Knights whip up a noisy techno storm of ‘tasty. deep and ptiiiipitig sounds' as they like to call it.

I Catwalk 8pm— I am. Free. Weekly. Joseph Malik from Lizzard Lounge. Blacka‘nized and the East Coast Project spins a selection of the best music froin around the world.

I Club Latino at The Bongo Club. l().30pm—3am. £6 (£5). 30 Apr. Monthly. Live Salsa from Edinburgh's longest running Latin night with free dance classes from the Salsa Angels. Music supplied by Groupo De Samba.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Norte. l0pm—lam. Free. Weekly. Flamenco trio Flamenco Puro live with DJs.

I Different Is Good at Iguana. 9pm-lam. Free. Weekly. Pre-club. Popular Scottish DJ Gareth Sommerville lays down the choicest disco and hip hop tunes.

I Divine Divas at The Venue. Monthly. Next date l4 May.

I eh1 more at eh I. 9pm—lam. Free. Stylish pre-club bar with house and big beat DJs on rotation.

I Esteem at The Vaults. l0.30pm—3am. £8. 30 Apr monthly. A shake and funky house night with some great guest DJs on the way tip.

I Evol at The Liquid Rooms. l().3()pm—-3am. £4. Weekly. A hardy tnix covering indie and pop to 60s and dance. I Flares at Flares. 9pm~lam. Free. Weekly. l).ls playing a range of 70s disco. I Frontier at Revolution. I()pm—3am. £5 before I lpm: £6 between

I lpni—niidnight: £7 after. Weekly. Residents are Kevin .Iones and Vanessa Motion. Chart and house night with enormous capacity.

I Funk Train at The Pottert'ow. Monthly. Next date 2| May.

I Higher Ground at The i-Ioiieycoinh. MOIlllle‘. Next date 2l May.

I House at Bannerman’s. 9pm— lam. Free. Weekly. Local l).ls spin house beats.

I Indigo at The Vaults. Monthly. Next date l4 May.

I Intergalactic at The Potlet‘row. 9pm—3am. £5 (£3). 30 Apr. Monthly. Indie robot pop invasion.

I Jazz Joint at Henry‘s Cellar Bar. l0pm—3am. £5 (£4). 30 Apr sees the Groove Diggas show off their own brand of heavy soul ftiiik. l).ls Sly Si and Kttlti on the turntables. Basic Collective play live soulful grooves will) vocaist Nicola Kiiig on 7 May.

I Llft at La Belle Angele. I lpm~3am. £7 (£6). 30 Apr. Monthly. Scntt Kelso of Radar Sound System pays a visit to this techno atid trance night. with residents Paul C and [FL ,

I Lost In Bass at Studio 24. Next date 7 May. No other details at time of going to press.

I Lucious at The Ark. |()pm-- 3am. £5. Weekly. Mainstream party music.

I The Mambo Club at The Cavendish. lilpllt—5ztlll. £3 cone. and before llpm'. £4 thereafter. Weekly. Reggae. ragga. soul. funk. swing and R&B delights provided by Sir ()ssie.

I Manga at La Belle Angelle. Monthly. Next date I4 May with Bristol's fittest DJ Die and MC Dynamite More details on website: \vw\v.basstrap.coni/manga

I MIB Presents South Central at Walker's. I0..‘~0pm-.’~am. £5. Weekly. Edinburgh's ‘R& B defenders' Mr H and TNT present sessions with guest l).ls. dancers and freestyliiig.

I Midnight Blue at Cafe Graffiti. l()pm- 2am. £5. Weekly. 30 Apr sees the welcome return of Tony King for a James Brown tribute night alter his sell-out show in February. ()t) the decks providing the \ iiin soul power are Dennis and Joseph Mailk. The Midnight Blue band let rip on 7 May.

I Miss Moneypenny‘s at The Honeycomb. l().3()pni—.‘sain. £l(). 7 May. Monthly. Angel Moraes guests at this night full of fancy frocks and shiny shoes with Craig Burger ()tieen. while the World famous Cuban Brothers upset all and sundry in their own Latino Love Lounge.

I Moroccan Clouds at l’o Na Na.

lOpm-3am. Free before I Ipm'. £2 alter. Weekly. The gorgeous DJ Nicci plays disco. funk and house in this very groovy and popular bar.

I Noa at Noa. l0pm—3am. £6. Weekly. Jon Flowers in the main room playing garage; Paul Dixon through the back mixing old skool. soul and funk.

I Orange Sun at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 14 May.

I Pillbox at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date 28 May.

I Planet Earth at The Citrus.

I lpm-3ain. £4. Weekly. A busy and long- running night of 70s and 80s sounds where new romantics. punks. glam rockers and disco freaks relive the era that others do their best to forget.

I Platinum at The Vaults. No information available at titne of going to press.

