Drama is listed by city. then alphabetically by venue. Dance is listed after drama for each city. Shows will be listed, provided that . details reach our offices at least ten ' days before publication. Drama & dance listings compiled by Rob Fraser. DISABLED ACCESS KEY i Access: t’ = Parking l'aeilittes. PM = Parking to he l’re-.-\rrangetl. l. = l.e\el .»\eee.s’s‘. R -‘= Rttlttpctl :\L‘L‘L‘.\\. SI = Steps to negotiate. Facilities: WC : Adapted 'l’oiletts‘l. “S = Wheelchair Spaees. .-\S : Atllaeent Seats. H = Intluetion Loop Sutem. IR 2 lnlra Retl S_\stem. (i = (illltIL‘ Dogs :\llo\\etl. R 2 Restaurant .-\eeessihle. (' = ('atering :\c‘c‘t‘\\lltlt‘. 'I. = .>\tltlpletl 'I‘L‘IL'PllUllL‘. Help: .-\ : Assistanee .-\\ ailahie. .v\.>\ = .’\tI\ ise Venue in .'\(l\tlllL'L‘. TICKET LINK 'l‘tekets lot manor \enues m (ilasgtm are ax ailahle truth the 'l’ieket ('entre. ('antlleiiggs. .\lon Sat Itlfitlam until (i..‘~tlprn in person or tlllltl 0pm h} phone on (ll-ll 257 55! |. Suntla} opening l\ noon 5pm. .-\n} 'l'reket l,ml\ hm ot't'iee can sell trekets l'or other \‘L‘ITUCS. THEATRE TOKENS 'l'l‘ intlieates \ enuex \\ here 'liheatt'e Tokens ean he ewhangetl tor~ tiekets. Tokens ean he l‘tttlglll lrom 'l‘ieket (’entre. (‘antlleriggx (ilasgmx. tllJl 2R7 5910; most hranehes ot‘ \\‘.ll. Smith. John Men/res and James 'l‘hm Booksellers: or In eretlit eartl l'rom 'l‘okenline. ill—7| 2-H) .sIsnn.



.iil \Iltlltllltl SIIL‘L‘I. ~Illlll [\VC. \\'.-\l Coma Stories From The Edge t'nnl Sat l \la} .Spm L" IE-l» \loxmg. \titt}. intelligent and ehallenerne. lmprol‘al‘le 'l‘heatre ('ompan} 's nee. \lltl\\ e\plores the most e\trenie til alteietl states See re\ re“ page 55

The Dark Room l‘ntrl Sat 1 .\la_\. 5pm. L" LFlI .\'e\x eornpan} I'tll Your Pleasures lust protluetton e\plores the lite and \\tl|l\ ot a \\ at photographer. 'l‘opieal stult. but isn't it al\‘.a_\s’

Faust (Faust Is Dead) sat .s a stun ‘) Ma}. Spin L~ ~ Ll I. .\I.tll\ .S/iu/ip/ne .‘IIIL/ I’m Ame Ra\ettlttll\ take on the \\ hole l-austtan/Nlephistopholean paet thing: See pre\ teu page 53 Shagnasty 'l‘ue l Sat .\ .\la_\ t.\'ot I'l'll Spin. L" U- lreakshnu theatre eompan} ask the rhetoiieal auemon

FAMILIAL DRAMA Learning The Paso Doble

Touring until Sat 8 May There are few thian worse in the Old field of culture than something slight attempting to pass itself off as a weiqhtIly signifitaht work of art Somewhat (iisar_);)(:-intmr;|\,¢ the tiehut full-length professional play from award-\xnnn no ooe: anti t1t)‘.’-L"lSi {Elli/s Rose attempts to eke ("e extraordinary from the ordinary It doesn't pull it off

Arch matriarch Pearl lS ueaz: tier family's mournint; takes an a stt-r'es o‘ different shades, there as .'T‘-i.'l pity from the \.‘."|(I()‘.'.°(" as "e the (,‘urlt onto his three fl<i..12":'.-(‘n"s :it-i' daughters themsest seer" tillYliiSi

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Llll. See eometl} antl rntzsre listings.


