V I saw you Kirsten body for Browns. You are going to Craig Dunen. if you're not careful. Luv Dx. Box No U/358/62.

V I saw you at Browns. Sarah, you are the best and I love you so. ‘You're the king of the world". Love Dx. Box No U/358/63.

V I saw you you sexy. sounding. Sunderlander. you gave us beer and a plaster in EH I. We love you. Forever yours. oh baldie one. Box No U/358/64.

V I saw you Odeon em. You are so efficient. door girl - long time no see; how was Pareee'?! Call moi! Box No U/358/65.

V I saw you Barrie A. at the Odeon on a Sunday. You are a sex god with George Cluny hair He's dead now. will you take over his role'.’ Box No U/358/66. V I saw you Claire. yott leaving the continent and we'll miss you in Taste. Box No U/358/67.

V I saw you Forbes. on stage. Lyceum. You had nerve but no material me. in balcony. snoring; part of a crowd I could give you loads! Box No U/358/68.

V I saw you with you the grey jumper and wet tied back hair. You were in Potterow. sometime early April. Ahh. please contact. Box No U/358/6‘).

V I saw you Melissa”? in Iguana on a Tuesday afternoon - supergirl type t-shirt. Please contact me!!! Box No U/358/70. V I saw you working with Rolland Decorators at The Gyle. You with your luscious locks me with my spec’s! (Say no more). Box No U/358/7I.

V I saw you Bingo. In Basement. Me. short black hair. perfect ten. You all Latin looks and devilish arrogance. Let's meet for gtry on guy action. Box No U/358/73.

V I saw you four years ago in The Hops on The Shore. You‘re funny! Seen you everyday since and I'm bored with your chuff go on get!! Box No U/358/73. V I saw you Sooh at

Nexus Cafe irt Broughton Street. You serve the best chicken nachos in town how I'd love to he a jalapenno III your mouth. Mine's a Becks! Fancy going out for a drink”! Box No U/358/7-I.

V I saw you tn the Three Sisters. You tall. dark.

Robbie Williams lookalike. Me. female \\IIII my two sisters. tall. long. dark hart". You squeezed past me on way to toilet. l.rke to squee/e me again .’ Box No [5/353/75.

V I saw you in Cafe Nexus and then m C(‘s. Tuesday nights. You - Peter. black hair and red bits. Me blond. short hair and student. l'd loxe to play with yout‘huge. hairy love handles! Bt)\ No [7353/76.

V I saw you top of Easter Road in Threshers. I smiled at you. you giggled back then jumped in your Metro. I love your Agent Scully looks. I’d love to see your X Files. Box No U/358/77.

V I saw you man with

the name of light. Will you light up my life. Box No U/358/78.

V I saw you at the Traverse. Cute director (John?) with sparkly eyes. Brighten up my life. you star. . . Box No U/358/79.

V I saw you 6 April. bespectacled barman @ St James Oyster Bar. Me. dark hair. dark top. light head asked you to Motherfunk didn’t see you. Box No U/358/80.

V I saw you Barcelona. most Sundays. You. blonde. slim. leather trousers with fair guy with glasses if not attached would you like to be?

Box No U/358/8l.

V I saw you beautiful Portuguese girl at Taste.

Me. tall. blonde. mature woman. Watching you dance by the speaker. Be my slave and cook enchiladas for me. Box No U/358/82.

V I saw you obvious; blond wig. brown corderoy shorts. Nicotine stained beard. taking broken TV to Leith pawnbrokers. I‘ve got eyes for you. old man. Box No U/358/83.

V I saw you in Iguana. Sunday l8 April. You. cute. physics teacher writing postcards. You helped us sort out our love lives. Us: Hungover. space cadets. having dilemas and nachos. Box No U/358/84.

V I saw you Chapps. Fri 9 Apr. Roger De Courcey lookalike in orange PVC. Me. biker in leopard skin. I want to be your Nooky Bear. Box No U/358/85. V I saw you ginger

Aussie backpacker. with facial lumps. outside ABC. Me. English Lit student with tartan bunnet. We said ‘G'day'. can I take you for a raw prawn“? Box No U/358/86.

