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Hutcheson's Hall

I58 Ingram Street. Glasgow. 552 839 I. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm. Free. Btiilt by the philanthropic Hutcheson brothers in the t9tli century. the hall has recently been completely refurbished to give a taste of its former glory. The site also includes a ten-minute audio-visual display about the Merchant City. Note -— viewing is subject to functions in the nrain hall. Motherwell Heritage Centre

35 High Road. Motheiwell. 0lo98

25 I000. Mort—Sat l0am--5pm (Thu 7pm);

Sun noon—5pm. Entry to local history laboratory £2 (£l ). The centre's fully interactive exhibitions tell the story of lv'lotherwell's people and landscape from Roman times. through the Industrial Revolution. to the present day. Highlights include computer consoles which enable you to follow local people as they journey through life. and the tower. through which yoti can view the effects of Ivlotherwell's industrial heritage on the landscape of North I.anarkshire. Mugdock Country Park

Craigallan Road. Milngavie. Glasgow. 956 (i I00. Free. This country park on the north east side of the city has a ftill programme of ranger activities as well as numerous woodland paths and walkways. The visitor centre is open 9am—5pm every day of the year. (‘all for more details on the opening times of the gift shop and crafts llllll. or for a ftill itinerary ofcotinti'yside events.

Museum Of Transport

Kelvin Hall. I Burnhotise Road. Glasgow. 2X7 2720. Mott-Sat l0am—5pm: Sttii 11am 5pm. Free. A museum crammed with buses. trams. fire engines. ships and other paraphernalia. devoted to the history of transport. Permanent eshibitioiis include S/ri/ilirii/rlirre ()II ‘/'/it' RII't’I' ('lvt/t'. a large mural by David McFarlane; tilt/Artie Drum. an interactive sculpture by Stephen Healy: and lit III/Iv ()f TI'u/ivpu/‘I by .lttstitt Carter.

People's Palace 8: Winter Garden Glasgow Green. Glasgow. 554 0223. Mon—Sat I0am~5pm1 Sun llam~5pm. Glasgow’s best-Iov ed institution has recently undergone a major facelift to celebrate its centenary year. The new displays are set otit thematically with subjects including '/'/it' l’u/Iei: \‘i'vi'oiiv ()1 T/lt’ ('i/v and (Tune .‘Ilt/ l’iiiriv/riiit'iil. Pollok House

Pollok Country Park

2060 Pollokshaws Road. Glasgow. (ilo (94H). Mon-Sun l0am—«4.45pm. £3.20 (£2.20): family ticket £3.60. ()ne of the most elegant Ib’th century buildings in the country. this historic house features some of the finest Spanish partitrrigs in Britain from the collection of Sir William Stirling Maswell.

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Celtic v Rangers: it's do or die for

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Scotland Street School Museum Museum Of Education. 225 Scotland Street. Glasgow. 429 l202. Mon—Sat l0am—5pm; Sun 2—5pm. Free. Designed in I904 by Charles Rennie Mackintosh and now home to archive material on education in Scotland from l872 onwards. Reconstructed classrooms give a flavour of Victorian. Edwardian. World War II and |960s school days. Scotland's Theme Park

Str‘athclyde Country Park. Mothervvell. ()Io98 333999. Admission to the site is free. bttt you pay for rides and amusements. Indoors: open l0ain-l0pni; outdoor rides: open Fri (i—l()pin; Sat & Stiii I~l()pm. The outdoor theme park has a huge selection of fairground rides. including the ‘Tornado'. Scotland's largest roller-coaster. And. when that shuts iii November (or on any other occasion when the Scottish weather is such that you'd rather be inside). there's an indoor amusement arcade with a themed food court and a children's soft play area. Springburn Museum

Atlas Square. Ayi' Street. Glasgow. 557 I405. Tue—Fri l0.30am—5pm: Sat l0am~4.30pm. Free. By use of photographs and artefacts. arts and crafts. the museum brings to life the social and industrial history of the north of Glasgow illustrated by two permanent eshibitions .Ilmlt' In The .Van/i and Spring/Mir): I’tirk. I’t'vIt'rt/uv‘. Tilt/(Il'xllltl 'liririurmit'.

