The dates listed below are for one-off or ticketed shows; see separate section for free residencies. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, rovided that details reach our offices at east eight days before publication. Jazz listings compiled by Abigail Bremner.

THURSDAY 29 Glasgow

I Tom Colquhoun Basement Jazz. Blackfi'iars Underground 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm. £2. The desirous guitarist presents his new project. '(‘ollaboration'. which also features lain ('opelarid on drtrms and Brian Sliiels on bass.


I Grits 'n' Gravy Trio Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. Spin—3am. £4/3. The chromatic tones of Paul Harrison's keyboard combine with Paddy l-"lalierty's drums and Mario Cai‘ibe's bass to create a soiund popular with jazz (itli-itiiiut/m.



I John Kenny 8t Etienne Rolin liistitut Francais d'Ecosse. l3 Randolph (Ti'esent. 225 5366. 8pm. £6 (£4). Concert. on trombone and saxophone respectively.

I Midnight Blue C‘afe Graffiti. Mansfield Place Church. Broughtoir Street. 557 8003. |()pni—2am. £5. The Midnight Blue team do another James Brown night. featuring Edinburgh's answer to the godfather of soul. Tony King. DJ action comes frotii Joseph Malik and Dennis

I Groove Diggas .lazz .loiiit. 8 Morrison Street. 22! I288. it)ptii--3ani. £5- t£4). This seriously heavyweight soul-funk group are the fortnightly l-i'itlay residents. ()ii decks duty are Sly Si and lstilti.

I Club Latino The Bongo Club. l4 New Street. 558 7604 ll) 30pni-3aiii. £6 t£5 ). Latin dance rrrglit featuring dance classes from the Salsa Angels arid live music from Venezuelan sortero Carlos Pena.



I Yumbambe .la/z. Joint. 8 .‘slorrison Street. 22l I288. |0piii~3anr £5 (£4). Latin-jazz a-go-go from tlirs collective. which sees keyboardist Patrl Harrison and drummer Paddy l‘lalrei'ty backed by ftill horns and percussion sections. The Theloiiious DJs do the decks.


I Fat Sam’s Band Town Hall. Gi'eeiiock Road. 887 Hill). 8pm. £8 (£4). Join liat Sam's Baird for toe-tapping tunes. covering jump-jive to swing. from jazz greats like Glenn Miller" and fats Domino.


I VIP Jazz CiUb Below (‘afe Stella. Waterloo Street. 572 (Hill Despite three acclaimed shows. the VIP (‘ltib has been forced to close. A new venue is planned -- phone 0|4| 649 4(H4 for further details.


I Brian Kellock Trio and Discographers Jazz limit. 8 .‘ylori'isoii Street. 22l I288. 8piii~3tiiii £3. tirbaii and urbane ja/z from Brian Kellock tiiitil midnight their the Discographers aka DJ Ktilti. L’nkle littvvziz and Sly Si hit the decks creating an upbeat Saturday iirglit feel w itli their distinctive underground jazz. disco s ibe.



I Altered Beatz 99 Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. l()piti--3ain. £3. What started in an experiment in jazz and drum 'ii‘ bass has turned into a live batid featuring vocalist Alison McLaughlin. plus Richie Rufftone. Vital Signs. Paul Harrison and Stuart Brown.

“THE “ST 29 Apr-13 May l999


I Madeline MacDonald & The Jazz Mess Tron Theatre Restaurant. 63 Trongate. 287 55l l. 7pm. £l7.95. After a hugely successful performance last year. Glaswegian vocalist h’lacl)onald returns to Basement Jazz's ‘Jazz Dinners' series.


I The Dynamic Duo Show Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. l0piri—3ani. £3. The duo. aka DJ Extra arid DJ Plus One (the winner of this year's Scottiin DMC heats). are joined by rappers and breakdancers for beats 'ri' breaks. Sly Si in DJ capacity is a new addition to the team. See Local Live. page 39.


I Scott Hamilton 8t Howard Alden Partick Btrrglr Main Hall. 9 Burgh Hall Street. 287 55 l l. 8pm. £l0 (£8). Guitarist Alden joins the renowned US. tenor saxophonist. plus rhythm section.


I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers' Night Jazz .loiiit. 8 .\'lorrison Street. 22l I288. |0pnr—3airi. £4 (£3). Botli establislietl singers and iiewcoiiieis drop iii for this traditional jazz. night - DJ Ktilu spins jazz records in support.


