Comedy is listed by date, then by

l City. Shows Wm be listed, providmg liiiconlirnied at time ol'goiiig to press. g R that details reach our offices at but espect the usual handlul ol stand-ups. least ten days in advance of -

l publication. Comedy listings are amnbufgh h I It A 7 .H , g t I i compiled by Rob Fraser ' , ,0??? "5, ,waay- ‘9; I‘m" - 5 \oik Place. 55b 7../_. I-3pni. l‘iee

l with drinks or a meal. lliipl'tiV with your i tatties from Jack Weatherall and Paul

l ' Graham.

! Glasgow The Bearpit w.i. (‘ht‘is‘tie a Son. 27 3| I Cheshire Cat Comedy Club Wasy‘s. 2t) \Vest Port. 228 3765. £2. See Thu 2‘) (‘andleriggs 552 X7l7. ‘)piii. l5ree. Mel 8i Sue King's Theatre. 2 [even

1 Raymond .\leai'ns hosts. l'or (iar_\' Hagen Street. 52‘) 6000. 7.30pm. {Kr—£l2. The

i and ('raig (‘rookstoir Light l.unch star's present a mix of

; Velvet Cabaret Alaska. l-l2 Bath l.ane. sketch. character and stand up humour. (‘all 338 32 I .3 l'oi‘ l'i‘ee tickets. BBC No cookery or celebs though.

, Radio Scotland's sketch and stand up Johnny Vegas The Stand. 5 York l’lacc. ; shim. Bill l)e\\ai‘ is tonight's guest 558 7272. ‘)pin. £6 (£4). Johnn} Vegas

-' comic. completes his residency. this time

The Brand New Comedy Club l'pstairs supported by John Hurt loops. bit of

at The \'ale. l)undas Street. 332 4928. politics) and (‘iraeiiie Thomas. .laiie

i l)ooi's tS’pm. £2. Doing exactly what it 5 Mackay is again in charge. and there‘s an l Sil}'s oti the tin. this lieu \‘entttt‘c presents tiger] spot.

: fledgling comic talent. \\ itli _\oui' host C ristie's Comedy Cellar \\'..l. (‘hi‘is'tie : Tomas Skene. & Son. 27 3| West Port. 228 37(i5.

r , ‘).3() im. £4 iL'3i. Raymond .\leai'ns

i Edinburgh \Velc‘itilllc‘s slightl} ll‘iittliletl and troubling The Bearpit \\'..l. ('hi'rstie is Son. 27- 3| Captain H..\l. Bayonette and the al\\a_\'s

West Port. 22.S 37(i5. L2. Taking the piss smooth Silk}:

in the \see small hours are the likes ot‘

Siisanrie Fraser. Ra} iiiorid .\leai‘iis and m .lane} (iodley.

The Stand 5 York l’l'ace. 55s 7272. Split. Glasgow

L11 H23) l-i'ankie Ho} le brings his blend ol’ Mark 8: John's Comedy QuiZTroii innocence attd outrage to the top of Tlit‘dll't‘ liar (i3 Ti‘ongate. 552 4267 l‘t'ee. tonight‘s hill. .lohn (ioi'doii piox ides 8.30pm l’i'i/es‘ galore t'rom the pop support. together \\ itli stand dehutarits the culture obsessixes \\ ho turn questions tixiiikl} odd .\lark l’encak and (ii'eeiiock into cabaret. .\|assi\el_\ enteitaining.

escapees l’aul (K Ra_\ l)orina ls'i'achan is _ guest host. Edlnburgh Red Raw The Slttlttl. 5 York l’lttc‘t‘. 5.58

L 7272. 8pm. L'l. l.iarie lillis \selcomes . eight llL‘\\c‘tiltlL‘t'.\‘ and a seasoned closer Edmburgh TliN acts for a tlllttl. in other words. The Bearpit \\..|. (home is Son. 2'.‘ 3| The Bearpit \\'..l. (‘hris'tie & Son. 27 3| West Port. 22tS 3705. :2. See Thu 2‘)

\N'csl Port. 225 370.5. C2. See Thu 2‘) Johnny Vegas the Stand. 5 York Place.

558 7272. .S'. l5prii l'l'l L5 iE-li. St Helens

t.i\ourite soii .lohiinx \egas is in li)\\li. .

