Alasdair Gray L'niyersity ()f Glasgow. Dept of linglish Literature Rooiii G29/G466. L'niyersity of Glasgow. Contact Dillons for further details on 0141 248 48 l4. 5pm. Free. ()ne of Seotland's most acclaimed authors will be reading from and discussin ' his work. Better Crack Club Sloan‘s. T ie Al'gyll Room Argyll Arcade. For further details call 0I5()6 847935. 8 int. £2. Michael Kei'ins and iiw an McK’icar spiti the yarns at this regular storytelling club.


Evelyn Hood writer-stone‘s. I3~ I4 Princes Street. 556 3034, 7pm. Free. A I’I'm ennui ()I Lure (Little. Brown £|6.99) has been heralded as one of the major romances ot the year. Set in Paisley in I9I9. the author reads from this powerful ey'ocation of a lost time of innocence.



Ron Ferguson John Stiiitli. 57 St Vincent Street. 2.] 7472. lpiii. Free. Ron Ferguson signs copies of his iiew book I.()I'(’ Your ( I'imked .\'eie/tI>tin/' (St Andrew Press £6.99).


Root, Branch And Bough Nether-bow- Arts Centre. 43—45 Hiin Street. 556 9579/2647. 7.30pm. £5 (£3.50). Kate Ainsworth and Allan Davies present plant arid tree tales from around the world.



Survivors Poetry Scotland The Tryst. 30 Cianworth Street. Hillhead. 357 6838. 7.30 mi. Free. Launch of Nomad 6 hosted by \ iy Gee.


Holy Wit Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55 l |. Ipiii. £2.50 in ady ance t£3 on the day i. The Very Reyereiid Dr James Simpson. w ho for 40 years Iias beeii minister to the people of l)ornoch. Glasgow and Falkirk. steps down from the pulpit to shed light on the more humorous side of his pastoral role. The Write Stuff \Valcrstoiie's. l53—l57 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9|()5. 6.30pm. Free. Award ceremony for Scotland's Student Journalist of the Year Competition.


James Spence waterstones. I3—l4 Princes Street. 556 3034. 7pm. Free. Jedburgh-born poet. James Spence writes and speaks in local Scots dialect. Here he reads from his new collection of ioett‘y ()ot ’I'Iionder I Being £3.50) wliic i comprises oyer 60 poems and 25 haiku in both Scots and iinglisli.

TUESDAY 18 Edinburgh

Andrew Greig James Thai. 53‘ S9 South Bridge. 622 8222. "pm. l-ree, (ireig reads from his fascinating new iioyel ll’Iien I'Iiei /.ii\' little I l'aber tk Faber £46.99). a contemporary thriller based on a l61h century Border ballad w Inch tells of betrayal and iiiui‘dei'.

Kettillonia Launch Evening \thlc‘l'sitnlcis. l3 l-l l’l'llIL‘L‘s Street. 556 3034. "pm. l-ree. .-\s pail of the renaissance iii the Scottish literary scene. a new imprint Ketiillonia is being launched w liicli w ill publish quality Pamphlet-b.tsed books. The first four w ill be ayailable at the launch. all priced £2.50.



Reading Group Warm-stone‘s. I53 )5? Saucliie iall Street. l-or l'urllier iiiloiination contact Tessa Bowler on “MI 332 9l05. "2 30pm, l‘iee. The group discuss .Ilntn ()t ('lnt/it e by Paul Auster.

98 THELIST '2 7.9:,

Two Wegies. One Quine And An Edinburr Whoor Milburn Centre. R0 ston. ~or further information call 287 28. 8. 7.30pm. Free. Readings from four oets. Margaret McQuade McAusIan. aren Thomson. Lesley Benzie and Sandy Craigie. all of whom are funded by the Scottish Arts Council to run Presentations of Poeti‘v which will tour Scotland in early 20(X . Andrew Greig Waterstone‘s. l53—157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9105. 7.30pm. £2 (£1); ticket price redeemable against book. See Tue 18.


