applied to different surfaces to explore issues of class. masculinity and nationality. .\Ic.\Itillaii transforms images into delicate skeletal objects by removing the spaces between the roads and Hamilton creates photogratiis produced from flowers. See preview.


University of Iidinburgh. South Bridge. 650 22| l. 'l‘ue—‘Sat I0ani—-5pm.

Richard Walker Sat l .‘ylay—Sat 5 .Itiii. Richard Walker paints commonplace interiors and obiects in this new body of work.

Martin Boyce Sal I .\Iay~-Sttt 5 .lun.

t Round Roonii. .\Iartiii Boyce creates a mural responding directly to the architecture aritl the history of the gallery sptht‘.

TORRANCE GALLERY Ab l)tindas Street. 556 Mon. .\Ion~-Fri llani—opni; Sat I0..‘»0arii--4pm.

Andrew Binnie and Carol Binnie Sat I—Sat l5 May. Recent paintings by father and daughter Andrew and Carol Binnie.


This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other museums, see Edinburgh Life, page 78.


|J2 ("tiiioiigate. 529 «ll-13. .‘yloii—Sat

|0aiii ~5pm. Free.

Bolti Tasveerein - Talking Pictures t’ntil Sat I May. A photography exhibition looking at the culture and lifesty le of South Asian women in Itdinbtirgli.

MUSEUM OF CHILDHOOD J: lllgll SII'CL‘I. 53‘) »I I‘ll. .\Ittll Sill l0am -5piii. Free.

Wendy Wood Sat I .\Ion 3| .\lay. Free. Drawings and paintings by Wendy Wood (1392 I982 i.

NEWHAVEN HERITAGE MUSEUM .\'eyyli;iveii llarbotir. 55l J 105. .\Ion---Sat iiooii- 5pm. l-ree.

Photographic Memories t'ntil Thu 30 Sep. Photographs by Ilill and Atlamsoii. taken in the lSJtls and contemporary portraits by Miles 'I'ubb. linking past and present generations lIl \eyyliayeu. ROYAL MUSEUM OF SCOTLAND 2(‘hambers Street. 247 42 I9. .\Ion--Sal |0ani 5pm iSpiii ’I'tiei; Stiii noon- 5pm. £3 iLl.50i; tinder |.\s tree.

Ground l'ntil Stiii 2 May. .\Ietal sculptures by lake llaryey including four small sculptures rising the Narith technique or colouring metal. which he created during a three-neck residency at l‘kishima Sculpture Studio III .lapan. Ways 0t Editing l'iitil Sun 2 May. l’aperyyorks by .lacki I’aiiy featuring siiiaII-scale obiects tisiiig cast liaiid-iiiade paper. yy hieh combine both Japanese and Western techniques. '

Bo Jeffares: Reflections t nirl Sun to \Iay Paintings by Bo .lel'l'ai'cs Ioctisiiig

on Japan with subjects such as Zen gardens and cherry blossom trees. fusing her knowledge of both Japanese and Western culture.

Children In Ukiyo-e Until Sun In May. ()ver l64 Japanese woodblock prints of the Lido period focusing on tikiyo-e which portray children. Artists include Hokusai. Hiroshige and Utamaro. Discovering Japan Until Sun () .lun. Hands-on fun at this interactive exhibition which delves into the lifestyles and customs of Japan.

Transistors Until Wed 30 Jun. David Mach. Will Maclean. Dalziel & Scullion. Andy Goldsworthy and Sir Eduardo Paolozzi are among the line-up of leading Scottish sculptors exhibiting small-scale work. Created for the Iwate Art Festival in Japan. the works receive their first Edinburgh showing.

New Ways 0f Seeing Until Sun to May. (Craft Gallery). Contemporary crafts and applied art from the M usetnii's collection.


Lady Stair's House. Lady Stair"s Close. 529 490i. Mon—Sat I0am—5pm. Free. IAm Ever Yours Until Sat 3| Jul. A selection of manuscript letters from Robert Burns to various correspondents spanning the period front I783 to I796.


I52 Nethergate. 0I382 432000. Tue—Sun l I .30am—7.30pm.

Prime Until Sun 9 May. Dundee's new

contemporary arts venue opens with Prime.

an exhibition celebrating and exploring the power and immediacy of contemporary ait.

. The show features painting. sculpture.

video and installation by an impressive line—up of artists including Anya Gallaccio.

- Callum lnnes. Catherine Yass. Andy

Warhol. Kiki Smith. Tony Ciagg. .loseph Beuys and Anisli Kapoor.




Callendar Park. 0l32~l 503770. Mon—Sat I0ani—5pni. £2.50 (1. l ).

Washday Blues Until Stiii 9 May. A look at how laundry chores were accomplished before the age of washing machines and tumble dryers.

The History Of Domestic Science Until

Stiii 9 May. An exhibition based oit a local private collection which looks at domestic science in the past.

Rome's Northern Frontier Sat I May—Sun 29 Atig. This exhibition traces Falkirk's Roiiiati heritage told through displays of weapons. tools. reconstruction models and Roman

. Greenock

MCLEAN MUSEUM AND ART GALLERY l5 Kelly Street. ()I-l75 7|5o2-l. Mon—Sat l0aiii—5pm.

Elizabeth Blackadder Until Sat l5 May. An exhibition of prints by this famous Scottish artist.

Inside Stories Until Sat 5 Jun. Still lifes and floral paintings by a selection of artists including Peploe. Gillies. Mary Armour. William Scott and many others.


lectures & events


Glasgow Cathedral: Why It Was Built And How It Was Used Thu 29 Apr. 7.30pm. Free. St Mttiigo Museum of Religious Life And Art. 2 Castle Street. 553 2557. Dr Richard Fawcett from Historic Scotland gives an illustrated lecture on Glasgow Cathedral.

