rock & pop

I Holly Thomas Common Grounds. 2/3 North Bank Street. 226 I4 I6. 7.30pm.

I UK Subs and The Red Eyes Nice ‘n‘ Sleazy. Sauchieliall Street. 333 9637.

electronic voyagers hrutalising tlteir analogue equipment. much or wltich is


9pm. ()ld punk lags. H | salvaged from rubbish tips or built to the ; Free. Gigs are listed by date, then by cit . I Wild Monkey, Johnson and Ghljk ' trio's specifications. The Itttllcnttittttt ; Performances Will be listed, provi ed King Tut's Walt Walt Htit. St Vincent i beatniks are ioined by kindred spirits E that details reach our offices at least Street. 221 5279. 8.30pm. £3.50 I Hovercraft and Appliance -- tlte rot-met V eight days before publication. Rock (advance). £4 (door). have a dronetastic album lirprri/in'iii Zen; r Glasgow

I Hazel O'Connor Nice 'n' Sleazy. Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Somehow iii all tlte early SOs nostalgia or recent times. O'Connor has been passed over. despite the fact tltat Breaking (Iluss

and pop listings compiled by Fiona Shepherd 8. Peter Ross (Glasgow) and Rodger Evans (Edinburgh).

I Sub-rosa Tlte l3th Note Cale. King i out at the moment. See l-‘roiitlines. page 4. Street. 553 I638. 8pm. £3. : I Glitz Blitz And 705 Hits Glasgow

I Jam Session Samuel Dow’s. Royal Concert Hall. Sattcliieliall Street. Nithsdale Road. 423 ()l()7. 8.30pm. Free. 387 55| l. 7.30pm. £ l6.5()/£ l-l.5()/£l3.5() I Live Music Cavern Bar. Strathclvde plus booking lee. Alvin Stardust. the

. Ticketinformatiott-..:

Tickets'for most mediumtlarge}_- , Concerts can be bought from'tbe. following:

Virgin, Argyle Street. 204 Sl5l Tower Records Argyle Street. 204 2500.

Credit card bookings from: Ticket Link: 287 55l t.

common ' .

Virgin Princes Street. 320 3234. Ripping Records South Biidge. 336 7010.

Assembly Rooms George Street. 330 434‘)



I Sebadoh and El Hombre Trajeado The Garage. Sauchiehall Street. 333 l I30. 7pm. £8 plus booking lee. Tickets l't'om Missing Records. \\'ellingtoii Street. 400 l"6 and Ripping Records. lidinbttrgh. (‘C‘ bookiiig' H570 (tltl (>003. The underground combo to end all underground combos stormed the ltaiiicades earlier tlits )t‘gti' and made It on to lit/t ()1 ‘/’/n I’M/ts in one (it the show 's most lit/arre coups. l.ou

llailow and smiling chums ate supported its the l'll}lltlll moods otGlasgow ’s well- di'essed men.

University Union. John Street. 567 5023. 9pm. Free. Students aiid guests.


I Andy Neate Common Grounds. 3/.3 North Bank Street. 226 IJI6. 7.3(lpiii. Free

I Grits 'n' Gravy Trio .Ia/./ .lotltl. S Morrison Street. 33l I388. ltlpin-3ain. £4 (£3). l.atin. l'unk. ia/I. aitd breakbeat. featuring Scottish Yin/tie .l/inn Itl/l of I/It' Year Paul Harrison on keys

I Ninth Circle, Confusion Corporation and Substate 'l‘ex tot Row Union. llristo Square. 9pm. £3.5()/£3. .»\ Kerrang! kinda evening with iioise_v types from the Borders. Glasgow and lidinburgh. res )ectivelv

I Rodeohea Whistle Binkies. Niddi'y Street. 557 5 l H. llpiii. lice.



I Super Furry Animals and Clinic Bilt’l'OWlltlltl. Gallowgate. 553 -l6()|. 7.30pm. £ l() pltis booking lee. .\’o age restriction. Sec prev iew lot' the eternally inventive hurries who are back with another beautiful single. the bossa nova- tinged '.\'orthern l.ites'. Get along earl} il' poss to catch ('liiiie who perl'orm in lab coats and surgical masks. The} "re good (honest). See preview. page 38.

I Add N To (X), Hovercraft and Appliance g3. Saucliietialt Street. 353

3 l l I. 7pm. £5 pltis booking tee. .\'o age restriction. Add .\' To (X i are peerless


will be playing at

CLYDE STREET, GLASGOW on Sunday 2 May 1999, 9pm onwards

Tel: 0141 243 2177

Tickets £2

winners of THE JAM FACTOR 6


42 THELIST . "


redottbtable Suzi Quatro atid The Rubettes < the subject matter ot‘the new Auteurs single «- can the can aitd other glam bani 7(ls expressions.

I Ben And Jason Missing Records. Wellington Street. 400 I776. 5pm. Free. .-\coustic session from the dream} duo promoting their current mini-album llt’l/U. a melanchon t'olk-tinged ttllitlt'.

I The Effect, Starsky and Anakin King 'l‘ut's Walt Walt lltit. St Vincent Street. 33l 537‘), S.3(lpttt. £3.50 (adsaticc). ls the lorce strong with .-\tiaktii'.’

