ART listings


26 King Street. 552 2l5l.Tue--Sat l0am—5.30piii.

Body Snaces Until Sat I May. New photographic work by Austrian artist Elizabeth Wot'ndl. combining images of the body witli the urban spaces of Salzburg. Glasgow and London. Purl or (ill/sunn- I999.

Lifeform Until Sat I May. A series of futuristic dadaist photograms by Ryatt Iixidore plus two new video works entitled ‘Monitor' aitd 'I-"luffy Snuff'.

Panoramic view of some of Glasgow's most attractive interiors. plus a multi-media CD-Ront display. Purl (ifG/(Lsgnti' I999. Vaisakhi Banners: Painted Banners And Embroidered Cloths Until Sun to May. Painted banners attd embroidered cloths depicting aspects of Sikh faith atid culture. Part o/‘(i/usgon' I999.

Food: Design 8: Culture Sat 8 May-Sun 22 Aug. The preparation of food combines social ritual. aesthetics. technology and functionality. This exhibition examines the role of design itt this process as well as the cultural history of British cuisine. l’ul'! of (I/uxemr /999.


2nd Floor. Mon—Fri l0am—5pm. For further info call (ilasgow' School of Art on 353 45-17.

Kilter Ifntil Sat I May. Art exhibition of work by 3rd year Fine Art photography students froin Glasgow Scltool of Art.


The Cross. Kirkintilloch. 578 ()l-l-l. Tue—Sat l0am—lpm & 2—5pm. House Of Cards Until Sat 8 May. An exhibition of illustrations which have appeared on colourful playing cards through the centuries.


28 King Street. 552 48 l 3. Tue-~Sat llam—5pm.

Sound Of Grass 'l‘ue I I -Sat 29 May. Hayley and Stte Tompkins create new work for the gallery. in this their first solo Collaboration piece.

Dead Flat Vertical Tue I l —-Sat 29 May. Glasgow-based artist Neal Beggs creates new work for the basement space.


63 'I‘rongate. 552 4267.

Theatre Designs Sat I May wed 30 Jun. An exltibition of draw ings aitd sketches looking at theatre design.


l8 Albioit Street. 552 2822. Mott—I'll l0am 5 tin.

Michae Rattray l'ntil Hi 30 Apr. Recent work.

UNION PLACE off Gordon Street. I‘or further details contact Tramway on (ll-ll 2S7 6663. Space Invader t‘ntil Sat 1 May. The first iii a series of'I‘ramw ay Public Art Commissions featuring the work of laiti Kettles and Susie Hunter. Well kttown for their inflatables. the work is based oil the idea of architectural sculpture atid design.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other museums, see Glasgow Life, page TI.


Argyle Street. Kelvingroy e. 2S7 2699. Mon—Sat |0am 5pm: Stilt llani— 5pm. Cafe.

Panorama Glasgow tJnttl Sun 9 May.

72 THE LIST 29 Apt--l3 May 1999

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. l0 Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. £3.50 (£2.50). Cafe.

Ray Richardson Utitil Wed 5 May. Contemporary figurative paintings by Ray Richardson.

Cameo Until Tltti 6 May. Contemporary jewellery by students at Glasgow School of Art.


University Avenue. 330 422]. Mott-Sat 9.30am~5pm.

The Animal Construction Company tlntil Fri 20 Attg. An exhibition exploring the bttildittg abilities of members of the animal kingdom. front weaver birds to termite mounds. Is there anything humans can learn front these incredible feats'.’ I’tll'l (if (i/(Iyettlt /999.

HUTCHESON'S HALL I58 Ingram Street. 552 \‘391..\lon—Sat l0am—5pm. Free.

On The Tiles l'ntil Sun 2.3 May. An exhibition featuring decorative tilitig found iii the pri\ ate aitd public bttildiitgs of Glasgow.


Kelvin Hall. I But'nliotise Road. 2S7 2720. Mon—Sat 10am—5pm; Stiii Ham—5pm. liree.

Landmines: The Human Cost tintit Sat 22 May. Ati insigltt ittto the use of landmines in modern warfare attd the efforts being made to reduce the threat they pose to civilians in former war /ones.

SCOTLAND STREET SCHOOL MUSEUM 225 Scotland Street. 429 I202. Mon Sat l0am—5pm: Sun 2—5pm. (‘afe

The Three Fingered Fetch tinttl Sun 3 May. A retrospective exhibition of ceramist Ray I’lazalski. featuring examples of his work produced over the last 30 years.

Anyone therelz Paul Carter's car roof top installation is on show at The Arches

Moveable chairs: George Wylie's ‘Who's B



4 Bellevtie Crescent. 557 I663. Wed Stilt IIUUII -6pill.

The Artist's Chair I'nttl Sun 2 May. Twenty one artists create their own version of the chair. (ieorge Wy llie.

Key in I)agg. Silvia Stewart. Barbara Beyer and Adam /.y w are among the featured artists.

Going Places Sat .s- Sat t5 May. An exhibition of the original artworks created by I‘red I)eakin used to publicise the popular easy -ltstentng club (in/tie l’ftlt‘t’.\. which is ending its rttn later this month. See I’rontlines. page 3.


42-1-1 (‘ockburn Street. 226 6636. Tue-Sat Illam 6pm1Sunt\' Mon noon 5pm.

Marc Atkins: Liquid City t'ntit Wed 30 .ltitt. Black arid w hite images of London taken front Atkins‘ new book [.I(/II/(/ ('Ili.

H7442 » v Mi,

een Climbing Up My Chair' on show in The

Artists Chair at the Bellevue Gallery


6 I)tindas Street. 557 4050. Mon—Fri I0am-6pm; Sat l0am—lpm.

Aspects Of Scottish Landscapes Until Mon 3| May. Landscape paintings including works by Sam Bell. Horatio .\lc(‘tilloch aitd John Knox.


l0 Royal Terrace. 556 l0|0. Mon—Fri l0am—6pm; Sat l0am— | pm.

Spring Exhibition Until Mon 3t May. A selection ofgeneral stock including paintings by Alexander Naysmith. William Clark and Sir Robin Philipson.


38 Home Street. 22S 4 HI. lixhibitions open fifteen minutes before first screening of the day until llptn tSun—Wedt; laiti (Thu—Sat).

Focus L'ntil Stiii 9 May. Iimerging artists frotn Duncan of .lordanstone College of Art. Dundee. explore the origins of the uniyerse through digital imaging. installation. photography and etching iii a show curated by Wendy Mthirdo and Duncan (ianley. See review.

CITY ART CENTRE 2 Market Street. 529 3993. Mon—Sat Illtlllt-Spllt.

Locale Sat S May - Sat l9 Inn. A group show featuring the work of artists living attd working iit Iidinbtirgh. Anne Bevan. Moyna I-‘lannigan. ('alltim lnnes. Rose train arid Billy McCall are among the featured artists.

1900: Scottish Art At The Turn Of The Century Sat I May Sat 19 Jun. Drawn front the (‘in 's fiiie art collection. this display of works examines w ho were the matoi' artists a century ago.

The Symbol Of Its People Sat I

May -~Sat l0 Jul. To mark the return of the Scottish Parliament tti July. this exhibition traces the relationship between the bttrgh and government.

On And Off The Wall Sat 8 May—Sat to Jun. Contemporary works by the 62 (Jump of'l‘extile artists.

CITY YOUTH CAFE 6 Victoria Terrace. 220 2103. Mon. Wed & I‘Tl 6-<|(l.3()piti.

Art From The Start Until Sat I May. An exhibition of work featuring photography. sculpture. art and design by recently drug-free and stable drttg users