Concentric Cities 't‘tn-ougtiottt the year. ' info: 287 I999. l’at‘l of(ilasgt)w 199‘). this is essentially a tlo-tl-yotlt'sell‘ gttttlc‘tl l tour to the city. Split into three parts. it 5 highlights many significant landmarks 1 throughout (ilasgow. to create the largest i 'eshibitiotr iii the world. ; Dance Classes \‘atious \enues. (iL'l your I limbs moving iii a l.atin—siylee with these I salsa classes -.-\cadeitiia de Salsa is at l’ortei's. Satichiehall Stiee (.\loii o..‘s()piii for intermediates; 8.30pm for ady anced; Tue b.30pin for beginners; call 504 l9S3i; Salsa Sabrosa at lfith Note ('lub. (‘Iyde Street t'l‘tie S l0 l5pni for beginners and intermediates; call 339 4 I93 l. Salsa Saluosa is also at Bar i’ltlHllltl. llope Stieet t'l'hn S 9.30pm for beginners; call 3394191i. lfyia/z and street dance is more yottr thing then jan- based csercise and dance classes tia/zet‘ciset are ayailahle at \ot‘thcote Street llttll. \tc‘lttt'ta (toss. llytttllttlttl titt Sat l0.45 t\' ll 45am. liring loose clothing and trainers to; this one. May Day Social Sat I .\lay. 8.3(lplii 2.30am. £5 t C2 i. (‘aledonian Students l’nion. (‘elebiate May Day with a Socialist Party fundraiser. live music comes from The (iales who are funky folk types. Maydaze Sat l t\ Siiii 2 May. (ilasgow Green. See photo caption. Celtic V Rangers Stiii 2 May. 0.05pm. (‘ClllC l’tll'k. Kc‘t'l'ytlttlc‘ Slt‘c‘c‘l. After [he surpiise defeat at the hands of St .lolnistone. (’eltic cannot al'tord to lose at home tonight or they w ill. quite literally. hand the title hack to Rangers. 'l'ickets being of the gold-dust variety. you may haye to sauce/e into your local boo/er for telly coy etage Glasgow Airport's Conversation Pieces \\ed 5 ts .\lon It) May. lpiii. £3.50 t £3 iii ad\ance- Royal (‘onceit llall. Satichiehall Street. 25-7 The season ol celebrity appearances continues w lllt newsreader \icholas ( )wen talking about /.r/t Hit/1 /'/tt (‘i’lti/iei/ie lt’oi'tr/y i\\ed 5 .\lay » and The Rt Hon Baroness \Vilhains otii Shirl. to you and | takes a look back at .l /;,h’ //I I’M/It'll \ 3D/ZD Craft & Design Fair Sat s is Sun 9 .\lay. 10am 5pm .\‘lthSHpi Royal (‘onceit llall. Satichiehall Street. 237 55 ll (Met 0" eslnhitots sell theii tiiiest inelalyyoik. \\tl(‘\l\\tllls. te\tiies. :ewellei'y and other .titwoiks III the most notable cialt and design lair III the country Charity May Fair Sat .s .\lay. lllani noon. Ll St John's Rentield ('huich. lieacoiistieltl Roatl. Kt'i\ititl;ilt'. into 5‘0 |.\ll2 Support causes home and alrioatl w itli gootls stiltl liy \.:iiotis l‘c‘llelac‘ltils Grassroots Cookery School Sat .s .\l.i\. llani 1pm :20 (iiassioots. \\'oo.llaiids Road. ‘5‘ ‘2“ the spring season at (iiassioots continues w ith .\lichael .-\ntoniotrs (in it lit 3 and a wonder llll airay ot delicacies front the .\letliteiranean lal‘le Scottish Comic, Card and Collectibles Fair Sat .\ .\lay. it itlani 4pm "0p. .laincs Mott Hall. .\lttchell 'l'lieatic. (iianxille Street Into oilititi4‘) \eiidots from throughout tltel ls pitch up in

(iiasgow to DU} .t;:.l seil count s. cards



toys. lit-attics. hooks .llltl :iiaga/nies limit: the l‘)~llls to the pieseiit day the tan' w ill be ot particular interest to laiis ot .\ttti' Hilly \.'tt'l lit “(l/"JUN ,2. “ill/l .lllyl .\itlltl

'i"'l-‘:t‘- « I

Art Gallery 8t Museum, Kelvingrove -\i_~_'yle \ltect, (ilaseow 2S". 209‘)

.\loii Sat lllaiii ‘pni. Siin ilaiii 5pm l'lt‘t' 'lillls ltttt‘ ;’

sate \ ictoitaii

\.::i.ple tit

.ttcliitcc:a:.' lionscs a t‘.':

ttilly'clil‘llltl 1‘.i>tr-.l“. silt!) llttlllt'\ tts

Rembrandt. Botticelli. Whistler and C‘adell. plus numerous historical artefacts and animal displays.