I Pure at The Venue. |0.3()pm--3am. £7 (£5). 30 Apr. Fortnightly. Two floors. Chunky. clunky house and techno anyone‘.’ Well Twitch. Brainstorm. Dribbler and The Bill are your men. Look out for Lone Swordsman Andrew Weatherall paying a visit on )4 May.

I Reaction at The Subway. I lpm-3am. Free for students with matriculation card; £2 otherwise. Weekly. A mix ofchart. dance and classic disco.

I Rebel Waltz at City Cafe. 9pm~ l atii. Free. 7 May. Fortnightly. Murray Richardson controls a night of all things deep and funky.

I The Salsa Hut 7-—I().3()pm. Free. Cool little Mexican restaurant bridging the gap between great food and great music. With DJs.

I Salsa Viva upstairs at the Venue. Monthly. Next date l5 Apr the.

I Sexsi at The Jaffacake. |().30pm--3am. £5. Weekly. The music policy is pumping. uplifting house froin residents Andy Ford. Scott Bechelli and Lee Downy.

I Simple at La Belle Angelle. Monthly. Next date 2| May.

I Sublime at The Potterrow. Monthly. Next date l4 May. Tortured Records night with Billy Nasty and Dal. Satiiid. I Sublime at Wilkic House. I0.30pm—3am. £8 (£6). 7 May. Fortnightly. ldge treats us to an epic three-hour set of trance and techno with support from Kev Wright. Beany and Felix play an eclectic mix of electro and ftitik in the blue room. Look out for the one and only Nick Warren as he drops an exclusive three-hour set on 2| May. (http://wwwsublime— I The Subway West End 4pt))--.‘~att). £ l. Weekly. See Thursdays.

I TFI Friday at Cltib Mercado. 5—-‘)pm. Free. Weekly. The capital's most famous afterwork piss-up with cheesy music courtesy of Trendy Wendy.

I TFI Friday Afterwork Party at The Ark. 4.30-9.30pm. Free. Weekly. A free hot buffet until 6.30pm and loads of cheap drinks. I The Time Tunnel at Clth Mercado. l0pm-3am. £5. Weekly. Trendy Wendy takes you through the 60s. 70s and 80s in a now weekly basl).

I Triptonite North Pre-club Party at Live at Iguana. Monthly. Next date l4 May.

I Triptonite North at The Honeycomb. Monthly. Next date l4 May.

I Vengeance at Wilkic House. l().30pm-3am. £7 (£5). l4 May. New club night of hard house and trance with guests. More next issue.

I Venus upstairs at Studio 24. Monthly. Next date I4 May.

I Wanted at Loca. 7pm-‘3am. Free. Weekly. A night of house anthems from residents Steven McCreery (The Tunnel) and Kevin Cliffe.

I What It Is at City Cafe 2. 9.30pm—lam. Free. 10 Apr. Fortnightly. Bob Cairns throwing down a mixture of jazz-funk. old and modern soul through to Latin grooves. i


I Arakataca! at The Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 22 May.

I Atomic Baby at The Honeycomb.

I lpm—3am. £|0 (£8). 8 May. Fortnightly.

Playing to a well packed house of late. Michael Kilkie. [ammo and Darren Davies are still dropping pumping Euro house in the main room. Gareth Sommerville through the back with deep house and American garage.

I Big Beat at Cafe Graffiti. I0pm—2am. £7 (£6). 8 May. Monthly. An enthusiastic crowd is treated to a top quality live act it) the shape of Atmosfear as well as the choicest selection of dance lloorjazz. Band on stage midnight. See preview.

I CC. Blooms at CC. Blooms.

I lpm—Ram. Free. Weekly. Get tip and move those hips at this very busy gay bar/club.

I Cafe Aquarius at Cafe Aquarius. ()pm—lam. Free. Weekly. DJs warming tip the pee is with a pre-club party vibe. I Catwal at The Catwalk. ()pm— I am. Free. Weekly. Gordon Whittaker and Mark Price alternate to play an eclectic mix of happening house beats iii this quality pic-club bar.

I Cheese at Bannerman‘s. ‘Jpni- Iain. Free. Weekly. Chart music frotn the 60s to (lie ‘)()s.

I Chill the Beans at Blue (above Traverse). 8 May. Weekly. New night from the promoter ofGoing Places bring you a selection ofclassic cuts from the past. Call Blue on 22I I222 for further info.

I Colours at The Potterrow. ‘)pm—3am. £ 7 (£5). 8 May. Fortnightly. A stylish. dressed-up crowd enjoy the best iii garage and house anthetiis courtesy of residents .Ion Mancini and guest the inimitable (iraham Park. Please note the

I Cream at The l’ottei‘row. Monthly. Next date 2‘) May.

I Cuba Norte at Cuba Norte.

Illpni -|am. Free. Weekly. Cuban rhythms with local DJs.

