CLUBS listings


lull RAI) team up against Arthur (3mm and Alex Knight lrom I.oridoii‘s suPL‘rlatn e l-at (‘at Records. 'l'hrs hunch together haye records you ius't \yould not helieye. Bound to he an eye opening. car clearing night out.

I Colours at The Arches. III..‘\IIpm Jam.

£l5. (S May and monthly. Scottish supercluh action at its \ery hest a ith John Digyyeed. (iraenie l’ar'k. lir‘ick ‘Sioie .\lorrllo and .lori .\laricriii. l)tg\\eed has heeii a regular at the cluh quite otteri ot late and kiioyys lust lioyy to get those (‘olouis hodres nothing in line style and I’arky knoyys the nonsense the (‘olours gang got up to right hack to the early days \yhen it \\as called Stt'cetra\e. .\lorillo.’ (‘heck otit the llrtlist to see \yhal hes all ahout.

I Cooler at The (‘ooleiy .S'pm midnight. liree. Steyeri .\lc(‘reery i'I‘unneli \\lll1 a house and garage pre-cluh set.

I Cross Wired at The (loss hai.

Spin midnight l-iee. \eyy e\ening session or t’unked tip house and teclitio troni those Knights on the round tables. l’re-cluh.

I Cul De Sac at ('til l)e Sac Bar.

()pni riiidiiiglit. l-ree .lim llutchrson \yith hard house arid techno. l’re-cluh.

I Dans Delux at The (‘(‘.-\.

()pm midnight. Lice. Quality house and techno-phunk \\ ith your host Stucce. l’re- club.

I Divine at (ilasgoys School ()I' Art

(downstairs). lllpm- late. £.‘~.5llt£2.5() (iSA studentsi. Andreyy I)iyiiie. one or" die most familiar laces on the scene. joined by Hush l’trppy l'or Northern soul. Hammond gi'ooyes. hiihlilegum pop. \yah-wah I'unk. Moog pouer' and chemical hreaklieats.

I D] Q at ()cho. Spin midnight. l’i'ee. Glasgow's layourite deep ctit tip disco house [)1 resident here e\ery \yeek. pltis a ten guests loo. l’I‘L‘-cltth.

I Firebird at i‘II'L‘i‘ll'tl. S.‘~Itpiir midnight. l'ree. l).|s Marco and Noise Ned ti'om Ninrhus/l’olar l’olar Productions play ing tor hcer and tuna. l’re—cluh.

. Free Form tll 'i-iiL‘ Lilli Ntilc‘ (.ltll‘ ihoth l'loorsi. 9pm 3am. £3 it'ree het'ore lt)..‘~()pmi. Steyen aird l’aul \Vatt \\ rtlr {no floors or soul. Latin. tall. took and contemporary heats.

I the Garage at the (iarage.

iUplII “.‘HIIII. U) l {-1 I; [I U“. i‘L'iitil'L‘ llpm. Big. hrash and unashamedly happy to ptit the good time party grooye into your Saturday night \y ith a \\ rde spread or" commercial anthems in the main room and indie inspiration upstairs.

I Home Cookin' at Baha/a. (iptti .idIII tl).ls' Ll'UIII I Ime. £5 it'ree hetore llpiiii. Pumping Iitl\ Irom .laniie Sti'arig; I'urik. rare grooye and hip hop and generally music or" black origin.

I Knucklehead Presents My Machines at (ilasgoyy School ()I' Art (upstairs). l()pnr late. {4 H4250 (SSA students). L'ndergi‘ourid electronica presented hy' deni l).ls ,lrlkes and llatch.

The Velvet Rooms

Glasgow: Fri—Sun, weekly.


1 .- ':..' 'uu i‘.’-";j'(. " ",.-'.2 f.

.c- '2 it .v. cairn/tin. 53. {,ITtl'Ilui‘y’

‘Xi l A A \y' I, i'\,i \(()c

u‘\(' ' r1" ' r' H

.l‘.1"f‘S r": amt: "Jaw (r.

f-V—I)’;‘.’it'v"t‘.72". tic-rt"- :<;iii:;nt'

Apart trey“ “or tax-Ir-wfrreritt, there's no talent.’

'Ex: (Err: 1"‘-i- v; arte harnzan who works here'

62 THE LIST '2‘} Sat ‘i 2' May 22"(3‘!

Into its I’ourth year and consolidating itsell' as the cluh in which to hear true I‘unk technology. l-ieaky dancing actiyely encouraged.

I Lime at The Lone. IIHIIpni 3am. in ItLJI. l).| (‘amei'oii ('raig \yith progressiye house and garage.

I Living Room at The In ing Roorii. Spin -midnight. I-ree. New York Alliance's ('oliir \Valker play ing a deep house set. l’re-cluh.