St Mungo Museum of Religious Life And Art

2 Castle Street. Glasgow. 55.3 2557. Mon—Sat I0am- 5pm; Stiit IIam--5piti. Free. A museum of world faitlts. featuring a Zen garden. priceless art works from the WUl'lth .st.\ major religions. Dali's (TI/'lvl ()f Stir/II .lulm ()l The Crow and the story of religion in Scotland through words and pictures. Tenement House

I45 Buccleuch Street. (iarncthill. Glasgow. 333 0lb‘3. Daily 2 film). £3 (£2). This typical Victorian tenement lIat of I892 provides a fascinating look at Glasgow life dtrring the first half of the 20th century.

The Time Capsule

I00 Buchanan Street. (‘oatbridge. 0|23o 449572. Mon—Sun I0am--9pm. £3.85—£5. ll) (£5.05 £3.60). The pool area comes complete vv ith vvav e machine. river rapids. llumes arid a rubber ring slide. and you can encounter a life-sized woolly mammoth on the ice rink. ()ther attractions include a gy iii and health facilities. plus a play area for children aged 5- l I.

Weaver's Cottage

The Cross. Kilbarchan. 0I505 705533. Daily I.30—5.30pm. This typical lXth century weava cottage houses a collection of period equipment and domestic utensils. as well as photographs of local artisans.

the Hoops as the Gers go for the tile. See 77


Scottish Ideal Home Exhibition Hi 30 Apr-Sun 9 May. Royal Highland lishibition Centre. Inglistort. 333 3036. See photo caption.

Beltane Fri 30 Apr. ll).3()ptt). Free. The Acropolis. (‘alton Hill. Tlte final Beltane Fire Festival of the Millennium is a feast of pyrotechnics. with Scotland's most archaic seasonal bash brightening tip the skies over Calton Hill for the twelfth year running. (iive generously to the bucket shakers -- without your money the group can't afford the clean-up charge arid the event won't go ahead nest year. See I'.I'u/It/I'Ilt’.v.

Second-Hand Book Sale Sat I May. l0am—4pm'. Mon 3—Fi'i 7 May. l0.30am—3.30pm (Thu b May til 8pm). St .»\ndrew'.s & St George's Church. George Street. 225 3847. This rs the 2(ith annual sale of books at the church with Scottish book‘s lielttg the focal point tltis year. £7 I .000 was the record amount raised last year for Christian Aid. so anything less will be a shame. .-\s well as books. there are stamps. music. pictures. toys and home baking.

Genetically Modified Food Tours Sat I May. llaiii---3pm. Tesco. (.‘lerk Street. The Iidiiiburgh (.ireenpeace Group present a stroll round Tesco pointing out the gettetically tampered-with grub and the healthy organic alternatives. It's an education thing.

Edinburgh May Day Sat I May.

I l.3(l;lllt. Waterloo Place. info: 556 8809. The annual iitai'ch and rally organised by the lidinburgh labour movement has a lltlsl t)l-c‘\c‘l)l.\ Illls _\'L‘;tt'. .»\\ vv c‘ll ttS IllL‘ march along Princes Street and the rally at the Ross bandstand. there is the May Day Ceilidh at the St Brides Centre vv ith the Belle Star's arid Stairheid Gossip. NFL Europe League American Football Sttn 2 t9 9 May. 3pm. £4—-£ lo. Murrayfield Stadium. With two wins under their belts already. things are shaping tip for a strong attempt on the World Bowl by the ('laymores. Their nest two home matches are against Frankfurt (ialasy' (Sun 2) and Barcelona Dragons (Still 9).

Cafe Philosophique Tue 4 May. 7pm. Instittrt Francais d'licosse. Randolph (‘r'escenL :25 53M). Described :ts controversial aitd typically French. The I’lir/mn/i/iv ('(I/t' makes its debut iii Iidmbtirgh after a successful and heavily reported sojourn in London. The first debate is Il'lirrl Iv Denna/tier 'lirt/tiv.’. which is a bit topical. and amongst its themes are the links between the Scottish Parliament and litrropean integration. Volcano Tours Wed. Fri. Strii until Sun 20 Sep. 2pm. £5 (LI/£2.50). ll()l_\ I'tiotl Palace (‘ar Park. Discover Fdriibui'gh's volcanic past and evplore the natural and human history of Ilolyrood. The tours begin on Fri 7 May.