Katie Hickman James Thin. 53—59 South Bridge. 622 8222. 7pm. Free. Katie Hickman reads from her new book Daughters ()f'Britunn/a: I.Il'(’.\' And ’I‘niies (If'l)iplonnttie Wires (HarpeiCollins

£ I999).


Glasgow What A Nerve! Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7pm. Free. Launch of a new literary magazine. Neri'e. which promises to be upbeat and innovative allowin 7 both established and amateur writers to have their work ublished. . peaking In Tongues Pollokshields Librarv. .0 Leslie Street. 423 I460. 7 iii. Free. Readings in Urdu. English. Gae ic and Irish.


Salman Rushdie Assembly Rooms. 54 Georve Street. 220 4349. 7.30pm. £5 (£3) from aterstone‘s. George Street. 225 3436. A new book from one of the most influential authors of the 2()th centurv. Rushdie is visiting Edinburgh to reat from The (iron/id Benettt/t er I-‘eet

(Ca e £18) which is being described as a bol Iy imaginative novel almost indescribable in its originality. destined to become a modern classic.

Rosalind Miles James Thin. 53-59 South Bridge. 622 8222. 7pm. Free. The author reads from (Illt’llt‘l't’l'l’. Queen ()f The Sit/inner Conntrr (Simon and Schuster £9.99).

Edinbur h Independent Radical Book Fair Mel onald Library. Nelson Hall McDonald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power on 662 9| l3. 7. |5pm. Free. Beatrix Campbell opens the third Radical Book Fair organised by Word Power bookshop. This year's theme is identity and the fair

com rises author events. book launches. exhi itions. forums and book stalls and displays.


Pornography: Still Breaking The Silence Nelson Hall. McDonald Library. McDonald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power on 662 9| l3. 1pm. Free. Discussion of the public perception of pornogra by and how this affects young women. ’urt (it I;'t/i'ii/nii'_e/t Independent Rudieu/ Him/t I’tttr.

Racrsm And Homophobia In Schools Nelson Hall. McDonald Library. McDonald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power on 662 9| I3. 2.30pm. Free. Speakers from the Centre of Education for Racial liqtiality in Scotland. Gav Men‘s Health. Stonewall Youth Protect. Lesbian .\1others' Group and pupils. parents and teachers from l)i'ummond High School discuss ways to combat racist and homophobic bullying in schools. Port or IfdinInn'e/i Independent RUt/It u/ lino/t I'YIII'.

Women In Scotland Nelson Hall. McDonald Library. .\|cl)onald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power oti 662 9| I3. 5.30pm. Free. Discussion which attempts to redress the male bias in Scottish history. looking at the future of women in Scotland ant examining significant women who are part of Scottish history. literature and politics. Part of Iz'dni/ini'e/i Independent RlltlIt'tlI Him/t I'itttl’.

Let Us Entertain You! Nelson llall. McDonald Library. McDonald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power oti 662 91 13. 7pm. Free. Readings from three poets Magi Gibson. Janet Paisley and Joy Hendry. Port or

Janice Galloway reads for The Red Night at McDonald Library,

IL'tIt/I/lttl'e/I I/ldepellde/ll RIM/HUI Bun/r I'YIII‘.



The World Of CLR James Nelson Hall. McDonald Library. .\lcl)ona|d Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power on 662 9| I3. | lam. Free. James I). Young discusses (‘LR James. his \‘ISlUll of world socialism. his time in Scotland in the I930s and new research on Scottish socialists and how they responded to nationalism. Port of Iz'dt'nIinre/i Independent Rut/it (II litier l‘itlIl'.

Mairi Hedderwick Central Library. George I\' Bridge. 225 5584. I Iain. Free available from James Thin. South Bridge. 622 8232. The illustrator and author of the )opular children‘s books Iy'tttie Home reads from her work.

