Breeze block: Hurricane #1 play 92, Glasgow, Wed 5 May and The Venue, Edinburgh.



I Errol Brown (ilttxgou Ro}al Concert Hall. Sauclnehall Street. 287 55l l. 7.30pm. L'l“..5ll/t'lo/£ I -l.5ll plus booking lee ’I'he house“ t\ e\ lo\ e our lirrol. L‘\[‘t‘c‘l;lll_\ :tllc‘t' lltc‘ success til llUl (‘hocolale'x llltl\lc‘ Ill The I’ll/l .llu/Ili'. l)on't \\orr_\ l’l'lt‘l )0“ can keep your hat land eunfihmg elset on. Will he play lll\ tribute to l'l-( )\ ‘No Doubt .-\bout lt".’ I Get Carter, Valuta and Johnson The l3th \ole ('ate. King Street. 553 lots. “I‘m. 12. (iet (Lnter hail liom Nc‘\\C:tstlc‘. .tppropriatel} enough.

I Live Music ’l‘lte C'athouse. Linton Street. 2 LS omit». .Spm. .'\n unsigned band \llti“ ease Illglll.

I Live Music Nice 'n' Slea/y. Sauclnehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. NGM college presents a line-up ol' local bands. I Jam Session Samuel l)o\\ \. \llllvldlt‘ Road. 123 Hill", .\‘.3llpm. l'iree.


I Hurricane £1, Witness, Painbirds and Ersatz llie \etltie. (‘allon Road. .55- NW5. Spm Lb ('i'eation'scould-still-bes lltnneane ii lt.t\e ieeened more than then :an share ol critical briekbatx. perhaps as much tot taking the Murdoch mttllah lot that Sm: .ul\eit .t\ lot an) llllhlc‘itl transgressions Song“riteiv’guilatist And} liell. ex ol' ( )\letd'\ ll|i\‘\'. Ride. l\ \Illl \ei')’ ninclt \torktng lll the \hadon ol' lll\ labelmatex ( ).t\t\ and 'l'eenage l'anclttb.

I Lamb l..t Belle \ngele. ll;l\llc‘.\ ('lose. ("ougatcz 22“ 5V5 ‘lpni “.tlll LS in

.ulx ‘tnce liom lopp. Ripping and Virgin. .\lello\\ zitp‘hop tltio retain \\ Ill] a ne\\ .tlbuni Se. pie\ t.'\\. page 5‘}

I Andy Neate ('otlillntlt (iltttllttl\. .77.“ \oitl: Hank Street. 22h 1-1 I“ 7. illptn. lie;

I John Burgess Trio Lin quu. x \iozztmn .\lt.‘.".. .723 l_‘\.\ Spin Ram. 11 ‘Li lnllueneeti b} .loe Henderson lltl\ llilll‘1iiltll\t‘.tltc‘\;'ttl|l;‘ oi contemporar}



I Boyzone Sl-.('( I l‘nnneston Qua}. 2S7 7"" St it .I) ( il l. incredibly llll\ bailtl seem to go iiom strength to strength. dcspi': nae in; .-x .~:-deete.i\mg circles in I‘llll\lc'.:l terms ls ;: not about time lor |<ou.iu to cut lli.’ HUS that bind and cuti\;‘:ll.l‘.t.tlt‘ that 'l'\' presenting career.’ But hoe. the _\t|'.iilf.' girls \tonltlcu.

I James Taylor Quartet 'l‘lie «relies. \lztilanti Street. :22 Hull "pm U) 50 plus booking \c‘leialts ol the contempotai} .‘.c :d t.i// \eeite \\htp tip a llannnoml lien/x Dance _\otn\elldi//\. I Lamb King i .it\ \\..h \\.th Hill. St I \i:.e. it: Sheet. .::l 52'“) N :llplll. Lt) l‘l'!\ i‘llilxtl‘” See 2‘2; See lill. ’\

I Lisa Hall, Fabulous, Embryo .qu Atlantis \.:‘.tt'tht‘ll.lll Street. ‘5;

‘. :e\\. page 5‘)

I Under The Sun, Rain .u:.; Widescreen \i..~ u' Sle.i/\ \[mn‘n ill ‘ilv‘; .‘2

I Bulb Chutney and The Omniscience l't!l_\ \ltttth \l.t\\\ell Street. 22l (15”. "but :i5l'1attxancet. LJidoort. includme unit} ‘o the |‘l'\l-:_’!fJ club.


Thu 6 May

I Abba DiSCO Party Bourbon Street. George Street. 552 (ll—ll. 7pm. £5 (til-1.50). lirening includes pert'ormanee by an Abba tribute band.

I The Dayglo Babies .\lc(‘htnll.\. High Street. 552 2|35. 10pm. tree.

I Nimbus .'\lc(‘huill\ Way ()ut \Vest. Kelvinhaugh Street. 22| 556‘). 0.30pm. Free. Jazz funk collectix e.