I Love Boutique at Alaska I Ipm iam. I .\lay and rironthly. L'III. Scotlanth original nir\ed dancet'looi one aI'I‘air' \yith resident hard house l).| Roy in the red room and soul/tunk l).ls in the \yhite

I Lure at Bar San/a. Spm iirrdnrght. l'ree. l).ls /iggy and Boh get housey tor a croyyd hcadrin.‘ oil to Archaos and the Tunnel. l’re-cluh.

I Made at liar latrti'ec's -upstairsi.

9pm midnight. l‘r‘ee. I).| syndicate

l.e\ itatiiig (‘hildren hust loose \\ ith sleek hadass drum ck hass and itingle. l’r'e-cluh. I Mish Mash at The Rryerside ('luh ti; !"o\ Streeti. Ilpiii itllil. LS. I May only. The original .‘yiish .\lasli iii tull ctlcct like a phoeni\ rising t'rorii the thirties. l).ls ()scar. l’aul Booth atid .\l(‘ \or'dtti on a di\erse t'tinky tip coiiihiiiing hip hop. I'uiik. reggae. iaH. l.atin. house. the

\\ hole hit. l‘eatures a liye set I'roiii the eight piece .\ .\lash hand \\ ho stoi'iiied last time they played. See llrtlist. I Missing Links at g2. Ipni 3am. LI ([3 i. Big heat horiaii/a t'rom Neil .\Ic.\lillan i lli ls'aiateI and .\Iichael l’eck ilirass .\lorrkeysi. I .\lay it's a Missing Links hank holiday honan/a teaturing the No Skool 'l‘oui \\ ith The llerhali/cr Inc. Mr Sciutt. l)yiiariiic Syncopatron. i).i\ lionr (ins (iris and the .\lissing |.ink.s lL"l\iL‘lIL\. See iitIlIsI

I No Visa Required at llayana.

Spin midnight .\'erl .\lc'|'aggait \yrth lhr/a style disco house.

I October Cafe at ( )clohct (ale

9pm midnight l'iee. l.rsa littleyyood i'l‘uniieli \\ ith a tunky house pie«c‘:uh set. I Polo Lounge at the Polo lounge

III. illpiii 1am. :5. Take the choice ot the Polo] ourige upstairs. open trritil 3am. doyynstaiis t'oi l).| lira playing a camp Illt\ oI housey ta\ es and anthems. or douri in the Trophy Room \yrth Andy tor Slls pop. ptriik and rie\y \yayc. (iay. 'l’he l’olo lounge operates as a hai het'oie all clrih night \y ith tree entry heroic cluh

I Planet Peach at Planet l’eaclt.

Ilpiii ‘xISani £5 tic-I i. Alan Ronald riri\ing the hest house/cluh and disco anthems,

I Reds at Reds. Ilpiii {ani L" it? i. Weekly. l).| Skud plays soultul garage and disco house.

I Serendipity at The Queen Margaret Student l'rriori 2pm Warn :1 I iticket only. tioiii Krislir records. I‘).\ll'. Stiathclyde [hunt and loop. (iieat \\esterii Road-. I .\iay or iy A do/eri and a hall hours or hanging techno \\ rtli li\ e sets tioni Bikini State t'oirnerly I'ltiasonic -. Solaiples. (itapatiga. Arirphetaniiiries. \eyy tori (irttrits and 'l‘e\as (‘hainstore .\lasachists tsici plus l).ls HUI Rock. Serge. isatltta. LCUH D. King Pin and \leihii Special (iuests Skull and Roosta laser sittm. lace- l‘atiitittg and tree sttitt Into line S5" IIJS‘)

I The Shed at the Shed

L11» (iiaenre t'eigtrsorr :n the mall! \\IllI

li'pri; ‘xun £5

coiiirnerciat dance !.i\otii;tes this Soutlrside c itii‘ from the lean: 't‘ehirid the (iaiage

I Salsa Sabrosa .iI Sic-(Innis \\.ty ()ttl \\'esi .\ illl‘lll midnight l-iee l).ls Keith and '\i'c'\ls \\itii Salsa. Iioiii ciassrc (‘oionil‘iaii to riiodeiii (‘ul‘arr iiiererigtie. samha and rust generally :a//y earthy still!

I Sub Culture at the Strh (‘luh

Ill Sltpiii 5am till Ham and l)oriicmc lord it over the legendary night or nice at grooyy. Iiard-hittrn'. Lllllk) house at the kiiig ol Scottish underground dance \eiiues. This is still one or the hottest. ass«shakinf iio-liolds haired nights in the country. You ain't heeri to a cltih triitil you'\e e\peiierrced the Saturday Suhhre

\ ihe. | .‘-iay the Sub Cluh celebrate the l‘il‘th ariniyersary of their Saturday night heing Suh (‘ultuie Residents in full el‘l‘ect. ULCULII'SC. htit joined by the mighty Roy I)ayis .li'. He's the man who recently released a storming nrix CI) to massiye critical and puhlic acclaim. and last time he played the Siihhie he kicked mi :1 hit of unprompted singing. for the lost time e\er. See Hit list.