Glasgow »

I Big Band Academy Now! RSAMD. I00 Retrfi'ew Street. 332 5057. 8.30ptii. £3.50 (£2.50). The RSAMD’s big band celebrate Duke lillingtoii's centenary with faithful renditions of some of his best loved numbers.

I Riff Raff Basement Jazz. Blackfriai's Underground 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9.30pm. £2. Dr'uiiiiiiei' Bill ls'ettle is

joined by Chick |.y all on keyboards.

liwan \"ernal on bass and guitarist Kevin MacKen/ie for modern standards airid more improvised pieces.


I John Burgess Trio Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. Spin-3am. £4/3. Supported by John Rae and Brain Shells and influenced by .loe Henderson this trio promise an evening of top quality contemporary jazz.

I Firefly Fundraiser The Bongo Club. I4 New Street. 558 7604. l0.30pni-3aiir. £6 (£5). Live salsa and jazz iii aid of the Bosnian Youth Project.



I Midnight Blue (‘ate (iialliti. Mansfield Place Church Broughtoii Street. 557 8003. 10pm r 2am. £5. Soulful .sttiff featuring Subie Coleman and ('oliii Steele.

I Basic Collective ,la/z Joint. .s Morrison Street. 221 I288. l0ptii 3am. £5 (£4). Stirring stuff from this soul and blues outfit. with a line-up featuring local di\ a Nicky King. percussionist Guy Nicholson and Jazz Joint regular Sly Si on bass.

I Yele The Bongo (‘lttb l4 New Street. 558 7604. l0_30piri-3aiii. £6 ( £5 ). li'eattiring African jazz specialists .-\ziti/. plus dance and druiiitiiing from The Suiti \\'e.i\eis


I Peebles Jazz Festival Various venues around town. for further info. call 0l72| 72l207. linjoy a host of traditional jazz sounds in the pubs and clubs around Peebles -- the opening concert t7pni. lis- Sei'vicenieii's Club) features the (ieorge Penman Jazzmen.



I Atmosfear (‘afe Graffiti. Mansfield Place Church Brotrgliton Street. 557 8003. 9.30pmu2am. £7. Tonight's guests are seven-piece jazz-funk otitfit Attiiosfear. who have had the likes of Dimitri and Francois Kervoi'kiaii working on their new

album. Altered Slates. atid claim inspiration from 70s ftrnksters Parliament and Roy Ayers.

I Elemental Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. l0pm—3am. £5 (£4). A fortnightly residency from this six-piece jazz-funk outfit whose sound is mellowed ottt by Kathleen‘s soaring vocals - with DJ support from Ktilu. plus guests.


I Peebles Jazz Festival Various venues around town. for further information call ()l72l 721207. See Fri 7.



I VIP Jazz Club Below (.‘afe Stella. Waterloo Street. 572 001 l. The VIP Club has now closed -- see Sun 2.


I Brian Kellock Trio Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. 8pni—3ani. £3. See Sttii 2.


I Peebles Jazz Festival Various venues around town. for ftrrther information call ()l72l 72l207. See Fri 7.



I Altered Beatz 99 Jazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. l0piii—3am. £3. See Mon 3.



I The Dynamic Duo Show .lazz Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. l0pm—3ani. £3. See Tue 4.


I Dundee Jazz Festival Rep Theatre. Tay Square. 0| 382 223530. Almost a ftill week of jazz-related activities as this festival goes from strength to strength highlights are listed. bill for fttll programme details. contact the number above.

I Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames Rep Theatre. Tay Square. 0| 382 223530. 8pm. £ |0-—£l2 (£8). Ari infectious and funky mix of sotrnds front across the jazz spectrum as Fame is joined by a selection of guest musicians for the opening concert to the Dundee Jazz Festival.



I Cathie Rae's Jazz Singers' Night Jazz .loiiit. 8 Morrison Street. 22l I288. |0piii 3am. £4 t£3i. See Wed 5.


I Randy Brecker Group'Rep Theatre. Tay- Square. 0l382 223530. 8pm. £97 £l| (£7). This legendary trumpeter flies iii especially for the Dundee Jazz Festival. bringing with him a team of New York iirusrcians. featuring George \Vlrrttey on keyboards. Adam Rogers on guitar. Rodney Holmes oti drums and bassist (‘liris .\liir|r Doky.