V I saw you Sword and Jorcery fan. Playing RPG game at Flips. rnerlin hat. pointy beard. Rash above left eye. munching raw garlic. push my piece around. Box No U/358/87. V I saw you cute. young waiter in Blue Moon. Your latte instills me with a deep desire to have your children. When are you going to ask me on a date'.’ Box

. No U/358/88. 3 V I saw you meal decider and 3 provider loved the all-day

breakfast! I'll be back for more to see what else you have in store!. Box No U/358/8‘).

V I saw you you:— pretty in red top sitting on window sill at FHI on l7/~I/99 ((3) 6pm. Me:— old enough to be your big brother. Box No U/358/90.

V I saw you you animal. you roarrr! Your jokes in EHI made me wild as a polar bear on heat. You can vet me anytime! Box No U/358/9l.

V I saw you big girly. horn- rimmed specs. stripey wool tank-top. bad skin condition at Leith Mecca Bingo. Can I take a lucky dip? Box No U/358/92. V I saw you my three-star lover. standing out from the masses. you reached out to touch me. (you) gave yourself in a frenzy of passion. me next instant. gone. The end? Box No U/358/93.

V I saw you with your 50s quiff and smiley eyes at the Filmhouse Bar I think your name is Miles. Let me know. you know who I atn. Box No U/358/94.

V I saw you Simon the DJ on Sub City. My weekend mornings will never be the same. Suzi. Box No U/358/95. V I saw you my favourite (uphill) gardener. secateurs in hand. ready for action. Happy Birthday for the 2lst. l.P.B. Box No U/358/96.

V I saw you me. whistling the theme from ‘The Wicker Man‘. riding my old bike along Princes St. You. like Brit Ekland at R.S.A. You waved. l waved. Be my landlords daughter! Box No U/358/97.

V I saw you in the Woolpack you had an outrageous French accent like Pepe le Petr I'd like to be your cat. mistaken for a skunk. Box No U/358/98.

V I saw you David. the Sub City D]. I love a fry up inside me at 8 in the morning. Luv Maureen. xxx. Box No U/358/99.

V I saw you in Hillhead Street. Blue-eyed Frenchie who could talk me into bending the rules fora fiver. Box No U/358/100. V I saw you All Bar ()ne. l7 April. Dark haired. lovely. Gazing in your direction all evening through a circle of mathmos. I imagined you might be looking at the too. Let's meet. Box No U/358/l0l.

V I saw you round the bend. Are you still there? I pass through every now and then! Box No U/358/l03.

V I saw you Sharon and I thought you looked like Karen. Oh Karen. you look like a lion and turn me on with your roarrr! Box No U/358/l04.

V I saw you Stuart itt Barcelona. I declined your offer to go clubbing. Now I see you in Blue ask me again. Box No U/358/l05.

V I saw you wee ginger man. Royal Lyceum. you on stage. me digging escape tunnel let's meet for sex (no talent requrl‘ed). Box No U/358/l06.

V I saw you when you were funny. Forbes. After your performance at Royal Lyceum. l7/4. I'll see you at the Crematorium soon. P.S. Sat

night TV never seemed so good.

Box No U/358/l07.

V I saw you at the Filmhouse bar. Sat. 9.30pm. 17 April. You looked cute in red t-shirt with friend - and kept glancing my way. Me. short. dark hair in grey'? I kind of liked you. Box No U/358/l08.

V I saw you Debbie. in Blue bar. Blonde. pouting. singing Carpenters songs. Call me. Box No U/358/l09.

V I saw you Divine Divas. l2/6/98. I fell in love and have never looked back. You and me are forever. love always. Weeny B. Box No U/358/l l0.

V I saw you Tron bar. new-ish barman. Used to work in Del's. Think ur a hunny. Me young. cute. professional. Call me. Box No U/358/l l l.

V I saw you Martin... It'sa lie you're not from Dumbarlon. Please stop

farting arid we‘ll all take you to Boat of Garten. Box No U/358/l 12.

V I saw you Monday at The Quizz. your answers were sending tne signals. SOS you Neilist baby. From the largely endowed phantom. Box No U/358/l l3.