I Trade at The Arches. II)..‘~()hin--laiii. ill. I .\lay and monthly. (‘ontinuatioit oi the Scottish residency ol London's most hedonistic Sunday morning hloyy out. Tonight you’ye got all star 'l'r‘ade l).|s

\\ ith (iotI/alo and /.iad. [\so or the originals playing hard as heck house in the trout room and the Trade l.ite I).ls (iny Williams and Kenny Ferguson doing the luriky shuttle tip the hack.

I Trash at 'I'r'ash. I Ipni 3am. t"7i £5. Dressy. slightly older ihut still going tor it i croyyd \y ith house and garage in the main room trom l).l hroiher team .\lathe\y and Peter. and soul. syying and Rtkli in the second room lt'tilit l’aul .\”.lie. Laid-hack party \ die in the newly rey amped 3rd room.

I Triumph at The tunnel.

I Ipm 1.30am. £7 ii? i. A riiassiye. dressy night or liuropean and [K house at one or the country 's hest looking \enues. ('olin 'l'eyendale and Steyen .\ic(‘rccry take on the main room \yhilc Key in \lcl‘arlane and Stephen otter tip a dit'l'ei‘ent \‘ihe \\ ith a \\ rde mix or garage. soul. tirnk and dance classics in the second rooni. Smart dress-code and they e\pect you to make a lot or ell‘ort. U) t£7 i.

I Velvet Rooms I Ipni-Spiii. £8 iLJ het'ore midnight). l).l Send in the main iooiii \y ith house. garage and cltrh classics. .lohir Lyons in the iron! roorn playing itielloyy hip hop. syyrngheat and classic soul.

I Yang at Yang. Ilpiii 3am that" open thiliI (ipriri. ‘5 Nice heroic Ilpiii). .\'ic .\'ou\eau and ()ccasronal l.y rrne \y rtli suhliiiie house in room one. .\luchaill Illlc‘dlls the hogey man in Irish tact tans) play ing non-house dance music ioined hy .lengaheads on the second Sat ot' the month inest one l5 .\lay i in room Iyyo. In the hack room theres \ncleus. \\ ith Jim and Brian \yorkiiig this classic syyeathos in a deep electi'oiiica sty |e iorned on the last Sat or each month '2‘) May i hy Sonia recording aitrst l'llllk l)'\'oid.


I All Drinks £1 at Reds. I Ipm-Sani. L'J. \Veekly. l).l Roiialdo plays Sunday night party tunes it's all in the name. really. I Bennet's at Bennet's. 11.30pm Bani. £3 it: I. l‘p-teinpo lirin energy \yith .lohn lira/er. (iay,

I Big Air Sundays at Air ()rganrc.

' Ilpiii l'ree Recoyeiy session .lengaheads on \ airatioiis ot' a hi'eakheat. l’recluh,

I Big Love at (‘luh litidda. Ilpttt- .iarii. ‘5 it} u, .\lichael Kilkie i'l'unnel/L'her l)iskoI torned hy (ieott \ltililltil'ti and (hits llaiiis \i. ith a selection or \ocal garage ant house \\ ith a classic old skool Iiirish.

I Blue Basement at Blue Basement iliacchus Basement: npm lam. l-ree. \eyy nrglit t'i‘oiii .\'ice Promotions

l‘ro\ Icilll§ it l‘latt'oiri‘. tor the creatiye colleczn e or l)ls arid tnriky musicians on an altogether ttzrcy kind ot \ihe \iery llt‘csiy le and a per’lect chill \c‘ssttitt .'\i\U or. ‘l‘ltuzsdays

I Bonafide Love a! tire kiross Hat

Spin midnight l-iee .\o\\ irioyts trom l'iidays \y ith reggae. ragga arid roots Iioni I).l l)ritsiiiaii l’ie-ciuh

I Bright Spark at g.‘ Ilpiii iatlt :4 Li ‘I .\la_\ and :iioiiihiy (‘oritirruatiori ot lain (‘oy les original indie night. tonight teatuirng the selector taients ol Ste\en and John tioiii Hrs

I Budda at IIudda Spin midnight l-ree. New York Alliances (‘olin Walker

play ing a deep iiii\ to hring your

\\ c‘c‘kc‘tttl In a ciost‘ l’l't‘w‘llti‘

I Cleopatra’s at Cleopatra‘s.

III ,illpiii C .iltam. £3 tilt. l’op. 70s and SIIs patty tunes