Zimmerman here, but there are appearances from such kindred spirits as Tom Waits, Lyle Lovett and Willie Nelson ‘If this music doesn't reach

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Captain ivlirlnight in the sieeve notes, remember, its only a tticking record.’ Available from Missirtr: Records”, Glasgot'r. (RE: CONTEMPORARY Frederic Rzewski The People United Will Never Be Defeated! (Hyperion) —,-::: ::;._- -.:=:- Frederit Rzex‘rskr's mammoth sol piano work is gne of the outstanding achievements of l)()Si-\‘r:lr American compositior , and pianist I‘vitlTC‘Aller Hamelin gives a stunning _r>-:>rforrnance of at in this i'f’tf,‘l(3‘i‘i(.i

Rzev.'s.\., a wtuosr; r:.ar‘.:st himself, based his piece on a stirring Chilean revolutionary srzng, and builds a rich superstrut ture of 36 variations on its s.mp|e but tomoetlrng theme The (fISC also features tin/c: of h:s North American Ballads, including the relentlessly krnetrt '\"v'il‘.llSl30T() Cotton lvlrll Blues' 'Kldi


Dewey Redman, Cecil Taylor, Elvin Jones

[i 3pmnl~oiirvn Sp '\fr\ [\lcr {/3‘r Q... ..._. ..:.. ._'.'. JIJ!|‘C‘.llU-i- use? ‘(VL \L,’ .' .'.'or:.': ,2/3 if t“:- head or this e w s". t 'z, tam, he itialrired in

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These t'ir'ee ~':r,;.at pioneers of

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.1? T-t/riOy' 'l()i(‘IIIIi(,I,

James Taylor-esque peaceful assurance. Not the new Bachmann Turner Overdrive, that's for sure. Available for £9.99 from Echo and Tower in Glasgow and Blackfriars Music in Edinburgh, or by phoning 0141 884 5222. (F8)


A iaunty, country-tinged outing wrth splendid twin vocals, worth buying if only to hear the fabulous line 'Show me a word that rhymes wrth pavement and I wrll kill your parents and roast them on a spit' Sane people w0uld take weeks to come up wrth couplets this odd and mUSlC so fine Pavement make it seem effortless, (MR)


Freak In A Leash (Immortal)-===:- To categorise this chunk of thick, fantastically produced rock as metal is to do it IDJUSIICE. Gargantuan chunks of gurtar fight for space against thunking bass and wound-up raps. One track is not enough, Sample their album Follow The Leader and witness the real deal (MR)


I Hope You'll Always Be There (Evil World)

This is the SQnSrtrve 50und of Ant, better known as drummer With sensrtive (anglers, Hefner Uncharacterrstically mellow for a pounder of the skins, Ant mixes acoustic ambience wrth electronic backing, creating his own brand of disco folk'. This gentle gem, drum machine apart, is the s0und of a whole other era. (MR)

Soundtrack Of Our Lives Avenger Hill Street Blues (607 Music)

From the country which brought you Henrik Larsson, ABBA and the Nobel Peace Prize comes th.s slab of insane, unashamedly retro rock it sounds like it was made in 1970, locked in the vaults of a castle somewhere out5ide Ornskoldsvrk, orin to be uncovered 29 years later and dropped on an unsuspecting public FabulOus tvigged- out stuff (MR)


5:," ':Z:‘ '-:3;-' With an instrumental line-up of bass,

record reviews MUSIC

ELECTRONlC Basement Jaxx Remedy '59-: ‘:=i= '=i=-.' 223';


The cure: Basement Jaxx

Alongside Daft Punk’s much-feted debut Homework and Armand Van Helden’s recent 2 Future 4 U, this is one of the hottest records to emerge from the dance music scene in ages. Like Daft Punk and Van Helden,

Basement Jaxx have bagfuls of original ideas - and they aren't afraid to use

them. Crucially, they actually want to make fresh, new music, the like of which you've never heard before in your life.

Simon Ratcliffe and Felix Buxton positively ooze confidence, it seeps into every track on their album. Within the first twenty minutes, you get the Balearic vibes of 'Rendez-vu’, the twisted Brixton-style mash-up of ‘Yo Yo',

the ragga—tied musical tornado that is ’Jump & Shout' and the current single ’Red Alert'. It's the musical equivalent of being 4—0 up in the first half. A few

slower tracks show another side to their repertoire, but these two young producers are soon back doing what they do best on 'Bingo Bango', an

explosive samba workout.

This album is dark, jumpy and funky, but above all, it's a really exciting listen. It deserves your attention. (Jim Byers)

bass, and bass this was art-trays going to sound a Eattle clrfferent The magnificent lead tratk 'Shot Through Gauze' pins a i\v'.'<l"*(;l.".(; refrain over chirnrng :norris’, l‘armonics anti lcnw- end rumbies Other Milt-(S fellow the mute of interwoven tiassirrit-s, treating a vast, open sound S:rrip!t?, effective and strangely exhilarating w'lel

Imperial Racrng Club My World (Human Condition) With gu:tars fun-er than FO/Zy Bear's armpit and the kind of soaraway choruses that every other miserable bastard in Siotland seems to have. an allergy to, this is zoo: St uxz-pop 'Oelight' l'ves up to h:s nante, its oil- kilter melodies (l‘itiftth'lil the pants off anyone Within SC’O yarth MR;-


Vicrato 3:, .5, 5:.

A guirky pie-(e of 'rzeets Joe (sleek rristr'tanij-rttai e~e< Ito {mp Antique keyboards sauel; h and b'eep over til-not break beats The more upbeat B-s:des are best Here's l‘.()()l'l-f; we get ii) hear more Ataiuible front MiSSing, John Srn;th's and Fopp in Glasgow and Avalanche l'l Edinburgh, or direct from Declan Ro'iey tor £2 75 at 22 Polwarth Street, lst floor left. Hynclland, Glasgow Cai2 9W (MR)


Numbskull (Infectious) =2;-

In covering tracks by Nirvana and Mudhoney on this single, Ash prove Just how little they have strayed from the Seattle blueprint in their years


tifllilififl the top dogs of the :ndre :harts, and also hay; :i::::h their own material is truly la: r;i."-; Getting a set of turntables ant: stow-rig smiling in photos :s hardly ()l’)(;lt?88|()ll (MR)

The Starlets

New Wave (Illurr‘irerel- ‘:5=' *5:- '-=:' A Combination of female vocal-led,

melancholy guitar pop on one side and

instrumental, ambient, film muSrc soundstatres on the other, both of n'rhrch are pretty special in their own way A binding of these two strains together could result in something gurte spectacular (MR)

The Secret Goldfish

Somewhere in The World EP (Creeping

88m) 5,. .5, a. ,3, Gozng from chipper guitar pop, complete wrth Shangri-Las style ooh- wee-ooh backing vocals to a Stct-reoiab/Cari )syrhedeiic, irnprov

freak-nut in the space or three songs rs no mean feat, ‘>il()\'.’li'l-T; depth that few

others :ar: lay tlazm to This is a concept single all three tracks have "-.‘-.'(:ll(f' ill the tile ,l‘t'lh‘,‘


Brian Donaldson, Rodger Evans, Miles Fielder, David Keenan, Kenny TVI<liillOS().":, Leon i'vcherrnott, Mark Robertson, Peter Ross, Fiona Shepherd,

Rory Weller


I :-': :3: :3:

a .;. g, fl, ;._ Very 00d 5

:-r :5: VVOTI 8 shot t. a Below average :

You've been warned _J-

29 Apr—l3 May 1999 THE “ST 41