_|t)lltc‘tl h} Stand regular l)oiina Ki';icli;iii Edlnblll‘gh

and Graeme Thomas. .looii Ht'tititl hosts Useless Guide To Scotland The Stand.

arid there's one open spot. 5 York Place. 558 7272. ‘)pni. L41 i923).

Jim Tavare Hi'unton 'l‘heati‘c.'\l}\\ ell Hill [)ewar and Brian Heiiiiigaii tell it

\\';i_\ Musselhui'gh. (m5 22th). S 30pm. like it really is. just in time tor the tourist season to get into full swing.

L ll) l ‘4" \clt'l'tttl UT .Sl ls TV slttm c‘ttst' Satuida} l.|\ e. Ta\ ate at l\t‘\ iii Scotland Christies @ Rose 8i Crown l7) Rose Street. ‘)pm. £3 The ('omed} (‘ellai' people

bringing dead pan humour and a huge doul‘le bass Soon to return to our screens present a quiz and stand—up exeiiing \\ itli Stuart Potter and Susanne l-r'asei.

on Channel 5. See Hos l’ops. TY sc‘Clltill. Reg Anderson's Comedy Explosion Open Mic Awards The Pleasaiice. 32! (Mill. 7.30pm. See pi'e\ re“.

The Tron. Hittite: Square. 33— 83-10. ‘)pin £4 1L3t ('iaig Hill lieadliiics \\ itli The Bearpit \\'..l. (‘hi'istie A’ Son. 2.2 3| West Port. 22.S 37(i5. L2. See Thu 2‘)

Dougie l)uii|op iii support “ill! The

Tron about to undergo a iraiistoi iiiatioii into an lt's .’\ Scream corned} clii't‘. this is the last e\plosiori tor a \shile Inspect

men more luiracs than usual. and a Glasgow reduced entrance tee il sou \\ ear a part} It’s A Scream ('irileis. 2N) lisres Road. hat. 33S o5li 8.45pm. :11 -t_ 3t Hieiidan Ri|e_\ headlines \\ itli lane} Undle} competing and John l'lllil in support. Mark & John's Quiz Special ititi Nou- G|asgow (‘lulx 2oll(‘l_\deSti'eet. 2-1321“

Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Hat. Hts .S..3(lprir. l'iee. Hi/aiic games. guest stand Holland Street. 332 215‘) ‘I 3llpiii 5 tips and a CH)” iolloxei' iackpot. all

it-ii Ra} iirorid .\leairis. l)a\ id Ka}e and piesided oxei' h) the d} naiiiic diio

Silk} are tonight s siiiiii;_'.is|ioitl. sct‘\etl Christie’s Comedy Cellar .l I).

up as ever in Hill} Honkeis Simpson's. l3‘)7 :\i'g_\le Street. 334 l.\3l.

. ‘) Hit. l-ree. Regular liost Ra\niorid Edmburgh .‘dearns \selcoiiies (iai \ Hagen and The Bearpit \\ I ('liiistie tk Son. 2." 3| Susanne l'i'asei. ' 2 West l’oii. 22.\ 3"’5 L2 See Thu 2‘) , Johnny Vegas ‘i h.- s'iaiia. s sink pram, Edinburgh 5.- ‘2"2 Spin t\ it) 3llprii to Sat till i, World Of Comedy Quiz The Stand. 5 York .Saiiie line up as iast iiiglit. xi. itli lane Place. 553 "272. ‘)pm. {I per person to

pla). Hill l)c\\ar' lll\ ites sou to displa} )our

.\lacka_\ taking o\ :1 .is host. and another open spot loo shim s bx "ttl‘tllttl coined} nousc. “till the added enticement ol a Elllll i'olloier' iackpot 2'

deiiiand' ' -1TIIELTI- THURSDAYS

Glasgow Glasgow The Comic Club lilac-kiuais. to Hell Cheshire Cat Comedy Club \Vas} ‘s. Street. 5525021 ‘)pni. L5 tL3 5th 2() (‘aiidleriggs. 552 S'TI? ‘)pni. l‘ree.

listings COMEDY


G/asgow Royal Concert Hall Sun 9 May

{i-lf‘.'i()liS (tirestrrip

‘(1r' the

The imo {Kt f}ff()(c) YT“ch tiremfii; {w (i

to cash .l‘.

rout the ma.“ iron? The re;


