Coma Glasgow: The Arches until Sat 1 May 2s

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Sleep of the just: Coma



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Snow Child Sat .\ .\I.t_\. :[illli £3

mternattonall_\ renoxsnetl Station House ()pera. l’li}\le';ll theatre eomhmes \\ llll ettttitig etlge \ isuals,


|L-' Se: Kttls li\llll_‘.‘\


(ieatee Street. liantxsat llotltne 25' Will! lii\t'i\llij._'\ also l'ielxe: ('etitie. (Iiittllei'iggs. see 'l‘ie'set lvzztlt tletatis al‘ot e Roadmetal Sweetbread l'll myth t\ " {llt‘tit Ur I :1. liatl_\

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.23.: “UPC SILL‘L‘I. U: ‘lflflll. ll). ll. “I: “It-\l Scottish Ballet Light Fandango & La Sylphide Tue J Sat .\ .\Ia_\. T. lipm; ‘l‘litr 1 30pm t\' ". Hem: Sat 2.15pm t\'

T. l 5pm. 53.5“ L Will. \\ lllt :lie .'\Zil\lle l)treetor l‘tl\lllt‘\\ tttiall) resolx eti.ll1e eoiiipan} eaii now get on \\ tilt the serious l‘tl\llle\\ til tlallet'. St‘t‘ l’;'\ tt‘\‘. page T“.

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listings THEATRE



Ladywell Way. Musselhurgh. 665 22-10. IP. H. 'IT. WC. WA]

Learning The Paso Doble I‘T'i 7--S;tt 8 Ma): 7.30pm. £8 (£4). Poet and novelist l)il}'s Rose's first play centres on the aftermath ofa death in the family. See review page 5-1. BEDLAM THEATRE Forrest Roatl. 235 9893. [Accessz ST. I-‘aeilities: \\'S. (i. C. llelp::\.»\|

FOOI For Love Tue Sat 8 .\la_\'. 7.30pm. £4 (£3.50i. Sam Shepherds intense tlrama borrows dramatic convention from (ireek tragetl}. hut is untiiistakahls' Ameriean in its Western tlesert motel setting. :\it litlinhurgli l'nhersit} 'l'lieatre (‘ompam presentation.

KING'S THEATRE I l.e\eii Street. 52‘) (stillt). Ill. 'l'l‘. \\'('. \\';\|

Damn Yankees t'nirl .s'at I .\Ia_\. 7.30pm: Sat 3..‘~Upm tk 7.30pm, L'h’ Ll?» H47 L l 3 i. litlinhurgh .\Itisie 'l‘heatre (‘ompatrs present a tuneful tale of an aim-mt e hasehall fan \s ho \L'll\ his soul to the tle\ ll liittisell'. NETHERBOW ARTS CENTRE ~13 45 High Street. 550 0570/2047. [\\‘(‘. \\':\I

From Where I'm Standing t'ntil Sat I .\Ia_\'. T._‘~l)piii. Lo till I. John Ringliam's play centres on ttto aetors. l‘orttier lt)\ ers \\ ho meet on the stage of a prm iiietal Ilit‘all't‘. lllt‘} L‘\[‘ltil‘t‘ llit‘ll' paxl

ineltttlitig the issue of their failure to marr} through taking, on a \ariet} of tlramatte personae.


(iriiitlla) Street. Z-IS ~lS-IS. ll’. ll. IT M ‘. \\2\]

Stiff! l‘ttttl Sat .\ \Ia} 5.15pm. L" {lo tL'l Ll l5”? l-oihes .\Iassoti's tlet tltslt musteal about will selling stone lll.l.\()ll\ See te\ lt'\\ page 5‘

ST BRIDE'S CENTRE ()l'\\ ell 'l‘etiaee. .‘Mlh l-lll5. l:\eeess: l’l’:\. l..S'l‘. lx’. l‘Jc‘lllllL'V\\i(..\\15.(i.(ll ('losetl Suns. lieketline: SSH-134‘). '\lso 33H 33 H

Bums 0n Seats Thu :3 Sat 15 Ma}

7', ‘sllpm, L5 “git Hilletl as art atlttlt eotiietl}. .\lieliael Srielgrme's pla} eeiities on the tra\atls ot' a theatre eoiiipan} struggling: to mount an opening Ill:_'_llI in a gum metal theatre

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On stage and all the rage

STIFF! Forbes Masson's tale of sex and death, heaven and hell, art and commerce, crime and politics amounts to an evening of riotous entertainment. Standouts in a generally excellent score are the Bacharachtastic title song and the safety razor king's heartfelt 'I Feel a Little Cut Up So !'Il Cut You Up A Little ' lvlasson and his cast carry proceedings along wrth seemingly limitless energy and effortless skill, F|(;lli at) to the hysterical -- in every sense finale A fl(]l‘ti laugh and no mistake See revrew Edinburgh: Royal Liter/r72. {he/i {oz/ring

Coma See revrew this page G/dSQOLV Art/res Theatre, tint/l Sat 7 Ma),

Comedy: Johnny Vegas The portly t()l:‘.l( anti former hotter soent‘ls the i‘ftliriay weekend hrintitng his own l>.'r‘:.":(2 Iii (:et‘lus to the nation's :aptat Extrezt the :tzstzitnary mix of e-rn‘zattereti tonfessronals and acidic .,lJ-SEFY".’JII{)HS, all (;l‘t’(‘li life tiy a man :whcse act, anpmranz'e and very life define the term ranged glory. ECIUnr'aerh The Fri 30

ltd/if}, ’1IJr 5L11’lz i./.'(l.

Thursday 6


Friday 7 - Saturday 8

S‘i..::t:.tst}r'l'.:t:s: l'.t.l\l

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lx'.-j. (Raine) lite-m:

This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh's main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

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