V I saw you Kate. ponytailed barmaid at ‘The Cooler" bar in Pitt St. I am the writer you served a Diet Coke to on 3/4/99. I liked the way you handed me the glass! Box No U/358/l.

V I saw you Bibi (Beatrice) at the Amnesty Ceilidh. l was the killed bloke at your table. You tore your tights; l tear my heart-strings thinking of you. Box No U/358/2. V I saw you Lynn the ex- anaplast girl at The Stand Comedy Club on Friday 9 April. Me bearded comedian who'd like the chance to make you laugh again. Box .No [.1/358/3. V I saw you .lolmathon. the Smashing Pumpkins fan from Paisley at ‘GZ' last year. You called btit didn’t leave your number. Get in touch. Kim. Box No U/358/4.

V I saw you I.incoln. clubbing iii Edinburgh. Good Friday. Yoti were courteous. I was a little rascal. (‘an that East/West divide be bridged? I challenge yott to the Himalayas. Do you accept!!! Box No [7358/5

V I saw you you looked somehow different. Perhaps it was your drink you used to mix it with lemonade. are you now drinking Sauza and orange juice? How refreshing.

V I saw you | Herve saw you Donald? (‘C Blooms. Mon l5 Feb. round I2. ()ur conversation somehow altered me. I think I see you every-where! Mistakettly (sadly). Couldn't find your pub. Tell me: French curse/charm'.’ Box No L.'/358/().

V I saw you gorgeous auburn manageress in Habitiat. 7 April. You fixed tny bag - customer delight. it was. I'm not a nutter honest. Let me persuade you. Box No L‘/358/7.

V I saw you then I didn‘t. then I saw you again. Mo II had been so long that you still infuriate and thrill in equal measures. You drive me mad. I). Box No [IBEX/8.

V I saw you You: extremely cute. dark-haired guy. West Iind. Waterstones. Me: reddish-haired girl. buying art books -— You liked my 'cool' toy gun t-shirt. Wanna see it again! Box No U/358/9.

V I saw you Michael from the Iidinburgh Job Centre. .Iust wanted to let you know you‘re a babe with a brilliant personality. love an Aussie chick. Box No l‘l358/ll).

V I saw you Neil. tall. dark and handsome lad from the great white north. closing time Saturday I7 April in the doorway of the Beehive. I-‘ancy obliging a blonde fellow compatriot again? Box No U/358/l |.

V I saw you regularly in Bath. 97-98. Ewan. where were you when I visited Iidinburgh'.’ I wanted to see you again! (jet in touch soon! Love the naughty waitress. Grace. Box No IF/358/l2.

88 THE LIST 29 Apr— 1 3 May I999

V I saw you in Montpeliers a year ago. We‘ve had our ups and downs. but its been a great year. Thankyou. Vx. Box No U/358/l3. V I saw you sitting opposite me on the delayed 4.30pm Ed to Glas train. 17 April. I was reading memoirs of a geisha. You an interior designer. we chatted. Would you like to chat some more? Box No U/358/l4. V I saw you Barman at P0 Na Na. your cheeky Irish smile and come to bed eyes. make me dream about your size. I‘m your man. Box No U/358/15.

V I saw you in October Cafe ages ago. You sexy tanned guy with friend and Jigsaw bags. Me with friend and scruffy clothes sitting across from you. Babaza next Friday? Box No U/358/l6. V I saw you at Strathclyde Park on a Saturday morning. Beginning of March. You were running with some kids (football club?) You - blue jumper! Me black trousers. red cap. Let‘s go for a run. Box No U/358/l7.

V I saw you at work on l5/3/9‘). We were iii the lift. Tall. dark. glasses. We exchanged words. I never noticed how handsome you were till then. Box No U/358/l8.

V I saw you Russell at Traverse. Sat l7/4/99. Looking good. it would be great to meet again. maybe see an opera or something else sometime. P. Box No U/358/l9.

V I saw you Ruthie gorgeous. we're in love. Cheer up and eat some fudge. Box No U/358/20.

V I saw you sister S. in Edinburgh. Couldn't leave without saying goodbye. Loved you then. love you now. will love you always J. Box No U/358/2l.

V I saw you Kelvin Walkway. Sunday afternoon. l8 April. You. beautiful. long black hair held in two ponytails. Me. tan jacket. spellbound. We passed. I stopped. you looked back. Walk towards each other? Box No U/358/22.

V I saw you most Sundays.

spud shop Stockbridge. The ; alluring one with the blonde

hair. Can I give you a filling this time? I have never had a chance

to ask you for a drink. . . hence

ad. Box No 358/23.

V I saw you Barony Bar. Friday lo April. You long. black hair. black clothes. with a friend. Me - red shirt. dark jeans. cropped hair. sitting opposite. gobsmacked - you‘re heartstoppingly lovely. Were we sneaking glances? Please get in

' touch. Box No U/358/24.

V I saw you looking sexy in your longjohns. Bet Fred McCauley doesn't look that cute in the morning. How‘s my t- shirt getting on. See ya later. byeee. kiss. kiss. Box No U/358/25.

V I saw you tall. mocha with your cute smirk. baggy jeans and shaggy hair in Seattle Coffee Company in Waterstonc‘s. Box No L3/358/27.