I Curios at W.J. Christie's. ‘me—lalt). Free. Weekly. \"ariotis guests play a range of dance sounds. Don‘t be shy. the open decks mean that you can have a go too. I Disco Inferno at The Venue. l().3()pm--.‘~ani. £6. 30 Apr. Fortnightly. A night of flares if you dare. afros if you go-go and general drunken madness. Delirious disco and fired-up funk iii the mam room; soul. rare groove and a Latin selection in the Cooler.

I The Edge at The \"atilts. Monthly. Next date 22 May.

I The Egg at The Wee Red Bar.

llpni- 3am. £3 members; £3.50 not)- members. Weekly. A varied playlist taking in sotil. 60s. new way e. indie. Northern. soundtracks and much. much more. There's a very cheap bar as well. l-ree photographic membership available on the night.

I eh1 more at eh I. ‘)pin—~lam. Free. Weekly. Yogi Haughton plays his garage and soul tunes on the first and third Saturday and rising deep house star Murray Richardson shows why he is worthy of attention on the second and foui Ill.

I Energise at Subway. ||pm~.‘~am. £2. Weekly. Various party sounds~

I FBI at llolyrood Union. 24 Apr.

0pm .‘sam. £5 (£4). Free with llyer. Fortnightly. Relocated alter a sojourn at the Jalfacake. l-Bl returns to bring an night of eclectic indie. 60s and big beat fayes

I Fiesta Latina at 'l‘evioi Row. ‘)pni~2aiii. £4.50 (£3.50). 1 May. Monthly. Seven years on and this popular eyent ney er fails to please. Dance classes early on with Alba and l).ls Ana and Pancho play all you'd expect from atop night with salsa. niereiigue. rhumba and Latin ry thms galore.

I Fire Island ill Wilkic llttttse. Monthly. Next date 22 May.

I Flares at Flares. 9pm» lam. Free. Weekly. l).ls )Iaying a range of 70s tunes. I Future Primitives at Studio 24. Starts 7am (after Apex). Free. I May only. All those with the energy to keep going after Friday night can enjoy some old-school dance classics w itli Steve Pace (Apey ). tWist (Hungry (.ihost). Dave A (Trilogy. London) and Fyre (Hungry (iliost) being the l).ls ushering you into

listings CLUBS

Lamb Coming north of the border to join in the post-election celebrations, Lamb bring their own unique style of enormous breaks and beats meets Elizabeth Fraser-esque vocal to Scotland With the mighty Manga boys in DJing support. La Belle Ange/e, Thu 6 May.

Underword 4 launch night Multi media sensory overload is what is promised. The Venue, Wed 5 May.

The Mission Edinburgh's top goth/rock/industrial free-for-all. Studio 24, weekly, Saturdays. Scratch Their 2nd birthday party has the Scratch residents providing the fmest selection of hip hop talent in the country. The Venue, Sat 8 May.

FBI An evening of the topper-most in all that is indie, 60s, rock and big beat. Ho/yrood Union, week/y, Saturdays.

Big Beat 70s Jazz funk survwors Atmosfear play their first ever show at Cafe Graffiti promoting the release of their new album Altered S/ates. Cafe Graffiti, Sat 8 May. Pink 54 Lothian Gay and Lesbian Swnchboard present a new night of fun and frolics at this cavernous venue. Good music, party atmosphere, outlandish crowd; just what you need on a Monday night. Revolution, Mon 3 May

Saturday afternoon.

I Going Places have nearly finished. The last one ever. ever. ever will be at the ABC cinema on 22 May.

I Hanky Panky at La Belle Angelle.

l Ipm—3am. £5. Weekly. Very popular. full-on mainstream and dance night with music from the 70s to the 90s.

I Headspin at The Bongo Club. Monthly. Next date 8 May.

I Hibiki at Iguana. ()pin—Iam. Free. Weekly. Pre-cltib. Man about town Stuart Duncan hosts a night of groovy deep house. disco and beyond.

I Jazz Joint at Henry's Cellar Bar. l0pm—3am. £5 (£4). Weekly. I May is Latin jazz. night in the company of Yumbambe and the Thelonious DJs. lilemental drop a live mellow jazz groove on 8 May with DJ Ktilu and guests. Both bands on stage at midnight.

I Jet at Fnaj has been cancelled.

I Joy at Wilkie House. I().30pm—3am. £|0 (£7). 1 May. Monthly. Dave Randall makes a welcome return to Scotland after a few jaunts ()\"'T'SL‘(IS. He joins Maggie and Alan from top night of throbbing house.

I Jungle Magic at The l’otterrow. ()pm—3am. £7 (£5). I May. Monthly. A Trouble ()ii Vinyl launch party sees an influx of a whole heap of turntable manipulators. DJs Red. Friction. Reality and the Usual Suspects join all the Jungle Magic regulars. DJ Kid. G-Mac. The

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