I W.0.R.M. and Destructos 't'lie l3llt Note (are. King Street. 553 I638. 8pm. £3. I Valuta aiid Johnson :\.\\ ltiiti. (‘aledonian l'nivet'sity lfiiion. (‘owcaddens Road. 333 ()6t\'l. 9pm. Free. Students and guests. Weill-tntluenced sounds t'roni \'aluta who has e an album Suites law/ii The ,\)('(l Burlesque available now. Johnson plough a similar. it‘ less theatrical. musical t‘tirrow.

I Abba Disco Party Bourbon Street. George Street. 553 (ll-ll. 7pm. £5

l~l.5()i. l-L\eiiing includes performance by an Abba tribute band.

I Starsail lltc‘ llalt liar. Woodlands Road. 564 I537. 9pm. l‘i'ee.

I Drunk A Funk .\le('linilts \\'a_v ()tll \\'est. Kel\ inhaugli Street. 33! 556‘). 9.30pm. l'ree.

I Itchycoo Park Samuel l)ow 's. \ithsdale Road. J33 ()lll7. b.3(lptit. l‘i'ee. Reln mg ltlls iiiod-inspii'ed sounds.


I Counselled Out (‘aventlisn West 'l'ollci'oss. 33S 3353. lllpin. £5. l-‘ree het'ore llpm. 'l'welse-ptece soul hand.

I Grupo Do Samba 't'lie Bongo Club. N New Street. 55S 7604. ltl.3(lpm~-3am. £615. (‘ulled bout the best l.atiii musicians atid the most promising l‘l.l}t‘l\ ot the lidiiiburgli Samba School. (ii‘upo l)o Samba make a welcome return to (‘ltib latino w itli their ltll\ or rolling Sambas and stitriiig llatucadas.

I Groove Diggas .laz/ .loiiit. S Morrison Street. 33| l3SS. lltpni 3am. £5 t£-li. llea\ test soul t'tink otttttt this side ol the border.

I Amphetameanies, Newtown Grunts and Sven Hassel and Toxik Ephex (th utter. \\'est Port. :29 43.1 I. 9pm. £3. Ska stompet's. ska punk and ioek 'n' punk. i'espectixelv

was the ultimate 80s nightmare pic. Tonight she will perl’oriii tunes old and

I Herbaliser g3. Satichiehall Street. 353 3| I l. 7pm. £8 plus booking lice.

' See clubs. page 5‘) lot this experimental hip hop act. l’ltis

Dynamic Syncopation l).ls. .\lr SCI'ttll aitd Ills t‘i'oni livix-rcool lcelandic baitd (ins Gus.

I Grand Drive and Lazy 't‘tie l3lll Note (‘|ub. (‘lvdc Street. 343 2l77. Spin. £4.50 (advance). South London duo Julian and l)aiiit_v \\'i|s‘ott (no relation to those l)tindonians or to l-i'ank. obviously) have itist released their gracel'ul debut album. the appropriately-named It’oiit/ .llttsii'

5 which is the perfect soundtrack for loiig

lonel_v drives.

I Laconic, Tacoma Radar and Mac

Meda The l3th Note Cat-e. King Street. 553 M38. Spm. £3.

I Fleetwood Bac Bourbon Street.

George Street. 553 (ll-ll. 7pm. £5 t£l‘).5() inc dinner). l’lectw‘ood Mac look- aiid soundalikes.

I Open Stage The llalt liar. Woodlands Road. 56-1 I537. 4 Spin. l’i'ec. Showcase loi' local musicians.

I The Hemispheres 'l‘lte Halt Bar. \\'oodlands Road. 56-! I537. 9pm. Free.

. I Glamtastic Met‘huills. High Street.

553 3135. ll) )m. l‘t'ce. I The Solution .\te(‘litnlls Way Out West. Kelvinliaugh Street. 33l 556‘). 9.30pm. l‘ree.

I The Vagabonds \vaxys. (‘atidlei'iggs. 553 STI7. 9pm. l‘ree. Popular covers.

I Gemma Mac Ktlkc‘lttt}'s. .lohii Street.

553 3505. 9pm. lirec. l’op material.

I Bad Influence Samuel Dow‘s.

.\'ithsdale Road. 43.3 (HOT. S.3()pm. lirec. I Touch And Go The \\'Ii.irt'. Yoker

l't‘l'l'} Road. 95‘) 3()I6. 9pm lice.


I Yumbambe .lau .loiiit. S .\lori'isoii Street. 33| I388. Ittpm~3ant £5 (Lil). l.atiii ia/z overload.

I Noami and Smiler :\lllc‘. Dyers (‘Ios-e. (‘ow gate. 335 S3S3. 7.3(lpiii. £4 in advance. £5 on the door.

I UK Subs and Buzzbomb (‘as Rock. West Port. 33‘) -l3-l l. 9pm. £5/£-l.

I Hud Yer Wheesht 232 (‘annon‘s

(iait. ('anongate. 556 MS I. 9pm. lirce.

Father figures: Gay Dad play the Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Wed 5 May