THE SINGING KETTLE Fri 30 Apr-Mon 3 May. Fri 1pm 8c 6pm; Sat-Mon 1pm 8c 4pm. £8 (£7); family ticket £23. MacRobert Arts Centre, UniverSIty of Stirltn , Stirling, 01786 461081. Ages 3+. Come dressed as your favourite animal an

join the Kettlers’ singalong fun at the farm.

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Activities And Fun

Maydaze Strri 2 May. I lam-~5pm. Free. Glasgow (ireen. 387 5 l*)(). Following the success of last year's event. Glasgow ('ireen again sees an all-singing. all- danciiig day of activities to celebrate May Day. Iliglrlights include The Design .Ilciic . a iotiriiey through twenty mini installations displayed in a series of chambers in a giant tent. It's Your 72'”! showcases the work of llte (iorbals Youth 'I‘Ireatte. Iiast Glasgow Youth Theatre and tlte Scottish Academy of Asian Artists and III the (,‘IIi/c/rc'li'v l’c'r/m‘multt c' (Illt/ Act/r II/(’\ 'li'ul yott can catch Wee Stories 'I‘Iieatie‘s production l.ci/>vri/II/i. a fun introduction to (heck :nytlis. laughs aplenty with Mr Bones pltrs face- paiiitirrg. henna hand paintings.

story telling. puppet shovv s. clowns. itigglers and much more.

Children's Poetry Workshop Sat 8 May. I lain. Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 322 7700. Try your hand a'l‘ writing your own poetry at this fun workshop.


Antz (PC) on Sat I May. 2pm and Paws (PU) on Mon 3 May. 2.30pm. £3.35

(£3 25). (ilasgow l-tlm Theatre. I2 Rose Street. 332 8I28. Sec I‘rIm Index.


The Snow Child Sat 8 May. 2pm. £3 (£3). Scottish Mask ck Puppet Theatre Centre. 8 III Italcai'i'es Axcnue. Kelvindale. 33‘) 6I85. Ages 6+. An old mart arid woman's longing for a child turns into a reality iii Pay Ia's Ptippets' .rdaptaiioii of this poignant Russian lolktalc


More Unbelievable Stories Sat I May. 2pm £3 (£3). Scottish Mask ck Puppet 'I'heati'e Centre. 8. I0 Balcarres Avenue. Kclx iittlalc. 33‘) 6i85. Ages 5 8. Storyteller Iaities (‘atiipbell spins some riiore incredible yarns.

Maisie Storytime Sat | May. I Iain. Borders Books. 383 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. Meet author Aileen Paterson's

76 TIIELIST 2:- r r r.r.~., r990

I i

Ioveable creation. Maisie the Cat. live in SlUl'L‘.


Activities And Fun

Quickies For Kids Royal Museum Of Scotland. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42“). Free entry to musetttii for visitors aged l8 and under. Ten-initiate talks for children held every Saturday at 2. I5pm arid every Sunday at 3. I5pm. Topics include .Ilr .IIo/c' on Sat I May and The (iicml 'Iiri'loisc' on Sun 2 May. The following week learn about The Jungle Bun/c on Sat 8 May and T/lt’ II'urI/me on Sun I) May. May Fair Sat 8 May. l0airi- noon. 20p. Trinity Primary School. Nevvhayen Road. 55I 6636. To raise ftittds for the school. this May fair features a great balloon race. pony rides. face and nail painting. children's games. home-baking. brie-a- brac. tombola and much more.

Magic Bob's Desert Island Tricks Sat 8 May. 2pm. £5 (£3.50). Brtrnton 'I’heaire. l.atly\veII Way. Mtisselbttrgh. 665 3340. Magic Bob continues to amaze vv ith an astounding selection of some of his favourite tricks.

Children's Art Workshops: Saturday Classes Sat 2‘) May- Sat 26 .Iun. livery Saturday at l0.30am I 3.30pm for 5- 8- year olds and 3---Ipttt for ‘) -I2-y ear olds. £45 for the 5 week course. ()ld St Paul's Church Ilall. 63 Jeffrey Street. 554 MIN. Art workshops with Jenny Smith. The morning class explores a \ ariety of approaches to image—making iiicludmg collage. painting and Jewellery making. while the afternoon class follow s on front the drawing course held in I-eb ck Mar. Please note that the afternoon session is only opett to those \\ Ito attended the previous course.


A Bug's Life (It) Sat I May. 3.30pm: Madeline tlE ) Tue 4 May. l.30pni and Patch Adams I I2)Tuc J May. 4pm. £3.50 (£2.50). Br'untoti 'l'lreatre. l.adywell \N‘ay. Musselburgh. 665 3210. See Film Itrdex.

The Mask 0f Zorro (PU) Sal I May.