Burrell Collection

2060 Pollokshaws Road. Glasgow. G49 7l51. Mon-Sat l0am~-5pm: Sun llam--5pm. l‘ree. Sir William Burrell‘s world famous collection of beautiful art objects froin around the globe. housed iii a specially designed. award-winning bttildiiig.

Calderglen Country Park

Strathaven Road. liast Kilbride. (ll355 236644. Daily l0ani--.S..‘~0pin. Free. This country park offers something for all ages. with an ornamental garden for horticultural enthusiasts. an audio-visual display. a children's mo and a host of walks and nature trails. lispei‘t staff are on hand in each section to answer your questions. and Sotitli l.anarkshire Ranger Service provide a lull programme of countryside activities.

Chatelherault Country Park

(‘ai'lisle Road. Hamilton. (0098 42(i2 l .i. .\loii Sat l0ani 5.30pm1Sun

noon 5.30pm: house open .\lon-l’hu (k Sat Wain-4.30pm; Stiii noon-5pm tclosed Hi i. l‘lc‘c‘. Named after the Duke of llaiiiilton‘s hunting lodge. restored to its former glory in I987. the park also contains the ruins of (‘ad/ow (‘astlc and extensive woodland walks. some through ancient native forest. lishibitions about the area’s history and wildlife are complimented by a ftill programme of ranger-led activities (call for further details).

David Livingstone Centre

lb.< Station Road. Blantyre. (ilasgow. ()l(i9S S23l40. .\lon Sat l0ain 4.30pm; Sun I230 4.30pm.£2951£lo0 £l.75i. This museum. situated iii the tenement

w here Scotland's most famous iinssionary -e.\plorer was born. leattii'es memorabilia from his life. both iii Scotland and in the heart of Africa. Fossil Grove

Victoria Park. (ilasgow. 287 2000.

Mon Stiii iioon 5pm. l-i'ee. (ilasgoyy 's oldest tourist attraction. designated as a site of special scientific iiiteiest by Scottish Natural Heritage. pioy ides interpretative displays and the opportunity to esaiiinie geological specimens dating from 350 million years ago.

Glasgow Botanic Gardens

"'30 Great Western Road. (ilasgow. 314 2422. Daily 7am dusk; ls'ihble l’lace .\lon Sat Wain-4.45pm. l'iee. 'l'his l9th century garden and glasshouscs aie home to an interesting and educational selection of plants. as well as leaturiiig in the film .lnt/e.

Glasgow Cathedral

('atheth‘al Street. (il.tsgti\y. 553 «S l‘).\ .\loii- l‘ll 9.10am lpiii N 2 (rpm; Stiii

2 5pm. l'ree. .-\ stone-built church has stood on this site since ll,‘s(i and the lower church contains the shrine of St .\lnngo. who died iii 003'. how ey er most of the present btiildiiig dates from the |.‘~th or l5tli centuries. the most notable esception being the stained-glass

w tiidows. renowned as one of the finest post-war collections iii the country. Sunday sei'y ices take place at Haiti and (i..‘~0piii and there are daily prayers at noon. ()h. and the iiecropolis is well worth a wander iound as w ell

Glasgow Zoopark

(Kildei'park. l'ddiiigstoii. (ilasgow. 77l

l 135. Daily 9.30am 5pm tlast .ttlllllsslttltl.5-1.0”?{2Tl)! :\ popular liatiiit on school trips. ( ilasgow /.oopaik boasts a varied collection ot animals. from lions to guinea pigs. as well as .t \‘sc'll-sltlc'lst'yl l't‘l‘lll'c‘ ltUlISy‘ .l'llt‘l't' ls ills“ a ltlll progiaiiiine ot llllL‘l.ic'll\c' eyeiits. such as \llttisc‘dlttlltlllltg and buds of prey l'ly ing displays. plus (‘hiltlien's l‘.ll'lll. .tlllll\k‘lllk’lll\ .tllil .lll tlllg'lllk't'l lllIJ

