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LOCAL LIVE International Airport

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This comeback tour is sponsored by sportswear label Admiral, but Shaun Ryder is kitted out in

Featuring members of hoth The Pastels and Appendix Out, they're a bizarre looking commune half frazzled Haight-Ashury renegades, half librarians -- and their eerie forays

Adidas. Maybe it’s thoughtlessness, perhaps a cheeky act of defiance, it could he feels he’s earned his stripes after ten years as a tokin' spokesman for the 24 hour party people. Whatever, it's typical of the singer's take the money and leg it attitude.

Right from the start, he admitted that the only reason for this reunion was so he could pay off 'a tax bill the size of Canada’. Still, as the gigs approached, there was a growing feeling that Ryder could pull a rabbit from the Reni hat and deliver something special. After all, he had made a surprisingly successful comeback with Black Grape. Hell, the Mondays' entire career had been a triumph against the odds.

Sadly, this first of two nights at the SECC is terrifically disappointing. Songs which once crested chemical highs and have a superstar headrount, out it cushioned comedowns simply fall shows how this kind of thing should flat. From opener ’Loose Fit’ to the closing ’Wrote For dollar’s worth of entertainment. Ryder is simply he done Luck’, the Mondays treat their own back catalogue contemptuous in his lethargy. it’s Tuesday, ‘.am, out the piare is with as much respect as a soaked roach. Only ’Hallelujah' approaches the peaks that this band parked Onstage not so rrrtit l‘. a out,

You could blame the band who, without original were once capable of. Its dirty groove and Ryder’s talthough the origrnai pariznri are :r: guitarist Mark Day, offer overlong, pedestrian white filthy drawl finally click, while Rowetta's shrieks of there S()tll(?*.‘.i'l‘l(7l'(“l as a dynaiiiir dozen funk workouts in the place of tunes. But it has to be exultation echo back to the glory days of 1989. For :t'Ot’Styl-C? raps fly as Ilt-i- tour young Ryder who takes the rap. Mumbling his way through once, Bez’s desperate freaky dancing is justified. rrtaie l'x‘iCS play up to the crowd wrth lyrics, missing lines, swearing at the band, sitting In the forthcoming Verve documentary, Richard an arrayof styies from art! hack drawls knackered on the drum riser, cracking off-colour gags Ashcroft outlines his band's philosophy: ’Rather than to hyper-speer roetry The turntauiists and breaking into ‘Suspicious Minds' at every given sitting about on our arses thinking "Yeah, we’ve got a are Supreme, including some of opportunity he makes Mark E. Smith look like a clear- packed house, everyone loves us now", it's about Scotianr’l's finest in tlzeir ranks They headed pro. "Right, we've got you here, come on, let's fuckin’ 'ave create good Vihe With swift dexterity

Perhaps the Elvis cover is an acknowledgement that it!".’ The Happy Mondays could learn a lot from that to an uproaiious respoi‘se Edinburgh these are the Mondays' Vegas years, but even in the attitude. Let‘s hope Shaun Ryder settled his debts would he a lot worse on wrthout

casinos of Nevada, the King guaranteed you got your nobody wants to see this farce again. (Peter Ross) evenings sut h as these i’vlark Robertson;

into pseudo-soundtrack areas are equally unclassifiahle Puziing on strains that no-one else it‘. the UK has even thought to tweak, they combine Ennio Morricone covers wrth seaside folk melodies and stumbling, psychedelic rock inoves, i-lo\.'vever, tonight's periorrnanre rs strangely muted, the players seem disconnected and the charged dynamic that drives their debut single, 'Stirdent Hi Fi’, on US label All City, rust ".n't there For sure, there's always sonaethint; hexsritching aoout them, hut tonight the real peaks are left unscaled. (DaVid Keenan)

The Dynamic Duo Show Edinburgh: The Jazz joint

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Stinky afro: The Happy Mondays

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