i i

8pm. Artists vary.

I Paul Henderson & Guests Caprice Brasserie (see Sun). 9.30pm. Lively jazz sessiort.

I Tom Urie And Guests Polo Lounge tsee Sun). 9.30pm. Pianist and singer.


I Jazz Piano Yes Restaurant (see Thu). Spin. Artists var}.

I Nimbus Cottier's‘ Bar. L)3 l-l} ndland Street. 357 5827. 9pm. .la/z/t‘urtk. alternating between band arid l).ls.



I Live Jazz Henderson's". 25 Thistle Street. 225 3605. Split. Artists vary.

I Live Blues Maison Hector. 47 l)eairliauglr Street. 332 5328. ltlptti—latrt. Blues guitar dtio.

I John Trigg's Blue Nun ('ellar No. l. (‘hantbers Street. 220 .1298. ltlpni—lairr. (‘oiiteitiporar_\ \\l[ll occasional guests.


I Alex Shaw (‘ocktail Bar. Hilton National Hotel. (ill Hell‘ord Road. 333 35-15. Spin. l’iaiirst.

I Live Jazz Henderson's tsee 'l‘lrui. Split. Artists var}.

I Bill Kyle's Backbeat Band C‘ellai- No. l isee'l‘liul. lllpnt- latti. Modern jar/.1.


I Toto And The Dexters Harry's Bar. Randolph Place. 53‘) .S’ ltltl. 3.30 5.30pm. .\lairisti'eani.

I 4th Dimension (‘al'te Sardi. Its’ l‘orest Road. Ill) 5553. 7.30pm tiiidttigltt. (iurtar and piatto dtio.

I Alex Shaw Trio Restaurant. lliltoit National Hotel isee l‘rir. Spin. Mainstream.

I Jazz Incident/Four with Subie Coleman (‘ellai' .\'o. l isec ’l‘liul.

ltlpirt larit. .-\lternating lot'ltliglltl} c'ttlllc‘lllptll'al'}.


I The Radge Jazz Band The Rat Restaurant on The Shore. Henderson Street. |.ertlt. 553 RUSH. Noon —.‘\pni. lxrtio} triellow ran tl\c‘l' lunch.

I Recovery ('ellar Hat isee 'l‘htti. 13.10pm. \ai'iotis ta// sounds. pltis a bee Blood} Mar} with brunclt.

I Edith Budge ll lie Home Bar artd (il'lll. I-l (‘ieotge Street. oZ-l sol-t. l Fpiti. Singer.

I Dave Keir Jazztet/Jim Jammers Rose and (low it. Rose Street. 235-1030. 1 lilpitr. .-\lteriiattng lttl'llllflllll} traditional,ittodein.

I Live Jazz .\laisort Hector t See Tho I.

a ‘sfl 7pm. \latnsttcani.


I 2/4 Blues Session ‘l'ioii (‘eilltlli House. Hunter Square. 23o (Nil. Spin. l-oitnightl}.

I Jazz Loungin’ with Tim King and Keatsafarian (‘ellai .\'o. t tSec Thin. illpin lain. ('onlenrpot'ar}.


I Louisrana Ragtime Band .‘s‘axaai House Hotel. I: .\la_\l'ield (:tll'tlt‘HS. no.7 2323. S. ‘llpni. ‘l‘radittonal.

I Spirits 0f Rhythm (ales Sainple Ronni. SS -\ngle l’ark ’l'eri'ace. 337 720-1. Siflprti. 'l'iadilional.

I Swing 99 .\lalt Slim-cl. (‘ockburn Street. 335 ms.“ ‘lpnt. Sw trig at the longest residency in l-.dirtbtiiglt.

I Cuban Brothers (‘ellai .\‘o. i est-t- 'l‘hul. lllpnt ltllll. l‘ltiss underground

I Live Jazz \\ lirstle Hittkic's. -l (r South Bridge. 55" < l l l M. lllpin. .\lodern. .tltlsls \ttls.


I Fat Sam's Band/The Dreamliners l-al Satirs. 5o 55 |~ourttaiiibttdge. 323

‘1 ll Spin Swing and ruittp- ine/ntatitstieaiii.

I Live Jazz Hertdersoirs isee 'l‘liui. Spin. .-\l'll\l\ \.ti_\.

I Son De Rhumba ('t-llai- .‘s'o. I iSee 'l‘hui. lflpni lain. |..itin tan.

folk & world MUSID

Rocking the vote: Simon Thoumire

Lf)'ti("llt‘f;'tll",' take 1).”.

