Lamb Edinburgh: Berle Anciele, Eh'u :1 Iv'iay.

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’There are three types of people who are musicians,’ reckons Lamb’s Andy Barlow. “Those who make things happen and create new genres, those who sit around, watch and then copy them and those who sit about going: ‘What? Did something just happen?’ Any of those in the first category I would regard as contemporaries.‘ Since their appearance in 1995, Lamb have always been part of the first of these groups, resolutely square pegs in a world of round holes. Their electronic mash of break beats, double bass, random sound samples and string swathes, all topped off with ethereal female vocals has made for a genre definer’s nightmare.

By taking electronic sounds and putting a strong vocal down as the flesh of track, rather than a mere addition, they follow in the legacy of the likes of Bjork, pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Aside from the chameleon-like, Icelandic pixie, Barlow cites the likes of Graham Massey of 808 State, her producer, Boards Of Canda, and Rephlex records as contemporaries. ’lt’s that kind of defining your own thing and working at it rather than copying.’

Their first eponymoust titled album was released, to critical acclaim in 1996, and ’Fear Of Fours' released in May, sees further progression of the Lamb sound. 'The are differences,’ says Barlow. ’On paper the tracks are all shorter and the arrangements are more compact. That’s something we have learned from doing live shows.’ Vocalist and other half of Lamb, Lou Rhodes, fell pregnant at the start of the recording of the album, which led to further changes. 'Lou’s voice has changed, having a baby and touring has strengthened her.’ Lou’s baby, Reuben, even made a guest appearance, a sample of his ultrasound scan makes up part of the intro to the track ’Alien’.

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Being so eager to take their new set on the road, Barlow feels, stems from an extended sojourn in the studio: 'We were in the studio for a year doing the album, and towards the end cabin fever started to set in, so all I can think about is touring. It’s just such an immediate transfer of energy unlike an album, which is unbearably slow. After an album it is like, ’Is it any good?. . . I dunno.”

Barlow is inspired not only by other music, but more directly by the world around him. This has led to a process where he visualises a place that the tracks represent or sound like. ’I was in Thailand,’ he attempts to explain, ' Well I wasn't physically in Thailand but I was in Thailand. I heard all these monks playing bells and shit and that was the photograph I wore in front of my eyes when I did that track.’

Somewhat less exotically, the band bring their live set north of the border for an airing of their five-piece line-up which includes double bass, drums and trumpet bolstering the duo on stage. Billed as an election special, due to the significance of the Edinburgh date, Lamb are sure to impress, regardless of political persuasion.

(Mark Robertson)

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FRESH AIR FM goes on air from midnight on 2 May on 105.4 FM. A simultaneous broadcast of a live DJ set from Brandon Block from Colours opens the proceedings with details of all shows on THE SUMMER OF Love party in Princes Street Gardens organised by Alan of Joy has been pencilled in for a mid-July date. More details as we get them.

THE LAUNCH PARTY for issue four of Edinburgh produced magazine Underword takes place at the Venue in Edinburgh on 5 May. The night runs from 9pm—3am and will endeavour to provide an 'audio- visual feast with much emphasis on the visual performance elements’. Appearances come from the likes of the Dynamic Duo, Jabba, Sublime’s Felix and The Merry Pranksters as well as multimedia screenings including excerpts from the film Slam.

POSITIVE FUSION-SPLIT CONFUSION is an event which is attempting to enlighten and encourage young Scottish clubbers to participate in the Scottish Parliamentary elections. They will be at Pure at the Venue in Edinburgh on Friday 30 April and also at Optimo espacio at the Sub Club in Glasgow on Sunday 2 May.

A GREAT LOSS for dance music. Kemistry from London drum 8: bass DJing duo Kemistry & Storm was killed in a car accident on Sun 25 Apr. Says a spokesperson for Metalheadz: ’As one of our co-founders of the Metalheadz label and club, and one of the major protagonists of the drum & bass scene, she will be sorely missed. All those that knew her realised and were touched by the special qualities she possessed.’The pair were booked to play at Edinburgh’s Jungle Magic in early June with Goldie. He credits the pair with introducing him to the early jungle breaks at London club Rage in the early 90$.

APOLOGIES GO TO the organisers of alternative club The Mission, who’s photo was wrongly credited to Republic in last issue. Oops.

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