Hill is alive, for now. Harry on tour.

to ask any tourinn comedian is what preosely his live punters With Harry Hill, the answer is far from obvrous. 'This r‘et': fi'rii jaws 5 it picks up the story of the shark and its plan the 73s nostalgia boorrr,’ he begins 'There'll be a hand, and Ken Of Sex books ~ 'i.‘/lll be my guest. As usual we’ll try to

provide a ':_:ad<;er parade at the end, although out of 50 shows that we did last

year, the :gadcier‘s didn't And carat :if the stand t

together 2 ""it?

show for any and we had to settle for owls.’ p materia? used to link these disparate segments of the targets I'm (running for is the horse I'll be DOIHIIHQ the

finger at tit-C- fact that they're obvrciusly in -; ahoots With the ROyal Family' As l)|(; a star as r-lil mic. is, he remains somewhat outside of the comedy

ii‘iauisti'eaui Neve" i.i"‘vfl it"s.1\ilC)‘ Fr

you're not irker to see him tartino about in panel dame hell on x You 'Probably I'm a bit uptight, and should relax and

do a ‘ew of those shows, but the TV show and touring takes up so much time,'

Hill reckons

'And I have oot two daughters, a wrfe and a doc; to think about.

There are so many of these panel games, you could do one a night You could be

Giahari‘. Norton '

The bespectacled farmer saex bones feels his (reiteration can learn from the

Masters 0' 'rttl‘t ehtrtaaimer‘t ' l 'tt'ee.’ up watchin Ronnie Corbett, and even

'ni'f‘tl‘, .e seen ism". LPNXT DI!) (wily/,3

.il-t’ ()kx-KS :1

shoe. s, mt tool: arsed ZE-oes e‘rr:c":'t to rrtatcl‘. Btu;


and Brine F—orsyth


and these are really ciood

{Lucid had live sea lions compared to that, one man wrth a

:e and ;o for longevin then7

the L.:r'|"l take me round about 55 ' Harry Hill, catch him

l)a\ e \Villiains. (’oliii Raiiioiie and Dougie l)unlop are toiiights comedy gladiators.

The Brand New Comedy Club t‘psiaiis at The Vale. l)uiidas Street. 332 ~l‘)2t\ l)utits Milli. 2.2. See Thu 2‘).

Cosy Comedy Cafe 't‘lie .s‘iaie Hat. its Holland Street. 332 2l5‘) ‘)_3lipiii. C5 "clli l-Zlectiori night special \\llll (‘i‘aig (‘rookstoir Dougie l)uii|op and Sebastian .\lac|’|aiiipl't


Scottish Parliament Election Special Tllc‘ Slttlltl. 5 Ytil'k Place. 558 7272. ‘)piii 3am. £5. .laiie .\lacka_\‘ is a kind of coined} l’etei' Snois. keeping _\ou hang tip to date \\ tilt the results L‘\L‘ll as she introduces tellois gag merchants.

Christie's Comedy Cellar \\'..l. (‘hi‘isue & Stilt. 27 3| \\'est l’ort. 22S 3705. ‘).3l)prii. £4 i943 i. .lanies l)onlaii headlines \\'llll support from Joe Heeiian and Madame Moo Moo.

The Bearpit \\'..l. ('hristie & Son.

27 3| West Port. 228 3705. E2. See Thu 2‘)


The Stands York Place. 558 7272.

8 15pm. £5 (U i. The as seen on TV Mack. [Ops the hill. \\ itli satire li'oin John l‘lint . gags galore t‘roni .loe Heenan. .looii HI'UOI] holds it all together. and there's aii o ieri spot. too

The Bearpit \\‘..l. C'hr'istie tk Son. 27- 3| West Port. 22S 3765. L2. See Thu 2‘)


Cosy Comedy Cafe The State Bar. HS Holland Street. 332 2l5‘). ‘).3()pm. £5 reli'l‘onight's hill l‘eatui'es (‘i'aig ('i‘ookstoii. .loliii ;\lc(iuiness and C‘alum Reaton. all jumping through comedy hoops TUI' ringniastci' Billy Bonkei's.


Roy Chubby Brown Playhouse. ix- :2 (ii'eenside Place. 557 25‘)(). 7.30pm.

9; l4- L‘ l-l.5(). He wears a helmet and sis-ears a lot. lle‘s’riihbish.

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