Add N To (X)

If you’ve seen the animated video for their recent single, ’Metal Fingers In My Body’, then you’re probably still blushing at the memory of a yOung woman getting down and digital wrth a horny robot. When not indulging their droid fetish Add N To (X) are an analogue synth trio whose recent album, Avant Hard is a delightful taste of what can happen when human beings are let loose on Vintage technology. Founding member Barry Smith lets The List into his weird, wired world.

How did you get to know each other?

We used to run a club called We Are Electric, where peOple could gamble and listen to electronic music. We had a huge roulette wheel, and hired this very aggressive woman to be in control of the wheel. She was an extremely angry croupier. Your music's pretty playful. Did you go through a serious phase? We're not art-rock. It’s Elvis electronics to us. We've always hated electronic music for being po-faced. It’s a really fine line between making really serious music and novelty music. Presumably you all went to art school?

Yeah! COurse we did! But, we’ve been trying to live that down. I hated art school, and ended up Dling. I don’t really like art, to tell you the truth. (Alastair Mabbott)

Add N To (X) play g2, Glasgow, Fri 30 Apr. See rock and pop listings, page 42.

Green .. Velvet

The Insanity Express makes a stop in Scotland’s clubland to drop off a frequent passenger, Green Velvet. Behind the outlandish hair and extravagant clothing lies a man whose ear for both minimal, tempered techno and warm, expressive house tunes is recognised around the world. The Chicago DJ brings his all new three—piece live set up to Glasgow for its European debut. Tales of alien abduction and being reincarnated as a water molecule are very much on the agenda.

(Mark Robertsonl Green Velvet plays at Pressure, the Arches, Glasgow, Fri 30 Apr. See clubs listings, page 67,


The screen really does turn srlver in May at the Glasgow Film Theatre, which celebrates 25 years of

~ bringing the best of world cinema to .; Scotland. The same month also sees ., the 60th birthday of GFT’s

' n" predecessor, the Cosmo, custom- built on the same site by the Singleton family in 1939. To mark this double anniversary, Beck’s have extended their sponsorship of the Cinema by a further three years, and are bringing ticket prices for two specral screenings down to £1 each. Fellini's Roma lpictured above) plays on Sun 2 May, exactly 25 years to the day since it first graced the GFT’s screens, while French claSSIc Un Carnet De Ba/ —- programmed at the Cosmo on 18 May 1939 makes a reappearance on 18 May 1999. (Alan Morrison)

GFT, Rose Street, Glasgow

See film listings, page 29.