V I saw you at Potterow at ‘Under the Duvet’. You - shaved hair. cute pink spikes. Me: tiara and not much else. really. Lost you after fire alarm. Get in touch. Box No U/358/28. V I saw you in Bar Sirius. silicon Suz. strutting with your gravity defying frontage! Box No U/358/29.

V I saw you in Waterstone's bending over a box. calpajioed one. let be squeeze your firm buns! Box No U/358/29.

V I saw you at Aquarius Cafe. standing on legs of fire without Oscar winning smile. you gorgeous betty you. Box No U/358/30.

V I saw you in Parc de Prince. cute butt. sexy smile. F‘ing sexy is all I’d like to say. This time next year in Scotland? Don't tell me you don't remember. Box No U/358/3 l.

V I saw you Mrs Macleod. looking radiant in your wedding dress. The girls wish you love and happiness. XXX Box No U/358/32.

V I saw you did anyone else see the little green boy on Lothian Road. 4. l0. Lothian Road? Box No U/358/33.

V I saw you ‘Becca‘ with pierced eyebrow at Edit Suite and Ctil De Sac and Whistler's Mother. Ditch the boy and get to learn some good girlie Polish fun! Box No U/358/34.

V I saw you Cul De Sac. Sun

I I April. rucksack. dreads. crevis like Nevis? Weekend's sought in the hills and valleys. Own boots (will travel). Box No U/358/35. V I saw you sexy short arse. shitface. Ptrt your bra straps away I've got a stink on. Love and parts. the heavy metal. Monday nightman fae Lemington. Box No U/358/36. V I saw you brown jumper. tin tin gtry at Iguana. Said you were a doctor fancy a game of operation? Box No U/3S8/37. V I saw you Vicki. standing beside me in Greyfnais Kirk. at 2pm on Friday I6 April as we were married. I'lI love you always. Lots of love. Peas. Box No U/358/38. V I saw you Rikki with a gorgeous young woman on your arm at the Ellersly Hotel. You lucky. lucky man. Love David. Box No U/358/39.

V I saw you Fiona. wearing gorgeous bridesmaids dress. Friday l6 April. You had a great day! Lots of love. the Groom. Box No U/358/40.

V I saw you David and Vicki getting married @ Greyfriars on Friday. Best wishes and much love. xx. Box No U/358/4I.

V I saw you you naughty boy. Lets rave all night in the New Town again!! Love Txx. Box No U/358/42.

V I saw you Jenni. Iguana on Thursday l5 April, you were off to Dublin the next day. Please contact me. the one with the beard. Let‘s party. Box No U/358/43.

V I saw you Venus Willians lookalike doing a bootyshake in Bar Kohl on 3| March. I was the guy with my tongue hanging out. Lets get it on! Box No U/358/43.

V I saw you Falcon in the crowd at WWF. You were abusive to me. I like that. Mark. Box No U/3S8/45.

V I saw you white. moody. Ice Cube lookalike working in Bar Kohl! Is a free drink out of the question for the old regulars. Box No U/358/4o.

V I saw you Mikey in the Bar Kohl. You were a noodle armed choir boy. Wanna sing with me? Box No U/358/47.

V I saw you Kirsty. behind the bar in Bar Kohl. I hear your muffin is really tasty and hot! Can I have a bite. I’m the bunk with tattoos. Box No U/358/48. V I saw you Linda in the Bar Kohl. You work at the bars in the Festival Theatre. I like the way you pump. Come back stage sometime! Box No U/358/49.

V I saw you Lisa and realised if your farts were phospherous you would be the brightest light in my world. Box No U/358/50. V I saw you Mark. gettin‘ jiggy wit it in the Bar Kohl. Do you want to shake my room? Box No U/358/5l.

V I saw you in Bar Kohl. suggestiver licking your lips towards me and winking. I think I know what you want so get in touch and ride my pony. Box No U/358/52.

V I saw you fit looking. blonde fox out on the hunt in Bar Kohl. I was the rampant hound-dog in the corner. Let’s get wild together! Box No U/358/53.

V I saw you sophisticated lawyer type in Bar Kohl. You were eating a hot muffin. I wish you'd try minell Box No U/358/54.

V I saw you middle-aged hunk in a sports jacket. petting with a young brunette! Save it for the bedroom and not Bar Kohlll Box No U/358/55.

V I saw you dancing like Paula Abdul in Bar Kohl. Wow! Wanna grind wit me. the hunky bartender!? Box No U/358/56. V I saw you Ben. you were the sexiest leafletter I'd ever seen! I‘ll love you forever. Love Bunion. Box No U/358/57.

V I saw you petit blonde in denim. flashing a giant ‘Life Is Beautiful‘ poster outside the Edinburgh Filmhouse. Box No U/358/59.

V I saw you dark and handsome. Saturday l0/4/99. Waterstone's Cafe. You: brown Levi cords and camcorder. with three friends! Me: dark. bobbed hair. blue shirt with two friends! Our eyes kept meeting. Fancy another coffee? I hope so. Box No U/358/60.

V I saw you in the Filmhouse bar. l3/4/99. You: suave. in brown leather. me: tall. dark. mysterious let’s do like Austin P. and shag sometime! Box No U/358/o l.


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