school. Iidinburgh; St Brides Centre.

The Opposite Of Sex (Don Roos. US. I99S) Christina Ricci. Martin Donovan. l.isa Ktidrow. 105 mins. last seen opposite the manic Vincent (iallo in Buffalo 6/). Rice)

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