93 ll}ntllantl Street. 15" MM. ill. \\ ('. \\:\‘ Learning The Paso Doble tn: .1 lhu ti .\la_\. 3pm. LS nil -. Poet and noxelrst I)ll}.s Rose's l'rrst pla} eentres on the al'termath ol' a tleath ll‘. the t’annl} See reneu page 54.

Three Men In A Boat \ltm Ell \\eti 3: Ma}. .Spm. LS i C(\t‘l} lati Ruthie} Benes “as gnen a ne\\ lease ot lite at the “l” litltnhargh l-iznee l‘_\ {his solo adaptation ol’ the Jerome K .lerome perennial t'axe li\peet eezitle smiles. rather than hell). laughs


(‘amphell Street. lll»l”5 "INNS Ill. \\’.v\l Camelot \Vetl 5 Sat S \la} " 30pm. L", Merlin. ( iutne\ ere. l.aneelot. li\ealrl\ur all sour .-\tthurtan taxes are here in lull on lerner t\' lame musieal lashion Stings inelntle the near immortal ‘\\'here are the IN} \ ol' niartlenhootl "

KING'S THEATRE 2‘)" Bath Street. _‘.\ Annie l'ritil Sat l5 .\la\

Sat 3 .‘ttpn: .\' E L5 2315”.} Sa\ aye 't‘r mes some aeeihre \\ :t to

l‘lttet‘t'tllllfls -\|lttt't'illt‘! ilt‘\‘.. .TIte'

E 55 l I :ll. \\‘(‘, \\.-\] A ‘tlpni; \Vetl t\' HIP”)

sttti'il \tllll'e' Utl't. itlllitllltfl‘.’

The Magic Of The Musicals .s‘nn _‘ \la} lpnitk T zHpni L“ {l5 54' \lattr \\'ehl\ hells out all strut tannnrte wires truth the \Iltl\\ s. lroin /’/:i.'i.'.'wi: to /( \ llrx


\eu Street. l’ais’le}. SST ltlltt [.-\eeesxs: l’l’.-\. l.. R. l-‘aeilities': \\'('. \\'S. H. (i. (T Help: :\. .-\:\l

Learning The Paso Doble Hi 30 .-\pr .& Sat l .\la_\. 7.30pm. in 1L2). Poet and nmelrst l)li_\\ Rose's t'rrst pla_\ eentres on the al'teimath ot' a tleath lll the latnrl}. See ze\ ten page 5-1.

THE RAMSHORN THEATRE ‘l.\ Ingram Street. 553 UN). Bookings also 'l‘ieket (Venue. ('antllertggs. see 'l'ie'LeI l.lltl\ tletatls ahm e. [x\eee.s’.s: S'l‘. l'aerlrties: \\‘('. “S. (i. Help: .-\.-\I

The Lost Boy and the Promised Land \lua 1“ Sat 3; .\la) unet Sim. " 30pm. :1 51' L1 In ills .\tlth .\e.n. \ezeian ‘ar'tter to: ltllt‘ antl S'l‘\' lmmn lilaek presents lll\ tits: play. a tlrama set timing: the

.v\mer lean eix ll \\ar. and telling the stor} ol‘ the sons mt e\plt\rei lla\ rtl I.l\ rngstene.

Your at-a-gla

_‘ ,_ ._ Cottier Theatre-

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Theatre Royal -Brunton _ .. .. ._ h -..Ee_s_t.i_v_al.Theatre... King's

Netherbow _._P_lay_h9u_se__ . _ . -lxseum ., _ -51.. Bride's _ _

Th Workshop 54 THE LIST (“i-12,: '-, '. ,‘ 3'1!

Thursday 29 i

(Rana/Dari; Rel-2n


Betsey Alt; ' f~ ..

\tghhsalk l:::

Friday 30

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Saturday 1

Sunday 2 Monday 3

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Tuesday 4 Wednesday 5

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