FOLK Music For A New Scottish Parliament

Edinburgh: Queen's Hall, Tue 4 May; Glasgow: Royal Concert Hall, Wed 26 May. If you have been living on the moon for the past year With your ears stuffed full of tartan socks, then you might feasibly not know that we are going to have new Scottish Parliament Less well known, however, is that we are gomg to have some new llltr‘Slt to go \.'.’llli it Scottish composer and concertina Virtuoso Simon Thoumire preiriieres his Music For A New Scottish Parliament in the week of the election, two days before votes are cast on Thu 6 May. It might even effect the outcome As well as a thirteen-strong folk-Jazz orchestra including London-based

' trumpeter Claude Deppa, a parliamentary candidate from each of the major

parties ‘.'.’!ll form part of the performance Each Will give a unique 60 second mini rarty iiolit'tai broadcast

The hour-lent; piece will also open the BBC Music Live festival in Glasgow. 'There ‘.'ylll be some traditional and some Jazz, but there's even some rock in it

:' and a oitnk bit at the end,’ says Thoumire 'lt ends on a high.‘

,T‘r'so sz'iecizaed ° \ t.e in .‘Jllll the election, A Clear Day's Dawning is a iii-CO years of Scots music Performed by some of the best players on the scene, the album has been produced by Jack Evans, guitarist with lock i'ainson's Bairns it ‘-.'.’lii he released on the Greentrax label With a live performance scheduled for Hogmanay

(Norman Chalmers-

folk & world


Dates listed below are for one-off and ticketed shows. Gigs are listed by date, then by city. Performances will be listed, provided that details reach our offices at least ten days before publication. Folk & World listings compiled by Norman Chalmers.



I The Broads New Dawn liolk ('lub. Riverside ('lub. l‘ox Street. 248 _‘~l-H. 3.30pm. L‘s-t5. (iientle acoustic and electric folk rock l‘i'ont the last two decades. Cireat players. great \ocaltst.



I Ceilidh Dance Rim-stile (‘lutx l'o\ Street. 248 3 l-l-l. Doors open 7 Rtlpiii. 55. Live bands.

I Ceilidh Dance the retry. (‘lytle l’lace. 9pm. £5. 'l‘ickets at the \ entie or III ad\aiice front the 'l‘icket (‘entre. ('aridleriggs. 23" 55 l l.


I CEilidh Dance .'\.\\L‘llll‘l_\ Rttttttis (ieot'ge Street. Spin. LS H5 t. .'\lttsic front the Robert l‘islr Band.

I Club Latino Bongo Club. New Street. 558 760-1. lt).3(lprtt .ittlll. filo i5 t. New releases by resident and guest l).l.s. l.l\ e l‘ll}lll|lls l'i'oiit (irupo l)o Sairtba ol' lidinburgh's Sattiba School. Dance instruction from Alba Higgins arid the Salsa Angels at lll..‘~llpni.



I Rhythm Rogues Seoiia Har'. Stockwell Street. 552 Rots l. ‘tfillpni. l'l'c‘c‘.

I Ceilidh Dance Rut-mile (‘liih l‘os Street. 343 3 l-H. l)oots opeit ’..‘~f)piir £5. l.r\e bands.


I Scots-Irish Ceilidh Sacred Heart (‘liurcli Hall. l.‘.ltll'|t‘\ltlll Street. ‘stlpnt. to till i. Accompanied children under l3. 5 l. 'l‘ickets lt'tillt :\l.l’. l).tlt_\ Road. .i it? 54-12. Scots and Irish dancing to Me music from the Robert l‘lSll Hand plus special guests.

I Whistlebinkies North Bridge. 55"

SI 14. 3.30pm. l‘ree. \lttsrctaiis front the 'l‘rotr which is closing down are lia\ trig ;. part} lll their new name.

I May Day Ceilidh St Brides Centre.


the afternoon. instrumental music into the evening.


I Music For A New Scottish Parliament Queen‘s Hall. Clerk Street. oos‘ 201*). £8 (to). lidiiiburgh concertina pla_\ er 'l‘liouinire leads a thirteen piece l'olk/iau. ensemble iii a tlierrted coiiiposittotr tltat includes four live ()0 second party political broadcasts. Support ll'tllll his more traditional quartet Keep It l‘p. See preview, abm e.

l)illl'_\' 'l‘eir'ace. ()rw ell Road. Spin. lite ititisic. l’resented b} the 'l'rades (‘ourtcil ('all 2-13 9385.


I Beyond Breaking Glass Hongo (’ltib. New Street. 55S ."(rtll tiliprti. ()iit ()l'lhe Hlue presents Ha/el ()' ('oiitior in lic‘}tllltl Hreaknrg (ilass. accoirtpanied b_\ top lrisli lrarpist (‘orriiac de Haira. 'l‘lte Slls icon itimes l'roni punk to her celtic l'tltlls in the acclaimed show l'irst perloriited at last year's l'llllg‘c‘.

I Songs and Ballads 'l'lie lass. High

Street. 3 5pm. l-‘ree. Singing session lll

with special appearance hem

'l'oto’ la Momposina

from Colombia

plus special guests [:3 Baum!

zist May. 9pm The Assembly Rooms George St. Edinburgh

Tickets sto/ss available trom The Bongo Club (0131 558 7804) and The Assembly Rooms (0131 220 4349)

2‘) Apt ~l3 i'vlay W99 THELIST49