I Basement Jazz Black-trims l’iidei'gi‘ouiitl 36 Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm. £2. No inforiiiatron available when we w cut to press for further details. contact the venue.


I Martin Kershaw .la/z Joint. 8 Morrison Street. 221 I288. 8piii~3anr £4 i£3iTlie gr'oov edigger shows his jazzier side.


I Dundee Jazz Festival Gala Concert Rep Theatre. Tay Square. 0 l 382 223530. 8pm. £ I050 (£8.50). A show -stoppiiig line- up featui'rng Ackei' Bilk. Scott Hamilton. Howard Alden. (‘olin Smith. John McGuff and the Tom Findlay Trio. l'S trumpeter Hamilton isjoriied by fellow yank Alden on guitar (See Wed 5) for the first set. and the second half sees a pairing of Bilk and

3 big band sound. with vocals from Heather

trumpeting colleague Smith. with everyone getting on-stage for the grand finale.



The following details are for regular free weelgy dates: see main listings for one-o or ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by cit , then by day. Residencies wil be listed, provided that up-to-date details are supplied to us. Jazz Residencies listings are i compiled by Abigail Bremner.


I Live Jazz Yes Cafe-Bar. 22 West Nile

Street. 22l 8044. 8pm. Various artists.

I Jazz Piano Baby Grand. 3—7 lilmbank

Gardens. 248 4942. l0pm. Lounge pianist. g |

Fridays : I Bobby Wishart Borders Books. Music aritl Cafe. 98 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7.30—9.30pm. Mellow jazz.

I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Thu). 8pm. Artists vary.

I The Graham Trio Yes Cate-Bar (see Thu). 9pm. Traditional. 7 I Chris Clark Quartet Kelvitipark

Lorne Hotel. 923 Sauchieliall Street. 334 l 489i. 8.30pm. :‘vlainstreani and Latin. with various guests.

I Andy Young Baby Grand (see Thu). l0pni. Jazz DJ.


I George Penman Jazzmen Bourbon Street. |08 George Street. 552 0l4 l. ; 2—5pm. Traditional.

I Harry Margolis' Miller Band

l.'Attaclie. 27 Waterloo Street. 22l 32 I0 2—5pni. Big band.

I Lauder's Big Band Lauder's. Sauchiehall Street. 33| 5l80. 2~5prri. The l


I Live Jazz Brel. 39 Ashton Lane. 342 4966. 3—6pni. liree. Various contemporary : Latin and jazz sotrrrds. I I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Thu).

8pm. Artists vary. i I Jazz Blues Millars. 5 l 5 Saucliiehall Street. 8.30pm. ()n saxophone and keyboard. I Kenny Paterson Trio (‘afe Rouge. John ; Street. 552 4433. 8.30—I0.3()piir. Jazz and swing standards with vocals. i I The Graham Trio Yes (‘afe-Bar' (see

Thu). 9pm. ’l‘r'aditional.

I Live Jazz Brewery Tap. l055 Satrchieliall Street. 339 8866. 9.30pm. Jazz funk.

I Jazz Piano Baby Grand (see Thu).

l0pm. Lounge pianist.


I Harry Margolis' Miller Band (‘ar'negtes 6 New Sneddoti Street. Patsely. 889 3973. 2--5piii. Big band sounds.

I Ruth Lambert Duo Borine Aubei'ge.

Holiday ltiti. West Nile Street. 332 0| l0. l—4pnr. Enjoy jazz. \ ocals over lunch.

I Paul Henderson 8t Friends ('apt-ice Brasserie. 48 New Market Street. Ayr.

0l292 6|09|6 3—6pm. Mellow jazz vibes on guitar and bass or double bass.

I Chris Clark Jazz Trio Drum iv

Monkey. 93 St Vincent Street. 22l 6636. 3.30—6.30piri. Mainstream arid l.atin with various guests.

I Violet Leighton Trio Polo Lounge. Wilson Street. 4—6 in). Singer and band.

I I Blackfriars Col ective Blackfriars. 36

Bell Street. 552 5924. 9pm. Modern jazz.


i I Fionna Duncan with The Ronnie Rae . Trio McCliuill's. 40 High Street. 552 2l35. ' 9pm. t‘vlainstreani jazz tunes with this

reriow ned singer

. Tuesdays

I Bobby Wishart Russell's Bar Cafe. 77 Byres Roatl. 334 4973. 8 l lpiii. Maitistreaiii and modern.

I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Thu).