A quick look at Maydaze

listings GLASGOW l.le

What is it? it s the annut‘il teiebrations on Glasgow Green \.‘.’ltl(lt help you spring

lltlfi) suntan"

When does it start? the ‘.'.’lt()l(? thing is launched With the Beltane Fire Festival at l‘;(?!St.‘."S h-l..rnn 8.21 l May, 9 30pm). Led by the figure of Winter, you \‘Jlll be taken a,” a ::t.i:tital jt...:'l‘.{‘y toward that season's deatl With music, dance, drama, l“.’.",‘.{"( tans: s; ..';)tures and the like before welcoming in the ;oys of


Who is involved? Hist we: ta Bas, te pooka (above), The Gtttty Slippers, Catalyst

yummy Wyn.“

and "lie I, .. '-

How can such an explosive start be matched? With 784 «(see Stage \thwisoers

at Theatre" flfT'l“, tars}.


C "<tlll{j-'_."‘.

iv'lrt‘yyld, telly ti i if!“ D’s'glilll



l’varn tae Attt‘ltettSltttQQlG - the World Ceilidh Band performance tent, celebrity football S-a-side, the t" - twenty mini installations exhibited ill a

All that fun must cost a bundle? Nope, it's free' I fare Férsfsail, 3a: 1 May, 9 30pm, Maydaze, Sun 2 Mat; 77am—5pm

fie?" {use :i.’ f}.’.:'s.’;:,.v Green, G/dsqoz‘x, .87 5790

Greenbank Garden l-Iendeis Road. ('larkstoii. (llasgow. (>39 328 l. U tt2v 9.30am dusk 'l'his walled garden. tucked away in the (ilasgow suburbs. contains a wealth of interesting plants and tloweis as well as woodland walks. a glasshouse and water displays. The gardens house. aii lSth century tobacco merchants home. is open for

viewing on Sunday afternoons t:\pr-()ct l.

stibtect to function bookings.

Gruesome Glasgow

Meet at Tourist Information (cutie. (ieorge Square. (ilasgow. 7‘2 0022. 2pm daily. £5 it'4'. clnldien £3» \\'itness tales of torture and terror on the streets of (ilasgow as an espei't guide takes you on a totit' of the

city ‘s cruel past, :\lst\ ruinimg are the ‘(ihosts .-\nd (ihouls' tottr t9pin daily l looking at ghostly land ghastly i goings on Ill the city and 'llistot'ic (ilasgow i2pin daily i which takes a more standard look at the eyeiits w hich ha\ e shaped (ilasgow. Holmwood House

0| ()3 Netherlee Road. (Itthcatt. (ilasgoyy. o3“ 2l2‘) Daily l..‘\0 5.30pm. L3 20 I L2,_‘lli Designed by the tamed l9th ceiittiiy .iichitect. -\le\.iiider ‘(ireek~ ‘l'lionisoti. this house is an escellent esainple ot ins classical sty le. lll\t'\llf_‘tlllttlt is also underway to recoy er the original iiizeiioi decoration. again l‘ast‘tl Hit cl.ts\ lllc'tllt‘s

House For An Art Lover

Bellahoustoii l’ark. l0 Dumbreck Road. Glasgow. 353 4773. £3.50 (£2.50). For opening times. call info liiie ()l4l 353 4449. Art Lover's (.‘afe and Shop open 10am-5pm daily. lnitially designed by ("harles Rennie Mackintosh for a competition in l90l. this unfinished work has been completed by modern-day architects and designers in true Mackintosh style.

Hunterian Art Gallery

t'ntversity of(ilasgow. S2 Hillhead Street. (ilasgow. 330 543 l. Mon-~Sat 9.30am -5pm. lace. Home to the university's collection of flat art and sculpture as well as changing exhibitions. the gallery also features a recreation of (‘harles Rennie .\lacknitosh's Glasgow house which contains a host of original furnishings.

Hunterian Museum

t'iiiversity Avenue. ('ilasgow. 330 422 l. .\loii--Sat 9.30am—5pm. l‘ree. Dating from lSll7. the l-ltinterian is Scotland's oldest public museum »- it lost its artworks iii I980 with the opening of the purpose-built art gallery in the grounds. btit it is still home to a collection of the university's treasures.

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