Elizabeth Worndl Fri 30 Apr. 7pm. Street Level. The artist currently showing new work entitled Bur/v Sprites gives a talk.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society Tours Fri 30 Apr—Sun 2 May. £95. Various venues in Glasgow. To book a place. call the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society on (I l-Il 9-H) (3000. Weekend tours including introductory slide show and talk on Friday evening and guided tours to the main :‘vlackintosh buildings on Saturday and Sunday.

Zaha Hadid Wed 5 May. opm. £4.25 (£2). Glasgow Film Theatre. Architectural designer. /.aha l-ladid talks about her work including her design for the Mind Zone at the :‘inllennitiiii Dome. Three Perceptive Acquisitions: William Hunter's Chardins Wed 5 May. 5.45pm. Free. Hunterian Art Gallery. University of Glasgow. 82 l-IiIlliead Street. 330 543 l. MuiLgo Campbell gives a talk.

Getting Inside Interior Design Thu () May. 3—5pm. Free. Springburii Museum. Atlas Square. Ayr Street. 557 1405. Drew Pltiiikett from Glasgow School of Art leads this discussion. l’ui'l (if Glasgow /‘)99'\ :ll't‘tl i\ril'I/I /"t'\lil'((/.

The Spaces In Between: A Look At Urban Design Fri 7 May. 3-5pm. Royston Library. ()7 Royston Road. 552 |o57. I)r Hildebrand Frey from Strathclyde lfiriversity looks at the way planning. political and community concerns can be expressed by the designer in the form of the city. l’urr u; (i/uveoii' I999 'y Mir/ll .-li't'ti l7t'ylii'tll. North Area Arts Day Sat S May. North Glasgow College. I I0 Fleiiiingtoii Street. For further information call Andrea McMillan on 0H! 287 3652. A chance to see the work of local arts groups from the north area of Glasgow Arts activities are also on offer for all ages including children's performances. workshops. theatre and visual art.

Architecture Matters Mon to May. 3—5pm. Royston Library. ()7 Royston Road. .552 |(i57. I’t‘olcssoi‘ Andy McMillan looks at how design impacts

listings ART

on every aspect of life. Purl ofG/usgmv /999 '.v Nor/It A I't'll FCSIIII'UI.

Producing The Goods Tue I I May. 3—5pm. Royston Library. ()7 Royston Road. 552 l657. Paul Copland from Scottish Design looks at how designers play a vital role in today‘s society. Purl (i/(I'ltls'guli' /999'.\‘ NnI'I/l Al't'u

I’t's‘li I’(I/.

Design And Social Change Wed 12 May. I0.30am-l2.30pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Glasgow Film Theatre. Roger Coleman discusses research into socially driven issues and their impact on design.

The Tenement Thu I?» May. 9.30am—4pm. Glasgow Film Theatre. Call Susan Clark on ()I-‘ll 353 3354 to book a place. This seminar looks at the background. architectural building science and legal issues surrounding a tenement.


The Rest On The Return From Egypt Fri 30 Apr. I2.45-l.l5pm. Free. National Gallery of Scotland. Michael Cassiii gives a talk on Paris Bordon‘s painting.

Gursky: Painting As The Photographer's Best Friend Mon 3 May. l2.45—l.l5pm. Free. National Gallery of Modern Art. Peter Schuller from Krefeld Museum. Germany. gives an illustrated talk on the work of Andreas Gtirsky. whose work is currently on show at the gallery.

Manifesto Architecture Debates Mon 3 May. 7—8pm. Free. Motiboddo. Bread Street. For further details call 332 0829. This week's debate asks the question Dues" lit/flihlll'Q/I A’t't't/ A New Lie/Hilly l'iy‘iml'.’

Doors On The Past Tue 4 May. 7—8pm. l; |. Royal Museum Of Scotland. Alison Kiiinaird. an artist working in glass. gives a talk.

Ideas And Inspirations In Contemporary Art Practice Fri 7 May. 2—5pm. Fruitmarket Gallery. The first in a series of debates discussing issues relevant to the work of contemporary artists. chaired by Andrew Patrizio. director of research at lidiubtirgli College of All

Manifesto Architecture Debates Mon It) May. 7--Spm. Free. Monboddo. Bread Street. For further details call 332 0829. This week's debate asks the question .I’IIIM’IIIII ()fxlri‘liirt't'lurt' --.-I ('ii‘it' .\’('t‘t'.\1vil\".’

Common Vision: Scottish Vernacular Furniture Tue Il May. (v30--7.30pm. Free. Royal Museum Of Scotland. Stephen Jackson. curator of Scottish and litiropeau furniture. gives a talk.

Electrified Tliti l3 May. 2.30-4pm. Free. Royal Mtiseum ()f Scotland. Ceraiiiicist linimanuel Cooper gives a



Prime - Introductory Talk Sat 1 May. 2—-2.30pm. Dundee (.‘ontemporai'y Arts. (Gallery I). An informal talk‘ on the current exhibition by gallery staff.

The Royal Scottish Academy

David McClure

Open 10am - 5pm daily 2pm - 5pm Sundays Admission £2 - £1 (conc.) - £4 (season)


Alberto Morrocco

Sponsored by Maclay Murray & Spens


173rd ANNUAL EXHIBITION The RSA Galleries, The Mound, Edinburgh

Works by many of Scotland’s finest painters, sculptors, printmakers and architects make the Royal Scottish Academy’s Annual Exhibition one of the highlights of Scotland’s cultural year. The exhibition includes works by three distinguished Academicians who died in 1998

James McIntosh Patrick

29 Apr-~13 May I999 THE lIST75