Having Our Say Everyday Nelson Hall. McDonald Library. McDonald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power on 662 9| 1 3. Noon. Fret. Tommy Sheridan speaks about the new l’arliaiiient. national identity after devolution and the future for Scotlatid. Part of Ifdin/tnre/i Independent Rudit (II Him/t I"tItI'.

Ca italism And Your Mental Health .\'e son Hall. .\Icl)oiiald Library. McDonald Road. 529 5636. For lilll'lllt‘l' informationcontact Word Power on 662 9| I3, Iptn. Free. Find otit why increasing wealth isn't creating a happier society in contemporary Britain. ()ll\ er James. radical psychologist. talks about lllf- new book and TV series Britt/in ()n IIlt’

('ntn II. I’in't (II Ifdiii/nire/i Independent RtltIlt (II IftltIIt I‘Atlll'.

Conspiracy And The Politics Of Direct Action Nelson llall. .\|cl)oiialtl Library. McDonald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Wind Power on 662 9113. 2.|5 iiii. I-ree. Robiii Ramsay. l)L‘l'L‘l\ \Val illltl Ulllt‘l' tllt'L‘L‘I .lc‘lltill actiyists discuss the politics of sustained action. I’tn't HI lit/inqu'e/i Independent /\’(I(/I( tII IIMII‘ I'YIII'

The Red Night .\lc|)oiiaid Library. Nelson llall. .\lcl)oiiald Road. 529 5636. For further information contact Word Power on 662 91 l 3. 8pm. Suggested donation of £5+ t£3 from Word Power). An eyening of readings and music to raise money for Kosoy ai refugees. the line tip includes Kathleen Jamie. Janice (ialloway. l)onnie ()‘Ronrke. Janet

* 47 ,9/4fi7/ //

Edinburgh Mon 24 May

Paisley. Brian McCabe anti l)on Paterson. I Part of Ifdi'nInt/je/i Independent Rat/teal Iftmk I'itllll'.



Lady Claire MacDonald Royal Concert Hall. 2 Sauchiehall Street. 287 55| I.

lpiii. £2.50 in advance t£3 on the day). One of the best known cookery writers iii Scotland and advocate of the finest in seasonal. Scottish food. Lady Claire gives a iiiotith-watering talk about cooking in Scotland.



Science Fiction/Fantasy Discussion Group Borders Books. 283 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 7.30pm. Free. Richard Matheson's [Am A Legend. is under discussion this month. First published lIl I954. this novel was a seminal work influencing Sci-ft heayy'weights Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.

Denise Mina w’atei'sione‘s. I53—157 Sauchiehall Street. 332 9l05. 7.30pm. £2 i£l ) ticket price redeemable against

book. Denise .\Iina’s tttiyel (inrnet/iiIl tTi'answorld £6.99) is set VlllSl around the corner from Waterstone's Sauchiehall

Street shop. Come and hear Mina read

from her chilling crime thriller.


Scottish Pop Quiz t‘ity (Bite. 1‘) Blair Street. 220 0I25. 7.30pm. £1. Tickets ayailable from \\';iiei'sttiiie's. Following on the success of her iiiglities Pop Quiz. Thea New comb hosts this tini/ with a Scottish slant. linter as a team tup to eight) or on your ow n.



David Guterson Queen‘s llall. (‘lei-k Sti'ccl. 667 7776, 7 30pm. £4 t£2). Falls of Snow I'tlII/Il'c‘ ()Ii ('edtiry will be C‘sc‘llt‘tl to hear that |).i\ id Guterson is reading from his new noyel [fast ()t The .llutnitinnt tBlooinsbury £16.99).

Marc Atkins Beyond Words Bookshop. 42~444 (‘ockbui‘n Street. 226 6636. 7.30pm. Atkins talks about his new book of photographs of London Iii/ind (’iti' tReakiioii £14.95). Noyeltst lain Sinclair wrote the ICU.