STYLEUST mobile phones


Remember the novelty of laughing at yuppie types in the 80s, trying to look cool holding what looked like a plastic shoe box with a coat hanger sticking out the top. Now everyone from your granny to your local butcher has a MOBILE PHONEIand the vast array of tasty packages on offer means there is one to suit every budget and lifestyle.

Words: Simone Baird and Mark Robertson


Size: 130/17.S/4S.5mm. Features include eight hours talk time, twelve days standby, silent vibrate alert, regular caller special ring allocation facility, built in e-mail collection via laptop. Price: £49.99 (Carphone Warehouse)

I mun 29 Apr—13 Mayl999

Nokia 5110

Size: 132/47.5/3lmm. Features include up to five hours talk time, 450 hours standby, ’one button does all’ Navi key, seven changeable click-on covers, send and receive short messages, divert calls. Price: £19.99 (CW), £29.99 (DX Communications)

Nokia 8810

Sizele7/46/18mm. Features Include up to eight hours talk time, 450 hours standby, call log, short message service, built—in infra-red port and data capability. Price: £349.99 (DX), £399.99 (CW)

Philips Diga (Cellnet U)

Size: l46/20/60mm Features include call time credit display, text message sending facilities, free internet access wrth package, voucher scheme means no bills. Price: £69.99 (CW & DX)