I Duncan MacAlmont The Hall liar. Woodlands Road. 56-1 I527. 9pm. Free. I Bronx Samuel l)o\\ 's. \ithsdale Road. 423 mm. 8.30pm. liree.

I Counselled Out (‘axeutlisu \Vest Tollcross. 223 3252. 10pm. £5. liree before I l )in. See l'ri _‘\()..

I Basic ollective .la/z .lotttt. x Morrison Street. 22! l2SS. ltlpm -.‘~am.

'. £5 (£4). The chanteuse Nicola King and

her band making ever cool underground sounds.

I Solaris, Elkin and Ellis Attic. Dyers Close. Cowgate. 225 8382. 7.30pm. £3.

E I The Men They Couldn't Hang and 3 Toxik Ephex ('a\ Rock. West Port. 22‘)

434 l. 9pm. £()/£5. Return ot‘ those “ell- hung t'olk rockers who topped .lohn Peel's l‘estite 50 Ill the nnd Mix. Support from old skool punk I'UC‘kc‘h.

I Bloco Vomit, Boris Yeltsin Love XI and Baba Cool (‘ate Royale. West chiqcr Street. 557 4792. 0pm. £31125”. Bloco \‘omtt are big ill lira/ll. the lin. .\'I hate enjo} ed Mr John Peel's patronage and liaba (‘ool \\ ere liacatdi Band of the Year.

I Holly Thomas ('onnnon(hounds.21" .\'orth Bank Street. 226 H lo. Tillpm l-‘ree.



I Boyzone Sli(‘(‘. l'llllllt‘\lttll Qua}. IS" 7777. S()l.l) ()l '1‘, See lit 7

I S.C.A.M. King 'l‘nt'x \Vah \\'.ilt Hut. St Vincent Street. 22| 52“). .\ illpm. S( )l.l) ()l‘T. Skunk .-\nan\ie b} an) other name. contmuntg to rage hard \\ llll current albutn I’m/ ()rguun/t ('/u//. The alias t\ taken from the lttllltll\ ot‘ their inst names. He} 3 Just like Abba.

I Jewel City Hall. (‘antlleiiggx IS."

55l 1. ill pltl\ booking tee. S()l.l) ()l "l'. I Kinky Friedman 'l‘lie l'L'll). (lot.- Place. 55,1(lot)o. Spin. ill). The author and musician spilh a m roots} )ainx

I I The Men They Couldn't Hang and

Toxik Ephex (ilasgott Scltool ()t‘ .'\l t. Renl'ren Street. 332 llb‘H. .S'pm. L5 tadvance). to ttloort. 'l'tckets lrom Missing Records. Wellington Street. Jilll |77o°. See Hi 7.

I The Goldenhour lltc‘ Hill \ole (ilub. ('l}de Street. 243 2l77. Spin. ‘2“. llamtnond—dri\'en pop sounds.

I The J. Mellis Hairweave Quartet and The James Orr Complex The l5llt .\'ote (‘illtL King Street. 553 HHS. Spin L5. l’lll\ l).l (‘lteekt (‘hopx \\':tl: names like that. how can )ou I'L‘\l\l'

I Whamtastic lioutbon Street. (ieorge Street. 552 (ll-l l. 7pm. L5 -Ll‘) 5H \\ ilh dinner). Tribute to naughh (ieoige and the one \\ho married her out oi liananaratna.

I Valuta .\lc(‘lttnll~ \\.r\ ()ut \\e\t KelVinhaugh Street. .‘2l 55th). U, ittpm. l'l'c'c'. SL'L‘ l'il't .5”.

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rock & pop MUSIC

Tueeatntmst & Wednesday 2nd June


Tickets available from: SECC Box Office 0141-287J7TI. Ticket Centre (Candlerlgge). Virgin Records

(Glasgow & Edinburgh) 8 Way Ahead 0141-339-8383 (24hrs) wwwtickets-onltneoouk.


, *' International Jazz Festival 99 Kenny Garrett Quartet I 0 June Vei‘tu (fea. Stanley Clarke/ / Lenny White) 30 June-"'5 Art Ensemble of Chicago 1 July Nguyen Le Trio "Sand" 1 July Tomasz Stanko “Litania” 2 July Bugge Wesseltoft / Jazzanova 2 July Nikki Yeoh (with NYJOS, SYJO) 4 July Elvin Jones Jazz Machine 4 July Steps Ahead 4 July

Early booking offer - book for any of the above concerts at the Old Fruitmarket during April and get £2 off each ticket (offer excludes Celia 01.12)


Celia Cruz

the Queen of Salsa with Jose Alberto “El Canario“ 3 July

Riverboat Shuffle 2 July Dutch Swing College Band 3 July Craig McMurdo 4 July

ll :iw "leC‘tt’"; .M t». 1 t I t ~._. .’ ' Tickets from 0141 287 551 1 For a Free brochure call the

Atlantic Telecom . g “I l \W M.“ .‘H

Jazz Cool Line Tlu.fp;,;+o{iazz

O1 41 400 5000

'2. '4‘ THELIST45

5"? Apt 1: l.