3 rm; Madeline tl') Sun 2 May. 3pm:

T e General (t7) Sat 8 May. 3pm. £4.50 (£2.50). The Lumiere. Royal Museum. (‘Irambers Street. 247 J2 I‘), See l‘tlin Index.

Mickey Mouse Club Show tt'r Sat I May. I0.30am. 60p. St Brides ('entre. I0 ()rwell 'l‘et't‘acc. 3J6 IJII5. Sec l'iliti Index.


Discovering Japan Until Sun (i Jun. Mon—Sat I0am—5pin (8pm Tue): Suit noon—5pm. Royal Museum ()f Scotland. 2 Chambers Street. 247 42 I9. Hands-on fun at this interactive exhibition which delves into the lifestyles and customs of Japan. Activities ittclttde Japanese writing. trying on a kimono. creating a miniature Japanese garden and tasting Japanese food.


Orienteering Wed 5 May. 6.30—7.30pnt. £ l. Calderglen Country Park. Strathaven Road. East Kilbt'ide. ()I355 236644. Navigate your way around the set course as this informal training session for all the fatnin with your newly acquired map reading skills.

Big Softies Day Man It) May. £2.20 (£I.l0): family ticket £5.50. Almoan \"alley Heritage (.‘entre. Livingston. ()I506 4 [4957. Specially for younger visitors. bring your teddy arid join in the fun which includes kite making and flying. mask making arid storytelling.

Film .

Babe - Pig In The City it?) Sun I) May. 2.30pm. £I.50. MacRobert Arts Centre. University of Stirling. Stirling. ()I786 ~I6|08l. See l‘ilni Index.

Cartoons tl‘) Sat 8 ck Sttii ‘) May. I.I5pm: A Bug's Life (I') Sat 8 May. 3pm; Astei'ix The (iaul iL') Sun I) May. 3pm. £I.50. I'TII. l‘alkit'k Town Hall. West Bridge Street. 0|33-I 506850.


The Singing Kettle I‘i‘i 30 Apr-Mon 3 May. l~'r'i Ipnt ck 6pm; Sat—Mort Ipm ck 4pm. £8 (£7); family ticket £33. MacRobert Arts Centre. I7nixei'srty of Stirling. Stirling. ()l786 46I()8 I. Ages 3+. See photo caption.

Martha Sat 8 May. I lam ck 2pm. £2.50. MacRobert Arts Centre. University of Stirling. Stirling. 0|786 -I6I08 I. Ages 5+. See photo caption.

Nessie The Loch Ness Monster Tue I I. l().3()am. £3.50 (£3). Cumbernauld Theatre. Cumbernattld. ()l236 732887. International Purves Puppets present this engaging tale about the legendary monster for children under I2.

Pips And Panda And The Magic Egg Wed l2 May. 10.30am. £3.50 (£3). Cumbernauld Theatre. Curttbernauld. ()I236 732887. A tnagic egg causes no end of trouble in Pips and Panda‘s latest adventure.

The International Purves Puppets Biggar Puppet Theatre. Broughton Road. 0 l 899 22063 I. £4.90 adults“. £3.90 children (reductions for patties of

; over ten). Shows and workshops on f oIIet' over the coming fortnight are as


How To Work Puppets! Sat 1 May.

I Iain—3.30pm. £8. Ages ‘)—l2. Expert advice from the professionals as they show you how to work puppets. After the workshop. enjoy a performance of Nessie

? Mt't'lx Mm‘ug.

How To Work Puppets! Mon 3 May.

I Iain—3.30pm. £8. Ages 6—8. Tops tips and advice from the professionals on how to work puppets. with a performance of I’i/n‘ .-IIrc/ l’tutc/ct Meet The Wrath-Fairy after the workshop.

Nessie Meets Morag Thu 29 Apr. 6.30pm; Thu 6. I().30am; Sat 8. I lam; Sun ‘) May. 2pm. Nessie meets the monster of Loch Morat' in this humorous Scottish folktale.

Pips And Panda Meet The Toothfairy Strn 2. 2pm; Wed 5. I0.30ani; Thu 6. 2pm: Hi 7. 12.45pm; Tue II ck Wed I2 May. I0.3()am. liollow the adventures of Pips and Panda as they search for the tooth-fairy.


The Millennium Bug Until Sun 2 May.

Tue —Sat 10.30am—5pin: Sun 2—5pm. Snritlr Art Gallery and Museum. I)uittbarton Road. Stirling. ()l786

I -I7 I‘) l 7. An exhibition of artwork by

pi'iiiiary school children in the Stirling

MARTHA Sat 8 May, 11am 8c 2pm. £2.50. MacRobert Arts Centre, University of Stirling, Stirling, 01786 461081.Ages 5+. Meet Martha the obstinate, eccentric old woman who lives by the sea. Self-reliant in her nature, she


doesn't need any friends or fami

around her until one day, her life begins

to change when a seagull lands at her windowsill. A touching story about friendship and trust from this new children's theatre company Catherine