V I saw you Wilma Flintstone. and realised my heart alone was

capable of breaking rocks. Betty

Rubble is a shag. Box No U/358/l l4.

V I saw you in Bar I0. Saturday night. You: oft tall. dark. French looks wearing combats and drinking Mexican beer. Show us your chorizo and I'll show you mine . . . 1’ Box No U/358/I l5.

V I saw you dark. brown eyes. red/blue top. tight beige jeans. big smile. Tron Cafe. 5pm. Saturday l0 April. Box No U/358/l lo.

V I saw you and thought of a star breaking in a dark night with you beneath the sky waiting for me to give you my whole life. Box No U/358/I l7. V I saw you sitting so

quietly alone and waiting for Mr

Right to walk through the door. Well I did. and you caught my eye. but I also caught the carpet and fell in the arms of the waitress. Sorry! Box No U/358/l l8.

V I saw you Mr Saki at the Old Toll you thought you‘d gone to seed ~ btrt you haven‘t! Let me water you and raise your sap!! From lane The Goth. Box No U/358/l l‘).

V I saw you Polo Lounge. Saturday. You. butch female Aussie steward. Me. hairy old mole. Fancy some mole whole‘.’ Box No U/358/l2l).

V I saw you DJing in Sleazys on a Friday. you can mix my decks anytrrne. I'll be watching you. Box No U/358/l2l.

V I saw you Start in Dumbarton Road. Red leather looked good you're one hot rod!! When can we go for a drive'.’ Roxy. Box No U/358/l22.



V I saw you blue cap. yellow collar. Saw your dimples. Had to holler. Look sooooo cute without a suit. Maybe see ya soon. Mxxx. PS. Bring your dimples to my temple. Box No U/358/l 23.

V I saw you Grum in Aquarius. Short and scruffy but with a cheeky smile. Mad Dancer. let me spin your decks. Oh Malcolm!! Box No U/358/l24. V I saw you Cul De Sac (theatre). Sun I l April. Great chassis. mine rusty. fantastic headlights. mine full beam. Let‘s go bumper to bumper . . . Your a well-oiled machine. vroom!! He‘s a greasy lover. Box No U/358/l25.

V I saw you in CC Blooms.

you got my temperature soar- ing. It was only the Sauza and Cranberry with lots of ice that kept me cool

V I saw you redheaded. skater poon. you gave me insomnia. I‘d like to k grind you in the middle of the cross bar. Box No U/358/l 26.

V I saw you Phil in the Ctrl De Sac. What a man. big boy oh! Pardon! George. Box No U/358/l27.

V I saw you Kappa Ninja in a parka. If beauty was a mintrte. you'd be an hour. It would be the minimum of fuss to get up to kung-foolery with me. Box No U/358/l28.

V I saw you at an experiment. A gorgeous guinea pig. Let's try some experiments together. Exxx. Box No U/358/l29.

V I saw you the redheaded blorrdshell who served tne a pretty pint of guinness. Call me. Box No U/358/I30.

V I saw you best friend. best lover. rainbow smile. glittering eyes. M. Box NoU/358/l31.

V I saw you Dave. you asked me to marry you in Br'el. ION/9‘). Box No U/358/l32.

V I saw you you little Adolf time to bleach your taclte! Time for a haircut?! Box No

U/358/l 33.

V I saw you leggy saucepot sitting next to me. wish we were together. k-i-s-s-i-n-g. Liked the way u licked your lips. wish I could have held your hips. Maybe next time I'll lick your. . . Box No U/358/l3-I.

V I saw you my saffron-haired

. beauty - my little Parisienne

tninx voule'l vous couchex

avec rttoi ce sorr'.’ Box No


V I saw you I saw you too. Lucy. You with your 0th gorgeous smile. I'll be seeing you soon. Box No U/358/l36. V I saw you hrtm'n-haired beauty. wearing red Diesel top, green trousers. poss Debbie. lets drink After Shock together. again. Box No li/358/l37.

29Anr—l3 lvlav 1999 TIIEUSI'89