Auld Reekie's Ultimate Ghost & Torture Tour

Meet at The Tron ('hurch. Royal Mile. Fdinburgh. 557 4700. £(i (£5; children £4). 7pm. Spm. 9pm (v l0pm daily; shorter tours to the hatrrtted vault leave at I2.30pm. l.30pm. 2.30pm tv 3.30pm. Find otit about Fdinbur'gh‘s grisly past iii the company of a costuriied guide on this city tour. which also takes lll an underground haunted vault featuring fully operational Pagan temple (harvests guaranteed or your money back then'.’ ). Brass Rubbing Centre

('halmers Close. Royal Mile. lidinburgh. 55o 43o-l. Mott Sat |0am -5pm. Free. btit there is a charge for making a rubbing. Situated iii the apse of a Gothic church datittg back to Hot). the centre houses a

selection of church brasses atrd ancient

I l I i


Pictish replicas 1— as well as lots of crayons so you can get rubbing.

Camera Obscura

Castlehill (Royal Mile). lidinburgh. 226 3709. Daily l0am—opm. £3.95

l .95~~£3. l5): family ticket £I l.50. Pick tip a pedestrian in your hand at this attraction. which gives visitors a real- I time. 360 degree image of the city. There 2 is also an exhibition devoted to holographs and photography on the lower floors.

Carberry Candle Cottage

i .\'Itrsselbtirgh. lidinburgh. (M5 5050. I

Mon—Fri 9am-5pm; Sat noon-~5pttt. Free.

If you've a passion for candles. then take

a drive out to this Pandora's box of all things was. Their factory shop is fttll of j perfumed. aromatheraphy and feng intti ' candles. plus a bargain clearance corner. l Professionals are on hand to demonstrate i the art ofcandle making. or you cart have I a go at carving your own. = Deep-Sea Word I North Qttecnslcri'y'. (I | 383 4I ISSI). Daily . I0am- (rpm. £(i. I5 (£3.55 £4.25). I Fanious for its underwater tunnel. which brings visitors face to face with a huge collection of fish native to our coastlines. Deep-Sea World also houses an .-\ma/.oman rain forest display. a touch- pool arid educational facilities. lispert : staff are on hand to answer questions ' and. tltaiiks to the latest communications technology. visitors can even talk to l divers as they feed the animals iii the ' aquarium. Edinburgh Castle

Iidinbtrrgh. 225 9840. Daily l 9.30am-bpm. in (i i .50-~£4.50). ! Although much of the castle's medieval character was lost w hen it was converted into barracks in the l9th century. continuing escavations aim to redress this. ()ther attractions include .lames l\"'s famous cannon. Mons Meg. lots of military silverware and. of course. The Stone ()f Destiny. used to crown Scottiin kings since time began. ; Edinburgh Experience

('ity' ()bservatory'. Calton Hill.

lidinbtrrgh. 55b 43(i5. Daily

l0..‘s0am-—5piii. £2 i£l.20). An attraction

for those of its who can't really be

bothered trekking round Edinburgh's

sights on foot. the Iidinbui'gli Iispei‘ience

is a twenty minute. 3—D. audio-visual experience that takes you through time. from the tectonic activity which formed

the castle rock to the Festival fireworks

of today. all it) the surrounds of a comfortable atrditor'turti safe from the

\ agat'res of Scotland's \v eatltet'.

Edinburgh Zoo

(‘oi'storphttte Road. lidtttbttt‘gh. 334

9l7l. Daily 9am-6pm. £0.80 i£.3.t\'()-£4..\‘t)); family ticket £l9—£23.50. \Videly accepted as one of the tinest loos

ll) Britain. there's plenty here to vvhtle

avv ay an afternoon. or ev en a whole day

if you take your time. The penguin

parade at 2pm is a must and the new ly- bttilt .-\fi'ican planes afford a fantastic

\ ievv of the city.

Georgian House

7 (‘harlotte Square. I-idrnburgh. 225 2 lot). Mon-Sat Warn-4.30pm; Sun 2 -4.30pm. £4.40 ( £2.90); family ticket £l I.70. livperience a period (ieorgian house.

giving a taste of life in Iidinburgh when

the New Tow n was bttrlt.

Gladstone's Land

4777b Iliin Street. lidinbtirgh. 22o 5S5o. \loii Sat Illarti 4.30pm; Sun 24.30pm.

£3 i £2). Restored to the splendour

enjoyed by the merchant classes It) the

|7th century. (iladstone's laiid gives at) { authentic representation of life III the iriedieval Old Town at this time.

Gorgie City Farm

5| (iorgre Road. Iidiiibttrgli. 337' 4202. Daily 9.30am 4.30pm. Free. Set tip in

I982 on a derelict council rubbish site.

the farm is now home to a host of