‘5. Pie in the sky:


Martin Parr's photogragh of scotch pies to be seen in Food: Culture and Design at the

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART Mackintosh (iallei‘y. lo“? Renl'rew Street. 353 4500. Mon 'l‘hu 9.30am~-S.3l)pm; Fri ‘).3l):1111-5pm:Sat Illam ~11oon. Propositions 3 Thinking Through Drawing By Architects From The Mac l‘ntil Sat l5 .\lay. 1.\lackintosl1(iallery). The third in :1 series oles‘hibitions on the 11ses oldraw ings. The show looks at the dit'l'erent practice 11l'grad11ates at the Mac l'or whom draw mg is crucial to the design pt'tic'c‘ss.

Flexible Furniture t‘ntil Thu 21) May. (Podium (iallery 1. I'le\1bility is :1 key word for designers. galleries atid lurniture retail outlets and this e\l11biti11n reassesses accepted tielinitions 11lct'alt objects as one- ol'l' items made by one person.

Work In Progress Mon thin 13 May. 1New berry (ialleryl. Work 111 progress by 211d year students t‘rom the painting department.


5 Park ('ii'cus. 3.32 2555, \Ion 'l‘hu

Illam Spin: l’ii lllani .lpm: Sat

Illam Alpm.

Berlin A City In Transition t’ntit Sat 15 May. Stiiking 1111:1ges taken oy er the last ten years oi the city which has been dubbed the biggest building site in litirope by a range 111 internation:1l photogiaphei‘s.

HUGHSON GALLERY l (‘lexeden(iaidens.3512-173.'l‘11e

(1 .\pm. \\e1l Sat noon (1pm.

Bertrand Bracaval t'nnl Sat .s' .\l:1_\. Paintings. thaw lll_‘._‘\. prints and books by Bertrand Bi'ac.i\.tl


l‘myei'sity ot'(il.1s;_'ow. I'myersity .-\\e1111e. 3ill 51‘” Mon Sat 0 9.30.1111 511111, Home to the 11111\1'1‘s1ty's collection oi an and sculpture and an on- going progtaniine 11l te111p111:11'_\ c\l11l1itions. the lltiiiteiian also leatttres :1 1ec1'eat111not (‘liailes Rennie .\l::ck1ntosl1\ (ilasgow house which c1111t.11ns1111g1n.1l lurnishings.


l.\ King St1eet.552 25~lltl11e ‘Sat 11111111 5.3l1pm.

Phomomena The Site Of Sound 'l‘ue ll l‘ll 2l \lay I’he testiltsol :1tl11'ee- 11111ntl1 collaboration between (ilasgow and l.11111l11n-l1.1se1l .utists .\l:111e»(iabr1ellc Rotte. l).111 \11111111. 'l'aliatlia .-\ndt'ews and Ilolgei .\l11h.1upt. who .ill work with sctilpttne. lll\l.'.ll.tllt1|l. pe1l111111:111ce. dance and llllll


2 Sinclair Drive. (132 0810. Landmarks 0f Literacy: Glasgow's Carnegie Libraries Until Fri 30 Apr. An exhibition illustrating the diversity in architectural l‘orni ol‘ libraries built in Glasgow and the United States between l‘)()l-—l‘)l5. I’m-I n/ (I/(M‘gmi' /‘)()‘/.


Station Road. 1\liluga\ie.578 88-17. Tue—Fri l()am-.lp111. 2--5pm; Sat & Sun 2-~5 )m.

Wil iam Gillies - A Sense Of Place L'ntil Sat 8 May. The Royal Scottish Academy's touring exhibition commemorating the centenary ol the birth ()l.2()tl1 century artist. Sir William Gillies.


200 Bath Street. 33] ()722. Tue-Sat ()am—(ipm; Thu I lam-18pm.

Stranger Fruit [Intil Thu () May. Product l)esign degree students at Glasgow School ol'Art show intioyatiye prototypes. models and drawings.

Better Living Through Chemistry Sat 8 May—Thu l .lttl. The l'ormidable Day-id Byrne -— musician. artist. filmmaker and founder of the group Talking Ileads ~ makes a rare Visit to Glasgow with an exhibition ol'grapliic work and photographs.


7l lloultlswoi‘th Street. l‘111111eston.22l 1170‘). Wed -Sat 2 (1pm.

confluence L'tttil Sat .S May. New work by Ida Peacock. ('hristine lronside and l-lora ()'.\'eill.

MCLELLAN GALLERIES 270 Sauchiehall Street. 33! IS5J. .\lon—-Sat ll)am---5pm: Sun llani-5pm. The Architecture 0f Democracy 1:11 31) Apr-Sun 25 .Iul. An eshibition comparing parliamentary buildings 111 different countries from Westminster to Louis Khan's parliament in Bangladesh. Sir Norman Poster‘s remodelling oi the Reichstag lot” the new (German parliament in Berlin and Oscar Neimeyer's assembly in Brasilia.


Albion Street. 287 3554. Mon Sat ll):1111~5pm; S1111 llam 5pm.

Vertigo: The Strange New World Of The Contemporary City t'ntit Sun It» May. Focusing on ten ol' the most sigmlicant building projects around the

Art Gallery and Museum, Kelvingrove

world. this exhibition looks at the changing nature ol the city. and ot‘ architecture. as we enter the 2 N century. /’(II‘I11f(}/meoir /‘/‘/‘/.


30 Washington Street. 22l 2l25. Mon—vI-‘ri Illani-(ipm.

Indian Spring l.’nt1ll-'ri21S’ May. .-\n exhibition of new work by lileetta


listings ART


2‘)()Saucl1iel1all Street. 3530102. Mon—Sat Illamvopmz S1111 noon—5pm. Pat Shaw and Shirley Blacoe Sat l—Sat S May. Boltl paintings with a strong yisual content by Pat Shaw and landscapes. still me and portraiture watercolour paintings by Shirley Blacoe.


Centre For Developmental Arts. 18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon—Fri ll)am~5pm.

Universal Print Show ll Until Fri 7 May. l"ine an prints by artists with disabilities. RGI KELLY GALLERY I IS Douglas Street. 248 (1386. Mon—Fri lt).3()am—5pm; Sat ll).3()am--«Ipm.

The Glasgow Group Sat leSat IS May. Oils and watercolours by :1 selection of artists.


300 Great Western Road. 287 55l I. .\lon liri lllam- 5pm.

Wider Implications: Other Possibilities Until Fri 7 May. New paintings by Ann Power. SCOTTISH MASK 81 PUPPET THEATRE CENTRE

8 All) Balcarres Ayenue. Kelyindale. 33‘) (1H5. .‘\lon- Wed 10am-5pm; Sat l-5pm. 'l‘liu 1k l‘ri by appointment.

Design And Scenography In Mask And Puppet Theatre tintil Fri 31 Dec. ('ralt and design l'rom the puppet theatre including set 1lesigns. scale models and drawings to working ligures and masks. l’tll'l (If (i/tli'gutt' /‘l‘)‘)_

ST MARY'S CATHEDRAL 3(l()(,i1'e:1t Western Road. 287 551 I. .\lon I‘i'i lllam 5pm.

Wider Implications: Other Possibilities l'ntil Hi 7 May. New paintings by .-\1111 Power.

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No Noise Samples

An audio/sculptural collection by Chris Biddlecombe and David Trouton

Glasgow Gallery of Modern Art

16th April The Meffan Gallery,

26th June

- 30th May

Forfar 24th July